Track record
Music labels have made a sound entry in Punjab and are promoting singers of all shades with a big bang
Jasmine Singh

There is probably one thing that is always weighing on the mind of a singer, apart from of course many other tiring tasks, something like increasing the number of likes on the facebook page, signing up for shows in Canada, sitting over stories of films, and yes of course styling their hair... deciding on the music record label for their single or album. If music is the soul of Punjab, then a music company is the building where this soul is nourished, cleaned and presented well in front of the audience. Recently, Punjab has seen a growth in the number of music labels, directly proportional to the growth of singers. Here we are, with some of the best known music labels of Punjab that have been playing new notes.

Reel to real: Yaar Anmulle Records

Three’s company: Sharry Mann, Amardeep Singh Sidhu and Manpreet Singh Gill

Three friends would often share stories of music companies not treating singers really well. So, they decided to come up with their own label.

Men At work: Manpreet Singh Gill, Amardeep Singh Sidhu and singer actor Sharry Mann started Yaar Anmulle Records in the beginning on year 2014. The company is named after Sharry Mann's hot song Yaar Anmulle, the other two (Manpreet and Amardeep) also featured in the video.

Head office: Mohali. Says Manpreet, “This station offers easy accessibility to all singers.”

Record this: The company has launched 14-15 singers in the matter of months. Young and talented Maninder Buttar of Yaari fame is the star singer they launched apart from Shivjot. Sharry's recent track Kala Chand is released under his label.

The USP: We are approached by singers who have no idea how to go about releasing their track. We offer guidance and of course launch them through our label. We promote fresh talent. We are not solely concerned about making money, the idea is to offer these new singers way and give them the much-needed exposure.

Reel to real: Catrack Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Launch pad: (L-R) Hardik Trehan and Babbu Mann

Their only aim of the company is to offer authentic entertainment. Catrack Entertainment PVt Ltd was formed in 1990 and ever since it has launch the best known singers.

Men at work: Gaurav Trehan is the managing director of the company who makes sure that the company moves in sync with time.

Head office: Mohali

Record this: Their catalogue features artistes like Gurdas Maan, Hans Raj Hans, Sukhwinder Singh, Sonu Nigam, Vinod Rathod, Harbhajan Maan, Suresh Wadkar, Malkit Singh, Raj Brar, Mangal Singh, Harbhajan Shera, Surjit Bindrakhia, Jagtar Jagga, Sardool Sikander, Devinder Khannewala, Amar Noori, Heera Group, Safri Boys. "Our Company launched famous names like Babbu Maan, Manmohan Waris, Dolly Singh, Sukhwinder Panchhi and Gurbawa," shares Gaurav.

USP: Moving with time is the policy of the company. It is the age of youtube and social media so we have become the CMS Partner of YouTube also known as MCN (Multi-Channel Network). Now, we are providing partnership for monetization/full features to YouTube Channels of MH One TV Network, Kumar Films', Mad Arts-Jaspal Bhatti's Official Channel along with its own Channels Catrack Entertainment and Catrack Worldwide. Adds Gaurav Trehan, “Since it was setup in 1990, Catrack has been releasing Indian music albums all over the world, by promoting fresh talent emerging from India and abroad. Over this period of time, we have released more than 300 Punjabi albums. And not to miss our state-of-the art studio providing all the latest technology and equipment.”

As quick as it gets: Speed Records

Role model: Dinesh Auluck & Balwinder Singh Kohli along with Jazzy B

Ruling the roost, is the company Speed Records, which has been a favourite with many popular singers who owe their allegiance to company from the year of its inception in 2004.

Men at work: Dinesh Auluck and Balwinder Singh Kohli, owners came in contact with each other through work. Adds Dinesh, "I was providing Punjabi content to music companies like Venus and Tips. Somewhere down the line, things weren't moving great in Punjab, so I along with Balwinder decided to start our own music company. We wanted that our singers shouldn't run to Mumbai for their work, they should have something in Punjab that is approachable. Punjabi singer actor Jazzy B played a major role by offering guidance and support," shares Dinesh.

