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Grooms Wanted

Chandigarh Based Arora High Status Business Family Seeks match for their Extremely Beautiful, Sharp Featured girl, B.Tech., 24/5-4. Boy should be from Status Industrialist family of Tricity. Cont. 98889-01245 Mail:  C4-4940

Suitable match for beautiful slim 5'-4", 21.07.88, 4:10 p.m., Chd., Serving PSU Bank. 098120-53357, 099919- 22786.  C4-2506

Professionally qualified match for convent educated Khatri girl B.Tech., 5'-5", 16.12.1989, 00.05 a.m., Ambala, working Infosys. 099967-24999.  C4-3182

Ambala-settled family seeks suitable match for beautiful Punjabi Arora girl 26/5'-5", MBA, working MNC (Vododra). Contact: 82880-97577. Email:  C4-3800

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri Arora fair, slim 5'-1" girl, 13.08.87, 11:30 a.m. Chandigarh. M.Sc. (IT) working IT Park Mohali. E-mail:  0172-2630379, 09779-00354, 086996-13888. C4-4276

I'less, genteel, marriage minded, well-settled Sikh/Hindu match India/NRI (44-50), Progressive, Defence fmly pref, for slim, cultured v.attractive, postgrad., Sikh innoc div (i'less), girl 47/5'-5", E/W blend, fitness conscious and lovely personality, sought after defence/professional family. Delhi born, UK based, girl relocatable.  C3-142356

Well-educated match for slim, beautiful, smart Lubana girl, 26/5'-0", B.Com., MBA. Father in Merchant Navy. Mob.: 98789-95715, Email:  C4-3090

Professionally qualified Sikh match for beautiful, fair, slim girl. 79/5'-3", MCA -S/W Engineer, 7 lpa, well-educated Gursikh family. Caste no bar. E-mail:  Ph: 075874-49983. C4-3574

Tall, handsome match from Armed Forces/Civil Services/Decent job/ Business for 25 years/5'-8" Lubana Sikh, M.Tech. from University Campus, convent educated, slim, beautiful daughter of Army Officer. Brother Class One Officer Pb. Govt. Patiala based family. Upper caste no bar.,  94178-65516. C4-3840

USA based Sikh parents invites correspondence from only US based Doctor for their US citizen Doctor (Med.), slim, beautiful, 1983, 5'-5", US educated girl. Send profile to  C4-5059

Match for Jat Sikh Canadian girl 27/5'-6", working as Lawyer in Canada, brother, sister and brother-in law are Doctor. Father in Canada Revenue. Doctor/Dentist/Veterinarian preferred. Email:  A4-2370-OL

Vancouver-based, Jat Sikh, Khandani family Doctors Officers seeks MD Doctor, match from or able to settle in British Columbia, for their daughter, 35/5'-4", MD specialist Internal Medicine general presently working Vancouver, she is intelligent, disciplined, committed, slim, beautiful young looking girl. She been looking for life partner for few years now who is equally smart, intelligent as she is. If you think you are in the same boat as she is please get in touch with us. Less qualified please excuse. Respond with photo and biodata of boy and family.  C3-134588

Wanted Professional handsome match in USA for an Extremely fair Jat Sikh 30 years, 5'-4'' Doctor girl doing Second year residency belonging to an Educated Well Placed Urban family. Contact 95014-87437 or E.Mail:  C3-134714

Match for 5'-7"/88, slim, beautiful, vegetarian Jat Sikh Sidhu girl B.Tech. GNDU and ME Computer Science BITS Pillani, working Software Engineer-1 R&D wing Multinational Company, Bangalore since 2012, package 12 lac. E-mail:  C3-136633

Toronto-based Jat Sikh Grewal educated family seeks professional Jat Sikh Masters/Bachelor Degree holder match (Engineer, Doctor, CGA or Lawyer only) from Canada, USA, UK, Australia or India for their India born, Canadian citizen, convent educated, Canadian university degree holder, fair complexioned daughter born 1977, 5'-3.5". Well-versed in both cultures. Permanently employed with Federal Govt. as a Senior Officer in Toronto. Brief marriage annulled. Divorcees with children and less qualified please excuse. Serious inquiries only. Respond with complete qualifications, profession, family details with recent pictures to:  C3-137648

Jat Sikh parents seek suitable match for their beautiful 24 yr old/5'-3" niece. Graduate in B.Sc. Nursing from Ludhiana, Punjab and working in DCM Ludhiana. Seeking an educated Jat Sikh professional from good family w/no previous marriage. Serious inquiries only, preferably a non drinker. Email biodata with recent pictures to "".  C3-138831

