L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Admission process
Schools ‘exploiting’ parents
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 18
In the absence of any check by the authorities, the leading schools in the city are fleecing parents by charging hefty amount as registration and admission fees. “I have already deposited above Rs 65,000 at a leading school here because I wanted to secure the seat there, but my preference is to put my child in another school, the results of which will be declared after a month. The school, where I have deposited the fee, will refund the fee within 15 days, but that will not serve the purpose and I will have to shell out at least Rs 1 lakh (Rs 60,000 already deposited and about Rs 40,000 in case the child gets admission in the desired school) on the admission of my child", rued Dheeraj (name changed), whose son has to be admitted to the main-stream school this year.

This is not an isolated case. Parents are complaining that they are being "fleeced" by the respective schools and in absence of any uniformity on the admission process the school managements have their own norms.

Blaming the parents to an extent for the "exploitation", the Director of Sahodya School Complex, Harmit Kaur, said that there was a mad race for the top five to six schools in the city. "With the result, they have to shell out hefty admission fee in the schools. A parent came to me and rued that his Rs 2.25 lakh were blocked in the admission process. He said he would get the refunds from certain schools after deductions were made by the schools", rued Harmit Kaur. She added that the district administration could play an important role by keeping a check on such schools.

"A stipulated time should be given and all schools should be asked to declare the admissions within the given time. Similarly, dates should be fixed for fees to be deposited in schools so that the parents can go directly to the school of his/her choice", said Harmit Kaur.

Kavita, a home-maker, said her daughter was just two years old, but she had started a kitty so that she had enough money for her daughter’s admission to the main school next year. "Her turn will come next year, but I have started a kitty of Rs 1 lakh, exclusively for her admission. I am a teacher at a playway school and my husband is into business. We can not shell out so much amount at one time, so I am putting Rs 5000 a month in a kitty for her admission", said Kavita.

Admn’s view

Admissions are being done as per ICSE and CBSE norms in private schools. We can not intervene in their process. We have no role to play.

— Neeru Katyal, Additional Deputy Commissioner (D)

Parents register protest

The Parents Association, Ludhiana, has already registered its protest against the "high-handedness" of the private schools, which are flouting CBSE norms.



Now, Voluntary Disclosure Scheme for traders
They can declare correct status of their liabilities to Excise Dept
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 18
The Excise and Taxation Department has come up with the Voluntary Disclosure Scheme under which the traders, who have committed certain mistakes, bonafide or otherwise, while submitting their returns and paying the tax can rectify their mistakes.

To encourage such traders to declare correct status of their liabilities and to pay the tax due without any harassment or litigation, the Department of Excise and Taxation has come up with the One-Time Settlement Scheme.

A senior excise and taxation official giving details about the scheme said that this was the best opportunity given to the traders and dealers by the department and they should avail it. “It is a one-time settlement scheme and one can settle the case by making one-time payment," he said.

Cases to be covered under the scheme

  • Taxable person, who has claimed the ITC, but the tax has not actually been paid into the state treasury on the goods so purchased.
  • The taxable person who has claimed concessional rate of tax claiming branch transfer, inter-state trade, but actually the goods are not sent outside the state.
  • The taxable person has submitted statutory forms for claiming concessional rate, but the same are not proper or genuine.
  • The taxable person has claimed zero rated sales on account of exports, but either the exports have not taken place or they were over-invoiced.

The procedure

  • To avail the benefits under the scheme, a taxable person shall send an application before the designated officer before March 31, 2014.
  • In the application, he will clearly state the mistakes committed by him and undertake to deposit the revised tax due along with 1.5 per cent interest from the day the tax was due.
  • The designated officer shall calculate the additional tax due on the basis of the disclosures made by the taxable person.
  • The designated officer will work out the tax due with interest within 30 days of the receipt of the application.
  • The taxable person will pay 25 per cent of the tax due plus interest due as worked out by the designated officer within a month.

Important dates

  • The application must be received by March 31, 2014.
  • The decision of the designated officer will be out by April 30, 2014 (by the department).
  • Twenty-five per cent of the amount due will have to be paid by May 31, 2014.
  • The rest of the amount bearing 1 per cent interest will be payable in three installments, to be deposited by the June 30, September 30 and December 31.
  • The amount determined by the designated officer will be final and the dealer opting for the scheme cannot challenge the amount determined by the designated officer.

Those not entitled to avail benefits

  • In those cases where notice U/S 29(1), 28, 29(2) and 29(3) or provisional assessment has been issued prior to the date of application.
  • In those cases where inspection of the business premises was carried out by the department, prior to the date of application.
  • In cases where proceedings for investigation have been initiated and notices for producing books of account have been issued prior to the date of application



Contractors fleece residents
Defy Punjab and Haryana High Court’s directions
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, November 18
The municipal corporation authorities, it seems, have failed to "discipline" the contractors of paid parking lots along the Ferozepur Road. They keep fleecing residents while also allowing parking of vehicles beyond the stipulated maximum period of two hours in defiance of the directions issued by the Punjab and Haryana High Court in this regard.

