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Grooms Wanted

PQM4 beautiful, tall, charming girl, 08.03.1978, 7:03 am, Jallandar, 5'-4", MCA. Educated status family. Upper caste too welcome.  C4-54025

Tall, handsome Professionally well qualified, well settled issueless divorcee/unmarried match (not born before 1979) from status family for beautiful, M.Tech., Working. Punjabi Khatri, 1984 born (Looks much younger), 5'-3", innocent issueless divorcee girl. Early marriage. Contact :  C4-54077

MD/DNB/IAS match for slim, beautiful very fair, 5'-6", Oct. 1984, MD girl, Medical Officer leading Govt. hospital. Status family. Decent marriage.  C4-54153

Suitable match for Punjabi Hindu Arora MBA girl, very beautiful, fair, slim, homely 24/5'-6". Tricity based service/business family preferred.  C4-54621

Suitable match for Punjabi Hindu Arora M.Com. girl, very beautiful, fair, slim, homely 25/5'-3". Tricity based business family preferred.  C4- 54623

SM4 Khatri girl, 1.1.86, 12.10 a.m. Ambala, 5'-5", B.Tech PEC Chd MS & working Germany good pkg. boy at Germany near Cologn or Dusseldorf preferred 09896972036  C4-54651

Suitable match for U.K. settled slim, smart, beautiful cultured Khatri girl 40/5'-5", working as a Consultant Doctor, can migrate to India also, no bars. Contact:  NA4-43513

Professionally qualified working suitable match for Lubana Sikh beautiful girl, 83 born/5'-4", B.Tech., MBA, York University, Canada, working in MNC Canada, Package $ 1 Lakh. Caste no bar. 094162-81526.  C4-49142

PQM handsome clean shaven match above 5'-10" for beautiful Labana Sikh Girl, 5'-8", 1986, MS, (USA), B.Tech Mumbai. Engineer in Multinational company in USA H1B1. Respond with photo and biodata. Email: , Mobil 09869189669. C4-51088

PQM for beautiful, highly educated Nai Sikh girl, 1983, 5'-1", (MBA from USA, pursuing Ph.D.), now working in MNC Noida, applied for Canadian P.R. Father in USA, brother in Canada. Email:,  85287- 64460, 94786-33447. C4-52105

Well-settled Sikh Mair Rajput business family invite alliance for their tall, slim, beautiful daughter, 4th May, 1985, 1:20 p.m. Chandigarh, 5'-4" Science Graduate. Caste no bar. Response with full biodata. 094166-87575.  C4-53629

SM4 beautiful, slim, fair Sikh Weaver girl, 1986, 5'- 5", M.Sc. Q.A. NRI can also apply. 9988304435. C4-54281

Jat Sikh parents seeking match for their daughter 1989, 5'-7", slim, very beautiful, smart, MS Computer Engineering from USA, H1B visa holder, working in USA, well educated family. Boy should be professionally qualified, US citizen/Green Card holder. Email:  A4-39771-OL

Jat Sikh parents seeking Canada/US based MD/MBBS match for their 23,       5'-4", MBBS daughter, born and raised in Canada, preparing for USMLE. Email:  C4-49876

Seeking PQM from Jatt Sikh family for a slim good looking UK citizen,  26/5'-4". Girl is a Pharmacist and well-employed in London. We seek a professionally qualified handsome boy, 5'-8"+ from well-settled family with good family values. Preference to UK, US and Canada settled families. Kindly email complete bio-data with pictures. Email:  C4-50157

Suitable match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, 5'-5"/Dec- 85, B.Sc. Nursing, Canada PR applied, belonging to highly educated family, brother settled in Canada. Early marriage. Contact with full details and photo at  C4-51074

Looking only Amritdhari match for Canadian (PR) Amritdhari Gursikh girl,       7 Nov. 82, 5'-2", BSN, MSE, working as Nurse in Toronto. Groom should preferably be in Canada. 9815962628, 9815402181.  C4-51102

US citizen well educated Jat Sikh parents invite correspondence from US born or brought up Jat Sikh boy MD or MBA for their US born 28/5'-9" slim, beautiful, Health Law Attorney, Daughter. Send biodata and picture to Email:  C4-51839

Qualified match for Canada permanent resident, Jatt Sikh girl, 1981/5'-8", MBA. Father retd class one officer. Elder sister married in USA. 9888390907.  C4-51845