Head office: Jalandhar and Mumbai. Shares Dinesh, "we are not a corporate company that closes after 5 pm. I am always available for my singers, anytime of the day. Our office is in Punjab so a singer doesn't have to take out time especially to fix a meeting."

Record this: Speed Records has over 5,000-7,000 songs on their music catalogue and almost 4,500 on their video catalogue. The company has launched singers like Satinder Sartaj, Babbal Rai, Prabh Gill. Popular singers like Amrinder Gill have been held their loyalty to this banner.

Speed USP: The company believes in promoting new talent and maintaining long-term relationship with the established singers. Dinesh has always believed that the personality of a singer, performance and passion take them really far. Other than, he also rates a cordial ambience at workplace. "Our office is flooded with singers who don't feel the need to be formal."

Gen Next: Daddy Mohan Records

He has a passion for music and he wanted to do something for his father, Mohan Batra, so he formed a music company, Daddy Mohan Records in October 2012.

Men at Work: Rajan Batra is the owner of the company that has released more than 400 songs till date.

Head office: Jalandhar

Record this: Daddy Mohan Records launched Yuvraj Hans in the industry. Popular singers like Preet Harpal's track Goodbye is released under their banner.

USP: Shares Rajan Batra, "All singers want to reach out to maximum audience, my company ensures this is taken care of. We totally believe in the social media so online promotion is an important area of focus."

Chasing dreams

Susnata Har pursued what he loved, not an easy journey but worth every effort that he has put in establishing his band

Gharana World Fusion Band has found admirers within the country and abroad. As this instrumental band gets on stage for sound check, music lovers gather; so distinctive is their sound and this sound is all they have. Sans any lyrics they have build their base. With self taught musician Susnata Har, the moving force behind the band, their journey is replete with happy coincidences.

The inspiration

Was it not Yanni's performance live at Taj that Susnata accidentally watched on TV at his tuition teacher's home, probably music would never have become this significant in his life. In class ninth then, he marched ahead straight home demanding a piano. His father thought it to be a passing fancy and it was two years later that Susnata got his first keyboard. Susnata made most of his keyboard and his brother's guitar and continued to pursue his passion — music.

Passion over profession

It was post his masters in computers when Susnata joined Tata Consultancy Services and that work kept him away from music that he realised its true value in life. He quit to pursue music. He joined IBM too for a while but again music beckoned. It was his stint at Birla studios that he got to do what he was intent on doing. Got to play piano and found his partner Praveen Narayan, a percussionist. And started a happy series of live performances. "We got our first big break at Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Mumbai" says Susanta. Series of performances took him all across the country and abroad. While some joined and others left, and Gharana kept wooing audiences.

Team effort

Gharana currently has Susanta on guitar, backing vocals; Gurpreet on flute and Yash, the percussionist. Those who listen say Susanta plays sitar on guitar. With the influence of classical Indian music Gharana (though they do not belong to gharana tradition of classical arts) the band loves to do sawal jawab, jugalbandis traditional style. Amongst the other instruments they have guitar, flute, bongo, darbuka — Arabian drum, djembe — African drum and have plans to have a saxophone in to.

Making music

Now that Susnata has travelled around the world giving live performances, eating different cuisines (Bengali foodie that he is) and knowing different cultures, he has no regrets. Chandigarh is home to Susnata, where he is attached as faculty in a reputed school, he admits that it's not been an easy journey, "Our first show was for Rs 250, lately we did a show for corporate for Rs 1, 40,000. That's been huge and all this while we were doing what we love the most, making music." Gharana has cut an album by their name, its live where they excel. "Practice and practice is what we do. Even on stage we improvise," says Susnata who is aiming at a performance in Qatar next! Meanwhile, you can catch them at JW Marriott as they are the official band for the place.

