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Grooms Wanted

US citizen Jat Sikh medico parents seek PQM for their beautiful 1983/5'-2'' USMD specialist doctor daughter. Please send biodata/ recent photos at:  C4-46288B

Suitable match for Anshik Manglik slim, beautiful girl, 23.10.1987, 2:40 p.m., Kurukshetra, 5'-3", MCA, Teacher reputed school. Dowry seekers excuse. Phone: 94662-18778, 93158-67595. E-mail: C4-47877

Arora slim beautiful homely girl LL.B. 5'-2", 11.8.1983, 11:30 a.m. Amritsar. Business family, Kalka. E-mail: Mobile: 92536-10004. C4-49192

For tall Punjabi girl (29 years) from Ludhiana, joint family, 5'-7", healthy, 
CA, currently working in Delhi. Father NRI businessman, seeks well settled boy. Caste no bar. For further details contact C4-49818

Match for beautiful girl, 5'-1', 10.01.1980 (looks 25), 2:10 pm, Chandigarh, MA, NTT, PTT, B.Ed., Teacher in Panchkula. 09988003003. C4-49886

Best suitable match (in Tricity) for beautiful girl from Mohali, 5'-1" (07-04-85), 4:20 a.m. (Abohar), B.Com, MBA. 9915977727. C4-49950

Compatible match for Hindu Arora girl fair complexion 5'-2.5", 9.11.87, 4.45 p.m., Bathinda, convent educated, fluent in English BDS Doctor (Appeared in PCS mains, result awaited) only child of businessman. 98881-43941. NA4-41314

PQM4 Sikh Ramgarhia beautiful girl, 13.4.80, 5'-4", MBA (Bangalore), HR (Malaysia). 093863-09614, 098351-62240, Email: A4-36063-OL

Suitable match for beautiful Lobana Sikh girl, 5'-5", October 88, B.Tech. (IT). Working in HDFC Bank. Father retired Colonel now re-employed. Mother Govt school teacher. Mobile 088130-44668. C4-48774

Professionally qualified working suitable match for Lubana Sikh beautiful girl, 83 born/5'-4", B.Tech., MBA, York University, Canada, working in MNC Canada, Package $ 1 Lakh. Caste no bar. 094162-81526. C4-49142

Doctor/PQM 4 MBBS,1984 born, 5'-2", Sikh girl working as government Medical Officer. Email: C4-49236

Amritdhari, well qualified match for US Citizen, University Graduate, Amritdhari, Keski wearing, Ramdasia Weaver girl, 25/5'-2". Caste no bar. Contact: 84274-09470. C4-49374

Professional handsome match for beautiful, very fair, 5'-4", December 1983, Sidhu, Doctor girl (Final year Residency in USA). Contact 099154-72616. Email : C4-34293

Suitable match for Malwai Jat Sikh girl, M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed. 20.03.1985/5'-6" slim, charming, beautiful, working in public school, 2 sisters and brother settled in Australia, please contact with bio data and clear photograph. Email C4-40392

Suitable match required for Jatt Sikh Sandhu, 23/5'-6", B.Sc. Nursing girl. Mob: 9915670176. C4-47769

Suitable match for beautiful, smart Jat Sikh girl, 27/5'-5", B.Tech, in Govt. job, brief marriage annulled. Tricity, Karnal area preferred. Mobile: 98781-41754. Email: C4-47867

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl, 1983/5'-2", Assistant Professor, M.Tech, Innocently divorced (Issueless), Applied Canadian PR (6.5 Band). Father Gazetted Officer, Brother Canada settled. Contact: 95921-71122. Email: C4-47881B

Beautiful Jat Sikh girl, 20.8.86, 4.30 p.m. 5'-3", B.Tech. Senior Software Engineer in MNC. Preferred Jat Sikh boy, working in MNC and having 10-15+ acre land/urban property. 99155-22552, 98883-06067. C4-48155

Match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, fair girl, February 1984 born, 5'-5", B.D.S., Masters in Public Health. Father Class-I Officer (retd.). Contact: 098762-76168, Email: C4-48259

Suitable well settled, qualified match for PR New Zealand, Jat Sikh beautiful girl, born 1983, 5'-4", MA, Degree from New Zealand. Preferred New Zealand/Doaba based preferred. Contact: 8146933366. C4-48371

