This history lane is neither dull nor dreary
Reviewed by G. S. Cheema
The Age of Wrath: A History of the Delhi Sultanate
by Abraham Eraly
Penguin Viking Pages 443. Rs.699
Abraham Eraly specialises in blockbusters. Two of his earlier books were so voluminous that they became four in subsequent editions. The Age of Wrath is, thankfully, shorter. My own memories of this period are based on my recollections of Wolseley Haig's volume of the Cambridge History of this period during my student days. It was mostly a dreary recital of sieges and battles, with depraved monsters posing as sultans. Hence, the shorter the better.

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James rakes in £33-m
The creator of S&M aficionado Christian Grey saw her earnings treble as the number of copies sold around the globe passed the 100-million mark. According to the Sun on Sunday, accounts filed at Companies House show that James' business, Fifty Shades Limited, made £43.9 million in the year to September 2013, with pre-tax profits of £33.4 million. Profits after tax were £25.5 million. The 51-year-old paid herself a salary of just £7,800 but took a dividend of £3.24 million.

The mettle of a true star
Reviewed by Aradhika Sharma
Conversations with Waheeda Rehman
by Munni Nasreen Kabir.
Penguin Viking 
Pages 256
Rs 499

Exceedingly charming, candid, humourous and disarmingly honest Waheeda’s conversation unfolds the eventful life she has lived with élan and style. Told retrospectively, Waheeda puts in perspective, what must have been major upheavals in her life, when she lost her parents early in life and then became the toast of tinsel town before she was out of her teens. Kabir does her bit by directing the conversations in avenues that lead to interesting and introspective narratives of times and people bygone; but still vibrant and alive because they are so much a part of public memory.

Rites of passage
Reviewed by Harbir K. Singh
Growing up in Mist
by Shiva Gupta
Jasmine Art Printers, Mumbai.
Rs 175
The writer of this book, Shiva Gupta, is unbelieveably young, just 19 and has written an interesting book. Bharat is the name of the main character and the book starts with his first day at a convent school at Ludhiana. The school is one of the poshest schools of the city. He narrates his daily experiences at the school, his new friends, a few of his old ones and the smart girls of his class. As Bharat is new in the school in Class 11, it takes him some time to adjust to the new environment. He also agonises about the selection of subjects and tries to decide whether to opt for medical, non-medical or arts. His life at school is lots of fun with friends. They tease each other whenever free and together about girls in their class.

Sharp focus on South Asia
Reviewed by P. K. Vasudeva

  • Perspectives on Bilateral and Regional Cooperation South and Central Asia
    Ed Rashpal Malhotra, Sucha Singh Gill and Neetu Gaur.
    Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID) Chandigarh. Pages 484 Rs 900.

  • Leveraging Economic Growth for Collective Prosperity in South Asia
    Ed Rashpal
    Malhotra, Sucha Singh Gill and Neetu Gaur
    CRRID, Chandigarh. Pages 274. Rs 500.

  • South and Central Asia Quest for Peace and Cooperation 
    Ed Rashpal Malhotra, P L Dash, Sucha Singh Gill and Murat M Bakhadirov
    CRRID, Chandigarh. Pages 256 Rs 495.