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Grooms Wanted

Require alliance For divorced issueless beautiful girl MBA/31 yrs/5-4, belonging to high status Sikh Arora family. Email photograph and biodata at  C4-37034

Suitable match for beautiful, slim (5'-4", 21.07.88, 4:10 p.m. at Chandigarh), working in State Bank of Patiala. 98120-53357, 99919-22786,  C4-34209

Suitable well-educated match for beautiful, slim Hindu Arora working girl 27.6.1983, 11:55 a.m., Amritsar (looks much younger) 5'-4", M.Sc., B.Ed. Contact after matching kundli. 99155-91592, 01832-274800. Mail:  C4-34946B

Match for girl April 79/5'-2" (looks younger), M.Pharma (Chemistry), College Lecturer near Chandigarh.;  0172-4627255, 9646983500. C4-35831

Suitable Khatri/Arora/Brahmin match preferably employed in tricity for Khatri girl, fair complexion, July 1976 looks younger, 5'-3", MBA, Ph.D. Permanent Panjab University Assistant Professor, 57,000/-. Upper caste welcome. E-mail:  C4-36696B

Professionally qualified Arora/Khatri match from USA for May 1985, 5'-1" Engineer girl working on H1B Visa in California US. Please respond with biodata and photo to  or call at (011)94632- 57550. C4-36988B

SM4PQ Tonk Kshtriya Sikh Noida girl 5 ft., 26 y., 9 LPA. Caste no bar. Contact:  98182- 78998. C4-32858B

Requred NRI boy for Parjapat Sikh girl, 26/5'-2", MCA, IELTS 7 bands. 8054955168. E-mail:  C4-35474

Suitable, qualified Medico/Non-Medico, non-trimmer, non-drinker, vegetarian employed Sikh match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, 1980/5'-2", MBBS, MD (Pathology) working as Senior Resident in Govt. Medical College. 9779200393. Email:  C4- 36430

Cultured and sober, exclusively a Sikh match, US/Canada born or brought up or presently working/studying in the US on any visa, either already holding or obtaining higher US professional qualifications in the healthcare field preferably a Paediatrician or a Psychiatrist or otherwise any other Physician, willing to move to or already working in California, required for our M.A., Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), US Board Certified, very beautiful daughter, practicing in the San Francisco area. Born in Canada in Sept/75, 5'-3" and belongs to a US/Canada based highly educated and well connected Punjabi Sikh (Ahluwalia) family. Caste no bar.  C4-36990

Looking for a PQ modern Jat Sikh boy, 26-30, 6' or taller, Western born, preferably USA. Student/H1-B Visa candidate can be considered for pretty Jat Sikh girl, born in San Francisco, CA 26, 5'-7", UC Grad, JD Degree from prestigious Law School. Send pics, with details to  C4-20224

Vancouver-based, Jat Sikh, Khandani family of Doctors and Officers seeks MD Doctor, match from or able to settle in British Columbia, for their daughter, 33/5'- 5", MD specialist hemotologist presently working in Vancouver, she is intelligent, disciplined, committed, slim, beautiful young looking girl. She been looking for life partner who is equally smart, intelligent as she is. Less qualified please excuse. Respond with photo and biodata of boy and family.  C4-21252

US citizen well established Jat Sikh parents invite correspondence from US born or brought up suitable Jat Sikh boy MD or MBA for their US born daughter 27/5'-9" slim, beautiful, Health Law Attorney. Send biodata and picture to Email:  C4-27131

Alliance invited from professionally qualified, handsome, well-settled Jatt Sikh boy in India or abroad with urban rural property for beautiful Jatt Sikh girl,5'-4"/88 born, convent educated,, MBA, Project Management from Canada. Contact with photo and bio data 09568076559  C4-27695

Mumbai based family require cleanshaven Jat-Sikh PQM for Convent educated very pretty fair & smart girl, 1987 born 5'-5" BMS (Mumbai MBA (Singapore). Please respond with complete biodata and picture at  C4-29893

Seeking suitable match from Jatt Sikh family. The girl is Jatt Sikh, '86 born, professionally qualified from Canadian University, well-employed in Vancouver, slim, good looking, and a Canadian citizen. Height 5'-2". Well-educated family. Reply with full particulars and photos to:  C4-32078

Software professional top MNC Delhi, extremely gentle girl, 32/5'-3", package 15 LPA. Upper caste no bar. Professional/Defence Officers preferred. Email:  C4-35012