Professionally qualified match for US Citizen, Jat Sikh girl.She is 5'-8" tall, May 82 born. Degree in Computer Business Administration, presently she is working with Residential Home Builders in California. Reply with biodata & photo:  C4-52145B

Professional match for fair, beautiful, convent educated Jat Sikh girl, 5'-6", Feb. 1989, B.Tech., Software Engineer in MNC. Well settled family. ,  94174-18181. C4-52449

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh 1987 born 5'-3", M.Tech. Honours (CSE), Assistant Professor near Chandigarh. Very sincere girl. Preference turbaned employed boy. Mail:  C4-52461

Match for very beautiful, tall, slim, fair, convent educated, well-cultured, highly qualified Jat Sikh girl 28/5'-6", working as Asstt. Professor, belonging to decent, status family. Looking for IAS/Allied/Class-I, well-established, tall, handsome boy from status family. Please respond with complete biodata & photograph. E-mail:  C4-52611

Jat Sikh Kang slim, smart, fair, 1987 born, B.Com., B.Ed., 5'-2", own 1 kanal kothi Kharar. 98720-01888. C4-52625

Beautiful Canadian PR 5'-5", 1985 born Jatt Sikh P.G. in Project Management (Canada) B.Tech (India), Interested nice Jatt Sikh families please contact with boy's professional qualifications, biodata and recent pics at  C4-52673

Suitable match for Jat Sikh, MBBS, MD, consultant in reputed Hospital Mohali, Dec-79/5'-4", homely, beautiful.  C4-52721

Wanted handsome Jat Sikh match preferably settled at Calegory or Vancouver for beautiful, educated girl, 27/5'-3", presently residing at Calegory on P.R. basis. 098761-23459, 098153-15025.  C4-52905

PQM for Chandigarh based BDS Jat Sikh March 1986, 5'- 5". Tricity/NRI preferred. Upper caste no bar. 9872218095. Email:  C4-53143

Status Jat Sikh parents seeks suitable match for their very beautiful, creative, cultured daughter, 30/5'-5", M.A. Psychology, PG diploma Banking. Working Assistant Manager Govt bank. Father retired Defence officer. Substantial rural, urban property.  C4-53223

5'-4", 32 years old, MA, M.Phil, B.Ed. Govt. teacher Jatt Sikh girl. Seeks suitable vegetarian match. Doaba preferred. E-mail:  8872705551. C4-53301

PQM for 5'-8"/86 born Jat Sikh, MBA, fair, slim, urban girl working with reputed org. Match sought must be above 5'-11", clean-shaven, urban Jat Sikh boy from respected, well-educated family. Contact with horoscope details. 98888-85724,  C4-53407

Well settled family seeking suitable match for their Jat Sikh Virk beautiful, slim daughter, 1991, 5'-6", Graduate, homely, Chandigarh based. Chandigarh/Mohali/Panchkula preferred. Send biodata & photo at Email:  C4-53427

Compatible match for professional & well-settled, New Zealand PR Jat Sikh girl 27 yrs, 5'-4". Looking for a professionally qualified guy. Preferably already in NZ or working in MNC. Email:,  mobile: 9464358950 C4-53883

PQM 4 Jat Sikh slim girl, Nov. 1983 born, 5'-3", Comp. Engg. + MBA (Finance) from Pb. (India), 2 year Diploma in Accounting from Canada, on work permit. Jat boy cleanshaven, non-drinker, non-smoker, Canadian PR (G.T.A.), Malwa preferred. Mob. 94176-78962, 94638- 09050. Email:  C4-53937

Amritdhari Jat Sikh Sekhon beautiful girl 25 years, 5'- 7", BDS, preparing D.D.S. Required Doctor, Engineer boy. Email:  C4-53971

PQM for Jat Sikh girl, 34/5'-4", BDS MPH Canadian PR, Health Care Manager Toronto, issueless divorcee. 98727- 31435.  C4-53985

Status match only for Jat-Sikh Medico Dental girl 29/5'-3". Family owning U/R property. Father Ex-PCS, mother Ex-PES. E-mail:  C4-54073

Professional match for Jat Sikh girl 26 5'-7", fair, B.E., MBA from premier institutes worked for investment bank belongs to educated & affluent family.  C4-54167

Jat Sikh educated status business family seeks alliance for their daughter, Feb. 1988, 5'-3", BCA/MBA, fair, sober, brought up with family values. Malwa preferred. Contact: 9592810048. E-mail:  C4-54332

