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Grooms Wanted

General Surgeon, Australian Born and Educated Punjabi Sikh girl, seeks equally qualified or other highly skilled medical professional. Age 29, 5'-4", fair complexion, currently working full time as a General Surgeon in well-established career in Australia. Caste, religion, country of residence no bar. Please send complete bio data, resume and photograph to the following Email: [email protected] C3-84927

Match for beautiful Ramdasia Sikh girl, June.79, 5'-3", B.Com. Diploma in Art and Craft. Regular TGT Teacher in CBSE affiliated School. Wanted well settled handsome boy preferably in service in Tricity. [email protected] 89309-46059, 99151-91810. C3-95596

Suitable educated, settled match for Ramdasia Sikh Weaver beautiful girl, 23/5'-6", B.Sc. Nursing. Preferred NRI. Contact: 9417648213. E-mail: [email protected] C3-95718

Proposals invited for beautiful Gursikh Australian Doctor girl 32, 5'-8.5"
from Professional boys settled in IT, Engineering, health sector working anywhere or in Austalian Govt. services will be preferred. Send latest profile to [email protected] contact 09582944116. C3-95854

Suitable match for Sikh Ramdasia girl, Ph.D. (Biotech), November 1979, 5'-4". Postdoctorate fellowship completed at France and USA. Caste no bar. Send biodata/photograph. Email: [email protected], Phone 98729-70650. C3-96758

Match for beautiful girl, Ramdasia Sikh Weaver, 5'-4", Oct. 82, MBBS,
MD Medicine. Well established family. 9815643551. E-mail: [email protected] C3-96830

Match for Jat Sikh Canadian girl, 27/5'-6", working as Lawyer in Canada, brother, sister and brother-in-law are Doctor. Father in Canada Revenue. Doctor/Dentist/Veterinarian preferred. Email: [email protected] A3-66781-OL

Well-educated Jat Sikh parents seek professionally qualified match for
their daughter 82 born, 5'-3", good looking, slim, smart, MBA (from Premier Institute), working as Officer in SBI. Father retd. Sr. Class-I Officer, Punjab. Brother, Sister well-settled in Canada. Contact with biodata & pictures. [email protected], 94174-48005. C3-79873

Jat Sikh Defence Officer family seek Doctor/Engineer, PR US/Canada/India for 5'-8"/38, MS Dentist daughter, innocently Divorced after one month. Permanent Canadian Citizen merit only consideration for upper class Sikh/Hindu boy. Mail: [email protected] Mobile: 094783-74036. C3-88444

Suitable Doctor/Engineer match for US permanent resident Jatt Sikh Girl Age 27/5'-3" BDS, Master in public health belonging to affluent & educated family in USA. Canada/US, permanent resident/Citizen preferred. Email. [email protected] , 9646999652. C3-90000

Match for Jatt Sikh 87 born, 5'-5" girl, born and raised in India, convent educated, Canadian PR, LL.M., working in a Law Firm in Canada. Father retired as a Gazetted Officer from Punjab Govt. Boy should be well educated and from a good status family. Please respond with biodata and latest photographs at: [email protected], Mob. 98725-23065. C3-90076

US citizen well-settled Jat Sikh parents seeks tall Jat Sikh boy, MD Doctor settled in USA, match for their US born, raised 27/5'-9", daughter, Attorney from a prestigious US University, working in Health Law. Please respond with biodata and picture. E-mail: [email protected] C3-90632

Suitable match for Jat-Sikh girl 1984/5'-5", highly qualified, professional, B.Tech. (IT) from India. MBA from London, currently working in UK on work visa. Professionally qualified boy from well-educated family send profile & photo: [email protected] C3-91204

Jat Sikh Doctor girl (final yr. Medical Student in US) 24/5'-2", beautiful, cultured. Family, well-settled in the US is seeking suitable, Doctor match with similar values, working in the US. Email profile and photograph to [email protected] Box 1810F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Parents invite proposal from well-educated, professional, Jat Sikh boy settled in USA or Canada for their daughter 1986 born, 5'-3", beautiful, working in an international reputed firm in Canada as a Customs Officer and a PR holder. Send profile and photos: [email protected] C3-92192

US based Jat Sikh Doctor/Engineer for 1980 born, 5'-4", convent educated, v. fair complexion, Dental Doctor doing DDS New York University. Family of Doctors. 98766-29984, [email protected] C3-93347

