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Grooms Wanted


Suitable match for Arora beautiful girl, 29.11.1987, 7:10 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-2", MBA, working Chandigarh. Parents in Govt. job. Tricity preferred. Contact: 9876958011. E-mail: C4-16237

USA based well settled Sikh family looking for boy for their 25 year old, 5'-1", daughter. Girl's left hand weak but does her needs independently. Contact: 0012483203236. A4-10293-OL

Suitable Medico/Dentico/Engg. match for Sikh Tonkshatri girl, Dec. 78/5'-4", fair, b'ful, looks much younger, Dental Doctor DDS from UK, presently working as SHO at NHS London, respectable educated family with rural/urban background. 98787- 16953. C4-13838

Cultured and sober, exclusively a Sikh match, US/Canada born or brought up or presently studying here on any visa, either already holding or obtaining higher US/Canada professional qualifications in the healthcare field, preferably a pediatrician or a psychiatist or otherwise any other physician, willing to move to California, required for our M.A.,Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), US Board Certified, very beautiful daughter, practicing in the San Francisco area. Born in Canada Sept/75, 5'-3" and belongs to a US/Canada based highly educated and well connected Punjabi Sikh (Ahluwalia) family. Caste no bar. C4-14768

Well qualified, well settled match for 83 born, 5'-4", beautiful Labona Sikh girl, B.E. Gold medalist, MBA (York University), Toronto. Working for MNC Canada, 1.10 Canadian dollars p.a. Upper caste no bar. Contact : , 094162-81526. C4-15662

Professional match keen to succeed in Canada or USA for a working Lawyer 28/5'-6" and raised in Canada. Well- versed in both cultures. Highly educated small family settled in Canada and USA. Email: A4-10095-OL

Seeking suitable match from Jatt Sikh family. The girl is Jatt Sikh, '86 born, professionally qualified from Canadian University, well-employed in Vancouver, slim, good looking, and a Canadian citizen. Height 5'-2". Well-educated family. Reply with full particulars and photos to: C4-11120

Toronto based (Defence background) Jatt Sikh family looking for a match for our fair and very beautiful daughter. She is 32 years old, 5'-9" tall, holds a M.Ed. Degree and is currently employed as a teacher with the local school board. We are looking for a tall, handsome, professional, clean-shaven boy, aged 32-36, 6 + feet tall, from a cultured family, already residing in Toronto, Canada. Caste no bar. Kindly respond with picture and details at C4- 11126

Seeking well educated, settled match for Jat Sikh, beautiful, 28, 5'-5" girl. M.A in English, PGD in Psychology counselling. Elder siblings settled abroad. Send bio data and pics to C4- 11328

Suitable Jat Sikh match for Canadian Citizen conevnt educated, B.Sc. Computer Science girl, 80 born, ht. 5'- 6", Regular Developer in a Software Company Toronto, Canada. 98886-09613. C4-11536

Respectable status Industrial Jatt Sikh family seeks alliance for their smart very beautiful, slim, family oriented, 5'-5" tall, Dec. 86 born daughter, convent educated, M.A., M.Ed.. We are looking for a well educated and settled boy from a well established family. Respond with biodata & photographs. Email: C4-12829

Suitable match for Jat Sikh slim, fair, very beautiful girl, 5'-3", Nov. 78, M.A. English, B.Ed., Govt job, English Teacher Govt. High School in Mohali District. Chandigarh based small educated family. E-mail: Box 598F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh convent educated, 1984/5'-4", USA Software Engineer, MBA, employed multinational New york. Father Army officer. 09872775788. C4-13691

Suitable match for Jat Gursikh Amritdhari Canadian born slim, fair girl, 88 born, 5'-5", BDS done from India. Father Class-I state level officer in Punjab Govt.. Vegetarian family preferred. Email: C4-13856

Suitable Doctor/Engineer match for Doctor girl, 32/5'- 3", doing Fellowship in USA, from Doctor's family. 89686-89286. C4-13904