Only Canadian PR well settled match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, Dec. 1986/5'-5", B.Tech., Canadian PR, working in Canadian Company. Parents Chandigarh settled. Send photo and biodata. E-mail: ,  964-684-7990. C4-54431

Required professionally qualified compatible match for Jat Sikh, July 1984, 5'-6", beautiful doctor girl, having cleared all the steps of USMLE. Preferably doctor from educated family. E-mail:  C4-54681

Needs Canadian/workpermit educated Jat Sikh for Canadian PR educated 28/5'-2" girl. 99880-44881. NA4- 44860

Indian/NRI match for Jat Sikh beautiful girl 1983/5'- 5", B.Tech., MBA finance York University. Now Manager in Govt. Bank (NCR).  81463- 18894. NA4-44876

Match for Amritdhari Sikh Saini girl, MBA, B.Ed, 29/5'- 4". Send biodata with picture. Contact: 9872977618. Email:  C4-52875

Suitable Jat or Saini Veterinarian match for PR Canada Saini Sikh fair girl, 30 yrs., 5'-1", graduate, family owns Animal Hospitals (Veterinary business) in British Columbia, please contact via Email:  or Call (001) 778-552-7272. C4-53403B

Professionally qualified, vegetarian teetotaler match for Brahmin girl Manglik May 1989 born, 5'-5", New Zealand PR, pursuing B.Tech (final year) also working full time in a MNC. Only Australian, New Zealand Citizen/PR Holder may contact. Email:  +64223986560, +6496300035. C4-46378

In search of Doctor, Engineer, professional for two beautiful girls, born, raised, educated in America. 1 Doctor MD, USA citizen girl, 1977, 5-6, 150, never married, working in a hospital, Email:  2 Graduated medical school, USA citizen girl, 1980, 5-6, 150, never married, research assistant, email:  Very respectable, highly educated family well settled USA. Caste no bar. Please reply with biodata/picture. C4-48712

Match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, 31 yr 5'-3", fair, beautiful Australian educated and citizen, highly qualified with Masters, vegetarian, working in a senior position in healthcare industry. Family well- educated and settled in Australia. Brother doing Medicine. Clean shaven, Doctor MBBS, MD match from tricity, Ludhiana area willing to settle in Australia or Australia settled preferred. Caste no bar. Reply with complete bio-data and photograph. Email:  C4-49264

Match for beautiful Dhiman Brahmin girl, BDS, 27/5'- 4", rental+business income 1,00,000/- per month, own bank building & one kanal plot in Mohali, 10 years USA & Canada Visa. Tricity working match of business family. Email:  C4-54387

Suitable teetotaller match with/without minor disabilities for Gursikh Bhatia girl, 28/5'-1", M.Pharma Gold Medalist-2012, studied entirely in Chandigarh/Mohali. Fair complexioned, beautiful, intelligent, sober, working as Lecturer near Yamunanagar. Affected with Leucoderma (Phulwahri). Unembarrassing light and minor spots only on left eyelid, fingers' knots and mainly on legs and feet (hidden). Well settled family of Mohali. Father retired Bank Manager, Mother retired Gazetted Officer of Punjab Govt. ID SH87699243. Contact with full profile and photo on Email:  or 09876048488/ 08146666426. C4-53723

SQM4 for Hindu Koli Himachali girl, 5', M.Com., M.B.A., C.A. (Inter), 20.01.1980, 08.00 p.m. working in Chandigarh. Email id:  Box 810F Tribune, Chandigarh. 

Suitable match for Thakur beautiful girl, 6.10.1983, 10.20 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-5", M.A., B.Ed. MNC/Business/Job, Manglik and Non-Manglik both can approach. Upper caste no bar. Send biodata/Photo -  95010-62348. C4-52657

Doaba Sikh Minhas Rajput, 87/5'-7", Asst. Prof. in Engineering college girl. Maid/Kashyap need not apply. 9872183541. E-mail:  C4-52697

Suitable match for New Zealand PR Thakur Rajput girl, 27/5'-4", BCA & Postgraduate, working as a Graphic Designer. Email:  C4-53105

Match for Hindu Kashyap Rajput (Mehra) girl, 5'-3", Feb. 1983 born, M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed., teacher in convent school. Tricity preferred.  98786-11726. C4-53465

Alliance invited for beautiful, fair, slim girl, believes strongly in family values, 29, 5'-1", B.Sc Optometry, MA Sociology, also a professional artist. Boy from upper caste well established reputed family from professional/business background respond to:  , Contact: 094179-36498. C4-54465

