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Colleges to work 5 days a week
PU Syndicate gives the green light; new system to come into force from Jan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 17
City colleges have a reason to cheer. The Panjab University (PU) Syndicate today gave the green light to five-day-a-week working schedule for the colleges. The practice will come into effect from the next semester, beginning January 2015.

Unlike in the present system where the colleges remain open for six days a week, under the new system, the colleges will follow the PU’s academic calender. The academic calendar (five days a week) is currently being followed by the PU departments and research centres.

The demand, that was pending since December 2011, today found assent from the Director, Public Instructions (Colleges), Chandigarh, Sandeep Hans, and the DPI (Colleges), Punjab, GS Ghuman.

During a Syndicate meeting held today, members said the colleges had been reporting a thin attendance (as less as 30 per cent), on Saturdays.

PU Syndic Dalip Kumar had first proposed the move, stating that most PU-affiliated colleges had postgraduate programmes and there was need for providing ample time to them for preparing presentations. “Teachers in colleges will now find more time for research. When the attendance is already thin on Saturdays, complete closure will help colleges save resources also,” he said.

The committee reviewing the matter has been asked to look into the final formalities and submit its report.

Submit fee at post offices

  • Submission of fee for examination/re-evaluation for students allowed at post offices. A proposal was also mooted on Sunday for allowing submission of fee through e-Sampark centres.
  • Doctor of Science degrees to be conferred on a Nobel Laureate, Prof Venkaraman Ramakrishnan, and a 2014 Field Medal winner, Prof Manjul Bhargava.
  • Emeritus Professor title for Prof Indu Banga (retd) from the Dept of History, PU.
  • International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO) (USA) Associate School to be set up at the UIPS; Rs 12,18,000 allocated.
  • Rs 6.75 lakh for purchase of Orbital Shaker at the Dept of Biotechnology.
  • House rent allowance for re-employed teachers
  • Rs 2.98 crore for the Department of Chemistry, Rs 2.84 crore for the Department of Physics, Rs 1.27 crore for the Department of Biophysics, Rs 1.92 crore for the Department of Geography and Rs 1.25 crore for the Department of Biochemistry under various schemes.
  • Prof Virender Kumar Alankar bestowed with Maharishi Ved Vyas honour



41% Class IX students flunk exam
Of 1,981 students of government schools, 801 fail in last chance
Mehakdeep Grewal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 17
Nearly 41 per cent Class IX students studying in government schools have failed to qualify the summative assessments (SA) to get promoted to Class X. The students were given a second (last) chance by the CBSE to qualify the exam.

Students of government schools on the periphery of the city have turned out to be the worst performers.

Of the 1,981 students from government schools who appeared for the exam in the final chance, 801 students have failed.

The worst performing schools include Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS), Sector 46, where all 41 students who appeared failed. Similarly, at the GHS, Maloya Colony, all 27 students failed. At the GSSS, Dhanas, of the 67 students who appeared for the exam, only one student passed. At the GMHS, Sector 43, of the 21 students, only one passed. Similarly, at the GHS, Sector 41-A, of the 30 students, only one passed.

A large number of students (nearly 50 percent) had failed to clear their first special chance examination held in April. Of the 85 government schools, only seven had got 100 per cent result.

Teachers blamed the “lackadaisical attitude” of students for the poor results. “Students are not afraid of failing in the exam and hardy concentrate on their studies,” said a teacher.

Principals of several government schools on the periphery said there was huge disparity between the student-teacher ratio and a lack of infrastructure, due to which students’ studies were suffering.

A Principal said, “In one section, we have over 100 students. How can a single teacher handle all of them? There is need for creating more infrastructure. The teacher-student ratio is 1:80 in peripheral schools.”

Many educationalists whined that even the parents of the students are not serious about the wards studies.

“For weeks together, students do not attend classes. We have to send numerous notices and reminders to their houses to call them to the school,” said Principal of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 46, Sudesh Raghav.

Educationalists said most of these students could not solve even basic mathematics problems and nor were they capable of writing a sentence in any language without making a grammatical mistake.

Many academics are of the view that the no-fail policy under the RTE Act had to be modified. “Competitive exams have to be held at the end of academic sessions so that students who are unable to grasp certain concepts get another year to cover up.”

Government schoolteacher Arvind Rana said, “It’s high time both the Ministry for Human Resource Development and the CBSE changed the no-detention policy till Class VIII and let merit play its role while promoting students.