Parents, well established in India and Canada, seek MD match from Canada or USA from a well-educated Jat Sikh family for their Canadian-born daughter, 22 years, 5'- 4" tall, MBBS Intern at a reputable Medical College in India. Email:  C4-2298

Match for Jat Sikh beautiful, smart girl, 1984/5'-4", B.Sc. Nursing, doing job. Preferred NRI/around Chandigarh/Jalandhar. Mohali- 9915520561.  C4-2972

Match for highly qualified 38/ 5'-5'' slim, sober, beautiful girl. Asstt. Professor College. Brief issueless marriage annulled. Father Class-1 Officer retd. Brother M.Tech. MBA (USA). Status family.  99159-21950. C4-3036

Professional Corporate below 29 yrs. Jat Sikh tall boy for Army officer's daughter, 87 born, 5'-6", MBA, working, smart, elegant and beautiful. Dowry seekers please excuse.  C4-3118

Match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl 20.8.86, 5'-3", working as Senior Software Engineer in MNC. Wanted Jat Sikh boy with good rural/urban property. 99155-22552.  98883-06067. C4-3164

Well-educated Jat Sikh parents seeks professionally qualified match for their daughter 31/5'-3", good looking, slim, smart, BIT, MBA. Working as officer in SBI, package 15.60 lac P.A., father retd. Sr. Class-I Officer, Punjab, brother sister well-settled in Canada. Contact with biodata, photograph.  94174-48005. C4-3168

Seeking well-educated, settled match from Canada/USA for Jat Sikh, beautiful 27, 5'-6" girl. B.S. in Nursing from UK. Aunts settled abroad in USA. Send biodata and pics. to:  C4-3272

Beautiful Canadian PR 5'-5", 1985 born, Jatt Sikh P.G. in Project Management (Canada) B.Tech. (India), interested nice Jatt Sikh families please contact with boy's professional qualifications, biodata and recent pics at  C4-3276

Compatible match for professional & well-settled, New Zealand PR Jat Sikh girl 27 yrs,5'-4". Looking for a professionally qualified guy. Preferably already in NZ/working in MNC. Email:  C4-3349

Middle class Jat Sikh family seek suitable match for their daughter, Oct. 1984, MCA, working as Technical Leader in NCR. Girl with fair complexion, ht. 5'-7", earning 8 to 10 lac per annum. Preference will be given to clean-shaven and professionally qualified match. Upper caste no bar. Dowry seeker kindly excuse. M: 94175-79904. Respond with biodata:  C4-3552

Suitable well qualified only Jat Sikh match for Sandhu November 78/5'-2", B.H.M.S., MD (Homoeo), own clinic, College Lecturer, Issueless divorcee.  9779882471. C4-3736

Compatible match America-based for beautiful girl 1984/5'-5", Ph.D. Pharmaceutics working Scientist New York, green card in process. 98781-84085.  C4-4186

Match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, fair girl, February 1984 born, 5'-5", B.D.S., Masters in Public Health. Father Class-I Officer (retd.). Contact: 098762-76168, Email:  C4-4388

Looking for suitable match for well-educated/settled Jatt Sikh girl, 29/5'-8", divorced, Australian PR. First preference to boy living in Australia either permanent or temporary. Well educated, good family boy from India welcome as well. Please contact: 0061470209800. Email biodata with photo at:  C4-4452

Wanted only Jat Sikh for US immigrant divorcee Chandigarh based girl, 5'-3"/32, Nurse, having 3 years old daughter. Coming shortly. 98144-64779. E-mail:  C4-4518

Seeking above 5'-11" tall, clean-shaven, Jat-Sikh, urban match from respected, well-educated family for 5'-8"/86 born Jat-Sikh, MBA, fair, slim, urban girl hailing from Defence Background. Working with reputed org. Marriage Bureaus excuse. Kindly Contact with kundali details. 98888-85724,  C4-4642

Suitable match for Australian citizen girl, 27/5'-2", Gursikh Jat family. Boy should be keshdhari. Preferred Australian, Non-Australian. E-mail:  0061430454592, 9815819367. C4-4658

Well settled reputed Macchiwara/Mohali based Jat Sikh Gill family looks alliance for smart, beautiful daughter, 25/5'-4", B.Sc. Hotel Management dual certificate from Canada. Now permanent resident of Canada, residing in Toronto (Canada). Contact: 98140- 98451.  C4-4662B

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl from U.K., currently on work permit. Flexible to settle both India or abroad. Belonging to reputed family residing in Mohali, 1984 born, 5'-3". Father Class-I officer. Having urban and rural property. Only Jat Sikh to reply. Email:  C4-5125