Compatible match from USA for 84, 5'-5", Gill girl beautiful Ph.D. Medicine, working as Scientist at New York. 98781-84085.  C4-35062 

Match for slim, fair and beautiful, 21/5'-3", Graduate girl hailing from Cheema agriculturist family near Karnal. Only brother already married. Contact:;  Box 701F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh beautiful girl, Sept. 88 born, 5'-7", B.Tech (CS), working in MNC, Mohali. Family well educated, settled in urban area. Seeks boy from well educated family. USA/Canada citizen/Govt. employee preferred. Respond with details at E-mail:  C4-35478

Status match only for Jat-Sikh Medico Dental girl 29/5'-3", convent educated, sober, caring, respect social religious value. Family owning U/R property. Father Ex-PCS, mother Ex-PES. E-mail:  C4-35602

Alliance invited from well settled professionally qualified jat sikh boy belonging to high status family for 1985 born, 5'-3", beautiful well read convent educated MBA girl, from an affeuent & reputed family Chandigarh. Send biodata recent photograph:  97819-95202. C4-35740

Jatt Sikh parents from Norway. Seeking matrimonial alliance for their beautiful 30 years, 5'-5" daughter. Our daughter is a Medical Doctor, born and brought up in Norway, who carries a healthy mix of modern & traditional values. The family is well respected and settled in Oslo. Seeking clean shaven, Jatt Sikh boy, highly educated and good looking from Scandinavia, Europe.  C4-35847

Suitable match for fair Gill Jatt Sikh girl, 28 years, August 1985, 5'-3", Electronics M.Tech. working Engg. College Mohali as Electronics Lecturer. 9888998990.  C4-35857

Match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, fair girl, February 1984 born, 5'-5", B.D.S., Masters in Public Health. Father Class-I Officer (retd.). Contact: 098762-76168, Email:  C4-35975 

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl, B.Tech. Electrical (Thapar University), working MNC NCR, smart, fair, Convent educated, Jan. 89/5'-3". Father Class-1 Officer, educated family. Prefer educated, landlord & working boy. 9814041001. Email:  C4-36042

Smart educated settled match for Jatt Sikh girl, Only issue. Masters in Mass Communication. Height 5 ft 8 inches. 33 years. Daughter of COO of Reputed company. Owning Rural and Urban property. Non-NRI only contact with pictures and details on :  C4-36134

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl 34/5'- 2", B.Com., MBA, PG Diploma Financial Accounts, job in MNC. Vegetarian required. Early manager. 98148-01104, Email:  C4-36495

Zirakpur-based parents seek suitable match for their Jat Sikh Sandhu girl, 82 born, 5'-6", LL.B., LL.M., B.Com., UGC NET (Law) qualified, appeared in HCS & PCS Judicial main examination, practising Advocate at High Court, Chd. Family settled at Zirakpur. Email at,  076960-00266. C4-36970B

Jat Sikh girl 20.8.86, 4:30 p.m., 5'-3", B.Tech., Senior Software Engineer in MNC, preferred Jat Sikh boy working in MNC and having 10-15 plus acre land/urban property.  99155-22552, 98883-06067. C4-36998

PQM for Jatt Sikh Dentist girl DMD practicing in connecticut 1981 born, 5'-5", Pref. US citizen or green card. Contact: 98880-01263, 0013023573644. E-mail:  C4-37040

Well settled match for Jat Sikh slim, beautiful girl 5'-4", Nov. 1986, pursuing DDS (Final) in USA. Respected family boy preferably US Citizen. Send photos:  C4-37154

Wanted BDS, MBBS respectable Jat Sikh family for Australian citizen, 29/ 5'-4". Contact: 98769-13901, Email:  NA4-27715

Match for Saini Sikh girl, Nov. 1981, 5'-3", MBA, staying together with well-settled brother in Australia. Cleanshaven, convent educated boy in India or in Melbourne preferred. Apply with biodata & latest photographs. 82849-25872,  C4- 32700

Match for Sood (Banta) girl, 05.03.1987 at Paprola (1.35 a.m.), 5'-4", M.Sc. (Tourism), working as lecturer in Chandigarh. 9418033915.  C4-35228

Professional well-settled match for Chandigarh/New York beautiful US citizen Arora/Khatri Gursikh girl 1977/5'- 3". Master in Counselling Psychology. 98723-07526. Email:  A4-26714