Disposing of the bunch of writ petitions filed by owners of several commercial complexes located along the Ferozepur Road, the HC had asked the MC to provide paid parking spaces along the national highway, albeit with a rider that parking fee for the first one hour would be Rs 10 and for the subsequent one hour not less than double the amount.

"Parking of vehicles in these designated parking lots will not be permitted beyond two hours and such vehicles that are parked beyond this period will be towed away by the traffic police," the HC had ordered while also making it clear that the paid parking facility would not be offered to visitors to commercial complexes, malls and multiplexes located along the Ferozepur Road, as these establishments were supposed to have their in-house designated parking spaces.

However, the fact remains that almost all the contractors, who have been allotted 13 parking lots on both sides of the Ferozepur Road from Hotel Shiraz to Sidhwan Canal, were charging Rs 30 from each resident irrespective of the duration of parking of vehicles. Not only this, four-wheelers are parked for the entire day without any intervention from either the contractor or the traffic police.

Taking suo moto notice of the violations of directions in respect of the paid parking facility along the Ferozepur Road, the HC had deputed a local commissioner who had reported back that the complaints of overcharging and absence of electronic ticketing to monitor the duration of parking in these parking lots were true. The local commissioner had also found that the contractors were also allowing parking of vehicles in service lanes and adjoining bylanes, again in defiance of the HC directions.

IJS Sidhu, an ex-serviceman, and a resident of Maya Nagar said the attendant at the parking lot near Silver Arcade Mall was rude and refused to allow parking of the vehicle unless Rs 30 were paid as the parking fee. He did not relent when it was pointed out that the parking fee for the first hour ought to be Rs 10 as per the HC directions. "Go find some other place to park your vehicle if you insist on paying the fee fixed by the MC or the
High Court," the retired Army official was told by the parking attendant.

MC officials said action as per terms and conditions of the agreement had been taken against some of the parking contractors for overcharging. "All the contractors have been directed to install electronic ticketing devices, not to allow parking of vehicles beyond stipulated duration and to prominently display rates of parking. At the same time, field staff has been asked to ensure compliance," an MC official said.



Now, ACRs of tehsildars to be routed through three authorities instead of four
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 18
To stop the "unnecessary delay" in compiling the annual confidential reports (ACRs) of Tehsildars (sub-registrars) in all the districts, the state government has decided to cut short the procedure. Instead of the reports going to four officials, three authorities will do the needful from now onwards. The state government has further made it clear that if reports are not sent within the stipulated time by the authorities, departmental action would be taken against the erring officials.

As per the letter sent by the Revenue Department, Punjab, the ACRs of Tehsildars will be routed through three authorities i.e. the Sub-divisional Magistrates - the presenting authority, who will send it to the Deputy Commissioners -the reviewing and sanctioning authorities and then the reports will be sent directly to the final authority - the Financial Commissioner, Revenue, who is the commenting authority.

But previously, Divisional Commissioners, too, were involved in the whole process, the reports reached late to the final authority. And now, it has been decided that the Deputy Commissioners will send the ACRs directly to the final authority instead of routing through the commissioners of the respective divisions.

Sources in the Finance Department, Chandigarh, maintain that the SDMs were to send the reports to the DCs till June 30, the DCs were to send the reports to Commissioners by August 15 and then Commissioners were to send it to the final authority by September 30, but the whole procedure took more than the stipulated time and the service matters of the officials suffered due to the delay.

Taking a stern step, the department further clarifies that the ACRs sent after the given deadline, will not be taken into record or considered at all.

Appreciating the move, one of the Tehsildar in the district, who also happens to be an office-bearer of the Tehsildar Association, Punjab, said that their ACRs used to be delayed. "But we met the Revenue Minister and apprised him of the situation and now, we have been told that the appraisals will be sent online to save time", said the tehsildar.



Mochpura Bazaar lies low with trend of knitting declining
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 18
There was a time when Mochpura Bazaar use to bustle with activity during the winter season, but with the trend of knitting declining, readymade woollens have caught the fancy of residents here. Nothing matches the warmth of a hand-knitted sweater, but women of the house do not have enough time to knit sweaters, now, and even the youngster prefer wearing readymade woollens, as they look more trendy.

Famous for its wool, residents use to throng the bazaar for wool, but today, fewer turn up to buy wool. Even the majority of shops here have started selling readymade woollens. It is only the retailers and factory owners who come here to buy wool.

"With the onset of winters, people from all walks of life come here. The times have changed, fewer turn up to buy wool. There was a time when mothers and grandmothers use to knit sweaters during their free time, but today it has taken a backseat," said Raman Khera, a shopkeeper at Mochpura Bazaar.

