Desi boys
Raise a toast to the new style icons of the Punjabi film industry who have become trendsetters for the youth of the region
Jasmine Singh

Hardy Sandhu’s goatee and Yuvraj Hans’ moustache give them an uber cool lookOne fine day Punjabi actor-singer Balli Riar spent a few extra minutes in front of the mirror, styling his hair in a particular fashion. Little did the artiste realise that he was about to set a new hair-style trend, which would be copied down the length and breadth of not only Punjab, but also among his fans abroad.

Cutting edge: Hardy Sandhu’s goatee and Yuvraj Hans’ moustache give them an uber cool look

Curtain call
Trendy and stylish, drapes are easy to maintain and a smart choice for contemporary décor
Divisha Saran
It may not have high profile names attached to it but designing curtains and drapes is as creative an art as designing clothes. Any interior decorator will tell you that a properly dressed up window or door can give your house a complete makeover.



Desi Boys
Raise a toast to the new style icons of the Punjabi film industry who have become trendsetters for the youth of the region
Jasmine Singh

Balli Riar’s Mohawk hairstyle is being followed by fans
Hair I am: Balli Riar’s Mohawk hairstyle is being followed by fans

One fine day Punjabi actor-singer Balli Riar spent a few extra minutes in front of the mirror, styling his hair in a particular fashion. Little did the artiste realise that he was about to set a new hair-style trend, which would be copied down the length and breadth of not only Punjab, but also among his fans abroad. He uploaded his new-look hair style, called the Mohawk look, on his Facebook page. Though the singer thought and wanted it to be a temporary style which he wanted to change in a day or two, it was lapped up in a jiffy. The Punjabi film Young Malang-fame actor now laughs as he shares, “Within a day my Facebook page was flooded with pictures of youngsters who had copied new my hair style to the tee.” Balli’s new style started the trend of the Mohawk look in many Punjabi and NRI youths.

The new style icons of the Punjabi film industry have come up with style statements which may have been created unknowingly but are finding huge favour with the youth. Diljit Dosanjh's sporty sneakers, bright-coloured turbans, baseball jackets, Gippy Grewals' cool tees and pendant, Babbal Rai's tinted shades, Hardy Sandhu's goatee, Yuvraj Hans's moustache and crisp, formal kurta-pyjama are finding favour with the youngsters in Punjab and the region. They emulate home-grown, desi style icons instead of international rock stars or actors from the West. These desi boys are stealing the show from Justin Bieber or David Beckham. In the past, the youth in Punjab relied on friends and relatives abroad or on YouTube videos and Google to check on latest styles. These well-groomed, handsome singers and actors have evolved their own styles.

Babbal Rai’s tinted glasses give him a dapper look
Glass act: Babbal Rai’s tinted glasses give him a dapper look

Gippy Grewal didn't have any idea that his style statement, whether it was his spiked hair or his penchant for pendants, would be lapped up by youngsters. He says, “Our fans, which include people across all age-groups, follow every move of ours. Youngsters keep a check on their favourite stars’ clothes and the shoes or glares they sport. They also notice our hair styles so minutely that I am sometimes surprised.” When Gippy sported a spiked-hair look, every boy in Punjab rushed to the nearest store to buy hair gel. A young lad, who came into the industry first as a singer and later as the rustic and ultra stylish hero, Balli Riar, is credited for bringing in the Mohawk hairstyle to Punjab. In addition to this, his heavy-metal shoes and formal well-cut suits are the talk on the town. He is amused at his popularity, because he says he never thought he was going to sets any trend. “I just like to wear my own style. I don't follow anyone. I have always worn my hair in one fashion or the other; but it was the Mohawk that was picked up swiftly.” It isn't the hair styles alone, the youth in Punjab and even Punjabis settled abroad also look up to the Punjabi film industry for style tips.

Punjabi singer Babbal Rai, who recently released his album Girlfriend, loves to sport tinted shades. Says he, “I didn’t know tinted glasses would become that popular. He teams it up with the right attire, both casual and formal”. Take it from singer-actor Yuvraj Hans who was reprimanded by his fans when he shaved off his moustache for a role in the film Young Malang. A dozen fan clubs are 24x7 discussing their favourite actors and actresses. They follow our home-grown icons such as Diljit, Gippy, Amrinder, Jazzy B or Hardy Sandhu.