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl Feb. 1986, 5'-4". M.Sc (Chemistry), pursuing Ph.D regular. Father bank manager (Retired), mother Govt. school lecturer, having rural/urban property. Respond with biodata & latest photograph. Email: Mobile: 9855590573, 9914009700. C4-48495

Suitable match for Khaira Jat Sikh beautiful, fair, slim girl, 5'-2", 21-12-1986, B.Com, MBA. Mohali based well settled, educated, status family. 9417005935. Email: C4-48584

Beautiful Canadian PR 5'-5", 1985 born Jatt Sikh P.G. in Project Management(Canada) B.Tech. (India), interested nice Jatt Sikh families please contact with boy's professional qualifications, biodata and recent pics at C4-48842

Jat Sikh beautiful girl 1986/5'-6", minor problem in right leg. Completed Ph.D. from Pb. University, Chandigarh in Sciences. Now working as SRF at PGI. Parents in Govt. job. Email: 98889-55008. C4-49062

Jan. 86 born, 5'-6" girl, MBA, working in Bank Chandigarh. Mail: C4-49822

Status match only for Jat-Sikh Medico Dental girl 29/5'-3", convent educated, sober, caring, respect social religious value. Family owning U/R property. Father Ex-PCS, mother Ex-PES. E-mail: C4-49848

Seeking a handsome well-educated boy for beautiful Jat Sikh US citizen girl, age 24, 5'-5". Boy preferred to be in USA, girl belongs to well-educated and well-settle family in USA. Serious inquiry only Please send Bio with pic Email: C4-49864

Jat Sikh parents seeking Canada/US based MD/MBBS match for their 23, 5'-4", MBBS daughter, born and raised in Canada, preparing for USMLE. Email: C4-49876

Suitable match for fair Gill Jatt Sikh girl, 28 years, August 1985, 5'-3", Electronics M.Tech. working Engg. College Mohali as Electronics Lecturer. 9888998990. C4-49966

Jat Sikh parents seek doctor, Engineer, equally qualified, age 35 yrs. match for their Canadian PR, doctor, fair, beautiful daughter, born 1982, 5'-4". Parents Class-I officers. Contact: 9878045889. E-mail: C4-50010

Dhillon family seek well-settled business/professionally qualified vegetarian alliance from status family for their fair, slim, beautiful MBA daughter born Dec. 86/5'-5", elder sister (married) and younger brother both are well-settled & Australian citizen. Preferred Australia/Canada. Respond with biodata & latest photograph. 0183-2564258. NA4-39869

Well-educated Jat Sikh family seeks turbaned highly qualified professional match from US for their Dec 86 born, 5'-4", fair, beautiful and family-oriented, highly educated with double Masters of Microbiology GNDU & Bio Technology Columbia University. Presently working as Validation Analyst in reputed Pharmaceutical Firm in Philadelphia. Respond with bio-data pics at: Clean shaven may excuse. NA4-39912

Professional match for Jatt Sikh girl from respectable family 1984 born, 
5'-2", Physical Therapist in USA finishing Ph.D. in Seattle. Preference US/Canada. NA4-39954

Well-educated Jat Sikh family seeks highly qualified professional match for their Australian citizen daughter Aug. 78 born, 5'-4", fair, beautiful and family-oriented, highly educated with double Masters IT & IS, working as Program Services Manager in leading MNC Sydney. Respond with biodata and pics. at: Contact 80544-53595. NA4-40671

Match for Jatt Sikh girl 85 born, 5'-6", BA, pursuing MA English, Graphics & Webdesigning Diploma, 1 year Fashion Designing. Working in Designer store. 099719-19211. NA4-40962

Match for Mahajan J-Jandial girl, Senior Software Engineer MNC Chandigarh, 6 lakh, B.Tech. Computer, MBA, 5'-4", 10-06-1986, 4:45 p.m. Dhariwal. Contact: 9888911230. C4-48479

PQ Well Settled Match for Beautiful Saini girl April 84/5'-4", B.Tech. (Textile Tech) PGD in Fashion Designing from reputed Institute. Well-educated family. Upper caste no bar. C4-49250

Suitable match for beautiful Saini Sikh vegetarian girl, B.Com. MBA, May 86, 5'-4". E-mail: 9876501680. C4-49658

Match for beautiful Sood (Banta) girl, Dec. 1986, 5'-3", M.Sc. Food & 
Nutrition (Pb. University), working as Dietician. Defence Offier/Doctor/Engineer preferred. Upper caste no bar. 094180-80572, 098166-10472. C4-48812

