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Grooms Wanted

Very Affluent Chandigarh Based Jat-Sikh Family Invites Business/Professional match from high status family for their only daughter 1985 born, pretty, slim, 5’-3” tall. Masters from U.S.A. Chandigarh match preferred. No NRI’s please. Respond with biodata & Photograph. C4-62753

Match for Manglik 5.1.1985/19:01/Abohar, 5'-2˝", MBA, M.A. English, B.Ed. Working in Pvt Bank Chandigarh, Package 3 lacs. Kundli must. Contact 098885-80102. C4- 62257

Only Tricity based well educated PR Australia/willing to settle Asutralia match for Australian PR (Perth) Hindu Khatri employed girl, April 1982/5'-7˝", well settled. Early marriage. 098551-71079. E- C4-62681

Suitable well settled match for Lubana Sikh beautiful, employed girl, 30/5'-4", M.Sc. Hotel Management, Jalandhar based family. Caste no bar. Early marriage. 9417632055. C4-61711

US citizen well educated Jat Sikh parents invite correspondence from US born or brought up Jat Sikh boy MD or MBA for their US born 28/5'-9" slim, beautiful, Health Law Attorney, Daughter. Send biodata and picture to Email: C4-51839

Beautiful Canadian PR 5'-5", 1985 born Jatt Sikh P.G. in Project Management(Canada) B.Tech (India), Interested nice Jatt Sikh families please contact with boy's professional qualifications, biodata and recent pics at C4-52673

Required clean shaven Jat Sikh PQM for Convent educated BMS, MBA very pretty fair, smart girl, 1987 born, 5'- 5". Please respond with complete biodata and recent photos at C4-54945

Canadian Jat Sikh parents seeking a suitable match for their well-educated daughter 1982 born, 5'-6", tall, professionally employed. The boy should be well educated, professionally employed and preferably clean shaven. E mail bio data and recent photo to C4- 55959

Professionally qualified well settled match from decent family for smart working girl possessing great family values, 29/162.5, B.Tech Computer Science from educated Jat Sikh family respond with details of family and boy along with recent pictures at or contact at 94661-50666. C4-58984

Match preferably rural background for Bathinda area Jat Sikh Sidhu 1988/5'-7" slim, vegetarian Masters in Computer Science BITS, Pillani, Software Engineer girl working reputed MNC Bangalore, package 13 Lac. E-mail: C4-59542B

U.S. settled Jat Sikh parents seek correspondence for their Doctor daughter (Medicine) doing Residency in U.S., 28/5'-4", very pretty, fair, warm and caring personality, understands both cultures. Handsome and sincere Medico or doing Residency match in USA preferred. Please respond with picture via Email: C4-61783

Jat Sikh family seeks professionally qualified, well settled match for beautiful, well qualified, convent educated girl, 25/5'-5", B.FTech, pursuing MBA (final). Contact: 08146725289. C4-61791

Jat Sikh parents living in Canada looking for Doctor/Dentist match only from Canada or from US (willing to move to Canada) for their doctor daughter 5'-1"/85 slim, beautiful, family oriented , well versed in both cultures, Canadian citizen, doing residency in Canada. If interested, please contact at C4-62017

Canadian Jat Sikh, GTA based family seeks well- educated, Jat Sikh professional match for their Canadian citizen daughter 1986 Aug born/5'-3", slim, beautiful. Working as Accounting Coordinator. Masters Economics from reputed Indian university, Three years Business Accounting from Toronto. Respond with bio data and recent photographs at C4-62019

Status match only for Jat-Sikh Medico Dental girl 29/5'-3". Family owning U/R property. Father Ex-PCS, mother Ex-PES. E-mail: C4-62199

Match for well qualified Asstt. Professor college 38/5'-5", looks very young, slim, sober, v.beautiful girl, issueless brief marriage annulled. Father Class-1 Officer, brother M.Tech., MBA, businessman urbanised status family. 99159-21950. C4- 62287

