consumers beware!
Ads that are misleading
Pushpa Girimaji Pushpa Girimaji

I joined a computer course on the basis of the promise made by the school that it would help me get employment. In fact they said employment was guaranteed It’s now more than a year since I completed the course, and I am yet to get a job.

What do I do?

The school is guilty of unfair trade practice on two counts: (a) for making a false promise and (b) for not keeping up the promise. Your only option is to file a complaint before the consumer court and get compensation from the school . The process is not very quick, but at least you will get compensation. You can also ask for punitive damages. If there are other students who have suffered similar loss, then all of you can file one common petition

In Tesol India vs Shri Govind Singh Patwal (RP NO 2501 of 2010 ),for example, where the college had given an absolute guarantee about ‘overseas jobs with handsome pay packages’, but failed to keep up that promise, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission held the institution guilty of unfair trade practice. It awarded the students, who had filed the complaint, compensation .