Well-settled USA/Canada match for Sikh Ahluwalia girl, 85 born, 5'-8", M.S. Computer Science (USA) Software professional, H1B-Visa. Well educated upper middle class Chandigarh based family. Father Gazetted Officer. Brother Engineer (USA). Contact: 8054458547. C4-48355

Match for beautiful 1977/5'-7", Walia Australian girl (PR) applied, should be cleanshaven, educated, urban, smart, 37-38, Hindu Khatri or Sikh Jatt. Brother Canada, sister Australia. Early marriage. Respond with photo, biodata. E-mail: Ph: 0061423547752. C4-48361

Medico/software professional/Engineer match for Dhiman Brahmin beautiful MBBS girl. 5'-1", 14-05-1982, 09:20 a.m., Chandigarh. Canadian-PR, doing 2nd year Residency Paediatrics, USA. To settle in Toronto, Canada. Upper caste no bar. Send photo. 094174-95588. C4-48562

In search of Doctor, Engineer, professional for two beautiful girls, born, raised, educated in America. 1 Doctor MD, USA citizen girl, 1977, 5-6, 150, never married, working in a hospital, Email: 2 Graduated medical school, USA citizen girl, 1980, 5-6, 150, never married, research assistant, email: Very respectable, highly educated family well settled USA. Caste no bar. Please reply with biodata/picture. C4-48712

Match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, 31 yr 5'-3", fair, beautiful Australian educated and citizen, highly qualified with Masters, vegetarian, working in a senior position in healthcare industry. Family well-educated and settled in Australia. Brother doing Medicine. Clean shaven, Doctor MBBS, MD match from tricity, Ludhiana area willing to settle in Australia or Australia settled preferred. Caste no bar. Reply with complete bio-data and photograph. Email: C4-49264

Nai girl, 1985/ 5'-2", GNM Staff Nurse, experience 7 years, IELTS 6 Bands. Contact 9781945100, C4-48898B

Suitable alliance for Chetri Assamee Rajput girl, preferably from Tricity for Feb.86 born, 5'-4", M.Sc., B.Ed., slim and beautiful Govt. Teacher in Chandigarh. Suitable candidate from other castes no bar. Contact: 098154-13552. C4-48934

Chandigarh settled punjabi CA Nai girl 29 boy preferred CA, CS, ICWA, Banker, Govt. employee. Upper caste no bar. 98765-45250. Email: C4-49866

Match for Bhagat (Megh) beautiful girl 8 June 1985, 2.00 am, 5'-0", BA, LL.B. Advocate. Currently pursuing Jalandhar Court. Preferred well-settled. 94635-48842. NA4-41421

SM4 Sikh Maid Rajput very intelligent M.Com, divorced girl, 29.10.81, 5'-2", private job. Parents, sisters, brother NRI. Upper caste welcome. NRI prefer. Bureau excuse. E-mail: 9914268752. C4-45732

Suitable match for fair, slim, beautiful 27/5'-4", MA (English), M.Lib., B.Ed. Sikh Mair Rajput girl, English Teacher at Chandigarh. Father Bank Manager. Upper castes only. C4-47684

PQM4 Mair Rajput Bagga girl, 1985 born, 5', B.Tech India, MS USA, working 
on H1B visa in USA. American citizen/Greencard/H1B visa boy preferred. Contact: 9915949434. E-mail: C4-48872

Qualified Rajput girl, 29, 5'-1", MA, B.Sc in Optometry, working in eye clinic. Professional Artist & teach students also. Upper caste no bar. 099886-21969. C4-49740

Beautiful Himachali Rajput MBA, 7 Aug. 83 5'-1", working MNC. Father Gazetted Officer. 086075-91905, 099967-17635. C4-49748

Suitable match for non-Manglik/pure-vegetarian Saraswat Brahmin girl, JRF-Ph.D, Associate Professor in a Private University near Chandigarh, 23.10.80/5'-4", parents Doctor, only pure-vegetarian/teetotaller, send biodata, preferably from Ambala, Patiala, Tri-City. Upper caste welcome. Contact: 94160- 20674. C4-44574

Professionally qualified, vegetarian teetotaler match for Brahmin girl 
Manglik May 1989 born, 5'-5", New Zealand PR, pursuing B.Tech (final year) also working full time in a MNC. Only Australian, New Zealand Citizen/PR Holder may contact. Email: +64223986560, +6496300035. C4-46378