Hardy Sandhu, known for his song Soch adds, “The youngsters in Punjab are quite stylish, which means we have to put in an extra effort to look stylish.” His goatee and smouldering eyes have enticed young men to wear coloured lenses! Move over Justin Bieber our desi boys are here.

Balle balle Punjabi belle

Surveen Chawla
Surveen Chawla

The beautiful doe-eyed actress Surveen Chawla has definitely changed the perception of dressing for Punjabi women. "I play with colours; but then, I don't overdo anything. I like to keep my neck and ears bare, which is unheard in this part of the region." The style tip from this beauty to all the pretty girls in Punjab is don't be dressed like a mannequin, let your own style and personality show. Japji Khara is another actress who has made salwar-kameez a style statement.



Curtain call
Trendy and stylish, drapes are easy to maintain and a smart choice for contemporary décor
Divisha Saran

It may not have high profile names attached to it but designing curtains and drapes is as creative an art as designing clothes. Any interior decorator will tell you that a properly dressed up window or door can give your house a complete makeover.

Drapes are no longer a drab affair to keep out the sunlight and accord some privacy to a room. Today, these are trendy and stylish and come in all shapes, colours and designs. Never before has there been so much variety in home decoration as far as curtains go. These are easy to maintain and a smart choice for contemporary décor.

A peek into the wide variety of styles available in different fabrics, textures, patterns and hues dismisses the myth that curtains are a costly indulgence or a decoration idea that is at best optional. Contrary to that, curtains make a room feel intimate and more inviting besides closing off the world.

There are many interesting ways of using modern curtains. You can use the roller variety, which is no fuss, neat and looks smart. Or you can use the conventional drapes to block out the din and dust. For those who want a classy alternative, there are curtains which, when pulled, will rest in elegant folds. For those with a creative bent of mind an innovative interplay between curtains and blinds can lead to interesting results.

Full-length curtains not just have a more elegant appeal but also offer opportunities to greatly improve a room’s appearance. If, for example, a window or a door is off centre, a curtain can help create artificial symmetry. The fabric can be used to direct the eye to a new centre. If the window or door is small, the curtain can be extended out from both sides to make it appear larger than it actually is.

The range of curtains available today gives one an option to coordinate the right colour with the décor of a room or completely change the look of a room by matching the décor to the design of the curtains.

Curtains in shades of green reflect freshness and rejuvenation. These combine well with natural surfaces such as wood and cane. Yellows depict sunshine and red is a natural stimulant. Shades of any of these hues can be used in large alienating spaces to create an intimate and inviting atmosphere.

Overall décor

But, says interior designer Anshu Batra, you must select curtain colours that go with the overall décor and those you are comfortable with. “If you are a black and white personality, you won’t be happy with pastels and vice-versa. What must be kept in mind is that besides colours, much depends on the natural light that comes into the room. Of course, the local weather of the area you live in is important too. Finally, always keep in mind the taste of people who will be living with those colours. Everyone must feel at home.”

With most homes having curtains, it is hard to imagine a time when these did not exist. And that is not too far back in history. The French invented the drapes around 1775 and changed the way rooms would be decorated. Before this, the windows and doors were left bare.

According to American author Gail Caskey Winkler, who wrote Capricious Fancy: Draping and Curtaining the Historic Interior, if it had not been for the French designers, for privacy people would be hanging rags in their windows.

Today there has been a considerable amount of advancement in drapery design and a number of options are available to suit your requirements. The most common is the rod pocket heading where drapery is gathered on the rod as it is inserted into a channel. This is a very casual and contemporary style. The tab top heading on the other hand makes the curtain hang from an exposed rod by loops. However, both these are very basic styles.

Uncluttered lines

The backtab heading offers clean uncluttered lines in modern, contemporary and transitional decors. The rod is slotted into loops at the back of the panel. With the hardware hidden, you can focus on decorative ends of the rod.

The slouched heading is also popular as the panel is slouched between medallions or rings on pole. The grommet heading too is trendy with decorative eyelets. The attractive hardware gives the fabric a sophisticated and classy look. However, the most stylish is the pleated drapery custom-fabricated for the door or window. The finish is neater and eye-catching, giving the entire décor a classy look.