Professionally qualified match preferably settled UK for fair beautiful 5'-1", Punjabi Khatri girl M.Pharm India and MS Pharma UK. Top ranking college presently stundent visa highly qualified family parents settled NCR.  Box 699F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Medico match for Ravidasia beautiful, 5'-5", Feb. 1983, BDS, pursuing DMD (DDS) in US, Canada PR girl. Boy should be resident or pursuing Medico/Dentistry in Canada/US. Caste no bar. Contact: 0181-2483491, 7355435106. C4-35288

Match for Juneja girl, 5', 5.9.1986, BCA, Hotel Management, Living in Australia, Melbourne. P.R. preferred.,  Mobile 94170- 70192. C4-35859

Match for Parjapat Sikh beautiful slim girl 5'-3/ 32 year. Bechalor in computer (IT) from USA. Working in Canada on work permit. Contact:  cell: 8427341995. C4-37028

Match for Ravidasia Adharmi girl, birth 23 June, 85 at 09:15 am, height 5'-5", B.Sc. Nursing from UK and working on Student Visa since 8 years. Preference UK, USA & Canada. Early marriage. Contact:  and  Ph: 0046739012134 & 0046313315316. C4-37202B

Suitable match for HP Rajput beautiful B.Com/MBA girl 1986/5'-4"/5:30 pm. Working MNC. Preferred HP Rajput boy in Tricity. Send bio-data and photograph:  09569079048. C4-36193

Wanted suitable match for 26 yrs, 5'-6", beautiful girl Computer Eng. job, well to do Hindu family Pb.  9256609718, 01832571290. C4-32316

Suitable match for non-Manglik/pure-vegetarian Saraswat Brahmin girl, JRF-Ph.D, Associate Professor in a Private University near Chandigarh, 23.10.80/5'-4", parents Doctor, only pure-vegetarian/teetotaller, send biodata, preferably from Ambala, Patiala, Tri-City. Upper caste welcome. Contact:  94160- 20674. C4-35104

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, June-1981, 5'-5", fair, Post-graduate English, permanent employee Multinational at Chandigarh. Father retd officer. Two elder sisters abroad. Tricity preferred. 0172-2791148. C4-35654

Match for beautiful, slim, Brahmin girl, 18th July 1978/7:50 a.m./Chandigarh. 5'-2", B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. IT. Working in Pvt school. Contact: 98154-90685, 98550- 99494. Email :  C4-36132

Match for fair, Brahmin girl, Nov. 88, 5'-2", BAMS, MBA (Hospital/Health Care). Simple, early marriage. Dr./Engg preferred. 097800-43646.  or  C4- 36944

Suitable match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl, June 1985, 5'-2", B.Tech IT from PTU, MIS and Business Diploma from Melbourne. TR in progress. Mobile: 099964- 00766, Email:  Box 712F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for M.Sc, B.Ed. Hindu Jat issueless divorced girl, 32/5'-5". Caste no bar. 75890-95382.  C4-36778

Hindu Sahni Khatri beautiful, B.Tech., not working, 5'-2", 15 Nov. 1988, Kurukshetra.  C4-32182

Suitable match for highly qualified (Ph.D in Business Management nearing completion top university), good looking, 5'-3", July 1983 born, non-manglik Khatri girl from a well-placed family of Engineers. Contact:  C4-35728

Handsome match for beautiful Hindu Khatri girl, Nov. 6, 1988, 4 p.m. Pinjore (Haryana) 5'-3", B.Tech., employed in MNC. Govt. employee preferred around Chandigarh.  94639-36002. C4-35903

Professionally qualified match for khatri Sood beautiful, slim, fair, working B.D.S. girl, P.G. Hospital Management 27/5'-4". Vegetarian, non-smoker, teetotaller boy in Tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. 097790-78283. C4-36664

Suitable match for Arora girl M.A, M.Ed., Punjab Govt., B.Ed Teacher, 15.7.84, 5'-3", 5.25 PM, Chandigarh. Serviceman, Tricity and surroundings. 098148-23898.  C4-36876 

Professionally qualified match for beautiful slim 5'- 1", 1988 born Postgraduate Physiotherapist girl working in reputed hospital. Teatotaller preferred. 9814825065. C4-37082

Match for Ramgarhia girl, 88 born/5'-5", pursuing Master's in Accounting Sydney (Australia). Wanted Australian PR boy. 94174-73952.  C4-35428

Cleanshaven match for beautiful Dhiman girl, NM, 21.2.87/ 5'-5", B.Com., MS Accountancy USA, working in Bangalore. Caste no bar.,  09876110757. C4-35528

