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Grooms Wanted

IAS/HCS/PCS/Judiciary/Industrialist/NRI handsome match from high status family for extremely beautiful, intelligent slim, fair, 5’-6”, convent educated Central Government Officer, from affluent officer’s background 27.07.1986, 4:45 p.m. (Chandigarh). 09215589298, 09896111114. Email:  NA4-56659.

Well-educated, well-settled decent Gursikh match for 47 years, 5’-4”, unmarried Gursikh Charming girl in University teaching job. Box 889F, Tribune, Chandigarh. 

Status, affluent, educated Punjabi Khatri family seeks compatible match for their fair, slim, extremely beautiful, cultured daughter, Jan 85/5'-5", MA Eng. (looks much younger). Alliance invited from educated businessman/industrialist/ professional. No bar. Contact: 97818-89621,  A4-51500

Suitable match for manglik convent educated tall, fair, beautiful Hindu Khatri girl, 28.11.1986, 5'-6", 1:05 am, regular Microbiologist in Punjab Govt. Grade pay Rs.5K. Chandigarh based status Advocates family. Please respond after matching kundli. Email:  C4-67636

Slim, beautiful Arora MBA girl, 5'-4", 30.09.1986, 12:45 pm, Chandigarh. Tricity match preferred. 98886- 54249. C4-67748

Match for Arora Khatri girl, 1988, 5'-4", B.Tech., fair, beautiful, Asstt. Manager (Engineer) Central Govt. (Regular) employee. Gazetted offier central govt. employee preferred.  C4-68043

MD, MS, MDS or PQM for beautiful, MDS, Dec. 84, 5'-3", Kamboj Sikh girl. Well settled upper middle class family. One elder sister married. Upper caste no bar. Contact : 75084-44977 C4-66104

Suitable Tricity match for Mohali based Gursikh Arora girl, Oct. 86/5'-4", M.Sc. UGC pursuing Ph.D, Asstt. Professor, 5.50 LPA.;  9465107428. C4-67150

Match for Nai Sikh girl 1986/5'-4", BCA, M.Sc. I.T., MCA, doing job as a Assistant Professor in Pvt. College. Required Govt. employee or NRI boy. First preference to Moga, Ludhiana, Chandigarh. 98889-80891, 95018-00991. C4-68555

Well-qualified, professionally settled, status match for beautiful Sikh Tonk-khatri, 26/5'-2", B.Tech., MBA (premier insitute). From Upper middle class. Bank Manager, salary six digits. Caste no bar. 89689-70953,  C4-68989

US citizen well educated Jat Sikh parents invite correspondence from US born or brought up Jat Sikh boy MD or MBA for their US born 28/5'-9" slim, beautiful, Health Law Attorney, Daughter. Send biodata and picture to Email:  C4-51839

Suitable match for Jat Sikh slim, fair, very beautiful girl, 5'-3", Nov. 78, M.A. English, B.Ed., Govt job, English Teacher Govt. High School in Mohali District. Chandigarh based small educated family. E-mail:  Box 862F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful Canadian PR 5'5" 1985 born Jatt Sikh P.G. in Project Management(Canada) B.Tech (India), Interested nice Jatt Sikh families please contact with boy's professional qualifications, biodata and recent pics at  C4-62711

Professional handsome boy in USA for beautiful, fair, December 1983/ 5'-4˝", Doctor Jat Sikh girl. Doing Final year of Residency in USA. Please contact with biodata, pictures at :  C4-63123

Suitable match for extremely beautiful, tall, slim, Jat Sikh Sandhu girl, Aug.1987/5'-6", M.A. English, M.Ed. 080547-66992.  C4-63843

Required clean shaven Jat Sikh PQM for Convent educated BMS, MBA very pretty fair, smart girl, 1987 born, 5'- 5". Please respond with complete biodata and recent photos at  C4-64389

