Meanings of infidelity

Emotional and physical infidelity means different things to men and women- According to Kansas State University researchers, physical sexual infidelity really upsets men while women are more bothered by emotional infidelity. About 500 youngsters were asked to fill in questionnaires regarding varied topics, including infidelity. The test subjects comprised an equal number of males and females who were roughly 19 years of age and were mostly White, 58 per cent men were more bothered by a one night stand than an emotional relationship with no chance of physical intimacy. The Journal of Evolutionary Psychology published these insightful findings.

Teen depression

Around 11 per cent teens are depressed by the time they reach their eighteenth year. Not one but two studies have pointed out that lack of sleep could be a contributing factor in leading teens to depression. Researchers at University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston and Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm independently concluded that less sleep was a major contributing factor in depression. The Houston researchers studied 4,000 teens for a year and those who slept less were four times more likely to develop depression. The Swedish researchers also found a link between excessive media usage and depression.

Language learning in toddlers

Purdue University researchers have shown that the touch of a caregiver could help toddlers look for particular words in everyday speech. Infants tend to treat touch as related to the words they hear and form a connection that could help in learning language. Associate Professor of Speech, Language and hearing sciences, Amanda Seidl, who studies language acquisition says that babies relate touch to speech signals. Little things, such as a parent pausing before saying the baby's name, could help babies form a connection and attach meaning to words. Fortyeight four-month-old babies learning English were tested and the effects of touch along with nonsensical words was studied. Babies showed preference for the nonsensical word repeated with similar touch on their body time and again.

Two heartbreaks for women

A survey of 2,000 adults by eHarmony, a dating site, has found some really interesting things, including one that says that before a woman meets her perfect partner, she will have her heart broken twice and have two long-term relationships. She will kiss an average of fifteen different men, have four one-night stands as opposed to six for men and have four disastrous dates. The survey also found that she will be stood up once while men will be stood up twice. AG