Wanted suitable match for beautiful, 26/5'-6" Hindu Computer Engg. (HCL) girl. well to do family.  92566-09718, 0183-2571290. C4-47907

Vegetarian match for Brahmin beautiful, slim girl, 19.6.1988, 4 PM, Chandigarh, 5'-4", M.Sc. (PU), working contractual (Govt.). Contact after matching Kundli. 98720-29088. C4-52537

Jalandhar based family require SM4 Brahmin girl, 19.12.86, 7.05 pm, Jalandhar, 5'-3", BA, B.Ed. Teaching in Public school. Send BHP after matching Kundli. Prefer city Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Phillaur, Phagwara, Nawanshahr. E-mail:  Preference in teaching profession. Contact: 9815594253. C4-52699

Teetotaller, vegetarian match for beautiful, M.Sc., working Radiographer, 8.8.1985, 4:42 am Pinjore born, 5'-2". Tricity/NRI preferred. 98960-94957, 98960-98025,  C4-52821

Match for Himachali based Saraswat Brahmin girl, B.Sc. (Biotech), MBA (HR). 10.06.1987/12:40 p.m./Chandigarh. 5'-1". Working in MNC Noida. Package 5.00 lakh. Family permanently settled in Chandigarh. Contact 94177-75847, 0172-2673580. Email :  C4- 52879

Suitable match for well educated beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl, 5'-1", 18.08.1987, 7:50 am, Chandigarh. 98140-74216. Email:  C4-53659

Suitable match Tricity/NCR for beautiful Himachali, B.A., B.Sc. (IT) girl 5'-2", 31.7.82, 3.15 pm Delhi. Manager Gurgaon. Preferred Himachali. Send BHP.  Mob: 09815245816. Contact after matching kundli. C4-54069 

Professionally qualified match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin 24.10.82/Odisha born/5'-3", MBA (HR) from Bangalore. Working in Chandigarh. Email : , +91 94370-23045. C4-54307

Match Manglik/Non-Manglik for Brahmin girl, B.Tech., 5'-4", fair, slim, beautiful, 22.01.85, 10 a.m., Chandigarh, working Counsellor. Father Engineer. Kanal House.  C4-54489

Professionally qualified match for slim, good looking Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl, March 81, 5'-1", M.A.(Psy), M.Ed.(PU), Guidance and Counselling, working as Counsellor in prestigious Chandigarh School. 94171- 87204.  C4-54521

Seeking suitable match for Brahmin PCS (Allied) girl preferably from Indian Civil Services, PCS, Judiciary, Doctor (MD) slim, very beautiful 87, 5'-4". Father Senior Gazetted Officer in Punjab Government. Please send biodata at  82888-00005. NA4-42893

Suitable qualified match for Jat Malik girl March 86, 5'-6", B.Tech. (IT), serving MNC (NCR), pkg. 9 lac. Ambala based family. 098968-75334.  C4-54194

PQM for M.Tech. (NIT) Assistant Professor girl, DoB 14.8.1987, 9 p.m. Kurukshetra, 5 feet. Contact 096711- 05363.  C4-54317

Post-Graduate match for beautiful Hindu Punjabi Arora girl 26/5'-5", MBA, working with MNC, family Ambala settled. 83980-00932.  A4-39578

Seeks alliance from Ramgarhia/Dhiman clean shaven boy, well-settled, educated, teetotaller for professionally qualified beautiful Ramgarhia/Dhiman girl. Details: 1 Jan 1988, 8:10 pm, 5'-3", Delhi. Delhi/NCR preferred. Send bio-data with photo at Email:  Contact:9871764787. C4-52259B

Ramgarhia girl, May 87, 5'-5", B.Tech., MBA, working MNC. Chandigarh, Mohali based family preferred. 99886- 91020.  C4-52391

Settled teetotaller match for Hindu Wheatish slim Radhaswami Dhiman girl May 82, 5'-3", B.A./Fashion & Web Designer working. Ruprai/Munday. Upper caste welcome. 9896880064, 9646222051.  C4-52695

Well settled Ramgarhia cleanshaven match for Sikh convent educated girl, M.Sc. IT, June 1986, 5'-5", working reputed Company Delhi. Father Ex Class-I Officer. Mobile: 98780-09372. E-mail:  C4-53021

