Karuna Goswamy


1. __ of Wight is not far from England

3. Large fresh water fish

6. You get it often in polluted cities

8. Deprived of physical sensation

9. Indiaís central bank (inits)

10. Trouble; affliction

11. You can trim it; you can also polish it

13. __ Contractor, former India cricketer

15. God of Love in ancient Greece

16. Manoeuvre; stratagem



1. There are companies that deal with Life ó-; others with General

2. Lion in its zodiacal sign

4. Sir Syed Ahmedís University (inits.)

5. Advertisement is an essential part of it

7. Animals do this out of anger,annoyance

8. David ___, famous actor with the stiff upper lip

12. Organisation located in Geneva (inits.)

14. Be unwell; fall sick