Karuna Goswamy


6. An old measure of length
7. __ of Africa , famous film
8. A cow has one; so does a buffalo
11. __ la Douce, famous play and film
12. How a ball point pen is often called
13. The hot wind that blows in summers
14. Popular genre of folk songs in U.P.
16. Means, literally, a deputy; often used with designations in India
18. Deadly bowler
20. Abbreviation used for clergymen
21. How our capital city is often cited



1. External surface of a body
2. Popular summer fruit
3. A bomb that never went off
4. Institute that preserves old manuscripts Rajasthan (inits.
5. Island off Sicily
9. Term much used for the downtrodden
10. Hard, heavy black wood
15. Invitations often carry these inits.
17. __ Roberts, famous W.Indies bowler
19. Age; period