Requires professionally qualified Doctor/Businessman/Engineer match from Jat Sikh educated status family for slim, smart, beautiful U.S. Citizen Indian born, homely girl, 5'-4"/Aug. 1987, having good moral and family values from high status educated family, doing D.D.S. (USA), convented schooling (India), done B.S.(USA), M.S. (USA). Respond biodata, pictures. Email: , 82840-77480. C4-14082

Jat Sikh parents seek a suitable match doctor/dentist, clean shaven from Canada for their doctor, Canadian Citizen 85, 5'-1", slim, family oriented daughter doing residency in Canada. Please contact: email C4-14226

Engineer/professionally qualified Jat Sikh match for beautiful sober, July 79/5'-4", M.Sc. Food Technology girl, New Zealand citizen, settled in Sidney, brief marriage annulled. New Zealand Australian preferred. E- mail: Phone: 9876489901. C4- 14248

Suitable match for Jat Sikh, MBBS, MD, consultant in reputed Hospital Mohali, Dec-79/5'-4", homely, beautiful. C4-14286

Match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, fair girl, February 1984 born, 5'-5", B.D.S., Masters in Public Health. Father Class-I Officer (retd.). Contact: 098762-76168, Email: C4-14702

Professionally qualified match for fair Gill Jatt Sikh girl, 28 years, August 1985, 5'-3", Electronics M.Tech. working Engg. College Mohali as Electronics Lecturer. Chandigarh/Patiala/ Mohali/Ludhiana/Ropar preferred. 9888998990. C4-15811

Match for tall, beautiful girl, 28/5'-7", MBA, in job. Educated landlord family. Parents status employed. Tricity/Jalandhar, employed/business boy preferred. 097799-70100, C4-16257

Seeking above 5'-11" tall, clean-shaven, Jat-Sikh, urban match from respected, well-educated family for 5'-8"/86 born Jat-Sikh, MBA, fair, slim, urban girl hailing from Defence Background. Working with reputed org. Marriage Bureaus excuse. Kindly Contact with kundali details. 98888-85724, C4-16285

Professional match for B.E., MBA, beautiful, cultured, 5'-4"/1984 born, Canadian PR, Jat Sikh girl, Senior Financial Analyst. Email: C4-16393

Status match for Jat-Sikh Medico Dental girl 28/5'-3", convent educated, sober, caring, respect social religious value. Family owning U/R property. Father Ex- PCS, mother Ex-PES. E-mail: C4-16409

Seeking a Jat Sikh Doctor/Pharmacist/Eng./Dentist match for 27, 5'-2", Pharm.D USA citizen daughter. Please send biodata and pictures at: C4- 5739B

Wanted cleanshaven Jat-Sikh PQM for convent educated, very pretty, fair & smart girl, 1987 born, 5'-5", BMS (Mumbai), MBA (Singapore). Please respond with complete bio-data and recent picture at C4- 5963

US citizen well-established Jat Sikh parents invite correspondence from US based suitable Jat Sikh boy MD or MBA for their Health Law Attorney 27/5'-10" slim, beautiful US born daughter. Send bio-data and picture to Email: C4-6553

Match for May 1983 born 5'-5". Dhindsa Jat Sikh girl M.Sc. (Biotech) doing MBA. 98766 68784, Email: amarjit C4-8062

Chandigarh based, educated, status family seek suitable match for their daughter Sept. 83 born, 5'-7", MBA (HR) working with reputed IT Company. Package 12 Lacs. Contact: 98156-57413. C4-9423

SM4 32/5'-6", smart b'ful slim Jat Sikh girl wkg. with international organisation, issueless/divorcee educated India/abroad UGC qualified ready to relocate. Send photo with proper biodata. NA4-11570

