Sunday, November 10, 2013, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

Suitable match for Khatri, Manglik working girl, 1978 born, M.Sc. (IT) 5'-2". Chandigarh preferred. Mobile: 98781-87616, 98781-87614. E-mail:  C3-86500

Suitable match for beautiful Arora Punjabi girl. MBA, 5', 21.01.87, 4:00 pm Karnal. Parents retired Haryana Govt.  094667-05095. C3-86710

Parents invite proposals from well-educated, professional Hindu Arora/ Khatri boy settled in US for their daughter 20th Jan. 1989, 7:24 pm, Chandigarh born, 5'-3", MS in Biotechnology, working in Stanford Research Institute, California. From an affluent and respected business family. Email bio/recent photos to:  C3-86870

Chandigarh based match for beautiful, fair, slim Arora Khatri girl, January 1985/5'-5", M.A., M.Phil. English, working Lecturer in reputed College. Salary 22000, issueless legally divorced. Father Officer (Retd). Contact 80542-11448. E-mail:  C3-87048

Professionally qualified Arora/Khatri girl 23 June 1985, 1:45 pm Kaithal, 5'-2", M.A., B.Ed. Working in Chandigarh. Tricity preferred. 098124-26525,  C3-87876

General Surgeon, Australian Born and Educated Punjabi Sikh girl, seeks equally qualified or other highly skilled medical professional. Age 29, 5'-4", fair complexion, currently working full time as a General Surgeon in well-established career in Australia. Caste, religion, country of residence no bar. Please send complete bio data, resume and photograph to the following Email:  C3-84927

Sikh Lubana girl, Dec. 1987, 5'-5", MBA. Seeks well settled Lubana boy from status family. 9463287431, 8528509300, 9915551968. E-mail:  C3-86666

Professionally qualified well-settled handsome match for slim and beautiful Sikh Ramdasia girl 31, 5'-3", MBA (IT). Simple and educated family preferred. Contact:  97814-19623. C3-87560

Match for Jat Sikh Canadian girl 27/5'-6", working as Lawyer in Canada. Brother, Sister and Brother-in-Law are Doctor. Father in Canada Revenue. Doctor/Dentist/Veterinarian preferred. Email:  A3-61030-OL

Match for Jat Sikh Canadian girl, 27/5'-6", working as Lawyer in Canada, brother, sister and brother-in-law are doctor. Father in Canada Revenue. Doctor/dentist/veterinarian preferred. Email:  A3-61299-OL

USA based, well settled Jat Sikh family of Doctors, Engineers and businessmen, seek clean shaven Punjabi Jat Sikh boy professionals (Engineer, IT, Dentist and Dr.) for their Medical Doctor (MD) daughter 5'-4", USA born August 82 in Punjabi culture, very fair, beautiful, awaiting Medical Residency, visiting Punjab in mid November 2013.,  USA: 804- 360-3382. C3-79960

Well settled Australian professional, Jat Sikh clean shaven match for smart, extrovert Australian citizen, aerospace engineer, 26, 5'-3", working in defence. Parents settled in Melbourne. Student visa holders please excuse. email:  or call 0425785468 (in Australia) or 001161425785468 (if calling from India). C3-81119

Professionally qualified match from India or abroad for a smart, slim, fair, Nov. 81 born, 5'-4", B.Com., MBA and working, from a reputed Jat Sikh family, widowed shortly after marriage, issueless, visited US/Canada multiple times. Issueless match only. Contact with biodata and photo at C3-82546

Jat Sikh parents invite match for a beautiful girl 5'- 6", 1980 born currently working in US. Boy must be Jat Sikh and well educated. Send Particulars with photo to  C3-84646

Jatt Sikh parents seek suitable match for their beautiful 23 yr. old/5'-3" daughter, interested to settle abroad. A recent Graduate in B.Sc. Nursing from Ludhiana, Punjab. Seeking an educated Jat Sikh professional from a good family w/no previous marriages. Serious inquiries only, preferably a non- drinker. US or Australia should contact by emailing  C3-84825

Jat Sikh beautiful girl, fair,B.Com, MBA (HR), convent educated, 5'-9" tall, 87 born, working in top MNC in NCR. Looking for Min. 6' tall, handsome, convent educated, cleanshaven, professionally qualified boy from educated and urban family. Send profile & photo:  98114-25222. C3-85183