25% marks mandatory

The new evaluation system for Class IX makes it mandatory for students to score a minimum of 25 per cent marks in both summative assessments (SA-1 and SA-2) put together, which works out to 15 marks out of 60, to qualify for Class X.



Passionate about developing biceps?
Watch out! Excess protein does more harm than good
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 17
In what turns out to be a major concern among most parents in the city, their children (aged between 18 and 25 and mostly male) are resorting to excess protein supplementation. Passionate about bodybuilding and glamour, these youths follow a strict gym workout regimen and are fast falling prey to protein misuse for developing “biceps and abs”.

Dieticians in the city are flooded with queries from parents on the risks attached with high protein supplementation, both in natural form (eggs and chicken) and processed form (capsules).

At least five such cases of its side effects are being reported every month at city hospitals. “While youngsters are reluctant to seek any medical advice before buying expensive packs of protein supplements sold readily at all gyms in the city, we have been seeing their parents forcibly bringing them to us. We have received complicated cases also where a year-long protein misuse resulted in poor kidney function,” said Dr Madhu Arora, Chief Dietician, GMCH, Sector 32.

“This problem is severe. It needs to be tackled in two ways — regular checking of gyms that sell these supplements and organising awareness programmes in schools. The Sports Department should also run campaigns for correct supplementation,” said Dr G Dewan, president of the IMA, Chandigarh.

The Department of Dietetics, GMCH, will celebrate Nutrition Week on September 2, offering free consultation and awareness programmes.

High uric acid levels

In one year, 10 cases at the GMCH have shown high uric acid levels due to protein misuse. All were men aged between 18 and 25. They had a history of high quantity protein supplement intake and also eggs and chicken for over a year without medical advice.

10 eggs or 1 kg chicken in a meal!

“Can we have 10 eggs or a kg of chicken in a meal, most of them asked. This is highly dangerous,” said Dr Madhu Arora, Chief Dietician, GMCH. 


  • Do not skip meals
  • Replace pizza base with multi-grain bread
  • Prefer nuts or dalia or fruits instead of samosas in evening snack
  • Prefer walk, cycling (natural or treadmill/static cycling) or yoga
  • Consult registered dietician before following a diet regimen
  • Do not eat more than two eggs at a time and prefer lemon chicken.



Booths lie vacant as UT Admn fails to frame policy
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 17
Despite several crores spent on the construction of commercial complexes in the city by the Municipal Corporation (MC), the shops have been lying vacant in the absence of a policy for allotment.

While 40 booths are lying vacant in Sector 17, 12 booths are lying vacant at the fish market in Sector 41. Similarly, around 300 booths in the shopping complex in Vikas Nagar and 10 booths in the Mauli Complex are also lying vacant.

In November 2013, an overbridge was inaugurated in Sector 17. Around 40 booths have been constructed below the overbridge, which are lying vacant since then.

A delay in framing a policy on whether the shops should be rented out or auctioned has resulted in the shops and booths lying vacant.

Congress councillor Pardeep Chhabra, who is also the area councillor for Sector 17, said the delay in framing the policy was leading to a huge loss to the MC. “I have been taking up the issue with the MC authorities for the past several months,” he said.

Around 12 shops are lying vacant at the Sector 17-22 pedestrian subway.

Similarly, 12 booths in the fish market are lying vacant for over six years. In 2007, the UT Administration proposed to construct an air-conditioned fish market, as a majority of fish vendors in the city were running their business from temporary outlets in unhygienic conditions. After the construction of the market, the

Administration transferred it to the MC. The MC then decided to auction the booths on a leasehold basis and the reserve prices for different booths were kept around Rs 37 lakh, Rs 41 lakh and Rs 77 lakh. However, people found the reserve price high. Consequently, two auctions conducted by the MC flopped.

SAD councillor Malkiat Singh, who is the area councillor, said the MC should come up with a policy at the earliest so that the people got benefited. “Apart from this, 22 booths are lying vacant in Badheri and Butrela villages,” he said.

BJP councillor Rajinder Kaur said around 300 booths were lying vacant in the shopping complex in Vikas Nagar. “The condition of the booths is deteriorating due to lack of maintenance,” she said. 

MC writes to Admn

MC officials said they had written to the UT Administration to frame a policy on whether the booths should be auctioned or rented out.



Father of 6 batters wife to death
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 17
A 41-year-old resident of Hallo Majra and father of six battered his wife to death at his residence here this afternoon.