Gurwant Kaur, a resident, who was busy selecting wool at a shop said, “Now, women do not have time to knit sweaters as they are busy doing jobs. Things change with time, but I still knit sweaters for my grandchildren and I love it when they wear them," she said.

Another shopkeeper, Shankar Parsad, said that he had been selling wool in the bazaar for a very long time. He said, "There was a time when women use to come to buy wool from his shop, but now, only retailers and factory owners come here. The trend of knitting among women is on the decline and now, people prefer wearing readymade woollens," he added.

Historical connection

  • Mochpura Bazaar is named after emperor Zaman Shah's son Shehzaada Mozid.
  • It is popularly called Mochpura Bazaar, but its original name is Mozpura Bazaar.



Undertrial escapes from police custody
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 18
An undertrail facing drug peddling charges escaped from the court complex here today. The accused identified as Lakhwinder Singh Lakha, a resident of Koom Kalan, who was caught for drug peddling three years ago, was being taken to the District Court Complex this afternoon for a hearing.

It is learnt that following the hearing, Lakha was being taken to the prisoners vehicle when another undertrial asked for legal aid.

The constables removed the undertial's handcuffs and took him to the Legal-aid Centre. Sensing an opportunity, Lakha also removed his handcuffs and fled.The policeman tried to give him a chase, but Lakha managed to escape.

Dharampal, SHO, Division No 5, said a case had been registered against head constable Tersem Singh for dereliction of duty. Besides, the police have launched a hunt to nab the undertrial.



Ludhiana scan

Ludhiana: Ludhiana-based, Packwell Poly Products has been awarded the ‘High Tax Paying Manufacturers’ award by the Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab, Sukhbir Singh Badal, at a function held recently. The function is organised every year by the Government of Punjab, wherein the high tax paying companies are conferred awards in recognition for their contribution to the society in the form of payment of taxes. Packwell Poly Products received this award for achieving the first position in the high taxes payers’ category (medium scale) manufacturers for the financial year 2012-13. The group was initiated by Brij Mohan Goyal in the year 1977.

Candlelight march

On the eve of World Remembrance Day, a candlelight march for accident victims was organised by Smile Blood Donors’ and Welfare Club at Aditya Jaitly Chowk, Chattar Singh Park, Model Town. The march was held in the memory of Aditya Jaitly, a young theatre artiste and Photo Journalist who lost his life in a fatal road accident. Dr YS Walia, Naresh Dhingan, Gurpreet Singh Khangura, Karanjit Singh, Harpreet Sing and members of various social organisations paid tributes to Aditya Jaitly and other road accidents victims.

Sufi night

Ludhiana Sanskritik Samagam is bringing Sufi night, Sufi gospel by Sonam Kalra and troupe at Guru Nanak Dev Bhawan on November 23. Sufi music is a genre based on Sufism and sometimes inspired by Sufi poets. This genre is meant as an expression of devotion to God, but it also can be a way to enhance the connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of the listener or performer. In India, Sonam Kalra started a Sufi Gospel Project. The Sufi Gospel Project is an effort to blend all the voices of faith, through the use of song, music and the spoken word. Traditional western gospel melds with Indian classical sounds, and Indian spiritual texts are enriched by the elements of Western poetry to create a sound that touches every soul.

Ration distributed

Ration distribution function was held to mark the Parkash Utsav of Guru Nanak Dev. Society chairman Vikram Singh Ratore said one should lead a life on the footsteps of Guru Nanak and should believe in simple living and high thinking. “More and more organisations should come forward for this noble cause,” he said.

Demand raised

Meeting of All India Brahmin Samaj was held on Monday during which the members decided to ask the government to provide them land for setting up a religious place in the memory of Bhagwan Parshu Ram. “Government has constructed religious places for every religion but nothing has been done for the Brahmin community. Land should be given to the Brahmin community so that a religious structure in the name of Bhagwan Parshu Ram can be constructed,” said district president of Brahmin samaj, Narinder Dutta.

Health awareness

Punjab Government is paying special attention to health and education sector, said Charanjit Singh Atwal, speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha, while addressing a function at Ghaloti village. He said both health and education are very important for the progress of any nation and government was paying special attention towards them. Female foeticide is one such area where government is working hard in making people aware about the girl child. He appealed to the youth to stand up against the ills in the society.


Joint meeting of District Congress Committee, Vidhan Sabha (North) and Sahnewal, was held here today during which Vikram Singh Bajwa, Pardesh Congress, secretary general, alleged that the business of drugs was increasing under the reins of the Deputy CM, Sukhbir Singh Badal. “It is for their selfish cause that they are spreading the menace of drugs and youth is felling prey to it,” said Bajwa.

