Karuna Goswamy


1.Great 19

th century German philosopher

6. A groom, stable attendant

8. "__ with the Wind ", Civil War classic

11. Long-legged, long-billed bird

12. Sir Syed .s Aligarh University (inits.)

13. __ Amin, the "Dada . of Uganda

14. Combining form meaning "nose.

17. Ice cream can also come in this

19. At one time; long ago

21. Outward appearance; likeness


2. Climbing, wall-hugging vine

3. The Buddha sat under one for long

4. Starchy foodstuff used in puddings

5. Two Millennia old Chinese dynasty

6. Acronym for a group of Asian lands

7. Shake or agitate with violence

9. Edible bulb much used in cooking

10. Selected or choicest group

15. Coriander is one; so is thyme

16. Star that suddenly turns very bright before fading

18. "__ on a Grecian Urn ., by John Keats

20. Broadcasting body of Canada (inits.)