Fifa Fever
The 2014 edition of the World Cup Football is the most advanced ever, especially in terms of technology. A host of apps and games will  keep you updated and engrossed no matter where you are
Vaibhav Sharma
The FIFA World Cup is officially the biggest sporting event in the world. It is bigger than even the Olympic Games — in terms of marketability, reach, audience and, well, sheer competition levels. And the 2014 edition, being held in the spiritual home of football — Brazil, is set to be the most advanced ever. The peripheral technology for the World Cup is like never before.

Soccer mania takes over 
The 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup Football tournament in Brazil is being billed as the biggest and the fanciest of all sporting extravaganzas, far surpassing the Olympics in terms of popularity and fan following
Subodh Samuel
If soccer is the religion of millions of sports-loving people, then this is one of the most evocative temples where the game blends into history arousing the best and worst passions.

PACESETTER neeru bansal
Wrapping emotions with love
Neeru gives the seemingly ordinary task of wrapping gifts, an exclusive creative touch
Vibha Sharma
a postgraduate in economics, Neeru completely devoted her time and energy to her family till she felt her kids were old enough to spread their wings and manage on their own. Once while helping one of her friends with wrapping gifts for a birthday party, something clicked inside her.

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Fifa Fever
The 2014 edition of the World Cup Football is the most advanced ever, especially in terms of technology. A host of apps and games will keep you updated and engrossed no matter where you are
Vaibhav Sharma

There are numerous apps and games specially available for the World Cup
There are numerous apps and games specially available for the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is officially the biggest sporting event in the world. It is bigger than even the Olympic Games — in terms of marketability, reach, audience and, well, sheer competition levels. And the 2014 edition, being held in the spiritual home of football — Brazil, is set to be the most advanced ever. The peripheral technology for the World Cup is like never before. There is so much buzz about who will win in the end, but what will keep people buzzing till then is all the technology that is making its debut and the fanfare that will make you a mix between stakeholder and fan of sorts for the gala event. Here are some of the things that you might or might not notice making their first bow or renewing their love affair with the sport at the world stage via the World Cup:

World Cup game

If you are into football, chances are you know all about EA. and have heard their tag line numerous times… "It's in the game". EA, keeping in line with their tradition of launching a World Cup special, are out with the EA Sports 2014 World Cup game. This game follows their flagship game in the FIFA series, the FIFA 14, that was launched in October 2013. The World Cup edition though has a few considerable upgrades. For starters, it features all new and revamped 12 stadiums where the matches will be played in Brazil. You get a sneak peek into them and get a feel of what the atmosphere will be like. Additionally, the gameplay gets a boost as do the graphics. EA has also brought back the feature where you can captain your country, and lead it to World Cup glory. And yes, it does feature the Indian team too… just in case you were curious!

Android and iOS apps

Not everyone has the luxury of sitting at home or in front of a television when their favourite team takes the field in Brazil. But that should not be much of an issue this time around. While we are all used to staying updated with scores for football leagues, it is indeed a change brought about in the past four years. It also means that for the first time you will get a minute-by-minute update on your favourite team and their games from Brazil. The two most famous cellphone platforms, iOS (Apple) and Android are bursting with applications (the official FIFA app, the Adidas app, EA too has an app…just to name a few). These will offer insights, analysis, videos… it is an endless list and it is all coming directly into your hands via that phone of yours. The apps for Android and iOS are the official FIFA app, the Jalvasco app which already have over 10,00,000 downloads. As for the games, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Game is available for Xbox and PS gaming consoles. Football fanatics never had it so good, not at a World Cup for sure.

Corporate craze

It is a well-known fact that the World Cup is a marketing fiesta. It has the biggest brands in the world, vying for a way to be able to milk the outpour of emotions at the event. But due to FIFA's strict policy with regard to its official partners, the rules have had to be bent a little and the game off the field is getting just as competitive, as is on it. The World Cup's official partners like Hyundai are coming up with stuff like Fan Parks that will be set up in some cities of the countries that have qualified for the World Cup. These will be viewing hubs and also a marketer's delight as the footfall is set to be tremendous. Companies like Adidas have launched an entirely new line of football shoes, that are called the Battle Pack, with an even more exclusive Lionel Messi F50s. Adidas is also giving out the official ball - Brazuca, free to anyone born on the day of its launch in Brazil. Coke has come up with a new-designed bottle just for Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq and UAE, apart from a host of other promotional memorabilia. What is even more interesting is the campaigns of corporate big wigs, who are not officially linked with FIFA, are also coming up. Pepsi and Nike, the two American giants, are all set to spend millions on their ambush marketing campaigns in Brazil. Nike ran its 'Risk Everything and Winner Stays' campaigns and Pepsi ran the 'Now is what you make it' campaign, which featured a galaxy of football's biggest stars, and this is all when they are not even officially on the sponsor list.

