Karuna Goswamy


1. An automobile by another name

5. A dark, malt beverage

7. Instalments for purchases that you pay every month (inits.)

8. Wan; pallid

10. Hazard; jeopardy

13. A mountain gazelle in Arabia

14. Lower part of an interior wall

16. Gandhiji 's Dandi March was all about this

18. Shelley wrote on to a Skylark

20. Woman member of a religious order

21. Team set up to inquire into some fraud, crime etc. (inits)



1. Region in West Africa

2. The great Imam of the Shi 'ites

3. Portray or delineate

4. America 's body that goes for drug peddlers etc. (inits.)

6. Distress message (inits.)

8. Peas are comfortable in this

9. Young boy

11. Another name for Goddess Earth

12. Set or collection of tools

15. This mount is in Rajasthan

17. Is said to have very long arms

19. Senior Dean in charge of research in Indian Universities (inits.)