Suitable match for Jat Sikh slim, fair, very beautiful girl, 5'-3", Nov. 78, M.A. English, B.Ed., Govt job, English Teacher Govt. High School in Mohali District. Chandigarh based small educated family. E-mail: Box 862F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful Canadian PR 5'5" 1985 born Jatt Sikh P.G. in Project Management(Canada) B.Tech (India), Interested nice Jatt Sikh families please contact with boy's professional qualifications, biodata and recent pics at C4-62711

Seeking professionaly qualified match from USA for Jat Sikh girl 29/5'-4", doing Ph.D in Engineering from U.S. University. Please respond at: 97798-43651. C4-62853

PQM for 5'-8"/86 born Jat Sikh, MBA, fair, slim, urban girl working with reputed org. Match sought must be above 5'-11", clean-shaven, urban JatSikh boy from respected, well-educated family. Contact with horoscope details. 98888-85724, C4-63107

Professional handsome boy in USA for beautiful, fair, December 1983/5'-4˝", Doctor Jat Sikh girl. Doing Final year of Residency in USA. Please contact with biodata, pictures at : C4-63123

Professionally qualified MNC employed Jat Sikh Punjabi cleanshaven 1984-85 born boy for 5'-7" tall, slim, extremly beautiful MNC employed girl, earning 6 LPA girl from IAS Defence Officers family. Send biodata, picture. Email: C4-63303

Alliance invited for fair, tall, beautiful family oriented convent Post-graduate B.Sc. (Medical), MA (English), B.Ed. girl 1981/5'-6˝". Applied US immigration. 97791-49005. C4-63459

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh teetotaller, slim, beautiful, convent educated girl, 5'-5"/1988, MBA, P.O. in Govt. Bank. Preferred Tricity. ; 7307806977. C4-63705

Well-educated Jat Sikh family seeks turbaned highly qualified professional match from North America for their daughter Dec. 86, 5'-4", fair, beautiful & family oriented, highly educated with double Masters in Microbiology GNDU & Bio-Technology, Columbia University. Presently working as Validation Analyst in reputed Pharmaceutical Firm in Philadelphia. Respond with biodata, pics at: cleanshaven may excuse. NA4-51596

Dentist/Doctor match for Jat Sikh girl 27/5'-6", BDS IInd year, MDS resident USA, beautiful, sober all rounder sister Dentist, Brother in law Doctor in USA. Parents in USA. Father retired gazetted officer. Respond with full particulars to Email: NA4-52068

Suitable match for Saini Sikh girl, November 88, 5'-4", MCA. Working in MNC Pune. Mobile 98146-22705. Email : C4-61899

Match for Saini Sikh issueless divorcee girl, 5'-3", 43, MA, Govt. job. 94652-36951. NA4-51318

PQM for Doaba Sikh Rajput girl, slim, 5'-2"/Dec. 83 born, M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed. family oriented, Canadian PR, visiting India shortly. Only high caste Sikh, genuine and sincere need correspond. Marriage bureau, dowry seeker may please excuse. Mob: 9815323367. E- mail: C4-62307

Match for beautiful Dhiman Brahmin girl, BDS, 27/5'- 4", rental+business income 50,000/- per month, own bank building & one kanal plot in Mohali, 10 years USA & Canada Visa. Tricity working match of business family. Email: C4-63069

Suitable match for M.Sc. IT, Dhiman Ramgarhia girl 28, 5'-4", presently on work permit in Toronto, Canada (2.5 lakhs p.m.). PR soon. Visiting India shortly. 10 year USA Visa. Early marriage. Email: C4-63071

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Goldsmith girl, September 1981, 5'-7", M.Tech, MCA, working in IT field in an MNC as Onshore Team Lead in Canada, belongs to business family in Punjab. Upper Caste no bar. Respond with details. Contact: +91- 9815246147. C4-63335

Looking for a suitable professional match for beautiful 5'-3" MS Physics Canadian PR Gumhar girl. Call 001-248- 709-7924 or email C4-59774B