Jat Sikh Canadian parents are looking for professionally qualified match preferably from US/Canada for their beautiful daughter Canadian citizen 5'-7", 27 years, employed as Engineer. Caste no bar. Please send recent photos, full biodata with family background to [email protected] C3-93406

Seeking highly qualified professional Jatsikh modern cleanshaven boy Engineer/Doctor/MBA/CA with overseas work experience for a Australian born/citizen Jatsikh girl, 25, 5'-5" fair & beautiful, Accountant, working for global coy. Email your response with recent photo and biodata to [email protected] C3-93688

California settled Jatt Sikh parents alliance invited for their US citizen, University educated, fair, beautiful daughter, 31 years, 5'-5". Presently in India for three weeks. Boy should be well educated, tall, handsome, cleanshaven from status family. Contact: 9876491863 or E-mail: [email protected] C3-94246

Suitable match for well qualified Asstt. Professor 37/ 5'-5'' looks V.young, very beautiful, slim, sober, sweet natured homely girl, issueless brief marriage annulled. Father Class-1 Officer. Brother M.Tech. / MBA businessman. Well educated urbanised, down to earth status family. [email protected] 99159-21950. C3- 94388

US based Jatt Sikh Sidhu family seeks alliance for their US Citizen daughter 1979/ 5'-5'', Attractive, slim, B.Sc. ( Bio-chemistry), MD ( Student). Boy should be well educated from highly qualified professional between the age of 31 -35, , height 6 ft. Send bio-data with recent pictures. [email protected], Phone 73555-27870. C3-94464

Suitable match for Jat Sikh 1983 born, 5'-6", convent educated girl
completed Residency, now doing Fellowship in USA. Contact with photos and biodata. 9814608936. [email protected] C3-94552

Zirakpur based parents seek suitable match for their Jat Sikh Sandhu girl,
82 born, 5'-5", LL.B., LL.M., B.Com., UGC NET (Law) qualified, appeared in HCS & PCS Judicial Main examination, practising Advocate at High Court, Chd. Family settled at Zirakpur. Email at [email protected], 098156-44505, 098992-52006. C3-94556B

Suitable match for Jat Sikh divorcee (issueless) slim, beautiful girl, 1985 born/5'-4", B.Sc, MBA (Finance), working in State Bank of Patiala. Well settled, educated Mohali based family. Preferred around Mohali. Contact: 98720-22169. C3-94580

Mumbai based Jat-Sikh parents seek PQ cleanshaven match for their daughter convent educated pretty very fair 1987 born, 5'-5", BMS, MBA. Please respond with complete bio-data and recent picture at [email protected] C3-94676

PQM for intelligent highly qualified NZ PR 5'-8", 24 girl. Parents Officers, looking for tall, intelligent, Jat Sikh boy, belonging to a reputed family. Email: [email protected] C3-94812

Suitale match for Gursikh Parent's only child, College Lecturer, vegetarian, M.Sc., M.Ed., M.A. English, NET, pursuing Ph.D., June 83, 5'-2". U/R property. Background of well educated, joint family of Malwa. 9915085626 Mohali. E-mail: [email protected] C3-95228

Suitable cleanshaven Jat Sikh match for very beautiful, slim, fair, sober Khatri Sikh girl, 21/5'-4". GNM Nurse. Abroad settled boy preferred. 098156-02965. [email protected] C3-95332

Jat Sikh Sidhu parents invite matrimonial for their beautiful 5'-6", 27 years, virgin girl having refined Punjabiat values rational mind. Permanent resident Registered Nurse job in California. The boy must be non-drinker, non-smoker. E-mail: [email protected], 97798-29369, 78371-67461. C3-95402

Vancouver-based Jat Sikh, influential, Khandani landlord family of Doctors and officers seeks smart MD Doctors, employed in Greater Vancouver or willing to relocate, for their extremely intelligent, smart beautiful MD Doctor daughters 1. 35/5'-4", MD specialist Internal Medicine General, employed in Vancouver. 2. 33/5'.5", MD Specialist Hemotologist, also employed in Vancouver. Both daughters, born and raised in Canada and well versed in both cultures, are intelligent, smart, compassionate, slim, sweet, beautiful young looking and committed to their profession. Less qualified and divorcee please excuse. Respond with recent photo and complete biodata of boy and family. [email protected] C3-95452