Suitable match for a Postgraduate (MA) Jat Sikh Canadian immigrant sweet natured 5'-3"/36 years girl. Please respond with family details and latest photograph. Box 1770F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh convent educated, 1984/5'-4", USA Software Engineer, MBA, employed New York. Father Ex-Army officer. 09872775788. Visiting India Nov. 2013. C3- 86152

Handsome well settled educated boy (only Toronto) for Jat Sikh beautiful, M.Tech., good job, 5'-8", 24 Canadian PR girl.  9915006671. C3-86352

Canada born and broughtup beautiful, educated, professional, 5'-2"/28 seek settled professional match Canada/US broughtup. 8968844290. C3-86476

Status match for Jat-Sikh Medico Dental girl 27/5'-3", convent educated, sober, caring, respect social religious value. Family owning U/R property. Father Ex- PCS, mother Ex-PES. E-mail: Box 1773F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking Jat Sikh professional match for our beautiful, slim, fair 5'-6"/86 born, Physiotherapist (MPT) girl. USA, Canada preferred. Mother, brother settled in USA. 98881-32928 or  C3- 86642

Jat Sikh girl, MA (Pol. Science), LL.B, 5'-5", 1984. Wants well settled and well educated boy. Contact: 9815993269. E-mail:  C3-86660

PQM from well-settled family for Jatt Sikh, Dentist, fair, sober girl, 25/5'-3.5" of known family. NRI/Doctor/Er./Malwa preferred. Decent marriage. Bureau excuse. Contact:76969-70010,  C3- 86674

Cleanshaven PQM for Jat-Sikh beautiful, MBA girl, working with MNC Bank, Chandigarh, 5.6 LPA, 1983 born, 5'-4" from established family. 9888583599. Email-  C3-87748B

Professional qualified match for Jatt Sikh beautiful girl, Mar. 1983/5'-5", B.Tech. (ECE, NIT), work exp. IT MNC 3 years, MBA (Finance, Schulich B. School Canada), currently Credit Manager PSU Bank New Delhi. Send Biodata:  C3-87846B

Suitable match for 5'-5", very beautiful, creative, cultured, 83 Dec.born, daughter of Retd. Colonel, M.A.Psychology, Diploma in Banking & Insurance, Asstt. Manager in Govt. Bank. Substantial urban/rural property.  C3-87848

Match for slim, beautiful Mann girl, 31 yrs, 5'-5", B.Com, MBA (F) Manager in Limited company Chandigarh. Small middle class educated Chandigarh based family. Tricity cleanshaven preferred. No bar for Khatris. Email:  Mob: 98764-83884. C3- 87955

Match for Jat Sikh 5'-7"/25 slim beautiful and vegetarian Sidhu girl, ME Computer Science (Bits Pillani ), working Software Engineer-2 in R&D wing multinational company Bangalore +11 package. Email:  C3-87972

Australian parents seeking suitable professionally qualified handsome Jat Sikh match for their daughter 1985 born, beautiful, slim, fair complexion, 5'-6" and working as a lawyer. Please send boy's biodata and recent photograph. Email:  C3-88030

Jat Sikh clean shaven handsome, tall, well educated, highly placed Canadian boy for Jatsikh B.Com, MBA, 28/5'-8", slim, extremely beautiful groomed cultured girl, working Senior Managerial position, land lord highly reputed educated family. Early marriage. Send photo and biodata.;  +91- 8968544522. C3-88058 

Match for Jat Sikh girl IPS Officer, 30/5'-5", alliance invited from Sikh boys from Civil Services/MBAs/Doctors. 095307-53867. Email:  C3-88064B

Suitable match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, 5'-6", Sept. 80, MCA from India, MBA from top tier US business school. Working on H1B Visa with Fortune 500 company as Group Product Manager. Issueless and innocently divorced. Father retd. Army Officer, only brother well settled in US. Looking for qualified professional preferably in US. Respond with recent photo, biodata and details at,  Mob. USA 2013153013, India 99880-90309 C3-88166

Jat Sikh Doctor professional match for Doctor DNB Anaesthesia Senior Resident cleared USMLE 79 Dec., 5'- 6". 098140-50083. C3-88400

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh 5'-7', June 82, Australian PR good job girl. Email:  C3-88452