Armed with patience
Somya Abrol

It took Kim Wolhuter six months to be just seen around by the pack, six more months of moving with them to breathe in familiarity before shooting for the show-Man, Cheetah, Wild

Man is not meant to be tamed; that's why Kim Wolhuter chooses to call the wilderness his home, the cheetahs and hyenas his family, and the generous offerings of nature his livelihood. This wildlife filmmaker and photographer has been running solo for the past 19 years, documenting wild animals' every move. For his upcoming show on Discovery channel — Man, Cheetah, Wild, August 24 onwards - Kim spent the past year-and-a-half walking among the cheetahs of his native homeland, Zimbabwe.

In an interesting telephonic conversation with Kim, we talk about the beginning of his wildlife journey, his daughters, his miraculous power of connecting with wild beats and more…

How did you get initiated into wildlife filmmaking?

My father and grandfather were both rangers, because of which I grew up in a national park in Zimbabwe. Then, I went on to do my degree in ecology. I had no plans of getting into filmmaking, till I worked with wildlife film producer Richard Goss as an assistant in 1988. He was doing a project on spotted hyenas at the time, after which he gave me the camera and said 'go for it' for a new project on brown hyenas. I started my own production company, Mavela Media, in 1995.

How do you establish a connection with your subject - in this case, cheetahs?

For the first six months, I remain in my vehicle, for them to get used to seeing me around, from the corner of their eye. For the next six months, I'm on foot, around them, allowing them time to get used to having me around. Once they get comfortable with my presence, I try and get closer, that's when the filming begins. You see, they have no knowledge of who I am; I am a human being. They have no clue about our species or how we function. You have to allow them time to trust you and accept your presence.

We've noticed that you run barefoot with your camera. Why?

(Laughs) Because it's natural. I can feel what the animal is feeling. I'm one with the ground when I'm filming my subject. If it's hot, I can feel the same heat the cheetah is feeling.

How many documentaries have you filmed so far?

I've never really counted. It's a life-long journey. But, I guess 9 or 10.

Which experience has touched you the most so far?

When I was shooting the cheetahs the past year-and-a-half, I was a part of their pack. Once this animal accepts you, it treats you like family. Their cubs are like your kids. There came a point where they got so comfortable with having me around that they would not even acknowledge my presence. I would've been selfish had I not shared that experience with the world.

What about bare necessities like food and water? Do you hunt?

I drink where they drink and I carry a reserve of food with me. No, I don't hunt.

What is your plan of action just in case things go awry?

Well, there is no plan of action. I do not and cannot carry a weapon. They need to instill 100 per cent faith in me, and that will never happen if I carry a gun with me. Catch Kim Wolhuter running with the cheetahs, August 24 onwards on Discovery channel.

Stress buster
Learn to let go
Renee Singh

We get hurt and we stress over it. We know it is not good for our health, yet our feelings are not in our control. Forgiveness is the key in such circumstances. Although we all understand it but we all know that it is the most difficult thing. Forgiveness in fact can be a real challenge. Yet forgiving those who have wronged us is actually worth the effort.

Benefits of forgiveness

People can hurt us in a million ways and forgiveness isn't always easy. Aggression, betrayal, rudeness, malicious gossip or just plain insensitivity, these are all the ways in which we are hurt. Being betrayed by a friend, spouse or sibling or being bad mouthed by a co-worker sre the commonest of situations that can get to us. Forgiveness in these cases would be idyllic but of course this is easier said than done. There are of course several reasons for this.

  • It is difficult to forgive when we feel that the person who has wronged us does not deserve it.
  • It is hard to let go of what has happened.
  • Sometimes forgiveness is confused with condoning what someone has done to us.

What you gain

It is good for the heart. A study from Journal of Behavioural Medicine says that forgiveness is associated with blood pressure and stress relief.

A study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that forgiveness restores positive thoughts and feelings towards the offending party.

Benefits of forgiveness spread to many areas. Mainly we associate it with more volunteerism donating to charity and other altruistic behaviours.

Don't hold back

Many people would love to forgive and let go of their anger but it is a different trip. We all have our unique perspective on how to forgive yet there are some common strategies which can be used:

Express yourself

If the relationship is important for you and you would like to maintain it then you can try and tell the person in a non threatening language how their actions affected you.

Look for the positive

Journaling about a situation could be one of the best ways. Writing about why you were hurt or wronged is one of the best ways to move on.