The victim, 35-year-old Rita, bled to death as she received a severe head injury. The police have arrested the accused, Jugal Kishore, a labourer, in a case of murder registered at the Sector 31 police station.

The incident occurred in the afternoon when Jugal and his wife Rita had a violent fight. Jugal took an iron utensil from the kitchen and hit Rita on the head with it.

She received a severe blow on the head and got unconscious. The children of the couple informed the neighbours, who informed the police. The police took the victim to the hospital and arrested Jugal Kishore, who was heavily drunk.

Later, Rita succumbed to her injuries at the hospital following which a murder case was registered.

Inspector Kirpal Singh, SHO of the Sector 31 police station, said according to the children, Jugal used to beat his wife almost daily.

Children at God’s mercy

With their father in jail and mother dead, the six children of the couple are at God’s mercy. The eldest one is a 12-year-old girl while the youngest child of the couple is just 18 months old. In all, the couple has four daughters and two sons.


Mayor’s post in 2015 elections
BJP’s chances brighter
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 17
With the former Congress Mayor Raj Bala Malik joining the BJP, the probability of a BJP candidate getting elected as Mayor in the coming year has become brighter as the Congress is left with only 11 councillors on their side while the BJP and SAD alliance has 13 councillors and a Member Parliament (MP).

Since the BJP has more votes in the House, the nine nominated councillors will be playing a crucial role in electing the next City Mayor.

The BJP councillors, who after a gap of 12 years, won the post of the Senior Deputy Mayor and the Deputy Mayor are now eyeing the post of Mayor.

Deputy Mayor and BJP councillor Davesh Moudgil said their party would have an edge over the ruling Congress in the Mayoral elections to be held in 2015. “We have high expectations from the nominated councillors who will be voting for a change.Theirvoting will be based on the performances of the former Mayors”, he said.

Arun Sood, a BJP councillor and the Leader of Opposition, said for the next two years, the BJP candidate would hold the Mayor’s seat.

SAD councillor Malkiat Singh said that the BJP-SAD alliance would get a boost with another councillor joining the party. “This is going to turn out as a major set back to the Congress”, he stated.

The nominated councillors in the recent House meeting, which was chaired by Senior Deputy Mayor Heera Negi had supported her when the MC declared the meeting invalid.

Congress Councillor Mukesh Bassi said that the nominated councillors have been supporting the policies and working of the Congress and they were expected to support the party in the next elections too. “Shifting of a councillors loyalty will not affect the party, we will win the Mayor elections next year too, the only difference will be that the Congress will get one less vote”, Bassi said.

it is just a single vote which has been transferred to the BJP”, he added.

Former Mayor and Congress councillor Subhash Chawla, however, stated that a councillor leaving the party would surely affect the Congress. However, going by the trust shown by the nominated councillors in the Congress party during the past elections, the Congress will certainly win the post.

The elections for the post of Mayor will be held on January 1, 2015.

Nominated councillors to play crucial role

Since the BJP has more votes in the House, nine nominated councillors will be playing a crucial role in electing the next City Mayor next year. The BJP councillors, who after a gap of 12 years, won the post of the Senior Deputy Mayor and the Deputy Mayor, are now eyeing the post of Mayor. 



Reporters Diary
Kirron Kher has a dig at Mayor

City MP Kirron Kher, who was not invited by city Mayor Harphool Kalyan at the recently concluded Teej festival, took a dig at the Mayor at the inauguration function of the Anti-rabies clinic in Sector 38. As the Mayor was welcoming MP Kirron Kher, Kirron said, “Aapne to hamein Teej par bulaya hi nahi. Koi baat nahi Mayor saab, Teej to har saal aati hai aur har saal Mayor change hota hai. Next time, I will be welcomed (You didn’t invite me for Teej, never mind, it comes every year and every year the Mayor also changes).. Mayor Harphool Kalyan stood there speechless.

Retd DIG seen at all police functions

A retired police Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) who was in the news for his reluctance to join an eastern state a year before his retirement and ultimately retired from Chandigarh after staying put here, is seen at all major police events of the city these days. While police officials call it a polite gesture on their part to invite the retired DIG, the presence of the officer at too many police events is raising eyebrows.

Fake call

Inspector Poonam Dilawri, Station House Officer of the Sector 19 police station, was flooded with calls earlier this week after a rumour that her gypsy had been “attacked” and “damaged” in Sector 21. The Inspector was had a trying time clarifying to all that her parked Gypsey was slightly damaged after it was hit by a car accidentally and it was not an ‘attack’.