7 things that can surprise you at this World Cup

1Incomplete venues

It is weird to know that the stadium where the inauguration ceremony of the world cup is going to take place was in a very bad shape just a few months ago. The stadium's(in Sao Paolo) roof collapsed last year. The renovation took some time and it was completed around the end of April. Another stadium located in Curitiba was about to get exterminated from the event; however, the administration took an extension for its renovation and recovery from the organisers of the event.

2Police uniforms

The anti-riot police in Brazil is going to wear a new uniform for the event. So, you are not only going to see the new outfits but you will also see police officers wearing new uniform as well.

3Favela tourism

Many hotels are going to raise the quotas of their rooms as a lot of tourists are going to visit Brazil to see the tournament. People, however, would be expected to stay at Favela slums this time. The locations are good for tourists to stay. The best thing about these slums is that they are going to charge a small amount from the tourists for their stay. Their costs would be as low as 50 dollars!

4Emergency bags

All medical teams would be ready to treat the injured at Brazil World Cup 2014. It has been planned that emergency medical bags would be prepared in order to provide instant help to treat the cardiac arrests and the injuries at 2014 FIFA.

5Fan fest

Fan fests would allow the fans to enter into the tournament without ticket. They would be able to watch the games on big screens in variant public places. It has not been confirmed by various cities and they may get sued.

6German domination

There would be a surprisingly big amount of World Cup managers from Germany. Many managers are going to work on the tournament and its management; however, most of managers would be from Germany.

7Minimum miles

This time Belgium is going to experience least travelling during the World Cup. The games of Belgium are going to be held at Belo Horizonte, Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. The team would have to travel only 450 miles, which is the least distance, which would be covered by any other team of the tournament.



Soccer mania takes over 
The 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup Football tournament in Brazil is being billed as the biggest and the fanciest of all sporting extravaganzas, far surpassing the Olympics in terms of popularity and fan following
Subodh Samuel

If soccer is the religion of millions of sports-loving people, then this is one of the most evocative temples where the game blends into history arousing the best and worst passions.

On a conservative estimate, there are four billion soccer devotees the world over. The game itself has more than a hundred thousand active participants at various levels who meet to play more than 7 lakh matches every year collectively generating a turnover, which even surpasses the annual budget of many small Third World countries.

With such a scenario as a backdrop, it is little wonder that the 2014 FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil is the fanciest of all sporting extravaganzas matching, or even surpassing the Olympics in terms of popularity, budget, prize money and fan following.

Billion-plus viewership

The World Cup, which kicked off to a heady start on June 12 with an opening match between hosts Brazil and Croatia at the Arena Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo, will reach its heady final on July 13 at the Rio De Janeiro’s Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho Stadium. Over a billion-plus people by then would have either watched the 64 World Cup games in stadiums across Brazil or seen these on television.

Apart from hosts Brazil and defending champions Spain, the other 30 teams which will finally participate include such soccer powers as Germany, Argentina, Columbia, Italy and Holland. To qualify for the World Cup, each of these 30 participating teams (apart from hosts Brazil and 2010 defending champions Spain) have played some 300 matches since 2011 spanning a period of three years.

The furore generated by the sport is far beyond the wildest dreams of the delegates of Belgium, France, Spain, Holland, Denmark and Switzerland — the six countries who founded the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) in Paris on May 21, 1904.

Football frenzy

However, it took another 26 years for the World Cup to be hosted by Uruguay in 1930, which was then celebrating its independence centennial. And ever since then, soccer mania has reached a frenzy in the form of the World Cup every four years. The current tournament is the 20th edition. The contest returns to South America after 1978 and it is the second time that Brazil will be hosting the contest, the first being in 1950.

