Sunday, September 22, 2013, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri girl, slim, fair, beautiful, B.Com., MCA, 5 feet, 84 born. USA returned. Working in MNC Gurgaon. Parent retired from Govt service. Brother married well settled in MNC. Family settled at Chandigarh. Early decent marriage. Mail your interest to : [email protected]  C3-68954

Well settled suitable professional match Doctor/Engg for MD Medicine, 35/5'-5", beautiful, slim, fair, unmarried Sikh Khatri Doctor girl. Joined Medical Specialists PCMS 2013 as regular Govt. job. Family of professionals. Email: [email protected] . Phone: 73556-27037. C3-69804

Match for beautiful Hindu Khatri girl, 29.6.79, 8:20 a.m., Jalandhar, 5'-2", M.Sc., B.Ed., Punjab Govt. Teacher, 35000/- PM. Diabetic-controlled, leading a normal life. Parents Pb. Govt. pensioners. Ph. 97791- 48373, [email protected]  Box 1653F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Matrimonial alliance invited for fair, b'ful Punjabi non-Manglik girl. 5'-4", 30.06.83, 11:55 a.m. (Panipat). Post Graduate in Jewellery Management, self employed as jewellery designer. Send biodata & photo [email protected]  Contact 097298-63293. C3-71105B

Professionally qualified match for employed slim fair beautiful Ramgarhia B.Tech., MBA girl. April 1985/5'- 6". Working Software Engineer Hyderabad. Caste no bar. 98159-62378. [email protected]  C3-69240

Suitable match for Sikh Kamboj girl, B.E, MBA, 34/5'- 7"/72000/-, SDO at Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. Contact only Bachelor. [email protected]  C3-71031

Beautiful Canadian PR 5'-5" 1985 born Jatt Sikh P.G. in Project Management (Canada) B.Tech. (India), for their lovely & intelligent daughter, interested nice Jatt Sikh families please contact with boy's professional qualifications, biodata and recent pics at [email protected] , only serious enquires please. Divorce case/greedy please excuse. C3-55547B

Vancouver-based, Kahlon, Jat Sikh, educated, influential, reputed, Khandani landlord family of Doctors and Officers seeks exceptionally smart MD Doctor, match from similar family background, preferably from British Columbia area, for their daughter, 35/5'-4" MD specialist Internal Medicine, born and raised in Canada, India well-versed both cultures. She is intelligent, smart, committed, compassionate, slim, sweet, beautiful and young looking girl. Please respond with recent photo and complete biodata of boy and family. [email protected]  C3-62141

Match preferably equal qualified for 5'-7"/1988 slim beautiful vegetarian Jat Sikh girl B.Tech. ME Computer Science from top most institute working into quality insurance of server virtualization/test automation in multinational since 2012 package eleven lac [email protected]  C3-65694

Toronto based Grewal Jat Sikh educated family seeks professional Jat Sikh match preferably from Malwa region for their India born, Canadian citizen, convent educated, Canadian university degree holder, fair complexioned daughter born 1977, 5'-3.5". Well versed in both cultures. Permanently employed with Federal Govt as a Senior Officer in Toronto. Brief marriage annulled. Divorcees with children please excuse. Serious inquiries only. Respond with complete qualifications, profession, family details with recent pictures to: [email protected]  C3-66244

Professional match for Jat Sikh girl, 25/5'-7", fair, beautiful, BE, MBA from premier institutes belongs to well placed family. [email protected]  C3-66262

Well-settled US citizen Jat Sikh parents seeks a Jat Sikh tall handsome boy, MD Doctor settled in USA. Match for their US born, raised 26/5'-9", daughter, Attorney from a prestigious University in US. Working in Health Law. Please respond with biodata and picture. Email: [email protected]  C3-66528

PQM Jat Sikh beautiful, fair, girl, B.Com, MBA (HR), convent educated, 5'-9" tall, 87 born, working in top MNC in NCR. Looking for min. 6' tall handsome, cleanshaven, convent educated boy from educated urban family. Please send profile & photo at [email protected]  or Contact 98114-25222. C3-67156