Hunger pangs

Students of the Environmental Science Department at the PU, who were on a hunger strike last week, had a bitter experience than others who had resorted to hunger strike on past occasions. The PU authorities, in this case, did not pay much heed to the condition of the protesters and did not even take them to a hospital. Irked, the supporters volunteered to take the protesters to GMSH-16 for glucose intake. After a glucose-break, the two students again sat on hunger strike.

Confusion galore

At the recent seminar held by the NZCC (North Zone Cultural Centre) on the significant role of “Patiala Gharana” in the enrichment of classical music.The audience was left confused regarding the inception of the gharana, as all the key speakers gave different years, while one speaker said that the gharana was 600-year old, another said it was 150-year old.

Security threat

The Haryana Governor and his family remained under a security cover even while offering prayers and performing yagna at the Mata Mansa Devi shrine, on Saturday. The VVIP family of Kaptan Singh Solanki remained busy in prayers while their security guards were busy pleasing their bosses.

Slip of tongue

Dushyant Chautala, Member of Parliament from Hisar, who was at the PU recently for INSO-12 foundation day, while speaking to students goofed up. He thought it was a rural audience and addressed them as “taus” which means uncle in Haryanvi language. He was quick to rectify and said “bhaio aur bheno”(brothers and sisters).

(Contributed by Rajinder Nagarkoti, Aneesha Sareen, Ritika Jha Palial, Mehakdeep Grewal, Bipin Bhardawaj and Aarti Kapur)



Open House response
Enforce rules strictly to avoid bad blood during poll
Students’ election-related violence keeps recurring on the Panjab University campus. While some residents question the validity of the poll, others maintain that a stringent code of conduct along with a slew of other measures will help create a congenial environment. 

PU should become a model varsity

A students’ party worker argues with the police and PU security staff during a car rally on the campus in Chandigarh.
A students’ party worker argues with the police and PU security staff during a car rally on the campus in Chandigarh. A file photo

There is a need to employ stringent pre- and post-election code of conduct. Outsiders must be refrained from entering the campus and canvassing for student parties. The authorities should be given powers to disqualify the candidates who refuse to follow the code of conduct. Panjab University has been ranked among the top universities; so, it should be a model for other universities in every aspect.

Gurparteek Kaur, Chandigarh

Authorities must act fairly

It seems students indulging in violence have no fear of the law. The university and police should act tough against violators. Participation of outsiders, who are the main troublemakers, must be completely banned. The varsity must act in an unbiased way, without the interference of politicians.

Open house question

There exists no system to take care of the ailing persons abandoned on the roadside across the tricity. Left by their loved ones, they continue to be ignored by government agencies, who keep on passing the buck. What can be done to evolve a foolproof system to help such destitute persons? Send your comments (in not more than 100 words) along with your passport-size photograph (in JPG format) to openhouse@tribunemail.com.

Vidya Sagar Garg, Panchkula

VC must use his authority

The onus of conducting the student council elections without any fear or favour rests entirely on the university authorities. The Vice-Chancellor must use his authority to ensure the elections are conducted as per the rule book.

SC Luthra, MHC Manimajra

Go for indirect elections

Violence ahead of elections is not a new thing for the PU authorities and police. Such incidents have been happening in the past as well, due to mismanagement on the part of both. The authorities must take such incidents seriously and find an amicable solution that includes opting for indirect elections.

Sat Pal Kansal, Chandigarh

Elections more about gaining political mileage

The Panjab University Campus Student Council elections are more about gaining political mileage than working for students’ welfare. The student council must be created through indirect elections in order to highlight students’ problems. The code of conduct is grossly violated by student parties. Rallies on the campus, pasting of posters on public property and frequent fights between different groups are taking place at the expense of studies. The university authorities must include the code of conduct in the admission forms.

Wg Cdr Jasbir Singh Minhas (retd.), Mohali

Unions doing nothing for students’ welfare

There is no place for student unions that are in any case doing nothing for the welfare of students. Such unions only detract students from studies. However, if there is a need to maintain students’ representation, the authorities should not only draft a stringent code of conduct, but also enforce it strictly for the students’ safety and institute’s dignity.

MPS Chadha, Mohali

Nurture healthy competition

Stringent pre- and post-code of conduct are needed to avoid violence during the elections at Panjab University. Some mechanism needs to be followed to nurture healthy competition. Also, participation of outsiders should be banned.