Blood donation camp

A blood donation camp was organised on Monday at ward number 8 to mark the Parkash Utsav of Guru Nanak Dev. During the camp, 151 units of blood were collected. Daljeet Singh Grewal, councillor of the ward, said every drop of blood was precious and should not be wasted as it could save the life of someone in need. “One should donate blood regularly as it is the best gift to mankind,” he said. — TNS



Students bring laurels

Ludhiana: Students from Nankana Sahib Public School, Ludhiana, brought laurels to the school by winning prizes in various competitions. Vivek Yadav, a Class XII Student, participated in Reena Simmi Declamation Contest which was conducted by KVM School. He secured third position in Hindi. It was inter -school contest in which 20 city schools participated. Not only this, students who participated in the 7th International Inter- School Youth Festival, Fusion, held at BCM Arya Model School, Shastri Nagar, also got positions for the school. Tanvir Singh and Pranav Sharma participated in dulcet, a duet sufi singing competition, and won third position. Principal Harmeet Kaur Waraich said it was a matter of pride for school that the students had performing well in academics and co-curriculum.

GNPS students excel

In the NCC Air Wing Annual Training Camp held at Dhanansu, the GNPS cadets secured first positions in drill, firing competition and football. The GNPS also bagged the best troop trophy. School ANO Gurdeep Singh was declared the best ANO of the Camp. Students of the school participated in Fusion-2013 organised at BCM Shastri Nagar and won first positions in orchestra and classical dance and secured second position in sufi singing. The roller skating team of the school participated in Inter-School Roller Skating Tournament held at GNIPS, Model Town, and won 21 gold, 18 silver and nine bronze medals. The school team bagged third position in Inter-School Shabad Gayan Competition held at General Gurnam Singh Public School, Sangrur. Principal Mona Singh and the GNPS management congratulated the students and teachers for their outstanding achievements.

Gurpurb celebrations

Guru ka langar was organised on the campus of MGM Public School, Dugri, on the occasion of Gurpurb. The day started with shabads followed by sermons brimmed with moral teachings of Guru Nanak Dev. The entire campus got hued with the sanctity of services offered for the noble cause of Guru ka langar. Principal Poonam Sharma appreciated the efforts of students, teachers and staff members.

Educational trip

Students of Spring Dale Senior Secondary Public School went for an educational trip to Newspaper Printing Press, Sirhind, where students came to know about the latest printing technology and learnt how the newspapers are published. The students were also given refreshment and it was a fun-filled trip in which students gained a lot of knowledge.

Workshop on oral, personal hygiene

BCM Senior Senior School organised a workshop for students of Class VI in school auditorium. The workshop was on oral and personal hygiene. A team of doctors from 'Karma Hospital' came to make the students aware about the hygiene. Some important instructions regarding maintenance of oral hygiene was given by the dentist Dr Abhishek. He suggested the various ways to overcome dental problems. Dr Harpreet advised the students to keep the surroundings clean. Students participated actively in this workshop. Their problems regarding dental hygiene were solved by the speaker. Discount coupons for check-up were given to students by the team members. — TNS



Edu Dept: Enrol students as voters
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, Nov 18
Education Department has launched a movement to make the parents of students studying in state run and private-aided schools aware about their rights and duties to preserve the democratic tradition of electioneering process. Besides, heads of these schools have been advised to ensure that all students attaining the age of 18 years on or before January 2014 have to be enrolled as voters.

In a communication addressed to all District Education Officers of the state, the Director General, School Education, Kumar Rahul, has directed rank and file in the department to ensure that no student born on or before December 31, 1995 is denied the Right of Vote. The DEOs have been advised that heads of all schools should submit undertakings certifying compliance of these orders.

The authorities in the department have also been asked to organise awareness camps for educating students regarding their Right to Vote. Essay writing competitions, declamation contests and poster making contests on the subject have been scheduled to be organised at school, block and district levels. Lists of students emerging victorious in these contests are to be sent to the office of the DGSE.

Perusal of communication received at the education offices of the region further revealed that the heads have also been asked to obtain an oath letter from members of families of the students studying in their schools.

While authorities at some schools have already initiated process for getting the oath signed by members of families of students of their institutes, others are yet to draft the plan.

Typed in local dialect, the oath reads as "We, the citizens of India, having faith in democracy swear that we will preserve democratic traditions of our nation and maintaining esteem of free, impartial and peaceful electioneering we will get our votes made and use our right to vote fearlessly without being affected by religion, class, caste, community, language of allurement of any kind."



Preaching the gospel of revolution
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Singer Gurcharan Baddowal in Ludhiana on Monday. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, November 18
Gurcharan Baddowal, grandson of noted Gadari Baba Hari Singh Usman continues with the Gadari Baba's mission of spreading revolutionary ideas. Gurcharan, works as a whole time revolutionary singer and visits schools, colleges and other public places to promote literature and revolutionary spirit by singing. According to Gurcharan, sometimes he travels more than 100 kms in a day on his bicycle to visit far-flung areas of the state.

Born in 1940, Gurcharan told that he used to sing from his childhood but when he joined college he started reading literature. Gurcharan is post graduate in Punjabi literature form SCD Government College, Ludhiana.