Professionally qualified match for beautiful slim girl, November 1985/5'-8", B.Tech. India MS from USA. Presently working in top MNC with very good package in NCR area. Parents settled at Karnal after retirement from Govt. job Sikhs having faith in Guru Granth Sahib may apply.  98963-55327. C3-88602

Professionally qualified match for 30/5'-7", good- looking, B.Tech. (Univ. Topper), M.Tech., Central Govt. Class-I officer, Jat-Sikh (Virk) girl, permanently posted at Chandigarh, belongs to reputed landlord family. Legally divorced, issueless, seeks well-settled Officer/Doctor/Engineer Jat-Sikh boy in/near Chandigarh with well-to-do background. Send completed biodata at:  C3-88726

Jat Sikh convent educated B.Pharmacy MBA beautiful girl 26/5'-4", educated urban family, parents Govt. employees, looking for professionally qualified working boy. NRI welcomed. Bureau excused. 84270-97603.  NA3-73741

Jat Sikh Sidhu parents invite matrimonial for their Registered Nurse daughter 5'-6", 27 years Virgin beautiful girl fond of refined Punjabiat values with open and strong mind, permanent resident and R.N. job in California. The boy must be non-drinker, non-smoker qualified professional. E-mail:-,  Phone 001-530-844-8617. NA3-73842B

Engg./Doctor/MBA match for vegetarian 30/5'-3", US citizen Jatt-Sikh girl. Born and broughtup in India. BS/MS from top US Universities. Six figure salary. Respond with complete biodata and recent photos. Email:  NA3-74331 

Well qualified & Canadian match for Canadian Jat Sikh 28/5'-4", Deol girl. MS from UBC Canada. Doing job. Malwa preferred. Email:  NA3-74766

Suitable match for Jat Sikh beautiful girl 28/5'-7", B.Arch. from Chandigarh College of 'Architecture', (Gold Medallist), MS (Architecture) from USA, working in a reputed Architectural firm in California USA on H1B visa. Landlord/high status family. Father Senior Class-I Officer, paternal/material families reputed and well-settled. Doctor/Engineer/MBA settled in USA/Canada preferred. Send biodata with photo to:  NA3-75292

Jat Sikh parent seeking match for only daughter, Aug 1983/5'-4", BA, Diploma Fashion Design, inherit urban property Ludhiana. Girl's extended family settled in Canada. Ideal match is an educated teetotaller from Jat Sikh family. 081462-67378, Email:  NA3-75332

Suitable match for Saini Sikh girl, 23/5'-3", B.Tech, M.Ed., Father Army officer. Preferred Army officer. Caste no bar. Contact: 7508231031. E-mail:  C3-86304

Suitable match for Hindu Saini, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed. girl, 06.05.1985/5'-2", Govt. job. E-mail:  9463454524. C3-87188

Professionally quaified, Non-manglik match for Aggarwal, slim, beautiful girl, May 83 born/5'-6", MCA/MS and presently doing Ph.D in USA. Boy should be settled in USA. Tricity and Delhi family preferred. Upper caste no bar. Girl visiting India November end. Contact: 98147-04675. E-mail  C3-84783

Professionally qualified match only from Ghumar families for Ghumar beautiful, smart USA citizen girl, 29/5'-4", Graduate in Biology, pursuing Dental College, Status family. Contact: 9814511755. E-mail:  C3-86300

PQM for Mair Rajput 1985, 5', B.Tech. India, MS USA, working on HIB visa. Boy on H1B visa/greencard/USA citizen preferred. E-mail:  9915949434. C3-86550

Alliance invited for educated, caring, smart, traditional girl, Newyork bsed, 35, 5'-2". Innocently divorced. Presently in India. Contact: 9814122524.  C3-87250

Non-drinker, non-smoker qualified match for SC Canadian girl. Send photo and resume:  C3-88500

Professionally qualified match for saraswat brahmin respectable family slim fair, very beautiful, B.Tech.(E & C), MS (From UK), 25/5'-4", girl. Working for top US Company in UK. Contact with complete detail:  C3-88624

Doctor/IIT/IIM/IAS/IAF/professionally qualified match for fair, slim, beautiful, convent educated 5'-6"/Feb. 83, Doctor MBBS Mair Rajput girl. Contact with biodata & recent photo.  98151-38819. C3- 74129

