The many moods of love
Reviewed by Upendra Bhatnagar

Its Only For You by Krishan Sharma Unistar. 
Pages 124. Rs 195 (Left) and 
The Dreamer by Vivek Jain Frog Books. 
Pages 217 Rs 125

Although written with sheer raw dexterity, the account of author’s unsuccessful love appears to be terse. It is divided in 26 short stories, which reveal the actual sequence of the love game between the boy and the girl. It is the yearning for love that reveals the innermost feelings and the writer does not not hide these intimate feelings by either mutilating or twisting words. He is true to his feelings and experiences. The book virtually opens up with The Last Scene that recounts his life’s events. Shockingly, a phone call spoils the mood and the events thereafter turned ugly and painful for him. He remembers his love every single moment, even though she had gone away from him. 

THE poet believes that emotions in love are controlled by moods. Krishan Kumar Sharma ‘Rasik’ has justified his name—Rasik, which means the one who is very romantic. The narration of the myriad shades of love by a mechanical engineer is thought-provoking and busts the notion that engineers cannot be romantic. Lovebirds is an ode to Kamdev, the lord of love. Although every poem carries an explicit description of love and a message and exudes a magic of its own. “Love Is Everything In The World” creates a universal feeling and the poet takes it to an entirely different level of humanity. Rasik has scribbled 69 poems, on lovers, romantic couples, friends and happy as well as sad souls of this universe who can make sacrifices to any extent to keep the flame of the love candle lit forever. They say time never changes, it just moves on. Changing situations leave a deep impact but some brave ones stay unaffected, accept the outcome and smile. In Wounds, pain and sorrow are recounted. The poet accepts pain, compromises with fate and learns to live with his beloved’s memories.

Both the books deal with the many nuances of love. The poets capture pangs of separation from the beloved and dwell on learning to carry on after accepting loneliness as a result of loss