Karuna Goswamy


1. Heavy, learned volume

3. A malarial fever

7. In the Ramayana, the Guru of Rama and his family

8. Indian settled abroad (inits.)

9. Long, tapering rod used in billiards

12. Violent, cyclonic storm

14. "__ Descending a Staircase", famous painting by Duchamp

15. What people in big industrial cities have often to live with


2. Great Argentinean footballer

4. Obtain; fetch

5. The Gupta period is often called the

"Golden ___" of Indian history

6. Egyptian snake from the bite of which

Cleopatra is said to have died

7. Large transport vehicle

9. Assert as a fact or a right

10. Day before a holiday or festival

11. Box for storing grain etc.

12. Attila in the 5th century was the greatest ___

13. How a Communist used to be referred to at one time