Very smart, slim & beautiful girl, 5'-5"+, 1988, M.Tech, CSE, having 1 year experience in MNC, now Asstt. Professor in College from well-educated & well- known Jat Sikh family. Require very handsome turbaned non-drinker professionally qualified LL.M also considerable turbaned boy agricultural land. Send bio- data, photograph at: NA4-12588

Highly qualified IIT, IIM, Civil Services, Doctor match for very beautiful, 1991 born, fair, 5'-5", Jat Sikh girl, B.Com. (Banking and Insurance), M.Com., MBA (Finance and Marketing), Campus placement with MNC, father Senior Bureaucrat, mother Doctor. Only urban- based, convent educated boy from equal status family may respond. Please contact 098194-87557. NA4-7640

Chandigarh-based, slim, fair, very beautiful, Mahajan girl, 17.8.1983, 08:35 AM (Jaipur), 5'-3", M.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science, from PU Chandigarh. Father Ex-senior Bank Executive. Contact: 098720-65820. Email: C4-16357

Turbaned, vegetarian, non-drinker match from a Gursikh family required for our daughter 1984/5'-6", MBA, working in New Zealand with PR. Gursikh family. Send biodata and photos to E-mail: C4- 14220

Well-settled highly educated Canada family seeks NRI Doctor/USMLE Steps cleared match for 27/5'-4", tall Doctor, Second Year of Residency, USA. Call: 416 999 9348. Email with photo: A4-11027-OL

Only Canadian PR/citizen match for Sikh Rajput slim, fair girl, 1985/5'-3", B.Pharmay and Pharmacy Technician. Currently on work permit in Canada. Jat Sikh can also apply. Contact: 88723-83356. C4-14030

Match for M.Tech. Saraswat Brahmin girl Sept.1985 born, 5'-6" Working Infosys PR Australia. Only Saraswat Brahmin boy B.Tech or MBA willing to settle in Australia please send biodata with photo. email: C4-14272

NRI match for Sr. Br. B.Sc. Nursing girl, 15.11.89, 6:42 p.m., Amritsar, 5'-4". Parents in Govt. job. 98551-29600, 98551-29600. C4-15851

Match for Jat Sikh girl, 27 years, 5'-4", US Green card holder, Bachelor of Pharmacy Equivalence US (Pharmaceutical Sciences). Chandigarh settled family. 098158-75889. Email : C4- 16137

Vegetarian match for Panchkula settled beautiful Himachali Kshatriya Bahti, partly manglik girl, 5'-3", 12.02.1983, BAMS, MS (Ayurveda) Lecturer Aurveda College. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 098886-21421, 0172-2592703. C4-15060

Rajput very fair Doctor girl, Nov. 85 born, 5'-2", B.Sc. B.H.M.S.. Father Class-I Officer (retd.). Seeks well settled boy. Contact: 087250-13501. E-mail: C4-14162

Preferably Army Officer for Colonel's daughter Saraswat Brahmin, BDS, 5'-4", 1989, pure vegetarian. Contact: 9464955408. C4-14122

Well settled tricity match for slim, beautiful, 1982, 5'-6", Punjab Government Officer, MS from premier institute, academics topper. Upper castes welcome. Jeevansathi profile RZZ3545. Send BHP at C4-14808

Suitable match for extremely beautiful slim, fair, cultured Brahmin girl, Convent educated, Post-Graduate, MBA, B.Ed., job at Chandigarh, 26/5'-4". We are Chandigarh-based. Father retired Senior Executive from Govt. of India. Tricity preferred. Khatri's are also welcome. Email ID: C4-15064

Australian based Brahmin Hindu family seeks a highly educated, vegetarian match for their Indian born, New Zealand Citizen daughter, born 1990 , 5'-3" , currently studying LLB. Email biodata and recent photographs to: C4-15100

Doctor / Lecturer match for BHMS/MD doing Ph.D., Lecturer in Chandigarh, 5'-6.5", 18.07.1987, 9.30 AM, slim, fair, Mandi Gobindgarh, upper caste no bar-send biodata C4-15407