"During my college days, I used to sing poems of Shiv Kumar Batalvi and other romantic poets. But with the emergence of Naxalite movement in 70s, I got attracted towards revolutionary poetry," said Gurcharan.

"I have started singing the poetry of noted poets Sant Ram Udasi, Dr Jagtar, Surjit Patar on the communist stages. I have visited hundreds of villages of Punjab and shared the stage with these poets and other revolutionary leaders. I have worked a lot in Barnala, Sangrur and Moga area."

In 2003, some poets gathered at Punjabi Bhawan, Ludhiana and gifted a new bicycle to Gurcharan.

"They regard me as I have promoted their poems at grassroots level. There are more than 500 books of Punjabi poets in my collection," he said.

Gurcharan remained a bachelor. He gets money from his admirers to buy new books as he never joined any profession.

"It is a matter of proud for me that I am grandson of Baba Hari Singh Usman. The people should remember scarifies of Gadari Babas. I have visited 19 states of India. I never think about the audience. Sometime I sing for two or three people and sometime for myself only."

Talking about his future plans, Gurcharan said, "I want to sing till death, it's my plan for future.



Classical music festival

Ludhiana: The Sadbhavna Group of Colleges organised a festival of Indian Classical Music in collaboration with the Spic-Macay at Jalaldiwal village on Monday. The event was inaugurated by Neelam Kapoor and Madhu Meeta Banerjee, director of the institute, presided over the concluding session.

While appreciating the management committee of the colleges for their concern to preserve the cultural heritage of the state, speakers, including Atul Talwar, Dinesh lakhopal , Gurshaminder Jagpal and Dr A N Mishra, urged the audience to discourage already polluted Western music and encourage artistes who strive for the sake of pious culture of Punjab. Presentations by Pandit Kushal Dass and Durjoy Bhaumik from Spic-Makay were appreciated by all present.

Workshop on news reporting

The Post Graduate Department of Mass Communication, Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Gujarkhan Campus, organised a workshop on news reporting and writing on Monday. The resource person with the aid of innovative activities helped the students in learning the nuances of reporting and writing skills for a good news story. The activities included a mock press conference in which the speaker acted as different persons in order to provide necessary information to the students who were acting as reporters. The spot of a bomb blast had to be reported by different group of students. They were also explained the dos and don’ts to be followed by a reporter while covering any sensitive story. Principal Manjit Kaur Ghuman congratulated the department for the endeavour and stressed the importance of such workshops which underline the practical aspects of subjects. — TNS



PAU Employees Union to conduct elections in Jan
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 18
With the announcement of elections of the Punjab Agricultural University Employees Union, the ball has been set rolling as the third front decided to contest the upcoming elections.

The executive body of the PAU Employees Union has decided to conduct elections in the first week of January. There are total 10 recognised groups of around 1,600 non-teaching employees in the PAU and they conduct election after every two years.

In the last election, all the 10 groups merged in two alliances and those two alliances contested the election. PAU Employees Federation led by Harbans Singh Mundi had defeated the PAU Employees Form led by Paramjit Singh. PAU Employees Democratic Manch was also supported by the PAU Employees Federation. Surinder Singh, leader from Punjab Agricultural University Employees Democratic Manch, said: "We have contested election in 2009 and got good support from the employees. But in 2011 elections we have collaborated with the PAU Employees Federation. But now we have decided to contest independently on separate election symbol."



Woman accuses cops of custodial torture
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 18
A woman has levelled serious allegations of custodial torture against cops deployed at the Jodhewal police station. The woman identified as Pooja, who is undergoing treatment at Civil Hospital, claimed that the cops interrogated her and forced to confess that she has committed a theft.

She said she was living on rent and was having a dispute with the owner of the house. A few days ago the owner of the house, a woman, had lodged a complaint at the Jodhewal police station stating that Pooja had has stolen Rs 1 lakh cash lying at her (owner's) house.

Pooja said she was previously called at the police station for questioning. Yesterday, she was again called to the police station along with her brother.

She claimed that while her brother was told to wait outside the police station, the cops, including two woman constables, tortured her in the lockup.

She said when her condition worsened she was rushed to a hospital. On the other hand, Gurpreet Singh, SHO Jodhewal Basti police station, slammed the allegations as baseless.

He reiterated that Pooja was called for questioning at Jodhewal Basti in connection of theft that took place at her land owner’s house.



Epilepsy awareness drive launched
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 18
As part of the World Epilepsy Day Awareness Drive, SPS Apollo Hospitals, Ludhiana, a leading healthcare service provider of the region, organised epilepsy awareness through nukkad nataks, health talks, seminars and a CME programme.

The awareness drive was inaugurated by Dr RS Bhatia, senior consultant, Department of Neurology, and Dr Siddhartha Garg, senior consultant, Neurology of SPS Apollo Hospitals, Ludhiana. Road shows by professional artists from Step theater society, Delhi, were performed demonstrating how to handle an epileptic patient in the attack.