Well-educated Jatt Sikh family from Ludhiana seeking Jatt Sikh professional match from US for younger daughter 26, 5'-5" Ph.D. Engineering student in Chicago on Student Visa. Elder sister married and is a doctor in Michigan. Serious inquiries to  or 91-97797-48048.. C4-65826

Canadian Jat Sikh parents seek match for their Canadian born daughter 1988/5'-2" attractive, slim, ECE Diploma. Boy should be well-educated, sober and from Jat Sikh family and presently in Canada or USA. Contact:  or 1-604-725-3000. C4-65844B

Educated, well settled, Jat Sikh family from US seeking a professional and educated, match for their daughter, MBA, finance professional, 80 born, 5'-4". Please email pictures and bio data to  C4-66802B

Seeking suitable match from Jatt Sikh family. The girl is Jatt Sikh, 86 born, holds a degree from a Canadian University, is well-employed at a reputed company in Vancouver in a managerial position. Slim, good looking, hard-working, Canadian citizen, 5'-2". Well-educated family. Reply with full particulars and photos to:  C4-66876

Beautiful Jat Sikh girl 20.8.86, 4.30 p.m., 5'-3", B.Tech., Senior Software Engineer in MNC. Preferred Jat Sikh boy working in MNC and having 15+ acre rural/urban property.  99152-22552, 98883-06067. C4-67382

US Jat Sikh Citizen parents seeks alliance from Medico or highly professional well settled, handsome boy preferably in USA for their exceptionally beautiful Doctor girl, doing Residency in US, 28/5'-4", well versed in both cultures. Correspondence invited with recent photograph. Email:  C4-67576

Jat Sikh educated status family seeks alliance for their daughter, Feb. 1988, 5'-3", BCA, MBA, sober, family oriented girl. Malwa preferred. E-mail:  Cell: 9592810048, 9592612584. C4-68337

Suitable match preferably rural back ground for Bathinda based Sidhu Jat Sikh 1988/5'-7", slim, fair, vegetarian girl B.Tech./M.E. CSE from BITS Pillani, working as Software Engineer since 2012 in MNC R&D wing Bangalore, package 13 lac. Email:  C4-68861B

Jat Sikh, California based educated family, 1980, 5'- 2", fair, beautiful, intelligent, MBA, working for IT Company in USA, divorced after short term marriage, no issues. She immigrated when 18 years old. Parents seeking compatible match from USA or Canada only.  C4-68907

PQM for 5'-8"/86 born Jat Sikh, MBA, fair, slim, urban girl working with reputed Org. Match sought must be above 5'-11", clean-shaven, urban Jat Sikh boy from respected, well-educated family. Contact with horoscope details. 98888-85724,  C4-68979

Seeking match for 1984 born, beautiful, 5'-7", B.Tech., MBA, Software Engineer. Defence officer's daughter. Immigration applied.  C4-69007

Jat Sikh Grewal girl, 26/5'-3", M.Tech. from Canada, PR requires Jat Sikh professionally matching qualification handsome match above 5'-8", Canadian PR preferred. Ph. 85560-74133/99142-72799. Email:  C4-69031

Medico Engineer match from USA Canada only for US (Green card) Jatt Sikh beautiful humble girl, 29/5'- 5˝", B.Pharma, working NY. Brief marriage issueless divorcee. Parents well settled retired lecturers. Brother Bhabi US Citizen. 94175-24173,  C4-69169

Qualified match for Hindu Saini Manglik girl, Jalandhar, 9th April 1986, 5.16 pm, Ludhiana, 5'-3", M.Sc. Nursing, Lecturer. Father businessman. Kundli must. E-mail:  Call: 09814295430. C4-68655

Suitable match for legally divorcee issueless convent educated Saini Sikh fair complexion girl, 1988, 5'-3", B.Sc. Nursing doing govt. job at Delhi, 4.50 LPA. Preferred teetotaler, Govt job in and around Delhi having Punjab background. Send full biodata, photo. E- mail:  9417639897. C4-69207