Protect yourself

In forgiving we don't need to condone the offending action. And it is OK to have self protective plans if you feel you may have repeats of negative treatment.

Cultivate empathy

Research shows that if you put yourself in the other person's shoes empathy can make the process of forgiving easier. Try to understand what they have been dealing with.

Get help from a therapist

Sometimes you find it hard to forget the past. In this case you can take help from a therapist who can help you work through your feelings at a deeper level and will personally support you through the process.

Just let go. Forgive. Feel free.

(Singh is a Chandigarh based psychotherapist)

Weight watch
Eat right
Renupreet Kaur

Losing weight doesn't mean that you punish yourself and your taste buds by suppressing your appetite or by restricting your food intake to achieve your target weight. For this purpose, you can simply avoid unhealthy options and go in for healthy and balanced ones. You can become an artist for yourself by shaping your own body and achieve the right amount of weight by designing a healthy and colourful weight loss diet under the supervision of an expert who can guide you to plan your meal wisely.

For weight loss, you don't need to stay starved but you have to eat the right food in right quantity. You need to get some good quality protein, lots and lots of veggies and fruits, the right amount of carbohydrates, and appropriate fat also along a well balanced and nourishing diet plan.

Here is what you need to understand if you want to lose your weight:

Stay hydrated

A ravenous appetite can be curbed with a few litres of water, so do drink plenty of water. Water can be mixed with low calorie concentrates like lemons and sipped throughout the day. One should take at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water helps to keep you full and is a key way to detox your body.

Green leafy vegetables

These will provide you with all the nutrients you need, but with fewer calories. Some of the top weight loss vegetables are broccoli, cabbage, onions, green beans, zucchini, kale and spinach. Include these in your food list and see the difference.

Fresh fruit

Always prefer fresh fruits over fruit juices. Many fruits and vegetables actually weigh a lot, adding bulk to our diet, but they don't provide that many calories. The fibre content of fresh fruits plays a vital role in making one feel full and thus helping in weight loss.

Good quality proteins

Opt for good quality proteins like fish, meat, poultry, eggs, cheese. It will not only boost your immune system but will help in your weight management. It will not only keep you feel full but will also facilitate the building of muscle tissues, which in turn, burns more calories.

Wise selection of carbs

Foods rich in complex carbohydrates and fibre are called good carbohydrates. There are lots of good carbs. Good carbs include ones that are rich in nutrients like whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat, millet, quinoa. Complex carbohydrates take time to break down into glucose.

Cool cucumber

Cucumber keeps your body hydrated. It is a natural diuretic, which means consuming it eases water retention. It comprises mainly of water and has very similar slimming properties. Watermelon mixed with black salt and black pepper makes a great salad for the diet conscious people.

Try couscous

It is an excellent source of carbohydrate, with low-fat and low-calorie content. It can be a great breakfast that can boost energy levels and at the same time manage your body weight? It can be simply flavoured with herbs, spices, vegetables, dried fruits or nuts.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are calorie-dense; still they can be beneficial for weight loss. Sunflower seeds contain a bountiful supply of dietary fibre. It could fill you up for longer and keep sweet cravings at bay. They are packed full of antioxidant vitamin E as well as protein and complex carbs.

Pop popcorns

Air popped popcorn is a healthy snack. A snack with low fat levels and good fibre and carbohydrate content. Having a small snack in between meals that consists of a low-calorie but filling food can help make it easier to stick to your weight loss diet and achieve your goal.

Low sodium intake

Look for foods labelled low sodium. Foods that are high in salt and sugar are things like canned soup, ketchup, pasta sauce, fast food, frozen dinners and fruit juices. Sea salt is always better than the normal salt while dry herbs like oregano and paprika along with other spices can make good and interesting combinations.

While planning a weight loss diet, try to design your meals keeping in mind the healthy options. It should be a colourful diet with good taste and texture. Eat a variety of foods. Include lean protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats. A balanced and nutritious diet approach proves to be a better option in the long run.