Looking for a professionally qualified match for a 35 year Canadian Citizen Jat Sikh girl, working as Registered Nurse. 5'-6". Caste no bar. Email: [email protected]  C3-67472

USA based Jat Sikh family seeking suitable match for their USA born daughter, 33/5'-4", Bachelors in Business Management from USA, issueless divorcee. Seeking a professionally qualified (Master in Engineering, Science & Pharmacy), cleanshaven Jat Sikh match. USA citizen, NRI or visa holder preferred. Respond with biodata, photo to: [email protected]  C3-67776

Professionally qualified Doctor/Dentist/Engineer/Businessman match for US permanent resident Jatt Sikh girl, 26/5'-3", BDS, Pursuing Master in US. Belonging to very affluent educated family of Doctors and Industrialists. USA/Canada, permanent resident/Citizen preferred. [email protected]  C3-69220

Status match for Jat-Sikh Medico Dental girl 27/5'-3", convent educated, sober, caring, respect social religious value. Family owning U/R property. Father Ex- PCS, mother Ex-PES. E-mail: [email protected]  Box 1649F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Status Jat Sikh Army officers cosmopolitan family seeks well placed and well qualified, tall, cleanshaven match for their daughter, 28 yrs, 5'-5", English Postgraduate, charming, slim, high family values. Elder brother married in Jat Sikh industrialist Chandigarh family. Army officers/Defence family preferred. NRI please excuse. Contact: 9960788371. Biodata: [email protected]  C3-69380

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Waraich girl, born Feb. 1986, 5'-4", B.Sc. B.Ed. M.Sc. (Chemistry), pursuing Ph.D regular. Father bank manager, mother Govt. school lecturer, having rural/urban property. Respond with biodata & latest photograph. E-mail: [email protected]  Mobile: 9914009700. C3-69450

Canadian Jat Sikh Gill family seeks professional match for their slim, pretty, 1986 born, 5'-3" daughter. 3 yr. Business Accounting completed Aug 2013 in Toronto; M.S. Economics from India. Send bio-data & picture to [email protected]  C3-69460

Mohali based Sandhu family seeks Professionally Qualified Jat Sikh match for 28/5'-1", B.Com., MBA, Canadian Permanent Resident girl. Send Recent Snap & biodata. [email protected]  Mobile: 9779882471. C3-69782

Govt. service or settled outside India match for Jat Sikh girl, 5'-4", Dec. 1975, M.A. Economics, M.Com., B.Ed. 098149-63786. C3-69790

Match for extremely beautiful slim Jat Sikh girl, 27 years, 5'-6", American citizen working as Financial Examiner in California. Father retired University Professor. H1 visa holders or students studying in USA preferred. Correspond on [email protected]  C3-70083

Professionally qualified match for very beautiful, fair complexioned, slim, 5'-4", 32 (looking 24). Senior Software Engineer working in MNC at UK, earning 44000 GBP/annum. Ready to settle in India as well. Very well- educated Defence Officer's status family. Girl coming in mid October. Early marriage. Respond with detailed biodata with latest photos. Email: [email protected]  C3-70453

SM4 Jat Sikh girl, fair, slim, modern, 1990, 5'-7", pursuing M.Com., having Defence background. Army officer preferred. Send biodata with photo. E-mail: [email protected]  C3-70539

Match for simple, slim, beautiful & vegetarian Sidhu Jat Sikh girl 168/1988 B.Tech. Computer Science and M.E. (Software Systems) from BITS Pillani, working as Software Engineer in MNC Bangalore, pay 11 lac. [email protected]  C3-70809B

Professionally Qualified Match for Jat Sikh 33/5'-4" convent educated, M.A. (English), slim, beautiful, fair, working as Project Lead in IT company, Panchkula. Well educated family settled near Mohali, Punjab. Marriage bureaus please excuse. [email protected]  C3-70927