At stake is the biggest ever purse, with the total surpassing a mind-boggling $576 million (around Rs 3,456 crore) and the World Cup winning team will be taking home a cool $35 million (around Rs. 210 crore). Little wonder then that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is being billed as soccer’s tournament non-pareil. Due to its sheer magnitude, the event is bigger than the game itself.

The worldwide TV coverage, the viewership, the megabucks and even the spectators will far exceed than what was on display in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Though Spain is the defending champion, it is host country Brazil that starts off as one of the firm favourites closely followed by Germany and Argentina.

Name of the game is money

The World Cup has metamorphosed from just the love for soccer into a mega money-making tournament. The 2014 version will be one of the most profitable events Brazil has ever hosted.

With 32 nations participating in the tournament spread in 12 cities, Brazil is expecting a virtual tourism boom. Rough estimates put the arrivals at more than six million tourists who will pump precious cash into the country’s economy staying at hotels, sight-seeing and buying souvenirs like T-shirts, trophy replicas, key chains, flags, caps, balls, watches mugs and video games.

The Brazilian Institute of Tourism estimates that the average overseas tourist who attends four matches will end up spending around $2,500 during his or her stay. Overall the event is expected to generate around $27 billion but the economy will benefit for the next five years with an added growth of 0.4 per cent per year and a generation of more than 5,00,000 jobs, especially in the tourist and recreation sectors.

But the soccer world cup is not just big business for the host country. It makes amazing financial sense for leading and not-so-big companies around the world who virtually deluge the market with collectibles and kitsch.

It is estimated that by the time the curtain comes down on the event on July 13 at Rio De Janeiro almost every tourist would go home with a souvenir as a happy recollection of the Games. Organisers are expecting to raise more than $1.55 billion from the sale of merchandise alone.

With more than 22 partners like Adidas, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Budweiser, Emirates and others, the World Cup will be a bonanza for the country. Budweiser, for example, expects 37 per cent rise in the consumption of beer during the one-month-long event with total sales of all brands touching more than $800 million.

With FIFA having sold more than 3.3 million tickets priced at around $1,000 each for the 64 matches, the soccer organisation will take home a mindboggling $4 billion as a part of its share.

32 teams, 64 matches

On show are no fewer than 32 teams jostling for the top spot. The final at Rio De Janeiro will be the 64th. According to investment banking firm Goldman Sach’s report titled The World Cup and Economics 2014, Brazil is most likely to win the FIFA 2014 defeating Argentina 3-1. Germany and Spain, according to the report, will be ousted in the semifinals.

The predictions in the report are based on the analyses of each team’s history, World Cup performances and overall characteristics. Basing their study on all these factors, the report says Brazil is the hot favourite with 48.5 per cent chance of winning. Meanwhile, Argentina team has 14.1 per cent probability and Germany 11.4 per cent probability of winning the tournament.

But whoever wins or loses, in the end, it will be the game that will triumph. A hark back to the time in 1998 when Michel Platini — the 1990s French soccer legend — held up a football and said with the gusto of a street smart salesman: “This is a football to everybody else in the world. You notice that it is round. It is round because it is the shape of the world, because it is the world sport.”

Not everyone has Platini’s natural gift of driving home the soccer message of sports and friendship but the game gets closer to the title of the ‘World Sport’ with every edition of the World Cup. 


It will be a battle of giants and players like Argentinian dynamo Lionel Messi, Portugal’s charismatic forward Cristiano Ronaldo, England’s left winger Wayne Rooney, Brazilian goal machine Neymar, Dutch powerhouse Arjen Robben, USA’s ‘Captain America’ Clint Dempsey, Spain’s goalkeeper Iker Casilas, and German defender Mats Hummels providing the fireworks so necessary for the popularity of the game.

Other players who could make a big splash at the 2014 World Cup could be Mexican forward Javier Hernández Balcázar, Netherland’s defensive midfielder Kevin Strootman, Belgian attacker Kevin De Bruyne, Italian forward Stephan El-Shaarawy, Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen and explosive Columbian forward James Rodríguez.


Host Brazil is fervently hoping to annex the 20th World Cup Championship and many experts are backing the South American soccer powerhouse. The earlier 19 FIFA World Cup tournaments have been won by just eight different national teams. Brazil is the only team to have played in every tournament and has won the tournament a record five times. The other winners include Italy with four titles, Germany with three, Argentina and Uruguay with two each and England, France, and Spain having taken home the trophy once each.