Ludhiana based well educated Jat Sikh family seeks U.S resident/citizen
PQM for their 25yrs./5'-5" daughter doing Ph.D. in Electronics Engg. at U.S. university. Elder sister doctor and married in U.S. Send details with pictures. E-mail: [email protected] C3-95602

Suitable match required for Jat Sikh Sekhon girl who is a Chartered Accountant by profession, 81 born, 5'-6.5". Father retired Commandant from BSF. Mother is a housewife. Defence personnel, professional or IAS/IPS preferred. Contact on 075680-78598. Email: [email protected] C3-96196

Sirhind based well reputed Dhanda family Jat Sikh beautiful girl 25/5'-5", M.Sc., B.Ed seeks well qualified handsome boy from reputed family having agriculture land. Tricity preferred. 9888399097. [email protected] C3-96374B

Professionally qualified Indian/NRI match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, attractive girl, 28/5'-8", B.Com, MBA, working on Managerial position. High status landlord Mohali based family. Send photo & biodata to: [email protected]; +91-8968544522. C3-96676

Professionally qualified match for convent educated Jatt Sikh Amritdhari girl, 1986, 5'-5", M.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed. PGT (Bio.). E-mail: [email protected] 9465401955. C3-96760

Jatt Sikh Gill family seeks SM for their daughter 24/5'-3", B.Com., MBA. Well- settled, qualified clean shaven around Patiala/Chandigarh preferred. Dowry seekers excuse. Contact with photo and details. 98130- 79703. Email: [email protected] C3-96802

Well-educated Jat Sikh Gill family seek professionally qualified match for their convent educated, Sept. 84, 5'-5", M.A., B.Ed. girl, working as Psychologist in reputed hospital. 84272-00123. [email protected] C3-97023

Suitable match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, 5'-6", Sept. 80, MCA from India, MBA from top tier US business school. Working on H1B Visa with Fortune 500 company as Group Product Manager. Issueless and innocently divorced. Father retd. Army Officer, only brother well settled in US. Looking for qualified professional preferably in US. Respond with recent photo, biodata and details at [email protected], Mob. USA 2013153013, India 99880-90309 C3-97090

Match for Jat Sikh, Dec 1985, 5'-4", fair, slim, beautiful girl, PR in Canada British Coloumbia, working as Qualified Physiotherapist. Girl visiting India in December. Early marriage. Patiala, Chandigarh, Ludhiana preferred. Contact with full biodata, photo. 97795- 84686, Email: [email protected] NA3-80243

Jat Sikh US citizen convent educated, Masters from top American Uni., fair complexioned girl 5'-5", 25, small family. Preference for a boarding school educated. [email protected] NA3-80422

PQM4 Jat Sikh Gill girl born March 1986, 5'-3", 50 kg., B.Sc. (H) Zoo (DU), GNIIT and PGDM-IT, working S/W Tester Noida, family from Moga Distt. Settled NCR/Delhi. Preferred Delhi, NCR and NRI. Email:- [email protected], Mobile: 099119-63211. NA3-81970

British Jatt Sikh Bains girl August 1983/5'-6", Master's in Social Work. Government job in England. Early marriage. Looking for Jatt Sikh cleanshaven, well-qualified, well-settled, tall, handsome boy with fluency in English. Send biodata by email: [email protected] NA3-82059

Suitable match for fair beautiful Bola Saini girl, Dec 1980, 5'-3", BA,
shorthand course. Parents farmer. Preference for only non-shaven Sikh Saini, unmarried, working male around Ropar area. Either call at Cell: 98888-98260 or send biodata with photo to: [email protected] C3-91360B

Well-educated match for Saini girl, 1987, 5'-0", study M.Sc. (Maths)/B.Ed. (Maths-Sci.)/NET qualify, working in Ludhiana as Math Lectr. (Not regular). Email: [email protected], 096461-86818. C3-94648B

Suitable match for Hindu Saini fair, slim, smart girl, 29 Feb., 1988 born,
8.35 am, 5'-2", MHM Hotel Management, pursuing Ph.D., Assistant Professor. Father businessman. Mobile: 099882-90077, Email: [email protected] C3-96932