(Renupreet Kaur is diet therapist and obesity expert)

Star track
In conversation with Taylor

With countless awards, sold out tours and chart-topping albums to her credit, Taylor Swift seems to be doing everything right and she's back on the big screen with her latest film, The Giver. We get her to talk about her music and the film.

Tell us about your role in The Giver.

I play the character of Rosemary, who is someone that has no emotions. She is the first child who was designated to be the Receiver of Memory, but after five weeks of training with The Giver, she was asked to be released from the community.

What did you think when you first read the book? It has been so controversial - do you think it deserves the negative attention?

When I first read the book in school, it deeply affected me. While reading the script, the same memories came back to me. I am glad to be playing Rosemary. The Giver is a bestseller and readers and fans have a lot of expectations from the film. I know that we have put in an immense effort and I hope to be able to live up to the expectations of our fans.

A lot of your songs deal with your relationships.

As a person, I am very emotional and romance is the strongest emotion; it cheers me up. I think people should be themselves with whoever they are. Being fake ruins every relationship.

You've never been on a tour here - and you have a lot of fans. Do you think you'll ever make it to India to perform?

I would love to come to India to perform; I know I have a lot of fans here! I will be planning a trip to India soon.

Taylor's quick picks

  • A song that you love performing on stage: Love Story, on any given day.
  • An actor you would love to work with: Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Someone you aspire to be like in the industry: I really look up to Meryl Streep. She is an icon!
  • Your biggest inspiration: I draw inspiration from my music. I love entertaining people and would love to do so forever.
  • Your favourite place in the world: France
  • A designer you adore: Roberto Cavalli.
  • A few other books you would love to see made into films: The Alchemist; it's an inspiring book.

No cameos, please!

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, who has done special appearances in films earlier, is not interested in doing cameos anymore. "Is this a question relevant to the event…I don't do cameos anymore," Deepika said at the launch of a song from her upcoming film Finding Fanny, directed by Homi Adjania, in which actor Ranveer Singh plays a small role.

Deepika has done a special song Love Mera Hit Hit in Shah Rukh Khan's home production film Billu (2009) and another one in Rohan Sippy's Dum Maro Dum.

Deepika was reportedly seen spending time with Ranveer while the latter was shooting for his next film Dil Dhadakne Do, directed by Zoya Akhtar, in Turkey and Barcelona.

Ranveer and Deepika will be seen together in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's much-talked-about film Bajirao Mastani. On reports that she has allotted 365 days for shooting Bajirao Mastani, the actress retorted, "I don't know where this came from. It is not true. I don't think I would ever be able to say (that) I will give 'x' days to a film. Sometimes it (shooting) gets over early (and) at times it takes longer. Our aim as actors is to complete the film, the number of days does not matter."

(Set)back for Ben

Actor Ben Affleck has reportedly injured his left shoulder on the sets of his upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The 42-year-old star, who plays Batman in the superhero movie, strained himself while doing a stunt involving his left shoulder. He was sent home, reported a website.

"It was hurting him pretty bad," a source said of the injury. "He's putting his all into this role and it's physically demanding. The trips to the gym are two, sometimes three times a day and on the sets he's like a machine." — PTI

Covering up for past

Pop star Katy Perry has got her nose pierced for the second time after being left with a scar at the age of 13 when she punched a hole through her nostril herself.

The 29-year-old singer took some time out from her Prismatic World Tour to have a stud punched through her nostril, reported a website.

The brunette beauty posted a video of the procedure on Instagram, which sees her wince with pain as the needle is pushed through the right side of her nose.

The Roar hit maker decided to have her nose pierced in the hope of covering up the scar she was left with at the age of 13 when she poked a hole in her nose herself with a safety pin and an ice cube. — PTI

Rani roots for Mardaani

Rani Mukerji visited the jawaans at Baramulla district in Kashmir where she had a lengthy chat with them about their lives and daily routines. Rani was given a personal lady security guard and they became good friends. This was done for the promotions of Mardaani.

Stage presence

Shahid Kapoor was absolutely thrilled to perform at the O2 Arena in London before a house full of screaming fans. The stadium has previously staged pop icons like Madonna and Beyonce. Around 20,000 fans of Shahid Kapoor showed up for the exhilarating performance.