Suitable match for beautiful Rana Rajput (Ambala) girl, 10.10.1990, B.Com., MBA, 5'-4". Field Inspector (HAFED) Haryana. 094165-41079, 97290-22419. C4-62181

Beautiful Himachali Rajput MBA, 7 Aug. 83 5'-1", working MNC. Father Gazetted Officer. 099967-17635, 086075-91905. C4- 63617

Professionally qualified match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, Feb. 85/5'-3", MBA, Sr. Manager (HR) in MNC at Chandigarh. Father Class-1 Officer. Contact: +91- 8968852253. C4-61837

Suitable Match for Vaishnav Baragi BAMS Dr. girl, 81 born/5'-4", Semi Govt. job, fair, smart, divorcee, 5 yr. old son. Upper caste no bar. Send bio data and photo at C4-62461B

Hindu Sahni Khatri beautiful, B.Tech., not working, 5'-3", 15 Nov. 1988, Kurukshetra. 097290-63789, C4-59770

Suitable match for Non-Manglik 5'-3", December 1980 born, beautiful, cultured, homely, M.A., B.Ed., Khatri girl from decent family. Father retired Gazetted officer. Seeking well settled educated boy from cultured family. Contact E-mail: Phone 094174-20648. C4-62083

Match for two girls 1978, 1982 born, height 5'-3", 5'- 1", non-manglik Hindu Khatri, M.Sc. M.Ed./M.Sc. MCA. Both slim, profession teaching, early marriage. Well- qualified contact from Chandigarh, NCR. 095307-65359, Email: C4-62747

Suitable match for Sikh Khatri slim girl, legally divorced, 5'-3", Oct. 82 born, having M.A., B.Ed, M.Ed, teaching profession. Early marriage preferred. 09911199611. C4-63363B

Match for Post Graduate (Journalism & Mass Communication) beautiful Hindu girl, 1982/5'-4", Asstt Manager, UT Government . Preference Chandigarh/Panchkula/Mohali. Contact 94636-42201. C4- 53179

Cleanshaven match preferable Post-graduate for beautiful Dhiman girl. Non-manglik, 5'-5", 21st February-1987, B.Com., MS in Accountancy USA. Presently working in Gurgaon. Caste no bar. 09876110757. C4-63031

Professionally qualified match for Chamar girl, 29 years/5'-4", MBA, PGDCA qualified. Tricity and nearby families preferred. Contact 94665-12702, 89011-15926. Email : C4-62851

Match for Himachali manglik Nai girl, B.Sc., MBA, Govt. (Bank) employee, 28 yrs., 5'-2". Employed, well settled, Himachali preferred. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 09418354112. E-mail: C4-61966

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri Manglik fair girl, 5'- 4", 30.03.87, 9:45 pm Chandigarh, C.A. (Inter). 98140- 04300, 98722-04138, C4-62101

Vegetarian Ad-dharmi (SC) Manglik fair, beautiful girl, 5'-2", 17.08.1986, 8.30 am, Jalandhar, BA & Office Management, required suitable match. Preferred from Punjab. 7355240506. E-mail: C4- 62329

Tonk Kashatria MBBS girl Haryana Govt. regular job 6.1.82, 5'-5". NRI Medico/Engineer match preferred. 75088-43564, 0064211502455, 0016044411077. NA4-52794

Suitable Arora/Khatri Sikh match for Arora Sikh girl divorced, only son, 34, 5'-4" wheatish, MCA, M.Phil., B.Ed. Teacher in recognised school, from well-settled family. Email: Box 863F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for beautiful Goel girl 04.09.85, 9:20 pm Dhuri, B.Tech MBA UGC 5'-5" fair Govt. Bank Officer G.Noida. Father businessman settle at Chandigarh. 98140-17608, C4-63199

Suitable match for beautiful, slim, fair Arora Sikh girl 1989/5'-5", MBA. Please send biodata with photo. Email: NA4-51913



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