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Grooms Wanted

Very Affluent Chandigarh Based Jat-Sikh Family Invites Business/ Professional match from high status family for their only daughter 1985 born, pretty, slim, 5-3 tall. Masters from U.S.A. Chandigarh match preferred. Respond with biodata & Photograph. C4-46774 

Alliance invited for extremely beautiful Sikh Arora 24/5-9, sweet natured P.U. educated M.Com. girl from upper middle class family. Please contact: 098393-83576 email:  M-094172-00754 C4-47310

US citizen Jat Sikh medico parents seek PQM for their beautiful 1983/5'2'' USMD specialist doctor daughter. Please send biodata/ recent photos at:  C4-46288B


Suitable match for Assistant Professor Govt. College Chandigarh, Ph.D in HRM, 24.07.1985, 07:10 am, Amritsar, height 4'-11". Looking very smart necular family. Anshik Manglik. Preference Doctor / Engineer / CA. 9878015191, C4-42992

Match for punjabi Arora wheatish, homely, slim, MBA girl, 5'-3", 10.01.1987, 11:55 am, Firozepur. Low vision problem. Email: C4-46258

Match for beautiful Khatri girl, 5'-7", Govt teacher (regular), 06.12.1985, 10.40 am, Kapurthala. Preferred Govt service in or around Jalandhar. E-mail: Mob: 9872392827. C4-46358

Match for Arora/Khatri girl, 01.10.1989, 3:05 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-2", B.Tech., working MNC, Chandigarh. Preference around tricity. 09815695522, Contact after 3:00 p.m. at 9872220390. C4-46388

Well settled suitable professional match Doctor/Engg for MD Medicine, +35/5'-5", beautiful, slim, fair, Sikh Khatri Doctor girl. Joined recently Medical Specialists, regular Govt. job. Family of professionals. Email: ; 73556-27037. C4-47294

Suitable Teetotaller, Well settled, Manglik match for beautiful Verma Manglik girl, 25.12.1982, 04:50 pm, Nabha, 5', Graduate. Contact after matching kundli. 96462-10894, 80548-49004. C4-47330

Suitable match for 01.08.1987/5'-3", MBA, Asstt. Manager in SBI. , 98555-55942. C4- 47404

Suitable match for U.K. settled slim, smart, beautiful cultured Khatri girl 40/5'-5", working as a Consultant Doctor, can migrate to India also, no bars. Contact: NA4-39407

USA based Sikh parents invites correspondence from only US based Doctor for their US citizen Doctor (Med.), slim, beautiful, 1983, 5'-5", US educated girl. Send profile to C4-39768

Well educated settled upper caste Sikh Canadian family seeking residency/USMLE Steps cleared match for their beautiful daughter 27/5'-4", doing second year residency USA, caste no bar. Contact with recent picture family details at C4-45321

Qualified match for Sikh Rajput (Goldsmith) doctor girl, MBBS, DNB Medicine (appeared), 5'-4", 31 year, fair, honest. Educated family. Upper caste no bar. Early marriage. E-mail: 9815625261. C4-46140

Looking for a PQ modern Jat Sikh boy, 26-30, 6' or taller, Western born, preferably USA. Student/H1-B Visa candidate can be considered for pretty Jat Sikh girl, born in San Francisco, CA 26, 5'-7", UC Grad, JD Degree from prestigious Law School. Send pics, with details to C4-20224

Seeking suitable match from Jatt Sikh family. The girl is Jatt Sikh, '86 born, professionally qualified from Canadian University, well-employed in Vancouver, slim, good looking, and a Canadian citizen. Height 5'-2". Well-educated family. Reply with full particulars and photos to: C4-32078

Suitable match for Malwai Jat Sikh girl, M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed. 20.03.1985/5'-6" slim, charming, beautiful, working in public school, 2 sisters and brother settled in Australia, please contact with bio data and clear photograph. Email C4-40392

Match preferably Malwa rural background for Jat Sikh Sidhu girl 167/1988, slim, simple vegetarian B.Tech./M.E. Software System BITS Pillani (topper) working Software Engineer 2 in R&D wing reputed MNC Banglore package 13 lac. Mail: C4-41710B

US match for well-qualified (pursuing MBA) Jat Sikh Cheema very fair, slim Dec-86/5'-2". Girl from a well- educated family. Contact: 98142-36145 / C4-43152

Jat Sikh parents seeks alliance for their fair, beautiful daughter with good family values, Nov.1990/5'-6", BDS, preparing (NBDE). Professionally qualified boy preferably from US/Canada. 94636-18698, C4-44489

Suitable match for homely girl, 27 yrs, 5'-3", B.Sc. Home Science. Preferably NRI/Govt. servant. Contact Number 0171-2610828, 094661-36733. C4-45283

