Theme for an American Dream
Reviewed by Gayatri Rajwade
The Triple Package: What Really Determines Success
by Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld Bloomsbury India. Rs 499
The style is easy, almost light. The content: determining success. So can a book on how success is "packaged" be recounted in a breezy narrative? The Triple Package sets out to do just that and succeeds, considerably.

Non-fiction bestsellers

Roller coaster life journey of a tycoon
Reviewed by Ambika Sharma
On a Prayer- Yash Birla
by Vishwaveer Singh. Penguin. Pages 265. Rs 599
This book portrays the spiritual journey of a business tycoon, Yashovardhan Birla, the Chairman of Yash Birla Group. It also focuses on various other events, including his spiritual awakening, which shaped him to become a successful entrepreneur after losing his entire family in a freak plane crash when he was just 22 and still a student.

Power of the ‘spirit’
Reviewed by Vikrant Parmar
by Kankana Basu, Pan Books, Pages 189, Rs 250.
A single spooky encounter is enough to send shivers down the spine of most mortals, but in Kankana Basu's book Lamplight there is an entire family that accosts spirits — mostly benevolent and benign, with a couple of exceptions.

Looking at the South-Asian cauldron
Reviewed by D S Cheema
Internal Security Threats to South Asia
by Manan Dwivedi and Devaditya Chakravarty Kalpaz Publications. Pages 263. Rs 845
So much has been written about this subject that one expects the book to be the same run-of-the-mill book. It is a valiant effort to dissect a popular but highly complex subject for any writer. India and other South Asian counties, who have so much at stake, could learn a few things from the book.