Suitable match for Jat-Sikh beautiful 29/5'-8", MBA Finance Bank Officer whole family Canada. Canadian citizen/PR preferred. 98550-10940, 001-77855-23994. [email protected]  C3-70945

Match for MBBS Doctor Jatt Sikh girl 30 years, 5'-5", US Citizen. Preference to USMLE cleared or preparing. 51075-02814, 094172-02199. [email protected]  C3-70965

Professionally qualified, well settled, handsome, tall, compatible match from affluent Jat Sikh family for 1986 born, 5'-4", fair, beautiful, slim, sober girl, Corporate Lawyer, high 7 digit salary, belonging to highly educated, status family of professionals. [email protected]  C3-71083

Mohali based Jat Sikh family seeks professionally qualified match for their beautiful, smart, wheatish, well mannered, 83 born daughter, 5'-5", M.Sc. (Biotech), pursuing MBA 3rd semester. Respond: [email protected]  ; 9876668784. C3-71101

Professionally qualified match for Canadian immigrant Jat Sikh girl 27/5'-3", B.Tech., MBA. Working Assistant Accountant. Father retired Gazetted Officer. Contact: 98882-11469. Send biodata and picture. Email: [email protected]  NA3-59500

Suitable match for Hoshiarpur-based, Hyderabad settled, extremely beautiful and homely Saini girl, 28 yrs., BDS, PGDHM, 5'-1", working in reputed company. Very decent, cultured and well-to-do family. Upper caste no bar, cleanshaven, teetotaller preferred. Mob. 9196523- 82382. Email: [email protected]  C3-69580

Saini Sikh Delhi based family seeking suitable match for Delhi working Architect Sikh Saini girl, Feb 87, 5'-4". Father retired teacher and mother Govt officer in Delhi. E-mail profile & photograph at: [email protected]  Mobile: 99900-18848. C3-70365B

Match for Jat Sikh 27 years/5'-4", B.Pharmacy/B.Science Pharmaceutical US, Chandigarh educated. Green Card holder USA. 098158-75889. C3-69784

Match for BDS Dhiman girl, 27/5'-4", rental income 50,000/- per month, own bank building & one kanal plot in Mohali, 10 years USA & Canada Visa. Email: [email protected]  C3-69906

Professionally qualified match preferably PR Australian for Engineer PR Australia slim, Sikh, innocently divorcee issueless girl, 20 Dec. 1981, 5'-5", package 75000/- PA. High status family. Caste no bar. Contact: 9872778980, 0181-2632504. C3-70533

Medico/Engineer match for a beautiful, B.Sc. (Nursing) Sikh girl. 5'-1"/32 years. U.S. Citizen. Email Bio-data with pictures at [email protected]  C3-70639

Suitable match for qualified Ramgariah Sikh girl, Australian citizen, 1984 born, 5'-5". Preferred Australian PR/citizen. Please send bio data and photo to [email protected]  C3-70649

Rajput Sikh family seeks alliance for v.pretty girl, 29+, 5'-6", MBA from UK, PP of UK., from affluent, educated families. Boy minimum 5'-10", handsome, good personality. May be highly placed in UK/MNC having branch in UK with a view to settle in UK. Trimmed or cut no bar. [email protected]  , 076960-00300. C3-71001

Seeking alliance for Jat Sikh 31/5'-9" US Citizen, Graduate from a reputed university. CPA for last 5 years. Innocently divorced. No liability. Very warm- hearted and caring with mix of Eastern and Western values. Only professionally qualified match, based in USA or Canada need apply. Serious inquiries with picture only. [email protected]  C3-71103B

Suitable match for fair, slim, beautiful 26/5'-3", MA (English), M.Lib., B.Ed. Sikh Mair Rajput girl. Father Bank Manager. [email protected]  C3-68852