Consider the plus points of choosing your curtain style from the higher end of the spectrum. For one, your home will always look cheerful, welcoming and yet soothing. Moreover, trendy curtains give the home a sophisticated aura. These also create an illusion of space and warmth.

Curtains and drapes are making a statement of their own. These are essentially simple yet modern. These remain uncluttered, can adjust light and are remarkably versatile. Get trendy and put classy curtains on your windows and doors and see how your room comes alive. 


Before installing curtains, consider these pointers on how to dress up a window or a door:

1. Analyse the proportion of the window to that of the room.

2.Make an elevation sketch of your room, doors and windows.

3.Be clear about the desired effect to be achieved in the room.

4.Always consider direction of sunlight flowing in the room.

5.Problem windows may require camouflaging for eye sores.

6.See how drapes can highlight positive aspects of the room.

7.Match the colour of the curtains with colour of the walls.

8.Right placement of curtains is crucial for the visual appeal.

9.Get top quality curtains that enhance the look of the room.

10.Try combining curtains and blinds for that standout effect.


This faux silk ascot valance available in a variety of colours gives the look and feel of luxury. Made of polyester with rod pockets, these designs are sold by a number of leading furnishing stores. The curtain comes with a three-piece decorative swag and a choice of valances like waterfall, pleated or scalloped.

price: Between Rs 4,000 and Rs 5,000


Raise a toast to these fabulous curtains. The embroidered design on these sheer drapes is reminiscent of golden bubbles floating upward in a glass of champagne. Measuring 96 inches by 50 inches these graceful panels made of lace come in a variety of colours and are guaranteed to complement any decor.

price: Rs 3,500 onwards


The Ikat printed cotton curtains lend a casual feel to any window. A great amount of attention is needed in the production process of these curtain panels which are finished with weighted hem and shade-enhancing lining. The curtains are fully lined and can effectively shut out the world of bright lights and noises.

price: Rs 10,500 onwards


The art of kalamkari is a combination of hand painting and block printing and is usually done on cotton fabric. This authentic hand block printed kalamkari curtain panel measures approximately 46 inches in width and 88 inches in length. Its intricate design and elaborate borders can be the pride of any room.

price: Rs 2,000 onwards


A pair of perfect curtains for the children’s room, these cute monkey and giraffe tiebacks have elastic loops on the back of their heads so that these can be hung on the wall. These jungle time window panels will instantly change the look and feel of the kids’ room adding an element of fun and frolic.


price: Rs 3,000 onwards


Combining linen’s distinctive texture and drape with cotton’s naturally soft feel, this peyton drape has an easy elegance. Detailed with hidden seams, a blind-stitched hem and cotton lining, it hangs from the pole pocket or converts to ring-top style with the drapery hooks giving the room a rich and warm feel.

price: Between Rs 7,200 and Rs 10,500


These Thai silk panels have been matched with a ruched header valance creating the most luxurious, over-the-top style in window and door treatments. These stunning drapes have a decorative appeal and have been deliberately designed as ornamental panels to frame out the window or the door.

price: Rs 15,000

PIRATEs on your window sill

This pirate treasure cove window curtain panel set has been inspired by the ancient theme of pirates on the high seas. The panel on the upper side of each panel has two pairs of cutlasses, the kind used by the sea brigands. These drapes measuring 84 inches by 42 inches would be ideal in a children’s room.

price: Rs 3,500 onwards


Texturally rich, the Surrey-smoke jacquard curtains will give your room a mini-makeover. Crafted in fine polyester, these measure 96 inches in length and 50 inches in width. Toss in a few accessories like a multi-colour rug and finish with a few accent pillows for a quick, inexpensive makeover to any room.

price: Rs 10,800 


These faux silk striped curtain panels give the look and feel of real silk. Interestingly, there are rod pockets at both the bottom and top of the panel and you can decide how you want to hang the curtains. But whichever way they are displayed these faux silk drapes give the room the look and feel of luxury

price: From Rs 1,800 to Rs 2,500


These drapes made of Thai silk and espresso brown velvet are a great blend of sophistication and style. The combination of cotton and velvet can easily transition into any décor whether your home is classic and traditional or modern and contemporary. These can also add visual appeal to a corporate office.