Priya Darsh Growar, Mohali

Cancel poll if student leaders flout norms

If the student leaders are not following the set norms, the elections must be cancelled. Students taking admission to the varsity must be asked to sign a declaration that they will follow all rules and regulations or be ready to face rustication.

Opinder Kaur Sekhon, Chandigarh

Expedite poll process

The entire election process must be completed within 10 days, commencing from the date of filing of nomination paper to the date of declaration of results. Campaigning should take place during this period only. The authorities must ensure that candidates are not having any previous criminal record or have not been subjected to any disciplinary action by the university. Also, the candidature must be cancelled if anyone exceeds the expenditure limit.

Sanjay Srivastava, Chandigarh

Follow Lyngdoh panel recommendations

Provisions and recommendations of the Lyngdoh Committee should be kept in mind and any deviance from these should be dealt with strictly. The amount of liquor being supplied should be checked as well. Possession of any kind of weapon should not be permitted.

Aishwarya, Mohali

Better vigil needed

Incidents of violence before and after the student council elections must be stopped. Measures such as banning of student bodies affiliated to political parties, limiting the period of election campaigning, restricting rallies, strictly monitoring the entry of vehicles on the campus, installing CCTV cameras and round-the-clock deployment of PCR vehicles should be adopted whole-heartedly.

Sanjeev Kumar, Chandigarh

Ensure congenial environment

To avoid violence during students’ elections, the authorities must ensure a congenial environment. The police must remain alertness to nip the evil in the bud. Moreover, voting can be conducted in classrooms over a week’s period.

RK Kapoor, New Jersey (USA)

Eliminate bad blood between groups

Seeing the election-related violence on the university year after year, the introduction of a stringent pre- and post-code of conduct is a sine qua non for peaceful elections and responsible leadership. Also, it will help eliminate feud and bad blood that is created between different groups and further help in creating a congenial atmosphere.

Ajit Singh, Canada

Ban open canvassing

The election process should be completed in the minimum possible time. Open canvassing and public meetings should be banned. Emphasis should be laid on online campaigning. The introduction of indirect election process might ensure violence-free polls.

Sukhpal Singh, Chandigarh

Keep all political parties at bay

The primary fault lies with political parties that have made educational institutes their battle grounds. Political leaders and workers should not be allowed to enter the university campus and the student elections must be kept a low-key affair. Also, we need strict pre- and post-poll code that debars students involving in violence from studying in any Indian university.

Ranju, Chandigarh

Don’t allow student bodies to dictate terms

Elected student bodies must not be allowed to influence decision making of the university or college authorities. These bodies are more political than academic. Once elected, these student leaders try to prove their worth to their political masters and end up propagating their party agendas.

Col RD Singh (retd.), Ambala Cantt

PUCSC poll scores high on politics, less on students’ welfare 
Rajmeet Singh

The spurt in violence in the run-up to the proposed student council elections on the Panjab University campus has again revived the debate on having direct elections or reverting to the previous system of indirect elections through department representatives.

The spurt in violence in the run-up to the proposed student council elections on the Panjab University campus has again revived the debate on having direct elections or reverting to the previous system of indirect elections through department representatives.

Aimed at enabling students to understand the democratic system of free and fair elections, the entire exercise envisioned development of students’ leadership qualities. This vision, however, seems to be lost on students who indulge in violence and violations, both before and after the elections. Student bodies hardly follow the Lyngdoh Committee guidelines that aim to regulate the elections.

In a way, history is repeating itself. The era preceding the ban on elections on the PU campus in 1984 saw a series of group clashes. When the process was revived in 1997, disturbing incidents of violence were witnessed again.

Statistics speak for themselves. Compared to seven cases of violence registered during the previous year’s elections, nine cases have already been registered this year; the election schedule is yet to be announced.

Student polls continue to be banned in universities and colleges in Punjab. Now, colleges in the city are also opposing the elections.

Another issue of concern has been the politicisation of student polls. A number of outsiders, backed by their political masters, land up on the campus, unmindful of the law. Be it the NSUI, ABVP, SOI or ISNO, students owing allegiance to any of these organisations enjoy political patronage. Once elected, these student leaders try to pay back their political masters in some form or another, and thus put the interests of students on the back burner.

