Karuna Goswamy


1. Soft, hairy skin of an animal

3 Ladakh’s principal town

6. __ van Winkle also did wake up

7. Stays in command of a plane

8. Law is known to have a long one

9. Deceive; swindle

12. Flying unmanned machine used in war

14. Auditory organ

15. Town in Himachal which was once a large camp for prisoners of war

16. Middle eastern bread


1. Agni is the name by which we know it

2. Theatrical company that presents several works at different times

3. Add ‘top’ to it, and you have a computer

4. The ‘Eve of All Saints’ Day” that falls in October

5. County in south west Scotland

10. A ‘ murti ’ for worship in our terms

11. The land of Saadi and Hafiz

13. An old measure of length