SMF Feb-79 born, 5'-3" girl (Gold Smith) working as Manager in Pvt, Ltd. Co. Contact: 98880-21001,  C3-86856

Professionally qualified match for convent educated, M.Pharma Rajput girl, 5'-1", 9.5.88, 10.25 p.m., Chandigarh, working in IT Park, Chandigarh. 5 Lac. P.A. 98884-40369. C3-88454

Rajput family of doctors, seek a tall, fair, handsome, well-settled Dentist, Doctor, professional groom from a established family preferably in NCR for their daughter 15.2.86, 167 cm, fair, beautiful MDS Endodontics SR Government Hospital. Mail BHP to,  Mobile: 098100-98163. C3-88592

Rajput business class status family invites only UK- based well-qualified, self-independent match for 1989/5'-2" English Honours, English Literature, B.Ed. girl. 99885-41345.  NA3-75440

Pure vegetarian compatible match for an employed Class- 1 Saraswat Manglik girl, B.Tech. (ECE), 16.6.1986, 8:40 p.m., Karnal, 5'-6". Contact after matching kundli. 094175-39578,  C3-84907

Suitable match for Himachali Brahmin Manglik girl, 5'- 1"/5.1.83, 2:35 a.m., Shimla, B.A., D-Pharmacy Staff Nurse job Govt. Hospital HP. Preferred Govt. job/Corporate Sector in Shimla/Solan. Contact with kundli. Mobile 94184-58212. C3-86320

Wanted suitable match for Himachali Bilaspur based 28 years old, M.Sc., B.Ed., TET qualified Brahmin smart & cultured girl, 5'-4". Preference for B.Tech., MBA, MCA employed in Govt./Private sector. Contact: 09418457899.  C3-86558

Professionally qualified match for fair Saraswat Brahmin girl, 14.02.1984, 5'-1", 3:20 am, Ambala, B.Tech, MBA, employed in Chandigarh, 6 LPA. 094644- 42419.  C3-87036

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin slim, fair, 5'-3"/ 28.10.1978 (4:40 a.m. Chandigarh), M.A. LL.B., Govt. employee Chandigarh, 7.2 Lakh. 9872073004, 7837404308. C3-87088

Match for Manglik Australian Citizen girl (Saraswat Brahmin), CA Qualified, 25-yrs-old, 5'-7" tall and slim. We are looking for Saraswat Brahmin boy atleast 6 feet tall, vegetarian, athletic, slim, handsome, qualified in M.Sc., B.Sc., Ph.D, Doctor or CA. Please send us contact number & bio data to  Bio data must have photos, bio data without photos will not be contacted back. Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Phagwara and Hoshiarpur are preferred.  C3-87292B

Match for slim, fair Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl, 19 Nov.1983, 4:20 p.m., 5'-3", M.A., MCA. Kundli must. E- mail:  94780-89341. C3-87948

Smart Brahmin Anshik Manglik girl, serving in Nationalised Bank. DOB 10.1.1989, Time 1:40 pm Patiala. Tricity preferred. Mobile: 92160-51029. Email ID:  C3-88282

Canadian PR business family seeks Hindu match for their homely & beautiful convent educated daughter, 1988 born, 5'-1", Dentist, now pursuing her DDS Degree in Canada. Only Medico or professionally compatible boy from US, India or Canada should Email his biodata, photo and family background to:  C3-86750

Hindu Sahni Khatri beautiful, B.Tech., not working, 5'-2", 15 Nov. 1988, Kurukshetra. 097290-63789.  C3-87470

M 4 Pb Kh very b'ful slim smart girl Manager Scale-II in State Bank 1983 born 5'-4", MA Eco. 1st Class CAIIB educated rptd officer's family, send photo with biodata  C3-87912

Match for Khatri 29.7.1990, 7:45 a.m., 5'-2", girl.,  98140-06602. NA3-74378

Suitable match for slim, beautiful Punjabi Arora girl, 5'-3", 10.1.1987/7:15 p.m./Meerut. MBA (F). Working in Nationalised Bank, LPA 5 plus. Contact 094127-40448. Email :  C3-88518

Suitable match for Dhiman girl 5'-0", 17.7.1985, Gobindgarh, B.Sc., B.Ed. 94176-79792, 98145-58125,  C3-86328

Match for Sikh Ramgarhia fair slim 27-9-1977, 1:10 am, Ludhhiana, convent educated M.Com. Brother engineer, father retd. Executive. 098155-71145, Em:  C3-87074