Saini Sikh girl, 13 Aug.1990, 5'-2" BDS (Dentist) Gotra Darar/Thaunk. Contact: 94263-03559. E-mail: [email protected]. NRI preferred. C3-97262

Canadian citizen well-settled Sikh parents seek tall, cleanshaven, professionally qualified match from India or Canada for their daughter, 29/5'-7", B.Sc. Hons. (Nursing) from prestigious university. Working in Health Industry. Please respond with biodata and picture. Email: [email protected] C3-94244

Match for 30/5'-5" US born Jat Sikh very beautiful Govt job family well
settled . Looking for IT Engg H1B visa. E-mail: [email protected] or Call 87289-25446. C3-94610

Professional match for our Khatri daughter, born in Canada (1986), 5'-3", slim, beautiful, Software Engineer, well settled in Toronto. Father university professor, mother Financial Advisor in bank, younger brother also Software Engineer. Family visiting Punjab for a week in December. Boy from Hindu/Sikh family settled in USA/Canada preferred. Send complete biodata wth photographs. E-mail: [email protected] 0016478311704. C3-94970

Suitable match for Ravidasia Punjabi Nirankari fair girl, 5'-1", 22 July 1985, B.Tech and PG Diploma from Canada, work permit upto August 2015 in Canada. Wanted Nirankari boy PR Canada. 9815458275. E-mail: [email protected] C3-95074

Seeking professional qualified gentleman for Ramgarhia divorcee girl, no issue, 50 years, 5'-3", qualified, working Government department in UK. Gentleman willing to settle in UK need apply to the undersigned. Balwant Singh 122 Bikrampura, Jalandhar City. Contact: 8284883326. C3-95614

Well settled match for Sikh Ahluwalia girl, 85 born/5'- 8", MS Computer Science (USA), Student Visa. Well educated upper middle class Chandigarh based family. Contact: 8054458547. Email: [email protected] C3-96044

Well educated match for Newzealand PR Sarswat Brahmin Manglik
vegetarian girl, 31/ 5'-6". 0172-2601164, 8968074123, [email protected] C3-96224

Match for Australian citizen Jatt Sikh 29/5'-4" beautiful girl. Looking for suitable groom from respectable Jat Sikh family. Preference Doctor. [email protected], Contact : 8427126323. C3- 96898

Suitable match for M.Sc. IT, Dhiman Ramgarhia girl 27, 5'-4", presently on work permit in Toronto, Canada (2.5 lakhs p.m.). PR soon. Visiting India shortly. Early marriage. Caste no bar. Email: [email protected] C3-96904

Sikh parents invite correspondence for their beautiful 5'-3", US born, 38 yrs old, never married daughter, she is Corporate Lawyer, prioritizes integrity, work ethics and faithfulness and expects the same from the groom. MDs, IT workers, Software Engineers or highly educated professionals who want to settle in Dallas USA are encouraged to apply. Please Email biodata and a recent photo: [email protected] C3-97214

Rajput family of doctors, seek a tall, fair, handsome, well-settled Dentist, Doctor, professional groom from a established family preferably in NCR for their daughter 15.2.86, 167 cm, fair, beautiful MDS Endodontics SR Government Hospital. Mail BHP to [email protected], Mobile: 098100-98163. C3-88592

Match for Himachali Rajput Jaswal girl born, 9.9.1989, 10:27 pm, Pune, 5'-6", BE, working as Software Engineer in Multinational Company. Contact: 097632-03249. Email: [email protected] C3-94102

Tricity employee match for Himachali girl Chauhan/Rattan Bhardwaj, 17.10.87, at 2:40 a.m. Chandigarh. 5' M.Pharmacy, working in MNC. Dowry seekers excuse. 098161-03851. C3-95528

Doctor/IIT/IIM/IAS/IAF/Professionally qualified match for fair, slim, beautiful, convent educated, 5'-6", Feb. 83, Doctor MBBS, Mair Rajput girl. Contact with biodata & recent photo. [email protected] 9815138819. C3-95704

SM4 Kashyap Rajput B.Sc. Nursing Govt. Staff Nurse, 34 years, 5'-4",
slim. Tricity preferred. No bar. Early marriage. 9417673444. E-mail: [email protected] C3-96834