Match for Ramgarhia Sikh 28 June 88/5'-6", B.Com, PG Diploma Banking, MBA (Finance). Father own business. 09914681959.  C4-36464

SM for homely Gursikh Khatri 1984, 5'-2", BA, B.Ed. girl. 98558-43331.  NA4-28948B 

Professionally qualified match for Sikh Ramdasia Weaver beautiful girl, 4.6.1989, 5'-3", B.Sc., MBA (Bio- Tech), job MNC (Noida). Mobile: 98886-63883, 98887-75900. A4-27429

SQM4 Jatav girl, 31.5.86, 5'-4", fair, M.Sc. (Fashion Technology). Father Govt. employee. Brother, sister in Australia. 09996808039. C4-30309

SM4 Pb. slim fair 1984/5'-3", B.Tech. (CSE) wkg in MNC GGN 12.6 LPA, belongs w'edu high status Delhi stld family. 098714-05747.  C4-34801

Suitable match for Ramdasia girl, 5'-3"/29. M.Sc. Nursing. Working B.Sc. Nursing College (Doaba) as Assistant Professor, 4 lacs p.a. Kharar based. Well settled educated family. 96467-88434.  C4-35791

Alliance for beautiful Ad-dharmi Ramdasia girl, M.Sc., B.Ed. teacher in International Convent school, born May 1981, 5'-3", Jalandhar based. 9878131243. E-mail:  C4-35843

Tricity/Haryana service match for 5'-5", 22.4.86, 3:30 p.m. Bhatinda (HR resident) M.A. (Eng.), Diploma Textile. (Mother/Brother, Govt. service). Mobile: 094670-10219. Mail:  C4-36236

Match Ravidasia 32/5'-4", M.Com, MCA government service, Panchkula early marriage. 97799-11597. Email:  C4-36956

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Tonk- kashatriya girl, 5'-6", 4.8.1987, B.Tech, MBA, working in Reputed Company, 18 LPA. Upper caste no bar. Tricity preferred. E-mail:  Contact: 098160-08724. C4-35996

Sikh Tonk-kashtriya girl, minor white spot, 5'-3", 29 yrs, B.Tech. IT, working MNC Gurgaon, 12 LPA. E-mail:  Mob: 9815583544. C4-36400

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Sikh Arora girl 1988, 5'-2", B.Tech., working in Australia (Melbourne) on skilled visa. E.mail:  C4-37210

DM, MCH, MD, MS match for slim, beautiful girl 27, 5'- 6", SR Radiodiagnosis DMC Ludhiana. Decent marriage. Email:  C4-36104

Tricity (Preferabley Govt./Public Sector) service match for 12.09.85, 12:47 p.m. Chandigarh, Engineer girl. Central Govt. service. Mobile: 98726-31647.  C4-36238

MD/MS pursuing match (tri-city/ Ambala preferred) for 24 years girl doing MS Ophthal from PGI. Father is well established businessman, Family residing in own house at Panchkula. Contact:  Mobile: 93577- 01095. C4-36880


Plot of NRI measuring 21 Marla at Dharmpura, Village Bhangala, Sub-Tehsil
Nurmahal, Distt. Jalandhar, Semi built up, consist of three rooms for sale. Contact: 0044-7957149706, India-9888486250. C4-35456

Beautiful 250 yards kothi for sale in posh area Ludhiana. Freehold. Wonderful
location, facing park, at T road joint, close to Municipal water supply. Ground floor 3 BR 2 bath dining lobby kitchen drawing, first floor one BR and bath. NRIs preferred. Contact:  C4-35648

Commercial booth for sale in Sector 22-D, Chandigarh. Freehold, rented with ATM. Contract upto 2018. Very good location. Ideal for Jewellery shop. Contact Sanjay: 0061432231180. C4-36382

Fully furnished Airconditioned Accommodation with all modern amenities.
Suitable for Company/Bank Guest House. One Kanal House, 4 master Bedrooms attached bathrooms, Servant room attached bathroom, Drawing- Dinining attached bathroom, modern Kitchen, open Terrace, newly built marbled House, 2nd Floor, separate entry with Parking facilities, Sector 15-D, Chandigarh. 98143-01866, 90410-00097. C4-35933

One kanal FF fully marbled three bedrooms with bathroom DD large terrace Sector-36. Rent 30,000/-. Col Ahluwalia, 98765-58145. C4-37090


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