A warrior in the making

Sidharth Malhotra is going the Aamir Khan way and changing his look for and with every film. He prepares intensively for every film he does. At the moment, he is on a protein diet and a weight training schedule to beef up for The Warrior.

A soft convert

Aditya Roy Kapur is speaking in Urdu these days keeping in sync with his character of Muslim chef Tariq in Daawat-E-Ishq. He also plays a Muslim in another upcoming film Fitoor, which will be shot in Kashmir.

The first look

The promo of Happy New Year was launched at a suburban five-star hotel with a fashion show, a dance performance, a music performance and a fun press conference with all the cast members. The trailer is now in cinemas and online as well.

Kriti needs space!

Kriti Sanon, who debuted in Heropanti, has purchased a new house for herself in suburban Mumbai. She has been visiting furniture stores and shopping online as well to decorate her house. We hear the apartment is quite spacious!

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Networking will help you to build contacts that will further your career plans.

You gain insight by looking at the truth and listing priorities. Spend time on fitness routines.

Tarot message: Do not give up your rights or freedom.

Lucky colour: Saffron

Magic Number: 36

TAURUS: Do not waste your time getting into arguments with colleagues or loved ones. Pay attention to health matters and do not neglect any persistent symptoms. There could be tensions with family members. Tarot message: Think positive and be optimistic.

Lucky colour: Forest green.

Magic Number: 28

GEMINI: You may be in an irritable frame of mind, but avoid making impulsive decisions. Differences could lead to tense moments and you have to be careful about spending too much time on some tasks.

Tarot message: Handle others carefully.

Lucky colour: Brown

Magic Number: 48

CANCER: Avoid making impulsive statements. Travel plans could run into some delays. There could be favourable news regarding a family member. Avoid the earth sign Virgo who could be cold and objective.

Tarot message: Leave the past and live in present.

Lucky colour: Yellow

Magic Number: 45

LEO: You may have opportunities to make an impression on seniors or new business associates. Your ideas will be appreciated by people who matter. It is time to reconsider your career plans.

Tarot message: Make changes to keep pace with the changing times. Lucky colour: White

Magic Number: 29

VIRGO: You may start a long-term venture that explores your potential and brings you fame. Financial gains on the cards. Your sense of humour will put you in the spotlight. Tarot message: Unfinished business will unleash new problems.

Lucky colour: Navy blue

Magic Number: 32

LIBRA: Allow your heart to lead the way in personal relationship. Disruption in a business venture is temporary. Blockages and delays are to be expected.

Tarot message: Don't enter into a conflict in a mater that doesn't concern or affect you.

Lucky colour: Maroon

Magic Number: 47

SCORPIO: You are generous and giving in personal relationships and command respect from family and friends.

A bad mood will make you less popular than usual. Try to avoid social interaction for the day.

Tarot message: Play your cards close to your chest.

Lucky colour: Peach

Magic Number: 31

SAGITTARIUS: Finances brighten considerably.

There is a chance to deeply impress someone without gloating, so be restrained when praising yourself.

Tarot message: Delays are the only obstacle in your way to success.

Lucky colour: Ebony

Magic Number: 53

CAPRICORN: Tension at home will have an emotional affect on you. Look to a close friend or family member to clarify long-term solutions. There is a chance to gain from interacting with your soul mate.

Tarot message: Do what is right and watch your best interests.

Lucky colour: Aqua blue

Magic Number: 41

AQUARIUS: A romance that you might have thought was headed your way arrives on its own terms. Your boss is as stubborn as you are, so have a flexible attitude.

Tarot message: Learn to rely on your intellectual abilities.

Lucky colour: Pista greens

Magic Number: 26

PISCES: It is a good time to build up positive patterns that foster growth. A classic afternoon get-together between you and an old flame could be the antidote to your recent bout with boredom.

Tarot message: Learn to cope better with success and its limitations.

Lucky colour: Cream

Magic Number: 65

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is August 18...