Dr RS Bhatia, said, “Around 30 percent of patients with partial epilepsy do not respond to medications. They are described as suffering from medically refractory epilepsy. The problems associated with these patients are manifold. First, the expenses associated with continuous drug intake in a resource poor nation like ours. Second, the side effects related to the continuous drug intake.”



Tewari flays Sukhbir, says development on track
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 18
Hitting back at the Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister and local MP Manish Tewari today ridiculed his charges that he (Tewari) was impeding the development works in the city, saying it is a classic case of "the pot calling the kettle black."

In a statement issued through his office here today, the union minister asked Sukhbir to point out one single project which has not been completed or is not in the process of completion.

"Let me reiterate the delay, if any, is absolutely because of the non-cooperative and indifferent attitude of the state government," he claimed, while pointing out, "We have the recent example where the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation sat over Rs 2 crore meant for digging tube wells for drinking water in the city." The minister said it was the Central Government which provided a one-time Rs 100 crore grant for the financially-ailing Punjab Agricultural University.

Tewari took credit for the resumption of daily flights between Ludhiana and Delhi, the starting of the Ludhiana Shatabdi and the setting up of a passport office. He said the Union Government has given to the state a sum of Rs 100 crore for the rural roads in Ludhiana district.



Nirmal Dhillon takes over as Commissioner of Police
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 18
Senior IPS officer Nirmal Singh Dhillon today took over the charge as Commissioner of Police Ludhiana from outgoing Commissioner of Police Paramjit Singh Gill, who is now posted at IG- Patiala Range. With this Dhillon has become the fifth Commissioner of Police to serve the city.

There are many challenges in front of the new Commissioner of Police. Besides tackling crime, rampant corruption in the department and traffic menace, the top police officials will have to look after the interest of politicians and businessmen, who are dear to political power centre. Dhillon started his career as an advocate and practiced law at the Ludhiana courts for nearly four years. Dhillon held various posts, including SSP Moga, DIG CM Security. Before taking the charge of Commissioner of Police Ludhiana he was serving as IG- Bathinda.

Dhillon said maintaining law and order and brotherhood among different communities would remain his top priority. Dhillon assured that he would pay special emphasis on finding ways of easing traffic chaos in the city.



Dengue cases

Eleven more patients have been confirmed for dengue on Monday at various hospitals of the city. Out of these, 8 are from the city and 3 from the rural areas of Ludhiana district. With this, total cases till date diagnosed have reached to 927 from Ludhiana, 431 from other districts and 137 from other states.

Sweets destroyed

The food safety officers at the Health Department have destroyed 15-quintal sweets, which was seized around Diwali. According to the information, the health officials have seized 10-quintal sweets from an auto at Raho road and 5 quintal from Nanak nagar. Both the samples failed lab tests so were destroyed. — TNS



PAU retirees hold protest

Ludhiana, November 18
A protest was organised at the lawns in front of the Thapar Hall by the PAU Retirees' Welfare Association and PAU Pensioners' Association today. The working employees also participated in the protest.

While addressing the gathering of pensioners and employees, Jila Ram Bansal, president, said that on November 16 he along with Satish Sood, general secretary, met Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on the premises of Kundan Vidaya Mandir where he had come to attend a function. He said Badal heard them with interest. Bansal has demanded to release of Rs 64 crore and also stressed that salary and pension should be paid on the first of every month. He said Badal had assured them that he would immediately consider the issue and resolve it soon. —TNS



75 kg of poppy husk seized, 5 held
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, November 18
The Jagraon police have arrested five persons and seized a total of 75 kg of poppy husk and 150 bottles of illegal liquor from their possession during separate police operations against the drug peddlers in the past 24 hours.

In the first case, a police team arrested two persons from Bhaini Gujjran village near Sidhwan Bet following a tip off. The police team seized 150 bottles of country made illegal liquor from the accused. The accused have been identified as Daler Singh and Surinder Singh, both residents of Bhaini Gujjran village.

A case has been registered against both the accused under the Excise Act at Sidhwan Bet Police Station.

In a separate case, the police arrested a drug peddler and seized 30 kg of poppy husk from him. Giving the details of the incident, Jagraon CIA Staff In charge Officer Inspector Prem Singh revealed that a police team led by ASI Major Singh was patrolling in Sidhwan Bet area when they saw a person carrying a bag on a motorcycle.

“On seeing the police party, the man got afraid which made the police team suspicious. When the police stopped him and searched the bag he was carrying with him, it recovered 30 kg of poppy husk from the bag following which the police arrested him,” said Inspector Prem Singh.

The accused has been identified as Chamkaur Singh, a resident of Kishanpura village in Moga district. The police have registered a case against the accused under the NDPS Act at Jagraon Sadar Police Station and further investigation is on. The police have also confiscated the motorcycle on which the drug was being smuggled, said Inspector Prem Singh.