Status match for Himachali Brahmin girl, MCA, 5'-2", 19.09.87, 1:15 PM. Father Gazetted Officer Retd. Only Himachali need apply. 94180-81801, C4-15664

Brahmin/Hindu khatri match for saraswat brahmin girl, 03.06.1981, 02:00 am, Jalandhar, 5'-5", M.Com, MBA, working as Asstt. Manager in Chandigarh. 9876292334, C4-15763

Professional match for IT professional slim, pretty girl, New Zealand citizen, 85 born, 5'-7", simple marriage. Contact: C4-2962

Match for beautiful Punjabi Sarswat Brahmin girl, 25/5'-5", Australian citizen, well-educated. Father has business in Australia + India has industries & Real Estate. Looking for similar family. Please send (BHP). NA4-11396

Match for Mumbai-based Punjabi Khatri girl, slim, studying M.Com., 5'-4", August 1989. Email: 089750-38073, 080878-29646. C4-13675

Professional/ high class businessman for beautiful non- manglik fair complexion, August 1982, 5'-4", M.Sc.(F & N). Working Dietician Govt. Hospital. Father retired Class-1 Doctor. Brother Engineer (USA). Tricity preferred. 93161-01445. Email: C4- 15154

Hindu Sahni Khatri beautiful, B.Tech., not working, 5'-2", 15 Nov. 1988, Kurukshetra. 097290-63789. C4-5826

Australian (Melbourne) citizen Hindu Punjabi Khatri BDS Doctor, divorcee issueless beautiful, slim girl, born 1980, 5'-8". Well-settled Australian citizen preferred. Caste no bar. NA4-12584

Suitable match for beautiful Punjabi non-Manglik Arora girl MS in Engineering, working as Application Lead in top IT Company, travelling again to USA soon on work permit. Prefer same profession. Nov 1985, Jalandhar, 5'-5", Health average horoscope match must. Send biodata with photo. Contact: 82840-99308. Email: C4-15028

Suitable match for Sikh Ramgarhia slim, beautiful girl, B.Tech (IT), 4.5 Lacs P.A., 25/5'-3". Father Class-II. Respectable middle class family. Send details with photograph. C4-14096

Wanted suitable match for Hindu Dhiman slim, beautiful girl, 5'-3", 08.04.1987, D.Pharma & BAMS. Father own clinic.Contact: 7206097273, 94162-24273. Email: C4-14936B

Wanted well settled Ramgarhia cleanshaven match for Sikh convent educated girl, M.Sc. IT, June 1986, 5'- 5", working reputed Company Delhi. Father Ex Class-I Officer. Mobile: 98780-09372. E-mail: C4-15180

Match for Gursikh Khatri girl 5'-2"/26 yrs. PG engineer, working in MNC, 7.5 lac, Chandigarh. preference for tricity. ND/NT boy. C4-15584

SC Adharmi girl 1987/5'-5", PR Canada, B.Tech. (MS) Canada, doing job Administrator, Canada. 95309-95336. C4-14224

Match for Valmiki/Majabhi Sikh girl, good features, fair, Feb. 1991, 5'-6", B.Sc. Nursing. IELTS 6 Band. Well educated family. Brother pursuing Engineer IIT Delhi. Parents Govt. employees. Preferred NRI Canada/USA. 9464363332. C4-15244

Seeking Mazbi Sikh Keshdhari Doctor for MD Pathology girl, Feb. 1986 born and brought up in Chandigarh. Contact No. 9651992255. C4-15420

Suitable well-educated, settled match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, 5'-4"/1985, Ph.D. Tricity will be preferred. 98147-49220, Email: C4-15901

Alliance for beautiful Ad-dharmi Ramdasia girl, M.Sc., B.Ed. teacher in International Convent school, born May 1981, 5'-2", Father Engineer (retd.) Jalandhar based. 9878131243. E-mail: C4-15959

