Karuna Goswamy


1. A plant of the butter-cup family

6 Another name of the Mother Goddess

8. Animal fat used in cooking

11. State in north east of India

12. "The Golden ___" ,by Apuleius

13. You should nip the evil in the ___

14. Musty; stagnant

17. Wind instrument much used in western music

19. Extent of space or surface

21. Great city of Holland


2. Unit of electrical resistance

3. Milky sap of the mulberry tree

4. The great dancer Balasaraswathy was often called this

5. Also not

6. Fierce battle fought between Mexicans and Americans in 19th century

7. Person who sings bass in western music

9. Pale yellow fossil resin much used in jewellery

10. A popular genre of Hindustani music

15. Portable shelter often of canvas

16. Den of a wild animal

18. Idler; loafer

20. Age; period