Hosts: Brazil

South America: Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay

North/Central America and the Caribbean: United States, Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico

Asia: Japan, Australia, Iran and South Korea

Africa: Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana and Algeria

Europe: Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, England, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Portugal, Croatia and France.


Cosy up with Fuleco, the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament’s mascot. Fuleco was named the mascot after it received more than 1.7 million votes in its favour. The character is seen on a lot of World Cup-related things including these plush unisex slippers made from environmentally friendly polyester filling. These are ideal for little children.

Price: Rs 1,800


Adidas is the official match ball which will be used in the 2014 World Cup. Adidas has been a FIFA partner and the official ball supplier since 1970. Named ‘Bracuza’ (local slang for Brazilian) by a public vote of more than one million soccer fans, the ball has a seamless surface for a more predictable trajectory, better touch and lower water uptake.

Price: Rs 3,000


The World Cup T-shirts were among the first souvenirs to hit the market. More than 50 companies and websites are offering T-shirts in different hues, sizes and styles with all of them having the World Cup as their underlying theme and many supporting the logo. There are different T-shirts representing each of the 32 participating countries.

Price: Ranging between Rs 300 and Rs 2,000


American video gaming company EZ Sports has created 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, which is the official video game for the 2014 World Cup. The game for PlayStation3 and X-Box 360 allows players to play through qualification rounds to the FIFA World Cup Finals and will put fans in control of their favourite nation’s fate in the tournament.

Price: Rs 3,000


You can keep track of your luggage with this distinct 2014 FIFA World Cup luggage tag. It has the World Cup logo etched on the front with a clear panel that snaps open to display your contact information. The officially licenced merchandise — the bright green leather tag is printed with a festive “2014 Brazil” graphic on the back. It holds a standard business card or any other ID. It has an adjustable leather strap with buckle closure.

Price: Rs 3,000


The competitive spirit of 2014 FIFA World Cup gives a heady high to spectators. You can add to that adrenalin rush with a set of colourful mugs. The handmade glass mugs with soft feel and fine workmanship feature the reverse beer glass to keep drinks and, juices chilled. These mugs form an important part of the Soccer World Cup.

Price: Rs 750 per mug


You can show your love for the World Cup Brazil with this cool pack of official stickers. Perfect for sticking in notebooks and anywhere that could use a touch of the soccer mania, the box contains 50 sticker packs with each pack containing seven stickers. In all, there are 600 stickers, along with a 72-page sticker album.

Price: Rs 3,000


No stranger to the world of sport, Hublot, the Swiss watch manufacturer has earned the prestigious title as the official timekeeper of the 2014 World Cup. In celebration of this role, it has launched the limited edition Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono, the official watch of the FIFA World Cup which has been nicknamed the “Soccer Bang.”

Price: Between Rs 15.78 lakh and Rs 25.44 lakh


Show your support for soccer and protect your iPhone with a hard, durable and colourful 2014 FIFA World Cup plastic case. Designed to provide optimal protection, the striking officially licenced case allows easy access to all buttons and speakers. There are different covers for various participating nations depicting the national flag and colours.

Price: Rs 1,200


Since the World Cup Soccer tournament returned to South America for the first time since 1978, you can celebrate the glittering and action-packed event with this beautiful commemorative scarf which has Brazil’s vibrant culture represented in its colourful design. It features the colours of the host country and the World Cup logo.

Price: Rs 1,200


Even if your favourite team doesn't take home the trophy, you can do so with this cool replica. Weighing around 1.4 kilos with a height of 14.4 inches, this officially licensed trophy is an accurate copy of the original. It has ‘FIFA World Cup’ engraved at the base. The replica is guaranteed to be a great conversation piece for soccer fans.

Price: Rs 7,800


Among the most popular souvenirs of the 2014 FIFA World Cup are the various kinds of keyrings in creative shapes and sizes that have flooded the market. Among the highest in demand are keychains featuring the iconic mascot Fuleco in different sizes and poses. The sale of these keyrings has been booming.

Price: Rs 500


Fuleco, the official mascot of the 2014 World Cup, is a three-banded armadillo, which is native to Brazil and categorised as a vulnerable species on the United Nations list. A portmanteau of the word Futebol (football) and Ecologia (Ecology), it is thought to represent the words, ‘Brazil’, ‘Nature’, ‘Friendly’ and ‘Passion for Football’.