The police held another drug peddler near Sidhwan Bet and seized 35 kg of poppy husk from him. The accused has been identified as Baljit Singh, a resident of Raipur Araian village near Mehatpur in Jalandhar district. A case under the NDPS Act against the accused has been registered at Sidhwan Bet Police Station.

In a separate case, the police arrested yet another alleged drug peddler and seized 10 kg of poppy husk from him. The accused has been identified as Sukhmandar Singh, a resident of Amarghar Kaler village near Jagraon. A case has been registered against the accused under the NDPS Act at Jagraon Sadar Police Station.



30-yr-old man commits suicide
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 18
A 30-year-old man committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan. The deceased has been identified as Rashem Singh, a driver. According to his mother, Last evening he had consumed drugs. Later, when Rashem's mother went to his room to serve him dinner, she was shocked to find his body hanging from a ceiling fan.

Thieves ransack shop

Thieves struck at a mobile shop located in Bhai Himmat Singh Nagar near Dugri and decamped with 70 mobile phones and eight LCDs. The incident came to light this morning when residents spotted the shutters of the shop uprooted. The residents then informed Taranjit Singh, owner of the shop, about the incident. Taranjit Singh reached the shop and intimated the police and told them that the thieves had taken away 70 mobile phones and eight LCDs from his shop. The police have registered the case and the investigation is under way.

Woman commits suicide

The city police have booked four persons, including husband and in-laws of a woman for killing. The accused have been identified as Ram Pratap, his father Perladh Kumar, mother Aarti and brother Ram Tej. The case has been registered on the complaint of victim's brother Ravi Kumar. He said that his sister Geeta (24) got married to Ram Pratap in 2009. Soon after the wedding, the entire family started harassing his sister for dowry. Ravi said that Geeta had often told him about the ordeal. On November 16, Geeta committed suicide by hanging herself at her in-law house in Shimlapuri. The police have registered the case and the investigation is under way.

In another similar incident, the Dugri police have booked four persons of the family, including husband and his parents, for poisoning a woman. The woman identified as Perminder Kaur stated to the police that her husband Mohanpreet Singh, his mother Paramjit Kaur, father Nater Singh and sister Simranjit Kaur overpowered her four days ago and forcibly made her consume poison. She said she somehow managed escape and reach the hospital. She is stated to be out of danger. The Dugri police has registered a case and the investigation is under way. — TNS



Two booked for murder
Our Correspondent

Khanna, November 18
The Khanna Police on the complaint of Jagjit Singh have booked two persons for the alleged murder of a resident of Khanna who was found murdered under suspicious circumstances.

As per the statement, Jagjit Singh, cousin of the deceased, gave information that Tanvir (35), who was his close relative, was staying alone in Bank Colony, Khanna, and his wife along with her two children was at her in-laws place in Ludhiana due to some martial dispute.

Jagjit said on November 13 he visited Tanvir’s residence and found Tanvir arguing with the alleged accused namely Amandeep and Ashwin. They even threatened Tanvir. Jagjit somehow pacified the duo and they returned to their home. On November 16, he again came to Tanvir’s house but found his gate locked from inside. In suspicion, he inquired about Tanvir from the nearby houses and later scaled the wall of the house and found blood lying on the floor and with a foul smell coming from the house. When he moved towards the basement, he found Tanvir’s body in a bad condition with burn marks on it. He also found the house burgled as Tanvir’s revolver, laptop, movie camera, motorcycle and mobile were missing. He informed the police and later the police took away the body for post mortem.

As per SHO Harjinder Singh the police Jagjit Singh’s statement have registered a case under Sections 302, 392, 201 and 34 of the IPC and are investigating the case. He said the alleged accused were yet to be held.



Hockey lovers demand Bharat Ratna for Dhyan Chand
Lovleen Bains

A file photo of hockey player Dhyan Chand.

Doraha, November 18
As Sachin Tendulkar got Bharat Ratna, hockey players and lovers felt cheated. Resentment prevails among them as they feel that Bharat Ratna should have been conferred on Major Dhyan Chand first and then to cricket star Sachin Tendulkar.

“While conferring the title on Tendulkar, the government should have at least once thought about conferring it first on Dhayand Chand. Hockey lovers and players all over the world have been pleading to confer this prestigious award upon Dhyan Chand from years altogether but the government has shown least urgency to confer the same upon the hero whose magical stick left onlookers spellbound,”said International hockey player Baljit Singh from Doraha.

Jandeep Kaushal, a hockey lover questioned, “If the crucial decision of awarding Bharat Ratna to Tendulkar can be taken at such a short notice, why is Dhyan Chand still deprived of the honour even after the passing of so many years? It means there is some foul play going on at this point of time. Conferring the title to Sachin may fetch votes to the government while Dhyan Chand, who is no more, has not been considered to be a fit candidate anymore,” he added.