Suitable match for industrialist daughter Australian citizen Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin Bachelor of Business Management girl, age 25 years, height 5 feet 4.5 inch. Father business both in Australia and India. Email: [email protected]  A3-48655-OL

Well mannered, well educated, cultured Canadian Brahmin (Doaba) family seeks alliance for their intelligent good looks lovely disposition wisdom backed progressive minded sweet personality daughter 27 yrs 5-3", Canadian Graduate working as Funds Administrator with International Organization in Ontario. Boy should match the description however of individual cut, but must be exemplary in practicing Indian values fine conduct. Contact [email protected]  or 0016478521586. C3-65846

Parents seeking suitable match for their Hindu Saraswat Brahmin U.S Citizen daughter 27 years, 5'-3", slim, fair, beautiful, Dentist licensed and practicing in USA. Looking for Hindu Medical/Dental/Veterinarian doctor in States. Please E-mail biodata & recent photographs to: [email protected]  C3-68900

Match for Saraswat Brahmin girl 20.11.1981, Pathankot born 10:30 am, height 5'-2", M.Sc., M.Phil Botany, B.Ed. Working in a convent school. Send bio-data after matching Kundli. 94644-25912, [email protected]  C3-69424

Suitable match for Sharma beautiful girl, 5'-5", 25 Aug. 1987, 3.55 pm, Jalandhar, B.Pharma, Lecturer. 9356931632, 9779124454. E-mail: [email protected]  C3-69886

Professionally qualified match for slim, beautiful, cultured Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl M.Sc, M.Phil., Maths, pursuing Ph.D ,5'-3", April '83 (Nangal), working as Asstt. Professor in reputed institute. ([email protected] , 7589397568/09215204732). C3-69940

Slim, fair Bhardwaj girl, 5'-6", 17-07-79, 10:55 am Nawanshahr (P.B.) B.Com. ICWA (final year), working Asstt. Manager Finance. Dowry seekers excuse. Email: [email protected]  9988093964. C3-70131

Suitable match for Gaud Brahmin girl (Shandilya Gotra) D.O.B. 6 Dec.1985, 9:45 p.m. (Hisar), 5'-4", fair, slim, Graduate, working IET Bhaddal. Preferred Non- drinker, Non-smoker around Chandigarh. Kundli must. [email protected]  095012-05208. C3-70799

Suitable match for B.A., MBA (Corresp.), Diploma in Mass Comm., very beautiful 5'-7", non-working homely girl, 19.2.86, 6:22 p.m., Chandigarh. Elder sister married, younger brother PEC Engr. in father's well- established business of manufacturing. 098140-26248, [email protected]  C3-69526

Match for beautiful 5.9.84, 10:20 am Chandigarh, 5'-5" LL.B girl. Early marriage. Email: [email protected]  08054314489. C3-70959

Suitable match for beautiful, slim, fair Ramgarhia Sikh girl (Riat/Ubhi), 1988/5'-5", M.F.A. 98885-83209, [email protected]  C3-70227

Suitable match for Dhiman girl, 5'-2", October, 1975, Postgraduate (MA), Interior Designer, employed in good industry in Chandigarh region, handsome salary, father retired Engineer, only brother in USA. Contact 76960- 66619 or Email [email protected]  Box 1655F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Ramgarhia Sikh beautiful, fair, slim, girl 27/5'-5", US citizen. M.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry) LVN. Working in US as Nurse professional. US resident preferred. Send biodata and recent photographs. Email: [email protected]  C3-70937

Required clean shaven match for slim and trim girl, M.A. English 5'-7", 23.9.1989 Gotra Rehsi Bhogal. Contact; 9417053716. [email protected]  C3-71139

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Sikh Ahluwalia girl, Chandigarh based, 85 born 5'-8", M.S. Computer Science (USA), on student visa. Father Gazetted Officer, Brother Engineer in USA. Upper middle class family. Urban/rural property. Contact: 8054458547. Email: [email protected]  C3-70971