Affluent Jat Sikh family seeks well-educated, settled match for their daughter, July 83 born, 5'-5", Ph.D (Thapar Univ.), working as Senior Research Fellow. Legally divorced after brief marriage.  C4-5213

Jat Sikh Deol family settled in USA, Australia and India seek suitable USA/ Australia match for their slim, beautiful 26y, 5'-3" daughter, MBA(Finance) in India, family committed for further higher study in USA/Australia, two uncles and elder married sister USA citizen (healthcare professionals) brother settled Australian citizen, parents patitioned by USA daughter, H1B/Work permit in USA/Australia welcome. Email,  Ph. 619-370-6198. C4-5281

Brilliant beautiful Jat Sikh Mohali girl, Jan. 86/5'- 6", MBA, working Bank.;  9888867574. C4-5375B

Parents of a Jat Sikh girl seek match for their Canadian citizen daughter. B.Tech. (NIT) working in Canada with an Engineering firm. Born 1990 India, Height 5'-5". Visiting India April-May. Engineer, Doctor or professionally qualified Jat Sikh boy required (India or Canada). Engineers only from reputed Institutes may contact. Marriage bureau excuse. Send bio to Email:  C4-5417

PQM for New Zealand PR Jat Sikh girl, 89/5'-8", sober, homely, cultured, Uni. Gold Medallist (Pb.). Doing Ph.D, only brother Veterinary Officer in NZ. Small well-educated family. Parents Class-I officers (Pb.), 6' tall, intelligent willing to go abroad having R/U property. Malwa preferred.  NA4-2684

Jat Sikh parents seek a suitable match preferably a Doctor for their US citizen Dentist daughter 82 born, 5'-4". Please respond with biodata and recent picture at  or contact on: 001209669109, Mobile: 098786-32708. NA4-3212

Wanted BDS, MBBS, respected Jat Sikh family for Australian citizen 29/5'-4". Contact: 98881-99409. E- mail:  NA4-3474

Suitable match for Nov. 83, 5'-3", DDS Dentist Practicing in USA. Caste no bar, education family preferred.  NA4-3963 

Jat Sikh USA (Seatlle) setled girl 34/5'-8", doing job as Manager in Bank (USA) seeks USA settled boy. Contact: 98152-54748. NA4-4129

Suitable match for 36 year, issueless Sikh Ramgarhia widow, M.Sc. B.Ed, regular teacher. Father retd. bank manager. Brother Asstt. prof. E-mail:  9357212507. C4-4058

Professionally qualified match for beautiful, slim Saini Sikh girl, 5'-4", B.Sc. (Hons), March 1990. Preferred clean-shaven high class businessman Sikh boy. Contact: 92124-03660, 92124-03667. E-mail:  C4-2646

Well educated & suitable match for Sikh Saini beautiful & educated girl, 26/5'-5", B.Com., M.Com. & presently doing MBA (Placed in Royal Bank of Scotland, Gurgaon). For more details contact: # 9915742570. C4-4608

Professionally qualified, USA settled match for Hindu Khatri girl, H-1B holder, Senior Financial Analyst residing in USA, 5'-6", 27, Masters in Management from top US University. Parents Doctors in India. Contact:  C4-3222

Match for Mair Rajput girl, 1985 born, 5', B.Tech India, MS USA working. Greencard/HIB Visa/American citizen preferred. Visiting India currently. E-mail:  Contact No. 9915949434. C4-3670

Professionally qualified match only Ghumar Mangleek, beautiful, smart, USA citizen girl, 30/5'-2", Graduate in Biology. Status family. 89689-10687, 001-347-757- 1260  C4-4308

Match for Parjapat Sikh girl, age 32, 5'-3", Bachelor in Computer IT, in Canada on work permit. Contact: 8427341995. E-mail:  C4-5265

High status educated Jat Sikh Canadian parents seek handsome, tall, cleanshaven Jat Sikh Doctor match only from USA/Canada from similar status family, for their Canadian born and raised 27/5'-7", very fair, slim, extremely beautiful Doctor daughter. Please apply with family and son pictures to E-mail:  C4-5305

Professionally qualified well settled match invited for Prajapat 20.1.82/ 5'-5", slim, beautiful girl with homely traditional values, Ph.D (Sciences) from P.U. Chandigarh. Parents well settled in Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. 094180-56166.  C4-3588

