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A Gelada baboon at a zoo of the French eastern city of Amneville. Photo: AFP

Two Komodo dragons in an enclosure at the Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia's largest, on the main island of Java. A different Komodo dragon died in June beginning at the zoo, infamous for hundreds of animal deaths in recent years, an official said. Komodo dragons are the world's largest living lizards and have a venomous bite. Photo: AFP

A file photo of a wombat at a zoo near Australia's Phillip Island. Wombats are herbivore animals, native to Australia. If you have ever wanted to prepare a meal of kangaroo brains fried in emu fat with a side dish of roasted wombat there's a cookbook in Australia just for you. The English and Australian Cookery Book hailed as the country's first recipe book using native ingredients has gone on exhibition in Tasmania recently, 150 years after it was first published. Photo: AFP