There was a time when PU and its affiliated colleges were the training ground for politicians such as former President Shankar Dayal Sharma, former PMs Dr Manmohan Singh and IK Gujral, Union Minister Sushma Swaraj, former Union Ministers Kapil Sibal, Kumari Selja, Rajiv Partap Rudy, and Pawan Bansal, Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Punjab Deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal besides state ministers Jagmohan Singh Kang and Partap Singh Bajwa and AAP leader Gul Panag.

Today, however, student politics primarily means a show of strength coupled with violence, forcing the authorities to once again initiate a debate on the issue. In order to control violence and minimise the use of money, the PU authorities are planning to frame pre- and post-election code of conduct. The code could ban car rallies and stop the entry of outsiders for canvassing on the campus.

There have also been suggestions of changing the system and introduce a mix of indirect elections and nomination of outstanding students. Whatever system the PU authorities finally opt, it is important that the student council works for the welfare of students and uplifting of academic standards.

(*Chief Reporter, Chandigarh Tribune)



Lt Col Bikramjit Singh remembered
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 17
Lt Col Bikramjit Singh, who died fighting terrorists who had attacked an Army camp in Samba last year, was remembered on his first death anniversary here today.

He was decorated with the Shaurya Chakra for his acts. Akhand Path and Gurbani Kirtan were organised at the Sector 8 gurdwara. His father, Major PJ Singh (retd) said family members, some serving and retired officers were present.

A resident of Chandigarh, Lieutenant Colonel Bikramjit was the second-in-command of the 16 Cavalry when the incident had taken place at Samba near Jammu in September last year. Commissioned in December 1998, he had left behind his aged parents, wife and an eight-year-old daughter.



Religious fervour grips city
Tribune News Service

Youths form a human pyramid to break the dahi-handi during the Janmashtami celebrations in Panchkula on Sunday.
Youths form a human pyramid to break the dahi-handi during the Janmashtami celebrations in Panchkula on Sunday. Tribune photo: Parvesh Chauhan

Chandigarh, August 17
Preparations to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami on a large scale in the city were seen today as the city draped itself in the festive colours. A large number of children in colourful attire seen purchasing flutes across the city.

A cursory glance at the ongoing activity in the Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math temple left onlookers spellbound. With colourful dioramas and paintings, the place has been transformed into a live account of Lord Krishna’s life.

Adding to the prevailing festive mood, fetes near Lord Krishna temples were seen. A heavy rush was witnessed at kiosks selling flutes and peacock feathers of various shapes and sizes.

Sweetmeat and gift shops also witnessed a heavy footfall. Many programmes were being organised for children to inculcate moral values and devotion in them across schools of the city.



Vidhan Sabha Poll
Basia is CPI candidate from P’kula

Panchkula, August 17
The Communist Party of India (CPI), Haryana unit, announced MC Basia as its candidate from the Panchkula Assembly constituency for the coming Vidhan Sabha elections. CPI leaders, including district secretary BS Chatha, stated this in a press conference here today.

Talking to mediapersons, Chatha said the CPI had decided to field its own candidates from the 17 Assembly constituencies, including Panchkula, in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha elections.

The decision was taken in a meeting chaired by Amarjit Kaur, national secretary, CPI, and in charge, Haryana, in Panipat on August 13, he said. He said being a resident of Panchkula, Basia is well aware of the constituency and problems of local residents. He had been a trade union leader for the past 34 years and fought for the right of employees. — TNS



Academy holds ‘Punjab Prodigy 2014’

Chandigarh, August 17
The Sociable Intellectual Progressive Academy, India, organised ‘Punjab Prodigy 2014’ at Makhan Shah Lobana Bhawn in Sector 30 here. As many as 500 children in the age group of five to 12 years competed in the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition.

Two rounds were held wherein contestants were given 125+100 sums to be solved in a short span, said Dinesh Victor, all-India director, SIP Academy. NK Sharma, MLA, Dera Bassi, was the chief guest. — TNS



Narrow escape for man, daughter
Tribune News Service

The car that fell into a park at Sector 68 in Mohali on Sunday.
The car that fell into a park at Sector 68 in Mohali on Sunday. A Tribune photograph

Mohali, August 17
A father-daughter duo had a narrow escape when their car fell from a road into a park here today.

Police sources said Darshanjit Singh, a resident of Sector 69, Mohali, was teaching her daughter Gaganpreet Kaur to drive a car near the City Park in Sector 68.

“The girl lost control over the car, which fell from the road into the park after breaking its boundary wall. Though the car turned turtle, they escaped with minor injuries,” the police said.