price: Rs 10,200


This Loretta Taupe panel creates a beautiful diffusion of light in the living space. Measuring 108 inches in length and 50 inches in width, it is made of polyester and it filters sunlight creating an enchanting glow. Its sheer, elegant damask pattern lends a sophisticated touch to your interior décor.

price: Rs 6,000 onward


This pair of animal-patterned long window panels with matching tie-backs can grace any room without overwhelming the interiors. The window drapes with 1.5-inch diameter rod pockets, which are made of cotton-satin measure 84 inches in width with an 84 inch drop. The matching valance is sold separately.

Price: Rs 3,500 onwards


The soccer pink window curtain set of two panels will instantly change the look and feel of any room adding layers of warmth and style. Each of the two panels measures 84 inches in length and 42 inches in width. To get the best results from these drapes, it is very important to match them with the decor of the room.

price: Rs 3,000 onwards


Your room will blossom with this colourful curtain. Fully lined and available in various colour combinations, this eyelet curtain can embellish a bedroom, drawing room, or even a bathroom. Made of cotton with polyester, the jacquard drape is a combination of quality and modernity with an elegant finish.

price: Rs 15,000 onwards


Batik is the art of creating design using the application of wax and dyes. This authentic hand-printed batik curtain measures approximately 46 inches in width and 88 inches in length and will add sparkle to your decor. It has a two inch rod pocket and is made of power-loom cotton, offering a smooth tight weave.

price: Rs 2,000 onwards


The pattern on these Palampore drapes will be perfect for a porch or a covered veranda. It will also do very well in the children’s room or the nursery. These curtains have so many colours to work that these will add to the grace of any room. And despite being oversize, the florals don’t feel stuffy.

price: From Rs 5,500 to Rs 8,500


The collegiate window curtains come in a variety of colours and designs, though with the same basic style. Measuring 84 inches in length and 42 inches in width with a 12-inch drop, these drapes made of fine but sturdy cotton, come with matching tie-backs and two rod pocket curtain panels for a perfect drop.

price: Rs 2,400 onwards


This Bella Rose tie-up shade will tastefully embellish your window or door with its intricate floral motif of golden scrolls and green laurel leaves that grace the complete curtain. The polyester window accents have a rod pocket and the curtain comes with a floral-embroidered tie-up shade for that stunning effect.

price: Rs 2,100 onwards



Bling it on


The first thing most over achievers desire is a power-packed car that reflects their status. But what about their kids? The wealth should reflect on them as well. If you are one of the newly-minted moneybags, you need to look no further than an Aston Martin DB Junior by London-based Nicholas Mee & Co. The mini car inspired by the DB — made famous by James Bond — is fully functional and runs on petrol. It is powered by a 110-cc engine, giving it a top-speed of 75kmph. It comes with a three-speed gearbox, disc brakes, headlamps, indicators and horn and will be the pride of any rich kid. But be sure he or she has a valid driving licence.

price: Rs 16.20 lakh ($27,000)


It's a stem glass that showcases champagne and wine at their coolest. The Giant Wine Stem Cooler by wine accessories online retail store Wine Enthusiast brings back the vintage classiness of the 1960s highball era. Crested by a sensual scalloped rim, the huge stem glass chiller will add a new twist to your party and be a great conversation starter. The limited edition cooler is the world's largest wine stem glass chiller that will add a sparkle to your wines and is guaranteed to make your evenings most memorable.

price: Rs 21,000 ($350)

trays as objet d’ ART

Whatever you carry on these trays will start looking attractive and appealing. Not because the food is finger-licking but the new Hermes trays are works of art. The designs on these trays, measuring 21 X 17 cm, each have been inspired by the Hermes' iconic motifs on its silk scarves. The trays are hand-painted and finished with a suede bottom so they won't scratch a polished surface. Whether you choose to use the tray as an art piece or for a pop of colour in your dining room, these little porcelain beauties are a source of endless inspiration.

price: Starting at Rs 36,000 a tray ($600)