You are broad-minded, tolerant, generous, and a compassionate person who can inspire others with imaginative ideas. Though you have been facing a lot of mental pressure recently, a powerful year lies ahead for you. Your birthday falls on the 18th, which indicates that it is a great time for you to return to a creative project that you abandoned some time ago. Someone from your past will try to reignite your passion. While the prospect of an affair is tempting, do not rekindle this particular relationship. Try to control your expenses and buy only the essential items. An unexpected message from a distant relative brings excitement for the entire family. Today you would be full of good ideas and your choice of activities will bring you gains far beyond your expectations. Improvement in finances is certain. Do not be rigid with your family. You would make major gains at work. Too many good things may have blinded you to the truth, but it is never too late to get a reality check. Those in creative fields are likely to be commissioned for a prestigious project. Seek out the company of intellectually stimulating individuals.

Positive colours: Golden, red, brown, cream, white, orange and purple

Select days: Sunday and Monday

Favourable numbers: 1, 4, 2, and 7

Gems recommended: Yellow sapphire and ruby

Daler Mehndi Charity on birthday: Feed some lepers or physically challenged people.

You share your birthday with Daler Mehndi (August18, 1967, Patna), who began singing Shabads at the age of six. In 1995, his first album Bolo Ta Ra Ra, sold half a million copies. Astrologically, Rahu being negative in his birthchart, Daler should remain vigilant about controversies and court cases, which may appear time to time. However, he will continue to gain popularity.

Chatter box
Trips and tours

Mrunal Jain, who essays the lead role of Akash in the show, Uttaran, recently went to Hong Kong and Macau for holiday with his wife Sweety, Munisha Khatwani, Shilpa Anand and Anand Suryavanshi. They went to casinos, shopping and clubbing all three days. They shopped till they dropped. The only problem they faced was that Mrunal and his wife are vegetarians and it was difficult to find Jain food for them, so they survived only on Margarita Pizza. With photography being Mrunal's hobby, he clicked away to glory.

While it was Munisha planned the trip, Mrunal shares that a short break is the only way to rejuvenate. "Munisha Khatwani is a dear friend and it this trip was her idea. We all had a blast, but I am pure Jain and I could not find any vegetarian food, except Margarita Pizza. I felt really fresh after the trip," Mrunal says.

Over and out

Now that Bigg Boss will soon be telecast on television, Ashish Sharma and Sanaya Irani's show Rangrasiya, will end next month. The show did not work right from the beginning when it was launched in December 2013. The makers even tried to introduce a seven-year leap to infuse life into the story, but in vain.

Nearing its end

Life OK’s show, Nadaan Parinde, will end soon, because the show could not garner enough ratings. The show stars Karam Rajpal, Nikkhil Chaddha and Gulki Joshi and its last episode will be telecast on September 5.

Back on telly

Sara Khan, who has been away from television for quite some time now, will be seen in Life OK's show, The Adventures of Hatim. She will be doing a two-episode long cameo in the series, where Hatim, Kasim and Perizaad will meet Sara in a cave to find a goblet.

Ticket to Bollywood

Actress Samiksha Bhatnagar, who is currently seen in Uttaran, is all set to debut in Madhur Bhandarkar's film titled, Calender girls. She will be seen playing the role of a highly reputed and educated corporate woman in one of the stories in the film that features five stories. We caught up with her to talk the film and more.

Are you a Madhur Bhandarkar fan?

I have been an avid admirer of Madhur Bhandarkar's work and I was surprised when he offered an important role in his film.

Can you tell us something about your role in the film?

I have already started shooting for the film but cannot reveal much about it.

Did you get the role because of your height?

Models are tall and so are calendar girls. Although, I am not playing a calendar girl but my role is important and makes a difference to the story.

How tall are you?

My height is five feet six inches. In television industry, height does not matter, but in Bollywood, height makes a lot of difference. There are thousands of auditions for one role and one right role can get you noticed and can thereby become a stepping stone in your career. I am hoping it will open more avenues for me.

What's your secret behind being so tall?

Besides my genes, I have been quite active in sports since my childhood. — HRM

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