A gruesome, entertaining thriller
Connolly is true to form in this narrative with its scary locations, unending suspense and shades of the underworld
Reviewed by Aakshi Shera

The Wrath of Angels
by John Connolly. Hodder. Pages 472. Rs 320

haunting and scary, the book talks about the anger of the angels who have fallen from grace. It follows Charlie Parker, a private investigator, who has been involved in many such happenings before. There is a hit list which has his name on it. He also knows that "the Collector", a serial killer who steals souls, is on his trail. And now everybody believes that his soul too is tainted. But he is sure that he is on the side of the right.

He must fight to procure that list and falsify all the allegations. On the way, he learns that there is another list. A list that guarantees unfathomable power to the darker side and knowledge to the others. It contains the names of the people who have struck a deal with the devil.

The Wrath of AngelsHidden in the depths of the Maine Woods, the list is in a plane that crashed under mysterious circumstances. All the people who knew about it are being brutally killed for the list is sought by others too: a beautiful, scarred woman; a silent child who remembers his death and the Collector. Now, Parker must race against time to secure that list in order to prevent more killings. And now, a battle is about to commence between those who want the list to remain a secret and those who think it is a crucial weapon in wiping off the darkness.

As the rival forces descend upon this northern state, the woods prepare to meet them for the forest hides other secrets. Someone has survived the crash and ‘it’ is waiting to take revenge and thirsting to understand and fulfill the desire of the Evil. If you are a thriller fan, then this is a must read for it has all the elements of a thoroughly enjoyable thriller. It is fast-paced, engrossing and gripping. The shades of the underworld, creepy characters, brutal ritual killing, scary locations, unending suspense and the mystery of the plane will keep you hooked on till the end. John Connolly has written a gruesomely entertaining novel that will give you chills and thrills and stay with for a long time even after you have set it down.