Manglik/non-Manglik match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, 5'-3", 26.10.87,
10.06 p.m. Hoshiarpur, wheatish, good academic record, doing MBA from renowned institute after work experience. Brother, sister PR in Canada. Mail BHP to: [email protected] C3-95118

Match for v. beautiful Saraswat Brahmin US citizen girl with high moral values, 1985 born/5'-5", studying Law in USA. Doctor/Dentist/Engineer preferred. Seeking teetotaller, handsome boy. Send biodata, picture, kundli [email protected] C3-96222

Seeking handsome boy well qualified NRI (Only Canada PR or Citizen) or professionally qualified (Government job preferred) match for Saraswat Brahmin (Rishi) girl, MCA and M.Tech., now Lecturer, 31.8.1986, 5'-4", 8:30 p.m. Bhikhi (Mansa) Punjab. Contact: 98150-46312, 94651- 86651. C3-96654

Suitable match for Brahmin girl, fair complexion 5'-1", 30.09.81, 00:15 am Ludhiana, private job in Chandigarh, M.A. (Eng), B.Ed., PGDCA, MBA (HR), family settled in Chandigarh. Dowry excused. 97819-90245, [email protected] C3-96940

Suitable match for slim, attractive, fair Saraswat Brahmin girl 1982/5'-6", M.A., B.Ed. Issueless divorcee girl seeks qualified, well-settled boy preferably from Metro city. Early, decent marriage. Contact: 096197- 34985, Email: [email protected] C3-96972

Well settled PQM for fair/slim Hindu Chadha Khatri girl, 5'-5", Feb. 87, B.Tech. (KU), MBA (IIT Kharagpur). Only child. Employed in leading MNC at Mumbai. Father DGM in PSU. Parents settled at Yamunanagar. Contact: [email protected] +91-94160- 10976 (father). A3-68493-OL

An affluent Punjabi Khatri family from Chandigarh requires well settled
either from business background or professionally well employed handsome boy from tricity for their 5'-4", Sept. 1988 born beautiful, charming daughter, M.Sc., Dietician at Govt. Hospital. Contact: 9988884994, 7837799532. SMS biodata, DOB, time & birth place. [email protected] C3-92788

Suitable match for beautiful Khatri girl, 5'- 1"/13.4.1986, 6.15 a.m.,
Ludhiana, MCA, recently joined as PO in a PSU Bank. Father Scale IV Officer in a PSU Insurance Company. 98141-18209. [email protected] C3-95794

Sikh Ramgarhia respectable family seeks match for daughter, very beautiful, decent, sensible, slim, fair, 12/79, 5'-1", M.Sc., B.Ed., Lecturer in Engg. College in Jalandhar. Father retd. Lect. Brother settled abroad seeking a liberal loving family. Mob.: 098558-70536. C3-94760B

Match for Sikh Ramgarhia fair slim 27.9.1977, 1:10 am, Ludhiana, convent educated M.Com. Brother engineer, father retd. Executive. 098155-71145, Email: [email protected] C3-95560

Match for Graduate Dhiman girl, 25/5'-4", rental income 50,000/- per
month, own bank building & kanal plot Mohali, 10 years USA & Canada Visa. Tricity match from business family preferred. Email: [email protected] C3-96902

Compatible vegetarian non-drinker match for Govt. employee, Chandigarh Manglik girl 26/5'-6", B.Sc. Nursing. Early marriage. Preferred tricity nearby. 08283044557. [email protected] C3-96954

Professional qualified match from high status family for 1978
(Look's younger), 5'-5", fair, MBA IIM, Masters from UK. Father Retd. General, mother Doctor, settled in Chandigarh. 98150-80275. Send profile at: [email protected] C3-95460

Match for fair beautiful Sikh Khatri girl 5'-1'', 5.1.1986, 7.40 a.m.,
Chandigarh, Graduate PGDCA Punjab Semi Govt. regular job at Mohali. Little white patches on finger tips. Caste no bar. Preferred Local Govt./ Semi. Govt. employee. [email protected] C3-96670B

Professionally qualified match for Beautiful, fair, Ad-dharmi girl, 5'-1" /1979, B.E. (Electrical), Software Engineer reputed company Chandigarh. Caste no bar. Send biodata. Email: [email protected] C3-95536