Suitable match for well-qualified Asstt. Prof., 38/5'- 5" looks very young, beautiful, slim, sweet natured girl issueless brief marriage annulled. Father Class-I Officer. Brother M.Tech, MBA, businessman, well- educated urbanised status family. 99159-21950. C4-45457

Suitable match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim girl Doctor, Assistant Professor in Punjab government University, 33 /160 cm. Urban property. Email: C4-45692B

Well-educated, professionally qualified match for Jatt- Sikh girl, 5'-3", Oct 1983 born. US citizen, Convent educated (10+2 CBSE, Ludhiana), B.Sc. ( California university), working in a MNC. Well-versed in both cultures. Kindly respond with Biodata and pictures at C4-45710

Professionally qualified Jat Sikh match for girl, 1.6.86/5'-4", B.Tech, M.Tech(CSE), working Software Engineer MNC Chandigarh. Father Punjab Govt. Gazetted officer. 97805-13693. C4-45936

Suitable cleanshaven match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl 27/5'-6", B.Com., MBA, employed Multinational Company Hyderabad. Good package. Educated family, father Officer, settled in Raipur (Capital Chhatishgarh) agricutural land in Haryana. One brother one sister. 094063-79494, 0771-2573738. C4- 46052

PQM for 5'-8", 86 born Jat-Sikh, MBA, fair, slim, urban girl hailing from Defence Background. Working with reputed org. Match sought must be above 5'-11", clean- shaven, urban Jat-Sikh boy from respected, well- educated family. Contact with horoscope details. 98888- 85724, C4-46306

Seeking Jat Sikh Doctor match for beautiful Doctor, 27/5'-7", doing Residency (MD) in New York (USA). , 084271-22073. C4-46722

Match for a beautiful girl, MBA, MS, 27 yrs, 5'-5", Executive in MNC Mumbai. Looking for a clean-shaven Jat Sikh boy with similar qualifications and status. Ph: 98154-48599. E-mail: C4-46904

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh MBBS girl, 1986 born, 5'- 6" height, presently doing Post-Graduation. Doctor preferred. E-mail: Mobile No. 98765-00233. C4-47272

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh Gill girl 25/5'-5", M.Sc. Nursing of landlord family. Requires well-educated boy of landlord family. Approx. 35 acre land + business required. First preference to Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Mohali, Patiala. Note: NRIs excused. Ph. No. 97802- 00934, 98727-13914. C4-47438

SM4 30/5'-4", Jat Sikh work experience 7 yrs. B.Tech GNDU. Must send date, time, place of birth in biodata with photo. E-mail: C4-47462

SQM for very beautiful Airhostess (cabin senior) International (5 Star) Airways. 1985, 5'-4". Parents Central Govt. (retired). Brother Engineer at Mumbai. 9464894761, 0172-2615061. C4-47518

Wanted a tall, handsome, well-educated boy from Canada/India or USA for a simple beautiful, fair Virk girl 1986/5'-5", BA, B.Ed., PGDCA, M.Sc. IT, MCA, MBA, brother in Canada, well-reputed educated. Send biodata, recent photograph. 95925-72666. (with internet). NA4-39240

SM for Jat Sikh 33, 5'-3", M.A., B.Ed. slim beautiful widow (5 year daughter) private school teacher. NRI preferred. Email: contact: 096469-25170. NA4-39318

Suitably qualified vegetarian, cleanshaven match around Chandigarh or Australia, Canada, USA, England for fair, slim Hindu Saini girl, 16.03.1989, 5'-7", MBA, B.Tech (IT), employed Videocon, Chandigarh. Father retired Special Secretary to Minister, Punjab, local urban property, own house Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. , 94171-40673. C4-45838

Match for Saini Anshik Manglik girl B.Sc. B.Ed. M.Ed., 6.5.85, 5'-2", Working Govt. job. Upper caste no bar. Contact 9417179193, Email: C4-47632

Well settled match in USA/Canada for pretty Hindu Khatri girl, 28/5'-4", MS Canada, BE India, Permanent job & PR Canada. Khatri/Arora/Sharma preferred. C4-45740

Match for beautiful Sikh Khatri girl, 21/5'-7", studying Bachelor in Business Administration from USA. Study visa. 98557-78132, C4-45808

Professionally qualified, vegetarian teetotaler match for Brahmin girl Manglik May 1989 born, 5'-5", New Zealand PR, pursuing B.Tech (final year) also working full time in a MNC. Only Australian, New Zealand Citizen/PR Holder may contact. Email: +64223986560, +6496300035. C4-46378

Australian match for Sikh Mair Rajput 28/5'-2", RSMS applied girl. Early marriage. 98555-56491. C4-46416