Australian based Brahmin Hindu family seeks a highly educated, vegetarian match for their Indian born, New Zealand Citizen daughter, born 1990 , 5'-3" , currently studying LL.B. Email biodata and recent photographs to: C4-47742

Match for MCA Gaur girl, 5'-1", 27.5.87, 5.00 p.m., Delhi, job at Noida. 75081-85488. C4-47883

Wanted suitable match for beautiful, 26/5'-6" Hindu Computer Engg. (HCL) girl. well to do family. 92566-09718, 0183-2571290. C4-47907

Match for Sharma beautiful girl, convent, 1.6.85, Asr., 5'-2", M.Sc. Environment Science, B.Ed. Pvt. College Lect. 93177-09950. C4-47927

PQM 4 Mohyal Dutt girl, 5'-3", M.Sc., MJMC 29.6.84 (2:14 am, Hoshiarpur), working in Reliance Big FM as Production Mngr. Mobile 9818395790. Email: C4-47973

Army Officer's daughter. Graceful, educated, teacher reputed public school, Chandigarh. November 1972, 5'-2". Non-manglik, unmarried. Small distigushed family settled defence sector Panchkula. Seeks handsome bachelor age 40-45 years. Defence Officer/ Administrative services/ qualified professional/ well-settled individual with defence background preferred. Advocate High Court/ other suitable individuals will also be considered. No divorcee. Upper caste no bar. Email: Box 781F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Employed well-settled Engineer/compatible match for M.E. Software Engineer HCL Noida employed Punjabi Patiala based Saraswat Brahmin wheatish girl, 5'-7", 26.1.87, 6:48 a.m., Khanna. After matching kundli send photo with biodata: , 94172-04142. C4-49382

Well-settled TT match for Saraswat Brahmin Gazetted officer girl. Fair, slim, 28-10-1978, 04:40 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-3", 6.5 lacs p.a. Caste no bar. 9216953866, 7837404308. C4-49952

Affluent Saraswat Brahmin family invites business/professional match from high status family for their only child, 1985 born, v. beautiful, 5'-5". Masters from USA. Send biodata and picture C4-49998

Handsome PQ/officer/executive match for very fair, beautiful Punjabi Hindu Khatri girl from status family. November 88, convent educated B.Tech. Working MNC, brother bhabi Doctors. 94170-14647. C4-48620

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Punjabi Khatri, fair, beautiful NM girl 26/5'-2", B.Tech (CSE), working MNC Delhi. Vegetarian family settled Panchkula. C4-49632

Suitable match for beautiful, homely 2 July 1990/7.01a.m., Ludhiana, 5'-4", Khatri girl BA, B.Ed. pursuing MA. Contact: 81467-55171 after matching gun. C4-49834

Hindu Khatri partly Manglik girl February 1986/5'-9", grade one Officer, Punjab Government Employee. Seeks qualified alliance Contact 93161-48576, 73554-40400. Email: NA4-40963

PQM4 MCA Khatri girl 5'-2"/22 August, 1989, 14:40, Moga, Software 
Engineer at MNC Pune. Contact: 87289-11181, 90230-28181. Email: NA4-41026

Required vegetarian Govt. officer/status businessman for Hindu Arora beautiful, homely girl born 1987/5'-4", pleasing personality from ethically cultured family with moral excellence, MA English (PU, Chd. Campus), B.Ed. College lecturer (Adhoc). Father Banker, mother Graduate homemaker, brother Civil Engineer. Moga, Ludhiana preferred. 94170-16627. NA4-40971

PQM4 Ramgarhia Sikh girl, Software Engineer, M.Tech (CS), Feb 85, 5'-4", working MNC, Chandigarh. Email: 98728-44698. C4-47919

Suitable match for Hindu Dhiman girl, 28 yrs., 5 ft., Architect Graduate. Contact: 093579-93057, 73079-73057. C4-48485

Preferably USA-based well qualified match for Sikh Ramgarhia beautiful girl, 25 years, 5'-4", Masters in Physiotherapy. Parents educationists, green-card holders. Elder sister married and US citizen. Email biodata with recent photo at C4-48848

Suitable match for vegetarian Sikh Ramgarhia Dhiman girl, June 1990, 5'-4", B.Tech., working MNC. Box 782F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Ramgarhia girl, 88 born/5'-5", pursuing Master's in Accounting Sydney (Australia). Wanted Australian PR boy. 94174-73952. C4-49376