The duo was taken to a private hospital from where they were discharged after getting first aid.



syndicate meeting
PU students, staff hold protests
Tribune News Service

PU employees hold a protest against the PU authorities
PU employees hold a protest against the PU authorities; and (below) NSUI activists give a memorandum to Syndicate members of the university outside the meeting hall on Sunday. Tribune Photos: Pradeep Tewari

NSUI activists give a memorandum to Syndicate members of the university outside the meeting hall on Sunday

Chandigarh, August 17
Ahead of the Panjab University (PU) Syndicate meeting today, a set of protesters, including PU employees and students carried out demonstrations raising a variety of demands.

Representatives from 15 different employee unions of the PU demonstrated against the recent decision of the PU authorities of disallowing permission for carrying out protests during the working hours to non-teaching staff.

Meanwhile, students of Shri Dhanwantri Ayurvedic College, Sector 46, demanded the conduct of examination awaited since December 2013. The PU authorities had withdrawn affiliation from the college owing shortcomings in infrastructure.

Meanwhile, members of the National Student Union of India (NSUI) demanded that students from the PU affiliated colleges be given weightage in the new LLM course at UILS.

Col Chadha is new PU Registrar

Panjab University Syndicate today approved Col Guljeet Singh Chadha, Chief Maintainability Engineer at the Government of India, as the new PU Registrar.

Col Guljeet Singh Chadha
Col Guljeet Singh Chadha

Col Guljeet Chadha is serving the Indian Army at Pune. He also has the fellowship of the Institutions of Engineers (India). He has received numerous awards and honours including, the Chief of Army Staff Commendation card for distinguished services as general manager (Production), Army Commander (Southern Command) Commendation card and Chief of Army Staff Commendation card for distinguished services as manager (Workshop).

Col Chadha passed MTech Mechanical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru University; Master of Business Administration (MBA) from IIBM, Patna University; BTech Mechanical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru University and BSc (Geology Honours) from St Xavier’s College. Later, Mr Chadha also did PGDM in Industrial Relations and Personal Management and PGDM in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication from Bharitya Vidya Bhawan.

He has also authored a book named ‘HR Rejig: Building Core Competencies’ in which he has discussed about nurturing and upgrading the existing core competencies in line with the trends and technological shifts taking place in the organisation.

Col Chadha will succeed Prof AK Bhandari, who is the Dean University Instructions and is also holding the additional charge of Registrar. 



Admission under reserved category
Panjab University authorities accused of flouting norms
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 17
A complaint was submitted with the Panjab University authorities today alleging discrepancies in allotment of two seats under the reserved category of single girl (SG) child.

The complainant alleged that at the computer science and engineering branch of UIET, a seat with All India Rank 27,653 has been allotted under the SG category. However, it should have been allotted under the general category.

“Similarly another candidate with All India Rank 49,760 has been allotted seat in chemical engineering, under the SG category. This candidate should have been allotted a general category seat,” the complainant stated.

The admission rule has been clearly flouted as the admission to the SG category in any discipline can only start once the general category merit is exhausted. This has resulted in loss of 2 seats under the SG category, the complaint stated.

The coordinator for Joint Admission Committee (JAC), US Shivhare, however, said, “The admissions have been conducted as per the rules and due procedures have been followed.” 

JAC denies accusations

The admissions have been conducted as per the rules laid down by the university and due procedures have been followed to allot the seats.
— US shivhare, Coordinator, joint Admission committee



268 appear for BDS entrance
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 17
A total of 268 students appeared in the Panjab University (PU), Common Entrance Test (CET) for the Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS) on the PU campus today.

Following the first counselling, in June, only 51 out of total 100 seats were filled. The test was conducted today for admission to remaining 49 seats.

A total of 280 students had applied for the entrance exam, while 12 remained absent. The test was conducted for admission to the five-year integrated course of Bachelors of Dental Sciences at the HS Judge Institute of Dental Sciences, PU. The institute had earlier admitted students on the basis of AIPMT rank. AIPMT is a common test conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. 



Protesting ETT teacher faints
Tribune News Service

Mohali, August 17
A protesting member of the ETT Teachers’ Union, Punjab, Paramjit Singh Mann, was today shifted to Civil Hospital after he fell unconscious during the ongoing protest of the union in front of the office of the Director General School Education (Schools) in Phase VIII.