Qualified match for fair, beautiful, 5'-1",1979, BE ( Electrical) adharmi girl, Senior Software Analyst reputed company. Upper caste too welcome. Send bio- data. Phone: 98767-43787. Email: C4-9439

Match for Hindu Dhiman Manglik girl 30.5.81, 6:03 AM, 5'-2", Chandigarh, M.A. (History). Hindu Family preferred. 98880-38161. C4-15210

Suitable teetotaller match for beautiful Sikh Tonk Kashatriya girl, August 88, 5'-6", Commerce Graduate, pursuing M.Com, job in I.T. based Company, Mohali. Send bio-data and photo to : , Mobile: 97795-64313. C4-14192

Suitable match for issueless divorcee, 1986/5'-4", Ravidasia homely girl. Vegetarian and NRI preferred. Caste no bar. 81466-05116. C4-13671

Suitable match for 32/5'-6", beautiful, smart, Doctor girl, completed Residency in Medicine & doing Fellowship in Pulmonary & Critical Care in USA (to be completed in June 2014). Intends to settle down in USA, innocent divorcee & living with her 6 years old male child, belongs to reputed Jat Sikh family of Punjab. Both parents Senior Doctors. Only Brother & Sister in law Doctors doing Residency in Medicine in USA. Caste & religion no bar. Email C4-13990

Professionally qualified, very well settled match for Sikh Khatri girl, May 1980, 5'-6", beautiful, Manager Nationalized Bank, innocent issueless divorcee (few days). Boy should be upto 38. Issuless divorcee/clean- shaven acceptable. Genuine proposals invited. 94632- 01980. E-mail: C4-14200

Tonk Kashtriya legally divorcee girl (Beautician), 36/5'-0", issueless. Preferred cleanshaven Tricity boy. Caste no bar. 80542-24719, 98550- 66206. C4-15340

Suitable match for beautiful Australian PR Arora girl, 1988/5'-2", B.Tech., professionally qualified working in Malbourne preferred. C4-14872

Khatri/Arora(Sikh/Hindu) Tricity Employed/Businessman match for fair, beautiful Sikh Khatri girl, 5'-1", 05.01.1986/7:40 A.M./Chandigarh. B.A., PGDCA. Regular job in Punjab Govt. Undertaking, Mohali. Having very small points of white patches on hands' fingers, feet and lips which are not normally visible. Father Punjab Govt Officer. C4-16109B

N/M well settled qualified match for 87, born MBA finance aggarwal girl, 5'. Reputed business family of Panchkula. Decent marriage.Email: C4-15258

PQM for slim, fair Zirakpur based Singla girl, 5'-1", 26.11.1988, 11:20 a.m., Sunam (Pb.), M.Sc. (IT). Tricity preferred. 9779177705. C4-15392

Suitable match for beautiful Manglik Bansal girl 5'-1", 17.9.84, 9:21 PM, M.Sc., M.Phill., Ph.D. (pursuing), Lecturer in Batala. Employed, educated businessman preferred. 98145-03008, 98886-12861, C4-16025

Medico match for Goyal girl 1984, 5'-5" MD (Pathology) doing Fellowship at TMC. Seeking MD/MS/DNB. Contact- 9815356239, email- C4-16301

MD/MS/MDS for 23.02.88 born MDS (Orthodontics), ht. 5 ft. 1" fair girl in Delhi. C4-13621



IN THE LOVING MEMORY OF DR. SARMUKH SINGH 8 DEC 1935 to 10 MAY 1992 ek pal na milte toh kalyug hota, Hun kb miliye priye tudh bhagwanta.
Family & friends.    TRC-2950


Walk in Interview. Website/Graphic Designer, PHP Developer. Minimum 1 year experience. Salary (12,000 - 30,000). SCO 364-365-366, Third Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh. 98888-63688. C4-13575B


Learn English, French, German, Japanese, Russian thru trained certified
trainer. Contact: 0172-4613090 Exp. IELTS trainer. Separate classes for women. Mohali. C4-7492


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