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Spouses make life with cancer better

 According to a study authored by Dr Ayal Aizer in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, marriage appears to provide an edge to cancer patients. The study points out that married people are 17 per cent more likely to be diagnosed in the initial phase of the cancer, before it has spread. Not just that the trifold advantage marriage offers also mean that they are 53 per cent more likely to get apt treatment and go through with it. The study deduced that married people live longer after a diagnosis. Some cancers even got better, improving the rate of survival more than chemotherapy. Dr. Aizer, went through ten most fatal cancers from a database of one million patients and opines that it is the support that marriage offers that makes a difference.

Cheating men and women

The National Opinion Research Centre conducted a general social survey that found that 40 per cent more women are admitting to adultery than two decades back. The percentage of cheating wives has been raised to 14.7 while the percentage of men admitting to cheating on their spouses has been steady at 21per cent. Yanji Djamba, director of Centre for Demographic Research at Auburn University says that the reason is working women who have little to lose by way of financial stability. Increased use of social media opens up possibilities of meeting new partners. While women are still less inclined to cheat than men, the gap is closing down.