Karuna Goswamy


1. Characteristic of an uncle

6. The cells that are being intensively

studied now

8. Narrow, secluded valley

11. The Sardar of this name was the Iron

Man of India

12. Indian settled abroad is given this

status (inits)

13. "__ India ", by Minoo Masani

14. Cautious; timid

17. Continuous, dull pain

19. Small whirlpool

21. Chandigarh is one that belongs to the Indian Union


2. Large tub for containing liquids

3. The saint poet Namdev was so called very often

4. Push or force along; impel

5. Very skilled person; expert

6. A brown pigment used in drawing etc

7. Era; time

9. Harold __, comedian of silent era

10. Brashly insolent; pushy

15. Listen to; pay attention to

16. Slit; fissure; tear

18. Sebastian __, famous British athlete

20.Eastern Germany was once this (inits)