A great cup of coffee can put you on Cloud 9. But if you are served a hot cup on the Flying Carpet Coffee Table, your senses will automatically soar. British furniture design company, Duffy London has designed an Aladdin-inspired coffee table in the shape of a flying carpet which appears to float off the ground. The flying carpet design is achieved by mounting the steel rug surface on hidden legs, supported by a shadow base. The design makes the table appear as if it is magically levitating in the air. Surely, a lot can happen over a coffee table.

price: Rs 1.47 lakh ($2,450)


High fashion aficionados will tell you that German hosiery producer Falke makes some of the best and most outrageously priced socks in the world. But a new British company Harrys of London has gone one up-at least on the price point. It has launched a limited edition of 100 pairs of charcoal grey hand-made socks made from Cervelt which is the fibre of a rare New Zealand Red Deer. As only 20 grams of the fibre can be collected from each Red Deer every year its rarity makes it the most sought after natural fibre making these socks eye-wateringly expensive.

price: Rs 90,000 per pair ($1,500)


Swiss watchmaker De Bethune has unveiled an absolute stunner. The Dream Watch 5, described as “an authentic wrist sculpture with an avant-garde character” is made of mirror-polished titanium and the crown is adorned with a one-carat ruby. This delta-shaped watch, which bears an uncanny resemblance to a miniature spaceship, has a manually-wound jump-hour with minutes displayed on a rotating disc and a tiny rotating moonphase at the centre. Going by its looks and performance, this Star Trek kind of device is certainly no ordinary timepiece. It is one of the most exciting creations in a long, long time.

price: Rs 99 lakh ($1,65,000)


In earlier times, going to a cinema was purely for the fun of watching a movie. Nobody cared about the kind of seats they sat on as long as the film was engrossing. But then came the La-Z-Boy chairs and Valentino Recliners and changed the full movie experience. Now those too are a thing of the past. The Electric Cinema, one of London's oldest movie theatres, has installed a row of beds to allow couples to watch a film wrapped in a blanket. Though dubbed as the height of luxury by some, most moviegoers say that the only advantage is that if the movie is boring these beds are great to doze off on.

price: Rs 1,800 per ticket (£18)


Preparation for a world event can do wonders to a country. Even as Qatar prepares for the 2022 Soccer World Cup, there are already concerns about protecting world players and visitors from desert dust storms with appropriate accommodation. The government of the Arab state has hired a Finnish architecture firm to build floating hotels and villas that can house up to 25,000 people away from the mainland. Water taxis and private boats will ferry visitors to and from the shore. The amazing project, to be completed before the games, will be the first floating hotels and will take luxury to an altogether new level.

cost of project: Yet to be announced 


If you are a roadside Romeo given to stalking girls or passing tasteless comments then beware. Girls are arming themselves in the most innovative ways with innocuous looking devices that can knock the senses out of a potential molester. Take, for example, the iStun case for the iPhone. This is the only case in the market that doubles as a personal bodyguard. It comes with a built-in stun gun capable of delivering up to 650,000 volts into the flesh of a would-be attacker. The case comes with a safety switch so the stun will not accidentally go off but will only be used to knock the living daylight out of an attacker.

price: Rs 6,900 ($115)


The humble bamboo has suddenly become a designer celebrity and is blossoming in the most amazing ways. Leading designers and fashion brands are increasingly using it in haute couture and accessory designs. Italian luxury fashion house Gucci's dramatic new handbag is an example. The Bamboo Ostrich Top Handbag is impeccably stylish and timelessly appealing and the calling card of unmistakable style. Lady-like chic with a modern edge, it combines the Gucci heritage with contemporary élan. The bag can be personalised with your initials to create a very special heirloom to be treasured for a long time.

price: Rs 3.54 lakh ($5,900)


She is the woman of the new millennium pursued both by the glitterati and the hoi polloi for her talent in designing haute couture. Now you can add another sobriquet to Donna Karan's name. She is the creator of the world's most expensive perfume bottle — the Golden Delicious Fragrance Bottle. It is carved from 14-carat gold and features 2,909 precious stones sourced from all over the world, including Brazil, Sri Lanka, Australia. It also has a 4.03-carat pear- shaped, rose-cut diamond. All these stones are used to create a stunning skyline of New York City that is so iconic to the DKNY brand. The bottle is being showcased across globe and then sold for charity.

price: Rs 6 crore ($1 million)