Price: Rs 900



PACESETTER neeru bansal
Wrapping emotions with love
Neeru gives the seemingly ordinary task of wrapping gifts, an exclusive creative touch
Vibha Sharma

Neeru Bansal
Neeru Bansal

a postgraduate in economics, Neeru completely devoted her time and energy to her family till she felt her kids were old enough to spread their wings and manage on their own. Once while helping one of her friends with wrapping gifts for a birthday party, something clicked inside her. She knew she could lend this seemingly ordinary task of wrapping gifts, an exclusive, creative touch. She began offering her services to her friends and relatives without expecting anything in return. This phase gave her ample time to experiment and to form a strong foundation on which she could hope to build something big later. She soon realised that she was on a path where she was getting ready and getting equipped to transform her hobby into a profession.

To give it more finesse and to understand the trends better, she joined a trousseau-packing course in Gurgaon and attended a lot of trousseau exhibitions across metros in the country. She took baby steps initially though she knew she was ready to take the plunge. She displayed her handmade products at one of her friends' workplace and there she got her first order with which her career just took off. Her passion took shape in the form of Shagun Creations in the year 2005. As she progressed on the chosen path, her work was appreciated by a growing circle of people. Shagun Creations became a household name and gradually became the first choice for all local functions in Bathinda.

Neeru says, “All my trousseau packing concepts are unique and creative. Every presentation is customised keeping in view the colours, theme, occasion, family background and expectation of our prestigious clients.” As she started getting more and more work, she felt the need to spread her knowledge and experience to other interested individuals. Now many of her students have started taking independent orders and are doing pretty well on their own.

Neeru has a magic wand to turn any gift item from clothes, cosmetics, jewellery, watches, engagement rings, silver/gold coins to chocolates, into a master creation with a character of its own. She loves working with materials like ribbons, fine- quality tissue, organza, laces, net, satin, velvet, eco-friendly paper, pearls, crystals, glitters, figurines, statues, handmade sheets, earthen pottery items and much more. She believes that the feelings behind the exchange of gifts get beautifully embellished through wrapping. She says clients are invited to express their mind, their budget, range, shape and dimensions of their gifts along with details of the receiver of the gifts. Our session is so engrossing that a client opens up after a few minutes.

She is proud of the fact that the concept of trousseau packing has been established by her in the region. Neeru is a happy person who has been successful in giving shape to many of her dreams but she is not the one to get complacent about it. She has more stars in her eyes and hopes to establish her stores in major cities in North Indian as a trend setter in trousseau packing, soon.

Shagun Creations has diversified into chocolate making too. Basic chocolate compounds are melted and tempered, in order to give the desired look and flavour.

Moulded, centre filling, liquor chocolate, truffles, ferrorocher, edible tattoos, printed chocolates, rocky roads using marsh mallows, nutty bars, nuggets, caramel and logo chocolates are just a few from the wide range that is on offer. Neeru takes classes for chocolate making as well. She says, “A glitter in their eyes and a broad smile on the faces of our customers give us the energy and enthusiasm. A few words of appreciation and thank-you notes in our feedback diary are great motivations for us to try harder and to think differently.”



bling it on


For those who like their drinks, this is a holiday so rare and so exclusive that it beats all other luxury vacations. British high street tour operator Holidaysplease is offering a 40-day tour of five-star hotels in 10 stunning locations, with some of the most exclusive drinks thrown in. Among the highlights of the trip are a diamond-filled cocktail at Algonquin Hotel in New York, a super-exclusive Armand de Brignac Dynastie champagne at the Billionaire Club in Monaco, in addition to a Dalmore Trinitas (world's most expensive whiskey, aged 64 years), a shot of Legacy by Angostura (world's most expensive rum) and also the world’s priciest other drinks like Riesling (Egon Muller), Cognac (Croizet), Tequila (Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario) and a host of others. But before you start packing your bags, there’s just one caveat—you’ve got to be a billionaire many times over for this boozy holiday. If you are not, then only dreams will suffice.

price of the holiday: Rs 7.5 crore ($1.25 million)