Suitable Sikh match for Jalandhar based beautiful Saini Sikh girl 30/5'-4˝". M.Tech, CSE, Regular Lecturer, 25000/- 07589203652. Email:  C4- 69231

In search of Doctor, Engineer, professional for two beautiful girls, born, raised, educated in America. 1 Doctor MD, USA citizen girl, 1977, 5-6, 150, never married, working in a hospital, Email:  2 Graduated medical school, USA citizen girl, 1980, 5-6, 150, never married, research assistant, email:  Very respectable, highly educated family well settled USA. Caste no bar. Please reply with biodata/picture. C4-48712

Match for twin American citizen Non-Manglik sisters, both 5'-5", 20.12.1986, Master Degrees, employed Government service. Require Hindu Brahmin Master Degree holder (Computer Science)/Software Developer.  C4- 67064

Well settled USA/Canada match for Sikh Ahluwalia girl, 85 born, 5'-8", M.S. Computer Science (USA) Software professional, H1B-Visa. Well educated upper middle class Chandigarh based family. Father Gazetted Officer. Brother Engineer (USA). Contact: 8054458547.  C4-67376

Suitable match for beautiful Sikh Arora girl, B.Tech. 1988/5'-2", working in Melbourne Australia on skilled visa, professionally qualified settled in Melbourne preferred.  (98722-01123). C4-69035

Professional qualified match for Sikh Khatri girl 5'- 3", 33 yrs., Australian PR. Masters in IT. Innocently divorced, marriage lasted for two months. Caste no bar. Email:  C4-69039

SM4 NRI Australia PR B.Tech girl, doing Manager job, 20.12.1981, 5'-5", very fair, innocently divorcee. Father brother senior Army officer. Highly educated status status. 0181-2632504 9872778980. C4-69145

Jat-Sikh US settled Sandhu family seeking professionally qualified US based match (age 28-30 yrs.) for their beautiful, 5'-3", 1986 born, Aeronautical Engineer daughter working for renowned company. Only serious enquires. Please contact at 098140-34264 or send details to  C4-69259

Suitable match for Rajput fair girl, 5'-6˝", 18.02.1981/10:18 p.m./ Chandigarh. Employed MNC. 98155- 55008, 98155-55009.  C4-67250

Professional match from status family for M.S. 1982, 5'-6", cultured, beautiful girl, punjab government Gazzetted Officer. 70874-00392, 97800-30316. Email:  C4-67270

Wanted Doctor or Dentist Brahmin match for Australian Citizen 24 yrs 5'-6", beautiful, fair and slim girl brought up in Australia, qualified with Master Degree in Allied Health Profession. Working as Allied Health Professional with income of $90K per year. Well-versed with Indian culture and values. Family is well-settled in Australia. The boy should be settled in Australia or willing to settle in Australia. Please respond with photo, bio-data and birth details to:  C4-67927

Suitable well settled, educated Manglik/Non-manglik match for Saraswat Brahmin smart, homely girl, 30 July 1986, 7.50 pm, Jalandhar, 5'-5˝", B.Sc., B.Ed. MBE. Contact: 9988853360, 9646072893. E-mail:  C4-68797

Medico, Dentico, Attorney, Engineer match for V. beautiful, fair, US citizen girl. Saraswat Brahmin, 28, 5'-4", Doctorate of Juris (Law) from USA. Boy should be handsome, teetotaller, family-oriented. Please send biodata, kundli, and picture to  C4- 68883

Saraswat Brahmin girl, Non-Manglik, 5'-4", 12.10.1988, 11:05 pm Chandigarh, B.Com. (Hons), MBA Finance, Asstt. Manager HDFC Bank, Chandigarh. 98760-45184,  C4-69167

Professionally qualified match for brautiful, slim, khatri, manglik, M.Sc. girl, 5'-2", 02.07.1986, 9:45 pm, Chandigarh. 98146-66189.  C4-66926