“A man who has dedicated his entire life for the cause of the National game of India and won such marvelous honours for the country surely deserves to have been considered prior to Sachin Tendulkar. The point is that granting Bharat Ratna to Sachin before finalising it for the hero of hockey is really painful to us who have been his fans and lovers for years,” said Dr. Nirlep, head, physical education department, of a local college.

Dhyan Chand is most remembered for his goal-scoring feats and for his contribution in three Olympic gold medals won by country. Having scored more than 400 goals during his International career, “The Wizard” was known for his superb ball control. He may not be alive today but the deeds of such great people live for centuries. National sport of hockey is a synonymous with him. Dhyan Chand’s name should be announced for Bharat Ratna immediately so that for whom he was a hero in the real sense of the term, should not feel deprived and cheated was the opinion of Harpratap Brar, general secretary, managing board, GNN College.



Renovation of Guru Nanak Stadium resumes

Ludhiana, November 18
In wake of 4th edition of World Kabaddi Cup, installation work of a canopy at Guru Nanak Stadium at F block started yesterday. The authorities of Punjab Mandi Board have initiated this work after eleven months.

The final matches of World Kabaddi Cup and concluding programme of this mega event is scheduled at Guru Nanak Stadium on December 14.

The visits of government officials are quit common now-a-days. In a recently held meeting of Deputy Commissioner with departments concerned, DC orders to complete the renovation work on time. According to the District Sports officer the stadium complex would also be painted before the World Kabaddi Cup.

However, the Punjab Mandi board did not start the other renovation works, which is listed in the contract. According to the information Mandi Board will install fall-ceiling in already installed canopies on A and B blocks.

It is worth mention that last year Mandi Board contractor had stopped work of installation of canopy on "F" block. Despite the several reminders of Sports department, Mandi Board did not resumed the work.

District sports officer Kartar Singh said, "Now the work has been started. We hope that Mandi Board will complete the work on time. The canopy on "F" block will facilitate more spectators," he added. — TNS



Saraswati school drub Sacred Heart
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 18
Saraswati Modern Senior Secondary School, Hambran Road, defeated Sacred Heart Convent School, Sarabha Nagar, by seven wickets in the Ludhiana Sahodaya School Complex Cricket Tournament being organised at Green Land Convent School Stadium, GT Road, Manj Phagowal on Ludhiana-Jalandhar road here today.

Put into bat first, Sacred Heart Convent School scored 100 runs for the loss of nine wickets in the stipulated 20 overs. Deepinderjit Singh scored 22 runs while Sukhwinder and Deepal made 17 and 15 runs, respectively.

For Saraswati Modern School, Harpreet Singh chipped in with three wickets while Akash, Piyush and Sajan Singh claimed two wickets each.

Saraswati Modern School made the required runs in just 12 overs after losing three wickets. Hardeep Kanda remained unbeaten on 39 runs while Prince Kanda contributed 13 runs.

In the second match, Kundan Vidya Mandir (KVM) beat Baba Isher Singh Senior Secondary School, BRS Nagar, comprehensively by 76 runs.

Batting first, KVM posted a total of 173 runs losing five wickets in 20 overs. Their innings revolved around Manan Jain (55), Parul Mehdiratta (28 n.o), Jaskaran Singh (23), Bhuvnesh Rai (19) and Hartejashwar Singh (13).

For Baba Isher Singh School, Rahul, Raman, Gurjot Singh and Kishanjot Singh grabbed one wicket each.

Chasing the target, Baba Isher Singh School could make 97 runs for the loss of three wickets. Shivam Bedi scored 25 runs and Rahul Khanna contributed 24 while Gurjot Singh made unbeaten 20 runs.

For the losers, Raghav took two wickets for 12 runs while Navendu Sharma got rid off one batsman after conceding six runs.In another match, Green Land Convent School, Chandigarh Road, outplayed Shamrock School by 54 runs.

In the fourth and last match of the day, MGM Public School prevailed over GRD Academy by eight runs.



Table tennis meet
BRS DAV emerge victorious
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, November 18
Hosts DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana got the better of Dayanand Model School, Jalandhar, to emerge champions in the boys as well as girls table tennis tournament organised under the aegis of DAV national sports cluster at the DAV Public School.

Around 65 players drawn from different DAV schools of Punjab competed in the tournament. Dharampal Jain and Yogesh Soni, members of the LMC were chief guests at the prize distribution function.

JK Sidhu, principal of the host school thanked the guests and congratulated the winners.

Results: (Boys)- DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana beat Dayanand Model School, Jalandhar 3-1 (Parivanshdeep bt Shubham 3-0, Karz lost to Paritosh 1-3, Angad bt Ketan 3-1, Atul bt Simran 3-1). Girls- DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana, beat Dayanand Model School, Jalandhar 3-2 (Tanya lost to Neha 03, Amoldeep bt Jasika 3-0 Yashmilan bt Manisha 3-0, Amoldeep lost to Neha 0-3 and Tanya bet Jasika 3-0).



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