Upper middle class family seeking alliance for their beautiful Sikh girl, 26/5'-4", M.Pharmacy, Australian PR, working in Australia as a Pharmacist, frim Sikh/Punjabi/Keshdhari/ cleanshaven from Australia, USA, India preferance. Medico/Engineer/CA. Please contact: ; 9417262754. C4-47332

Suitable match for M.Sc. IT, Dhiman Ramgarhia girl 28, 5'-4", presently on work permit in Toronto, Canada (2.5 lakhs p.m.). PR soon. Visiting India shortly. 10 year USA Visa. Early marriage. Email: C4-47348

Match for beautiful Dhiman Brahmin girl, BDS, 27/5'- 4", rental income 1,00,000/- per month, own bank building & one kanal plot in Mohali, 10 years USA & Canada Visa. H1B Visa preferred. Email: C4-47350

Only Canadian PR well settled match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, Dec. 1986/5'-5", B.Tech., Canadian PR, working in Canadian Company. Parents Chandigarh settled. Send photo and biodata. E-mail: , 964-684-7990. C4-47368

Australian citizen Jat Sikh 29 yrs., 5'-4" very beautiful girl looking for groom from well-respected Jat Sikh family preference MBBS/BDS. Mob. 98769-13901, NA4-33735

Match for Ravidasia Adharmi 23 June 85 at 09.15am 5'-5" fair, BSc Nursing from Sunderland UK Back to India in Sept after 7 years, visa expires. prefer USA, UK, Canada contact: 0046739012134 C4-46310B

Suitable match for beautiful Himachali Chaudhary Ghirth girl 13.11.1984, 09:45 am Kangra, 5'-3" MBA. Chaudhary Ghirth, Chang, may contact only. Contact: 9569445363, 97805-33227. Email: C4-46494

Professionally qualified handsome match for beautiful smart Prajapat girl 2.6.87/5'-4", M.Sc. IT, educated family. Upper caste no bar. Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana preferred. 98036-65859. NA4-38294

Sikh Doaba Rajput family seeks professionally qualified NRI cleanshaven match for their 27 years, 5'-5", fair, M.Tech girl . Email: , 8437112335 C4-46854

M.A, BEd. Gaur Brahmin diabitic girl teacher in pvt. school near Chandigarh, 27.06.1983, 5'-3". 085709- 00956. Email: C4-42450

Brahmin vegetarian boy, non-smoker and teetotaller medical doctor from Overseas, UK settled or willing to settle in UK for a beautiful vegetarian Brahmin girl, Doctor holding UK MBBS, 24yrs., 5'-5". Email kundli with photo and bio data to: C4- 42610

Colonel's daughter vegetarian BDS, 5'-4", 22.01.89, 8:13 pm. Chandigarh status family. Email: C4-45429

Professionally qualified suitable match for Gaur Bhardwaj Brahmin girl, 5'-4", MBA (Finance), 7.10.1985 (10:14 a.m. Chandigarh), Manager Scale-II in Bank, 5.50 LPA. Mobile 09872996881. Email: C4-46044

Tall, well-settled compatible match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, June-1981, 5'-5", fair, permanent Multinational at Chandigarh, good package plus perks. Telephone: 0172-2791148. C4- 47446

Match Manglik/Non-Manglik for Brahmin girl, B.Tech., 5'-4", fair, slim, beautiful, 22.01.85, 10 a.m., Chandigarh, working Counsellor. Father Engineer. Kanal House. C4-47490

Match for Punjabi Khatri beautiful girl, 26.11.1987/7:30 a.m./Mohali, 5'-7", B.Sc. (Computer Science), MCA girl. Software Developer in Mohali. Tricity match preferred. Email : , 98888-84043, 97807-31774. C4-46018

Professionally qualified match for a Chandigarh MNC working, Punjabi Khatri B.Tech. girl, 5'-8", 7.6.1987, 1:40 p.m., (Chandigarh), Package 5.3 LPA. Tricity preferred. Contact (with biodata and Photo) 084276- 95295, C4-47164

Manglik match for Center Govt. Teacher 1986, 5'-3", 5 LPA. Govt. employee in & around tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. 9417580873. Email: C4-47466

Suitable match for Ramgarhia Sikh unmarried slim, beautiful, Graduate girl, 40 years, 5'-5". Early marriage. Box 762F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM4 Dhiman girl, MCA working with MNC in Gurgaon, 2.4.85, 10.06 p.m. 5'-5", caste no bar. 098124-30708, 94664-37504. NA4-37856

Gother Bilkhu-Mudhar, Ramgarhia girl 1983, 5'-3", M.Sc. IT working as Teacher seeks handsome, cleanshaven NRI from Doaba non-drinker, non-divorcee. Contact by email 75084-91013. NA4-38662