Match for Post Graduate (Journalism & Mass Communication) beautiful Hindu girl, 1982/5'-4", Asstt Manager, UT Government . Preference Chandigarh/Panchkula/Mohali. Contact 94636-42201. C4-53179

Clean-shaven match preferable Post-graduate for beautiful Dhiman girl. Non-manglik, 5'-5", 21st February 1987, B.Com., M.S. Accountancy USA. Presently working in Bangalore. Caste no bar. 09876110757.  C4-53823

Turbaned, vegetarian, non-drinker match for 19 March 1988 born Ramgarhia girl, 5'-1", BCA, MCA, doing B.Ed. Well settled family in Jalandhar City. 9888051159. E- mail:  C4-54365

Dr, B.E., MBA, match for Ramgarhia Dhiman, slim, beautiful, unmarried girl, B.Tech. (Computer), P.S.U. Executive, Shimla. Nov. 78/5'-3". Upper caste no bar. 98766-11948. Email:  C4-54419

Well-qualified match for Sikh Khatri vegetarian beautiful girl, 80/5'-2", M.I.B., MCA. 84279-54820,  C4-47911

Suitable match for (Balmiki) issueless divorcee girl, 5'-3", 24.07.1980, B.A., B.Ph.Ed., B.Ed., M.Ed. Tricity preferred. 76969-01065. C4-49816

Suitable match for Balmiki girl, Graduate as regular student, completed Fashion Designing one year course. 1 July 1990, Shahzadpur Majra, 0330 AM. Gotra Father- Chanalia, Mother-Shode, Grand Mother-Atwal. Father Indian Air Force employed. Prefer employed boy. Contact for early marriage from Punjab or Haryana. Contact No. 94667-69919, 0171-2632236. C4-52033 

SM4 Canadian PR 1989/5'-4", Ad-dharmi (SC) girl, Diploma Biotech Seneca College. Required well educated preferably Canadian PR boy around Doaba. 97800-44108.  C4-52345

Alliance for beautiful Ad-dharmi Ramdasia girl, M.Sc., B.Ed. teacher in Convent school, born May 1981, 5'-3", Jalandhar based. 9878131243. E-mail:  C4-53919

Wanted a vegetarian boy for a qualified girl 26/5'-3", MCA, preparing for Civil Services. Officers family. Caste no bar. Preferred Hindu family. Phone No: 98729- 71740, 98784-01740. E-mail:  C4- 52129

Chandigarh/ Panchkula based Arora family seeks alliance for their only daughter 1989 born, Government Bank Officer, legally divorced, having a son. Educated & well settled boy with family status from Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Patiala, Ambala may respond at  C4-47781

Sikh Khatri issueless legally divorcee, Aug. 85, 5'-2", Chandigarh, B.Tech., IT Professional.  97819-99960. C4-53578

Well settled businessman/professional match for Gursikh Arora 25, 5'-4", Chartered Accountant (well settled practice) girl. Contact : 94172-61425,  C4-52089

Well settled in India or Australia SM4 M.Sc. (Hons.), B.Ed. M.Ed. Arora Sikh beautiful, fair, smart, Dec. 83 born, 5'-5", lecturer girl. Younger brother in Australia on study basis. Educated family. Please contact with full biodata with snaps. 9815112445. E- mail:  C4-52801

Suitable match for tall, fair, beautiful, BA, PGDM (HR), Garg homely girl 25/5'-6", from affluent and cultured family. Looking for well-settled Agarwal teetotaller boy, preferably in NCR/Tricity who need housewife only. Full details, photo to Email:  C4-53317

Match for beautiful Jindal girl non manglik 5'-0", 12.06.1989, 6:35 pm, CA (Inter) appearing in final. 7837115510. Email:  C4-54485

PQM for fair Garg girl 5', 23.10.1990, 10.0 am. (Ferozepur) MBA pursuing Ph.D. Father well establish businessman in Ambala. Mob 94160-27084. Email:  NA4-44371

Professionally qualified beautiful match for fair, smart, 5'-4" Bansal girl DoB 13.3.1989, 12:48 am, Moga (Punjab) MBA (Finance) working in reputed MNC Gurgaon, handsome package. Belongs to well-reputed business family. Decent marriage. (Professional boy is preferred. Contact No.: 94175-33828. Email:  NA4-44890 


One kanal, ground floor, fully furnished. 3B/R with dressing and toilets.
Servant room and toilet in Sector 68, Mohali. Only MNC/company lease. Contact: 095686- 14740. C4-53401


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