Alliance for Thakur, Rajput girl, beautiful, fair, 5'- 6" B.Tech (E&CE) from PEC Chandigarh, born 3.4.88/12.15 p.m., Ambala Cantt. Convent educated from Indian School Muscat, Oman. Presently working at Muscat. Father working in Oman. Preferably from Himachal/Chandigarh/Dubai.  +968 99065919. C4-3356

Match for MCA, 27.5.87/5:00 p.m./Delhi, 5'-1". Job at Noida.,  98140-81778, 98140- 81208. C4-3230

Suitable alliance from Professionally qualified, well placed, Non smoking teetotaller, for LL.M. girl. Born Chandigarh, February 1985, 5'-4". Status family. Interested mail biodata and photograph. Email: 094170-02343. C4-3508

Match for beautiful Sharma girl, 13.05.82, 5'-2", Bank Manager in Dubai. Caste no bar. Boy well settled from Chandigarh or NRI. 97803-96920.  C4-3808

Suitable match for beautiful, fair, NM, 5'-5"/85 born, Punjabi Brahmin girl, M.A. (English), B.Ed. Radhasoami family preferred. Contact: 7696820206. Send biodata at:  C4-4158

Match for tall, slim, beautiful Sr. Brahmin girl Oct. 80 born, B.Com., MBA Finance, SAP Trained Sr. Opr. Manager Infosys Pune, pkg. 10 Lac. (M) 93568-20914. Mail ID:  C4-4943

Match for beautiful Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl, 25/5'-5", Australian citizen well-educated. Father has business in Australia + India has industries & Real Estate. Looking for similar family. Please send (BHP).  NA4-3246

IAS/Doctor/Engg./Gaz. Officer for slim, smart, beautiful, 22/5'-4", B.Tech. girl from respectable Khatri Medico Chandigarh family. Contact: 9530661198. Box 525F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for khatri Sood beautiful, slim, fair, working B.D.S. girl, P.G. Hospital Management 27/5'-4". Vegetarian, non-smoker, teetotaller boy in Tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. 097790-78283. C4-3626

M4 Mgr Scale-2 State Bank Pb. Kh B'ful, slim girl, 1983 born/5'-4", High Status Officers Fmly, Pref Officer in Govt. Job. Em:  C4-4180

Professional/ High class businessman Tricity preferred for Hindu Khatri beautiful fair complexion Non-manglik 5'-4", August 1982 M.Sc. Food and Nutrition doing govt. service U.T. Administration. Father Doctor retd. Class- I officer. Brother Engineer USA based. Contact 9316101445, Email  C4-4877

Suitable match for Punjabi Khatri non-Manglik beautiful (18.2.84, 5.25 am, Bhilai), 5'-6", B.Tech., PG Construction Management, match kundli. Contact: (0161)3200015, 090237-20015.  Caste no bar. NA4-4015

Suitable match in/around Chandigarh for slim, beautiful Ramgarhia Sikh (Bhambra & Flora) Manglik girl 28.10.84, 5'-2", convent educated, M.Sc. Dietician & Nutrition. Manager, VLCC Chandigarh. 94183-72621, 01792-272837,  C4-3304

Professionally qualified match for beautiful, slim, fair Ramgarhia Dhiman girl, 27.10.1985/5'-7", MCA. Working as Software Developer. Cleanshaven boy from tricity preferred. Phone: 8968930679.  C4-3472

Cleanshaven match for beautiful Dhiman girl, NM, 21.2.87/ 5'-5", B.Com., MS Accountancy USA, working in Bangalore. Caste no bar.  9876110757. C4-3706

Professional qualified match for beautiful, fair & slim Ramgarhia Sikh girl, 28 years, 5'-3", B.Tech/M.Sc. IT from UK, working as an IT Consultant in London. Looking for professionally qualified Indian born well-settled in UK individual. Email:  or Phone 01887232135 (Home), 94172-38845 (Mobile), ++44 7855310092 (Brother). C4-4652B

Suitable match for 38/5'-6", Ramgarhia beautiful, divorcee girl (1 14 yrs. son). Wants NRI match. Caste no bar. 98146-09428. NA4-2746

Cleanshaven match for Chandigarh based beautiful, fair, slim Sikh Khatri employed girl, MBA, 29.9.87/ 5'-4". Send biodata, photo:, 96468- 88697. C4-3152

Alliance invited for Mohali based Sikh Khatri, vegetarian, beautiful girl, Sep. 86/5', M.Tech. Parents in Govt. sector. Tricity preferred. Mobile: 8427799745. Email:  C4-4178

Match for Sikh girl, June 1985, 5'-3", MBA (Fashion Designer), doing her own business at Chandigarh. The boy should be based in or around Chandigarh. Father working in an MNC. Having property in Delhi and Chandigarh. Good marriage. Contact: 09811412142. Email:  C4-4634