Sikh Khatri girl 2.2.1983/5'-11"/M.Sc. Human Genetics. 92540-12340. C4-45541

Wanted suitable match for smart Khatri Sikh girl, Dental Surgeon (BDS), 24 yrs, 5'-5". Preferred well settled Govt. job/well settled clinic/NRI. E-mail: Mob: 8198800450. C4-46354

Match for tall, fair, good looking girl, 25/172 cms. Convent educated. Graduate, B.Ed. Working as teacher in KV on contract basis. Belongs to Punjabi, Sikh, Khatri family of Army Officers. Commissioned Officer in Defence services or equivalent status match in civil services preferred. Caste negotiable. Hindu families also welcome. E-mail: C4-46660

Professionally qualified Gursikh NT/ND match for July 85, 5'-3", slim, fair, beautiful Gursikh Khatri doctor girl, pursuing MS final year. Both parents doctor with good family values. 9815914853. E-mail: C4-46788

Slim, fair, 27/5'-5", Chamar MBA Chandigarh girl, working in reputed Company Mumbai, Package above 10 Lakh. Well educated family. 094684-76899. C4-45780

Alliance for beautiful Ad-dharmi Ramdasia girl, M.Sc., B.Ed. teacher in International Convent school, born May 1981, 5'-3", Jalandhar based. 9878131243. E-mail: C4-46152

SM4 1984 born Hindu Ramdasia, 5'-4", Homely Girl. MA (Punjabi), 2 Years Course in Tailoring and Embroidery, 1 Year Computer Course. Contact 9417179639, 9501260134, C4-46890

Profesionally qualified match Himachali Jat girl, 5'- 1", 18.10.1986, 07:55 am, Chandigarh, M.Sc B.Ed, M.Phil Chemistry Asstt. Professor Chandigarh TET. 0-94179- 36988. C4-46834

Suitable Non-Alcoholic boy for Non-Manglik, 30 years/5'-2", beautiful, Intelligent Legally divorcee just after 08 months issueless Postgraduate MBA, Working, Innocent Khatri girl. Kundli must. Please contact 098884-55789. Send biodata and photo. Email : C4-46284B

Professionally qualified, vegetarian only, strictly Non-trimmer, non-drinker match for Arora Gursikh girl, 29/5'-5", MBA. Well-educated family. Contact with full bio-data and clear photo. , 95018- 94374. C4-46892B

Suitable match for beautiful Sikh Arora girl 88, 5'-2", B.Tech., working in Melbourne on Skilled Visa professionally qualified settled in Melbourne preferred. C4-47134

Suitable match for mangla beautiful, slim girl, 5', 16.03.1986, Shahzadpur, Haryana, 9 am, M.Sc. (Math), B.Ed. Working as Lecturer in private college, salary in six figure. 094683-04130, 094164-63331. Email:  C4-46046

Handsome well settled boy for Panchkula MA (English), PU, MBA, April 1983, 5'-4", fair girl, pharma CFA, enterepnuer. 5 LPA. Educated well settled family. Tricity preferred. Caste no bar. Email: C4-46664

Professionally qualified match for Non-manglik, slim, beautiful Singla girl, 5'-3", 19 Dec.1986, 7:45 AM Ambala Cantt., working in consultancy company in Mumbai as a Senior Consultant. Handsome package. Parents well established businessmen in Chandigarh. E-mail: 098140-13471. C4-47668


Ready to occupy, three bedrooms, hall ,kitchen and three toilets, balcony's flat No. 602, 6th floor, 1727 sq. feet covered area. Lift available, Marigold Tower, Bollywood Heights, Peer Mushala, Zirakpur. Interested parties may contact Mobile: 09440625710 or E-mail: C4-47851B


T.K. Car Bazar. Alto K-10 2013 (6000 kilometers), Fluidic 2011, Honda Civic 2008, Accord 2007, I-VTEC 2009, City 2005, Verna 2008/2007, Corolla Automatic 2003/2004/2006, I-20 and Beat-2012, Dzire 2009, Wagon-R 2006/2010, U-VA, Accent, Ikon, Superb, Maruti, Sonata Emberra. 98143-85552, 99155-93001. C4-47312


Ludhiana : Residential Plot, measuring 500 sq. yards, Sector 38, Samrala
road, Ludhiana. Facing park. Prime location. 098761-03349. C4-47672


Mohali : Available Basement, GF, FF, SF, TF, Size 33' x 132', Area about
21000 sq. foot, SCO, Phase V, Mohali. Good parking at Front and Back. Prime location. MNC's, Bank's preferred. 098761-03349. C4-47670


Available 40000 sq. ft area for warehouse purpose Panchkula-Yamunanagar
NH-73 at Mauli (Barwala), construction to be done as per MOU with interested party. 097800-40040. C4-46536


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