Suitable match for beautiful Chandigarh Hindu Chamar (Haryana) girl, MBA Finance, 26+, 5'-5", 10 LPA. Working in reputed company, Mumbai. Well educated family. Father Govt officer at Chandigarh. Preferred MBA from reputed institution/B.Tech. IIT. Send biodata with latest photo. Contact 75083-65716. Email : [email protected]  C3-68836

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, born 31.12.84, 5'-3", MBBS, Medical officer in Haryana Govt. 98146- 52383. C3-69466

Ramdasia girl 1985 born, 5'-3", M.Sc. (Nursing), working as Asstt. Prof., 4 Lacs PA. Well setted and educated family. Tricity preferred. 96467-88434. E-mail: [email protected]  C3-69852

SM4 Pb. Khatri Manglik girl, tall, fair slim, 5'- 8"/18.01.87/Amritsar. Working Public Bank in Chd. Family well-settled in Gurgaon. Prefd. match in Chd/Delhi NCR. Email: [email protected]  Mob: 97171-98292. C3-61201

Compatible match for Sikh Tonk-kashatriya super specialist Dr. girl MD DM Neurology 32/5'-4", working in reputed Hospital at Jalandhar. Salary Rs. 2.5+ Lac per month. Well-educated family. Early marriage. Caste no bar. 99881-95502. [email protected]  C3-70859

Suitable Match for fair, slim, beautiful 31/5'-3", B.Sc (Nursing) Government servant, 40,000/-. 6 years boy. Caste no bar, tri-city only. 81959-99077, [email protected]  C3-69464

Sikh turbaned boy for Arora Sikh girl 24, 5'-6", fair, beautiful, doing Masters in Radiology, Chandigarh based family. Preference tall, handsome boy in Civil Services or Judicial Services or Post-graduate in Medical Sciences, established businessman, Industrialist. [email protected]  C3-62639

Professional handsome Non-Manglik boy settled abroad preferred for Mittal girl 86 born/5'-5", MBA (Biotechnology), Chandigarh employed. Father Advocate. Caste no bar. 98554-36137. [email protected]  C3-68824

Suitable match for beautiful Singla girl, 5'-1", 24.07.1986, 7:40 am, Ludhiana, BA LLB LLM practicing High Court, Chandigarh. Father Businessman. Send biodata photo after matching kundli. Email: [email protected]  C3-69646

Sydney born girl 26 yrs., 5'-3", belong to Arora Sikh family, done Medical Science from Sydney University and working as a Toxicologist at present in Delhi would prefer clean shaven professional match. Please contact us on +918376061308 or send full details with photo to [email protected]  C3-69044

Sikh Arora beautiful, slim girl, Aug.1984/5'-4", LL.M., practicing Company Secretary. Preferred Gursikh boy (NT/ND) IIT Professional/CA/High status businessman. 098371-78334. E-mail: [email protected]  C3-69056


Sector 34-C Chandigarh: 14 marla single storey kothi, facing big park,
excellent location, clear title. Genuine direct buyer contact Owner: 086279-38234, 98147-40862. C3-71029

Chandigarh: Showroom in Sector 26, Madhya Marg. Ground floor, basement,
huge open space. Most suitable for eating joints. Joint venture with owner preferred. (No interference from owner). Interested parties may contact with complete details through Email: [email protected]  C3-70603

11'x45' Hall for Callcenter, Medicine Wholesalers Service Center, Distributor
in Keshoram Complex Chandigarh. Company lease preferred. 99889-99667. NA3-60570

Be a guest at your own Wedding. Let Wedding Planner take care of details
and complete wedding arrangements. For best Wedding and Jaimala Themes, caterers, decoration, DJ, Bollywood dancers/singers, band, hostesses. Contact: 098143-33901. Mail: [email protected]  Visit:  C3-69360 

Wanted Radiologist on salary cum share basis/lease for leading radio diagnostic centre in Distt. Nawanshahr. Owner going abroad. Contact Email: [email protected]  C3-70121


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