Gursikh educated, well settled match for Ramgarhia Sikh girl, 1982, 5'-4", M.A, B.Ed. Teacher private school. NRI preferred. 98154-53210. E.mail:  C3-87960

Dr., B.E., MBA match for Ramgarhia Dhiman slim, beautiful, unmarried girl B.Tech. (Computer), P.S.U. Executive, Shimla, Nov. 78/5'-3". Upper caste no bar. 98766-11948. E-mail:-  C3-88384

Match for beautiful Sikh girl 28 years, 5'-5", M.A., M.Phil (English), U.G.C. qualified, working as Lecturer in reputed College at Chandigarh. Well educated, handsome Sikh boy settled in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula preferred. 98140-38957. E-mail:  C3-87624

Well-qualified match for Chamar girl, permanent job in PGI, UGC NET qualified, pursuing M.Phil. Pay 45000, 28 years 5'-2". Govt. job preferred. Contact: 93163-70969, 97795-85548. C3-86276

NRI Engineer MBA match for Ramdasia girl, 5'-5", Aug 1978, MA, B.Ed., MCA.,  99142-73699, 98142-28391. C3-86938

Suitable match for Ravidasia fair, slim, beautiful girl, 7 Sept. 1984, Chandigarh, 5'-3", M.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology, M.Ed., UGC qualified with JRF. Father Class-I officer Central Govt. Contact: 08146995217, Email:  C3-87064

Suitable match for Ad-dharmi (SC) girl, 1980/ 5', M.A. B.Ed., Govt. employee (Clerk) Chandigarh.,  9592917033. C3-87590

IAS / PCS / Govt. officer match for Ad-dharmi Ravidasia girl, 5'-2", 1985, permanent Assistant Professor Panjab University. Well educated Chandigarh settled family. Email:,  98148-06977. C3-88338

Match for Kori beautiful girl, July 87, 5'-2", M.Tech. PU, Chandigarh, Asstt. Professor in PU Engg. College on contract basis. Father Govt. employee. Preference UP based settled nearby Chandigarh. Contact 98722-12164. E-mail:  C3-88652

SM4 manglik beautiful, fair, slim girl, 1979, 5'-6", M.Sc. (Microbio), working in MNC. Caste no bar. 09818162254.  C3-84831

Match for Sikh Tonk-kashatriya beautiful B.Tech. MBA, 25/5'-6", Sr. Software Engineer, Chandigarh, 5.00 LPA. Officer's family. E-mail:  C3-86944

Suitable match for beautiful Himanchali Saraswat Brahmin, 5'-2", 23.11.1972, 2:20 am, Chandigarh, MA. B.Ed, divorcee girl. Contact: 0172-2653000. C3-86164 

PQSM for 30, 5'-4", innocent issueless divorce soon Bank Officer. Email:  C3-87020 

Suitable match for US citizen Arora Sikh beautiful slim girl 27 yrs old 5'-5" tall, educated in India now family settled in CA USA. Girl working as Tech Recruiter in North CA, looking for tall handsome boy professionally settled in US girl visiting India in Nov. Early marriage. Please send profile & photos. Box 1782F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Manglik, PQM for Garg, 28/5'-4", fair, slim, MCA, Working in Pvt Institute. 12.12.84/11:25 a.m./Derabassi. Caste no bar. 098888-11258.  C3-88312

Suitable match for beautiful, fair, B.Tech/MBA goel girl, 5'-4, 04.09.1985, Dhuri, Officer Government Bank, Chandigarh. Father well settled business Chandigarh. Early decent marriage. Contact: 98140-17608. Email:  C3-88594


Super HIG, ground, 4 BHK, car garage, Modern Housing Complex Manimajra,
Chandigarh. Prime location, commercial value, best for Doctor, Registry case, direct deal. 98143-08060. E-mail:  C3-86488

Suite V-502 Atrium Hotels and Conferency, earlier Hotel Hillview Surajkund
Faridabad. Furnished two bedrooms, drawing, kitchen. Dehra 094171-11909, 0172-2601637. C3-86446

16 Marla newly consturcted house in Sector-79 Mohali, ground+1st floor
(7 rooms) with terrace. Only for MNC/Bank Corporate lease. Contact: 9876700315. C3-87610


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