Gother Bilkhu-Mudhar, Ramgarhia girl 1983, 5'-3", M.Sc. IT working as Teacher seeks handsome, cleanshaven NRI from Doaba non-drinker, non-divorcee. Contact by email 75084-91013. NA4-38662

Well-qualified match for Sikh Khatri vegetarian beautiful girl, 80/5'-2", M.I.B., MCA. 84279-54820, C4-47911

Wanted Sikh Khatri Dr/Engineer boy for Sodhi Khatri Sikh Dr. girl, US citizen, born Dec. 81, 5'-3". Mob: 9815891848. C4-48968

Suitable match Ramdasia girl (Nirankari) 5'-3"/29 years, M.Sc. Nursing working B.Sc. Nursing College (Garhshankar) Assistant Professor, 4 Lacs P.A. Kharar-based. Well settled educated family. 96467-88434. E-mail: C4-49270

SM4 Ramdasia Sikh girl 1983, 5'-2", M.Com., B.Ed. UGC Net Comm. M.Sc. IT Asstt. Prof. from Ludhiana. Contact: 94658-95552. Email: C4-49812

Suitable match for (Balmiki) issueless divorcee girl, 5'-3", 24.07.1980, B.A., B.Ph.Ed., B.Ed., M.Ed. Tricity preferred. 76969-01065. C4-49816

Professionally qualified Ramdasia Sikh weaver beautiful girl 1984, 5'-3", B.Tech (IT), working as Asstt. Manager, MNC, 11 LPA, younger brother Govt. Doctor younger sister Bank Manager, parents Govt. employed. Email: C4-50004

SM4 1981 born 5'-4", Yadav MBBS girl prepairing for P.G Clinical. Parents Retd. Officers. Caste no bar. Contact: 9646759462. C4-49498

Teetotaller match for 31+, Sikh Tong-kashtriya B.Com, PGDCA, slim, 5'-3", working girl. E-mail: Contact: 7696596860. C4-48824

Chandigarh/ Panchkula based Arora family seeks alliance for their only daughter 1989 born, Government Bank Officer, legally divorced, having a son. Educated & well settled boy with family status from Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Patiala, Ambala may respond at C4-47781

Professionally qualified, status match for issueless Rajput, 1984/5', M.Sc., working Chandigarh, handsome salary. Father Bank Officer. 97799-02880, C4-48459

Professionally qualified, vegetarian only, strictly Non-trimmer, non-drinker match for Arora Gursikh girl, 29/5'-5", MBA. Well-educated family. Contact with full bio-data and clear photo., 95018- 94374. C4-46892B

Suitable qualified, Tricity NT/ND match for Chandigarhian M.Sc. (Maths), NET, pursuing Ph.D. Assistant Professor, earning 5.50 LPA, Oct. 86/5'-4", Arora Sikh girl. 9855755336. Email: C4-47791

Professionally qualified, Gursikh, non-trimmer, Khatri/Arora match for beautiful girl, March, 85/5'-2", BE, working MNC Gurgaon, package 10:50 LPA. Contact: 9417444352, 9216060648. E-mail: C4-49618

Match for beautiful, fair girl, 5'-5", MBA, 24-2-84. Preferred Bank officer, cleanshaven. Email: ; 9888513969. C4-48780

Suitable match NRI/Indian for beautiful, slim, Arora Sikh girl (self employed), 1982/5'-2", Graduate, (Looks 26). Well settled family. 98159-37802. E-mail: C4-49606



432 sq. yards double storey building for hospital/school/college/showroom
for sale. Situated on Sultanwind Main Road Opposite Chungimandir, Amritsar, front 32'. 94642-96582. A4-37370-OL

Golden oppertunity for migrants settle Chandigarh 1500 sqft. shop, 4500 sqft. furnished kothi. Running 17 years old import-export business. Owner going Abroad. Broker excuse. 098550-16606, 098140-06606. Email: C4-46740

17 marla for sale on Highway Bus Stand Banga. Prime location for Bank, mall & hotel. 98721-05927, 0016473512660. NA4-39810


A trusted name in Warehouse dealing. Rental/sale/purchase. Goyal 

Bhatheja & Co., Pawan Bhatheja 09216003594. Paras Goyal 09814288503. C4-49862

Warehouse/godown available anywhere/any size at reasonable price. Goyal Bhatheja & Co. Pawan Bhatheja 092160-03594, Paras Goyal 098142-88503. C4-49868


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