Mann has been sitting on fast unto death for the past seven days. “Today he fell unconscious and his condition deteriorated following which we took him to the hospital,” the protesters claimed.

Notably, three more members of the union, including JS Sidhu, the union president, have also been sitting on fast unto death to press their demands. Today, Sidhu’s fast entered Day 29, Vipin Lotta’s fast entered 18th day and Lakbir Singh Boha’s fast entered 12th day.

The main demand of the protesters is to bring them and their schools (coming under jurisdiction of zila parishads) under the Punjab Education Department.

“We are not going to bow down. We are giving an ultimatum to the state government till August 22 to meet our demands otherwise the protest would be intensified with more vigour,” the protesters said.



500 test their arithmetic skills
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 17
Sociable Intellectual Progressive (SIP) Academy India Private Limited organised the Punjab State level SIP Punjab Prodigy 2014 today at Makhan Shah Lobana Bhawan, Sector 30 A.

Nearly 500 children between the age group of 5 to 12 from across Punjab competed in the state level Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition. Two rounds of the competition were held wherein contestants were given 125+100 sums to be solved in 5+3 minutes.

Dinesh Victor, All India Director of SIP India Academy, said, “Technology is becoming a major part of innovation in our lives, but only children with well developed mental ability can adopt to changes more rapidly. Change is an ongoing process in life. We can make a positive difference in child to do things differently from other, if only we inculcate better learning skills in every child.” The organisers informed that the students were tested on concentration, confidence, intelligence, speed and accuracy.



from schools

A student explains a model of ‘Hexagonal Fractal City’ during the annual exhibition at Manav Mangal High School, Sector 21, Chandigarh.
A student explains a model of ‘Hexagonal Fractal City’ during the annual exhibition at Manav Mangal High School, Sector 21, Chandigarh. Tribune Photo: Pradeep tewari

Chandigarh: An exhibition of crafts made by the students was organised at Manav Mangal High School, Sector 21-C. The students displayed their exhibits on various topics and issues. The onlookers really appreciated the efforts and creativity of the students.

Janmashtami celebrated

To mark the birth of Lord Krishna, the festival of Janamashtami was celebrated at Doon International School with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Tiny tots set the festive mood alive by scintillating dance performances. They enacted the roles of Krishna, Radha, Gopis and Gawalas.

Meanwhile, tiny tots of Aanchal International School, Sector 41, put up a performance amid religious fervour and gaiety to celebrate the festival of Janmashtami. The children donned the roles of Lord Krishna, Radha and Gopikas and won accolades for enacting these epic roles. Their attire, replete with peacock feathers, jewellery and costumes made the performance captivating. Principal Manju Sood enlightened students about the importance of celebrating Janmashtami.

City schools celebrate Independence Day

Students of The British School were made to understand about India's Freedom movement and fighters. The students came dressed as their favorite freedom fighter. The highlight of the event was the musical performance by Shreshth Sharma accompanied by Nirbhay Grewal on the drums.

Students of Sanawar Montessori School, Sector 11, were caught up in the spirit of patriotism as they celebrated Independence Day with great fervour. Children came dressed in tricoloured clothes and bought various dishes.

St Anne's Convent School paid homage to countless freedom fighters on the occasion. The day started with a parade by the students of all the four houses. It was followed by a colourful event of songs and dance. The day ended with the rendition 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara'.

Shemrock Senior Secondary School, Sector- 69, celebrated the day with a message of saving nature. The celebrations began with the flag hoisting ceremony followed by a cultural programme by the students of the school. Classical and western dances on the theme of freedom were also performed.

Government Model High School, Sector 26, celebrated the day with great pomp and show on the school premises. The National Flag was unfurled by the headmaster of the school, Shekher Chander. Cultural programme, including dances, skits were performed by the students.

Students of the Mata Sahib Kaur Public School rejoiced the spirit of independence in a grand function that marked the concluding of the weeklong activities and festivities in the school. On the Last day of the week-long celebrations, a Gatka competition was also organised. School president Major Karnail Singh unfurled the National Flag.

Meanwhile, at Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector-46-D, the chief guest of the occasion, JS Diwan, founder president of 'Support a Child', unfurled the Tricolour. In his address, Diwan stressed on the need of telling the young generation about the sacrifices done by the freedom fighters to gain independence. Principal Sudesh Raghav urged the students to do their best to safeguard the nation's freedom and strive hard to put India at the pinnacle of success and glory. — TNS



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