Karuna Goswamy


1. A book jacket has one in front and one at the back
3. Stinging insect
6. In Vedic texts, nectar of the gods
8. Breed and raise
9. Abbr. for a professional player
10. How Gen. Eisenhower was called
11. Cain’s brother in the Bible
13. That of Kutch is a spectacular sight
15. Abba ___, famous Israeli politician
16. Scorch; singe


1. Continuous discharge of firearms
2. Equip with weapons
4. “__ Lincoln in Illinois”, famous play
5. Finest Doric temple at Athens
7. Eliot spoke of it as “the cruellest month.”
8. Wanderer
12. The agency that cares for nature and environment (inits.)
14. Was once a mascot of the Asian Games in India.