Match for divorcee issueless, innocent, 32/5'-3", professional qualified Ad-dharmi girl, working Fashion Designing Instructor, 22000/-. Send biodata, pictures. Parents retd. Govt. job, brother doing private job.  C4-4736

Professionally qualified match for Sikh Ahluwalia Doctor girl, 5'-3", 29 yrs. starting Residency in Neurology in July in USA. Father Chief Engineer (Retd.). Match from USA preferred. Upper caste no bar. E-mail:  Mobile: 094170-77340. C4-3628

Suitable match for Manglik girl (Kaushal) 13.1.89, 2.20 a.m., Kurali, 5'-3", M.A., B.Ed., from PU, Chandigarh. Boy preferred Chandigarh/Abroad. Send biodata, photograph after matching kundli. E-mail:  C4-2920

Suitable match for Sikh girl, Sep. 88, 5'-3", Bachelor Fine Arts, working Sr. Graphic Designer in Chandigarh. Phone: 97791-88976, 98780-67627. C4-3254

Handsome well educated, vegetarian, non-drinker Hindu/Sikh match for beautiful MBA (Finance), 5.8.85, 5'-3", Radhasoami Tonk-kashtriya girl. Father Class-I. Educated family. 9465216020.  C4- 3418

Match for beautiful Sikh Tonk-kshatriya girl, 5'-1", 85 born, 8.40 PM, Delhi, M.A. (English), B.Ed., working in UT, Chandigarh (Contractual). Father Production Head Engineer, Brother Doctor. Mohali based well settled family. Tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. Email:  Mobile: 09855555189. C4-3730

Vegetarian match for Tonk-kashtriya beautiful Sikh girl, 12 Dec. 1981, 5'-3", M.A. English, five figured salary. Brother, sister (Abroad). Status family. Only Sikh family apply. 9878133759, 97813-16999. C4-3814

Suitable well settled businessman/NRI match for Hindu Nai Graduate beautiful girl, 16.10.85, 5'-3", issueless divorcee. Upper caste no bar Contact: 9876750313. C4-3104

Qualified suitable match for June 86 born, 5'-3", slim and fair, Master in Physiotherapy Ortho Arora Sikh girl, employed Govt. hospital, Jalandhar. 9417015344. E-mail:  C4-5109

Professionally qualified match for Goyal girl 26.02.1988, 04:10 pm Paonta Sahib, 5'-2", B.Tech. (CSC), pursuing MBA (HR), working as HR officer in a Pharma company from well-settled family. Reputated/settled businessman also preferred. 098821- 00999,  C4-3984

Match around Chandigarh for beautiful Singla, BAMS girl, 5'-4", 3-4-1982, 8-52 pm Chandigarh, Medical officer in Government hospital Panchkula. Father businessman, brother commissioner. Residence Panchkula. 9915669614,  C4-5101

Professionally qualified match for Jalandhar based Sikh Arora fair girl 5'-4", Oct. 86, B.Tech. (Computer Sc.), MBA (Finance), Consultant at MNC Gurgaon. Send biodata with photograph by email:  98884- 45235. C4-5129

Settled Qualified Cleanshaven Kamboj Sikh boy for Kamboj qualified girl 27/ 5'-3'', Chandigarh, Punjab. 9041022007. C4-2976


kothi for sale 1 KANAL, CORNER KOTHI, SECTOR 8, CHANDIGARH. Call: 95015-48946. Brokers Please Excuse. C4-3618

Residential plot in elite society at New Chandigarh, 500 sq.yds for immediate sale. Direct deal. 81468-46555. C4-5381

320 sq.yds kothi in Sector 68, Mohali, for sale. Direct deal. 93161-34114.

50 Acres Canal irrigated, 2 Motors, 25 KM Faridkot, 15 KM Muktsar.
94170-04179. C4-4985

7 acre land one No. water, one motor connection, village Dialpura Mirza near Bhagta (Bathinda), 3 acre behind Main Road 16' Rasta for sale. 98722-66067, 98156-55666, 416-858-4737. C4-5223

Eleven acres agriculture land near Jayanti Devi, six kilometers from PGI, Chandigarh. 81468-46555. C4-5385

Running sweet shop-cum-restaurant in Mohali for sale, partner enjoying
good sale. 098146-43435, 098720-21934. C4-3851

We required financially sound and experienced holder contractor for the construction of housing flats at Shimla having three approved sites with constructible area approximately 70000 sq.ft. Interested person please fixed a prior appointment at Chandigarh office through E-mail:  C4-5007


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