Karuna Goswamy


1. Pranab Mukherji is of our land

6. Cook by simmering

8. Box with light blows

11. Tool used in wood work

12. __ Amin, the 'Dada ' of Uganda

13. Group of states not aligned to any bloc (inits.)

14. Apparent; not concealed

17. Popular folk dance of Himachal

19. Cereal generally fed to horses

21. Feeling of strong distaste



2. Groove; furrow

3. Women 's self-help society founded by Ela Bhatt in Gujarat

4. Strike or smash violently

5. Coalition govt. formerly in power in India (inits.)

6. Descendant

7. Great English poet

9. Combinative form standing for 'five '

10. One of the twin brothers believed to be founders of Rome

15. Pet name of our opener in cricket

16. __ Taylor, New Zealand cricketer

18. Overwhelming feeling of reverence

20. This is company; three is not