Though there can be nothing more tragic than losing a pet yet there are several incidents of young pets going astray or simply getting lost. But now technology is coming to the rescue of harried pet lovers. A new pet tracker by American company Tagg uses advanced GPS to help you to find a lost pet anytime and anywhere. Additionally, Tagg can track your pet's activity levels. In case a pet is lost, the device will show you its exact location and will also closely monitor its activity till you get to it. The gadget is designed to banish pet owners’ fears and put them in control of their loved ones.

price: Rs 6,000 ($100)


Biking can be a exhilarating, exciting, elating and adventurous. In short, a golden experience. But if you own a bike by American company called House of Solid Gold, it will be a golden experience in the literal sense of the term. The company has launched one of the most expensive bicycles in the world which is arguably also uber luxurious and strikingly beautiful. The incredible bike is completely made of pure gold but to make things even better, it is adorned with over 500 sapphires and 600 black diamonds and even the seat is made out of rare brown alligator leather. In a limited edition of 13 even its one-of-a-kind water bottle is made of gold and accented with brown stingray. Talk of streets being paved of gold.

price: Rs 6 crore ($1 million) 


Time was when hand-wound time pieces were a marvel of the world. They ushered in a new technological era of engineering and design. But digital and electronic timepieces put an end to the manual ones. Now the wheel seems to be coming a full circle with top-of-the-line companies launching high-end, hand-wound masterpieces all over again. Swiss watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier recently teamed up with French crystal maker Lalique for a stunning table clock in a limited edition of 15 pieces. The Lalique crystal panels are like magic doors that conceal and reveal at the same time the working of the spectacular table clock that is guaranteed to sparkle the homes of people who can afford it.

price: Rs 66.60 lakh ($111,000)


We’ve heard of people calling their biking experience as golden. Now you can actually ride one. Lauge Jensen, the Denmark-based custom motorcycle company has launched a one-off Goldfinger motorbike. And it is not for nothing that it is called Goldfinger. The bike and all its parts are hand-plated with 24-karat gold and (hold your breath) encrusted with 250 diamonds totalling over seven carats. The bike with cognac-coloured seats made of crocodile skin was exhibited at the Dubai auto show where it was snapped up within minutes. Interestingly, no one knows who the anonymous buyer is. The company too is not revealing the name of the person who bought the world’s most expensive bike perhaps to drive into the golden sunset!

price: Rs 5.10 crores ($850,000)


There is no denying that American business magnate and television personality Donald Trump is an inspiration to countless entrepreneurs. But that he would inspire a line of furniture something new. Global luxury furniture maker Dorya has created a special line of furniture inspired by the tycoon’s lifestyle. The series, released under the name Trump Home by Dorya, features 50 designs that are inspired by sophisticated furniture pieces in Trump’s many high-end properties scattered around the world. The collection is an exquisite blend of grey, metallic and fume tones mixed with stainless steel and marble contrasting with black lacquer and mahogany and adorned with French gold detailing. That the collection is attracting high rollers of the world is an understatement. After all, when Trump lends his name to a product, success is a given.

price: Upon Request


The centenary of the sinking of Titanic two years ago was marked by numerous auctions of bits and pieces belonging to the doomed ship which were in possession of the families of the survivors. From dinner menus to wall hangings and violins, auction houses made a killing by putting memorabilia under the hammer. Even now the demand for anything associated with the Titanic has not abated. On its 175th anniversary Swiss luxury clock maker Patek Philippe has created a unique table clock enamelled on the theme of the Titanic’s ill-fated 1912 voyage. The one-off clock features 25 metres of gold ribbon and 22 different enamel colours. It has a cloisonné dial plate in gold with black enamelled large Roman numerals and a dome that illustrates the Titanic’s glass ceiling---a chilling reminder of the time when the fated ship went down with over 1,500 passengers.

price: Upon request


Last year, it celebrated its centenary with a string of superb cameras. Much to everyone’s surprise, German camera brand Leica is in a celebratory mood once again and has teamed up with Swedish company Nordisk Foto Import to launch a silver anniversary edition of its Leica M Monochrom camera. The new camera has a Leica silver lens and a beige shoulder strap, in addition to the standard accessories. This is one of the best-looking cameras from the Leica stable but the bad news is that it is in a limited edition of just 25. So better hurry if you like vintage stuff.

price: Rs 12.60 lakh ($21,000)