Adharmi girl B.Tech., MS (Canada), working in Canada, April 1987, 5'-5". Prefer USA and Canada. 94177-90333. E-mail: [email protected] C3-96172

Alliance for beautiful Ad-dharmi Ramdasia girl, Central school studied,
M.Sc., B.Ed. teacher in International Convent school, born May 1981, 5'-2", Father Engineer (retd.) Jalandhar based. 9878131243. E-mail: [email protected] C3-96534

Qualified cleanshaven Canada, USA, UK based match for Punjabi Ad-Dharmi 5'-2"/1985/PGDM (tour and travel) girl on study visa to Canada for last one year. Educated and well settled family. 099589-99677. Email: [email protected] NA3-80728

Suitable Sikh match for Sikh Tonk-kashtri (Purba), 26/5'-4", Australia
Citizen, B.Sc (Nursing). She is a girl of well settled family, in Australia & employed in public sector as Registered Nurse. Boy should be professionally well educated, teetotaller. Preference will be given to an Engineer or Chartered Accountant. Caste no bar. Please respond with your biodata, recent photograph. Email: [email protected] C3-94842

Employed match for Sikh homely, slim, beautiful 27/5'- 2", MCA girl, doing Pvt. job seeks veg. teetotaller boy around Delhi. Send biodata, photo. [email protected] 088009-62962, 097792-67140. NA3-80885

PQM for Garg issueless divorcee, 29/5'-4", MCA, Asstt. Professor in University. Preferred Tricity. 98141- 08426, [email protected] A3-66787-OL

Well-settled, educated, tall and handsome (Not born before 1979) match from status family for 84 born, fair, beautiful, M.Tech., Issueless divorcee (Short marriage) working Punjabi Khatri girl. Contact 98131- 57701, 94160-27931. E-mail: [email protected] C3-96334

Suitable match for slim, fair, beautiful Aggarwal Jain Garg girl, 5'-5",
28.7.90, at 08:35 p.m., Panchkula, M.Sc. Biotechnology from reputed businessman family. Good marriage. Contact: 09816221101. E-mail: [email protected] C3-94442

Suitable match for BDS 24, 5'-3", Singla girl, Decent marriage. [email protected] C3-94940

Match for Goyal girl, 21.1.1989/4:25 a.m./5'-4", Chandigarh. B.Sc., B.Ed., MBA Finance, Posted in SBI near Chandigarh. Email : [email protected] C3-96522

IAS, IRS, DM, MCH, MD, MS match for beautiful Bansal girl 26 yrs, 5'-6", doing MD Radiodiagnosis (final year) in reputed GMC. Decent marriage. Email: [email protected] C3-96722

Suitable match for manglik Garg girl, 5'-1", 17.6.87, 8:29 pm, Moga, M.Sc.(IT) M.Sc.Chemistry, B.Ed.Contact after Kundli match.Contact: 9417557065, 96467-86107. Email: [email protected] C3-96968

Professionally qualified match for Jalandhar based Sikh Arora fair girl 5'-4", Oct. 86, B.Tech. (Computer Sc.), MBA (Finance), Consultant at MNC Gurgaon. Package 9 Lacs. Send biodata with photograph by email: [email protected] 98884-45235. C3-96154



Amritsar one kanal corner plot wide roads subdividable 2-3 plots, near
Trinity International Shopping Complex and Basant Ave. Totally developed highly sought for location. Heart of City Centre also for sale 55 acres prime agriculture land submersible motors near Batala and Amritsar-Pathakot Highway. Contact: [email protected] C3-85097


Newly built A Class construction, Architectually designed, 144 sq yards, Duplex, Porch, D/D, 3 bedroom, with attached bath, Dressing. In built Gas pipe, AC pipes with drainage, Pooja room-Store, Guest toilet, Open terrace, Modular kitchen with Chimney and Glass Top Gas Stove at Kharar on 30' feet road near Bus stand. For high taste people. 98765-73772. C3-96948B


Available First floor, SCO No. 8, Industrial Area, Phase 2, Chandigarh. Approximately 1000 sqft. Decent built up. Ample Front Parking. 95920-58000. C3-95876

Batala: SCO no. 26/27 and 136/137 800 Sq. ft. ground floor, 1000 sq. ft.
FF, near fountain chowk Jalandhar road. 98152-68687. C3-96716


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