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri girl, C.A. Inter, 5 ft., 9.1.92, 8:15 p.m., Chandigarh. Father Gazetted officer. E-mail:  Contact: 81461- 58559. C4-66952

Handsome PQ match for very fair, beautiful local Punjabi Khatri girl of status family 5'-1", Nov. 88, B.Tech. (ECE), working MNC Bangalore convent educated brother, bhabi Doctors. NRI also welcome. 94170-14647,  C4-67798

Professionally qualified match for slim, fair, beautiful Hindu Khatri girl 5'-4", 20.7.86, 7:55 a.m. Chandigarh, B.Tech./MBA, working Banglore, 10.50 LPA. Contact: 99889-45515, Email:  C4-69091

Beautiful, slim Arora manglik girl, 5'-4", 29.06.1987, 8 am, Jind, working in MNC. 4 lacs, own house in Baltana( Punjab). Well settled family. Contact: 01762- 509873. C4-67714

Suitable match for beautiful Punjabi Non-manglik Arora girl, M.S. in Software Engineering, working in Top IT company, presently in USA on work permit. Preferred same profession. Nov. 1985, Jalandhar, 5'-5". Horoscope must. Send biodata with photo. Contact: 08968116660. E- mail:  C4-67943

Suitable Dhiman match for slim, beautiful Dhiman girl, 1985, 5'-3", MA, M.Ped, working private school, Chandigarh. Father working as Supdt. 7696060166,  C4-67490

Suitable match for beautiful, slim, fair Khatri Sikh girl 1984/5'-5", Masters from USA Citizen Please send biodata with photo. Email:  C4- 67028

Match for MBBS smart, fair, slim, 33/5'-6" girl (SC Ad- dharmi), earning Rs. 84000/- PM in reputed Hospital. Own house. Doctor living in Tricity preferred. 98727- 89627. Email:  C4-64470

Suitable employed match for SC Ad-dharmi MA, B.Ed., 29/5'-4", Pvt. school teacher, fair & beautiful girl. Radhasoami Doaba family. E-mail:  C4-67937

Suitable match for 1975 born 5'-4", Balmiki beautiful Punjabi girl. Medico preferred. 9888117189. C4-68811

Ahluwalia girl 5'-2"/1988, B.Com, IELTS 7 band, doing GNM IInd year. 98551-96480. C4-68199 

Medico match for Sikh Tonk Kashtrya Manglik 5'-3", 1985 born, DLO gold medalist girl, working with reputed hospital Ludhiana, high middle class family, caste no bar. Contact  Mobile: 98157-62312. C4-69033

Alliance invited from Civil Services/Profly. Qlfd/well- placed match for beautiful, slim, 30/161, Jain girl posted as gazetted officer in Haryana Civil Services, belonging to Delhi based business family. Send BHP. Email:  Cell: +9192116-98982. C4- 69117B

Professionally qualified match (Tricity) for Haryanvi Chamar innocent divorcee, 1980/5'-3", M.A., LL.B., preparing for Judiciary.  94178- 66544. C4-68853

Match around Chandigarh beautiful Singla girl, 5'-4", 03.04.1982, 8:52 pm, Chandigarh, BAMS, Medical Officer, Government Hospital, Panchkula. Father businessman, brother Commissioner, settled Panchkula. 99156-69614. Email:  C4-65388

Professionally qualified match for Goyal girl, 5'-2", 08.01.1985/04:30 p.m./Chandigarh. B.Tech. Working as Software Lead in Microsoft, Hyderabad, Package 16+ LPA. Contact 094173-51110. Email :  C4-67032

MDS/Medico match for Goyal girl, 4.11.86, 7:20 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-3", MDS (Pedodontics Final year). Father own business. Family settled in Rajpura (Pb.) 098887- 10592. C4-67648

Chandigarh-based reputed business family seeks suitable match for July 84 born, 5'-5˝", Goel beautiful, slim, very fair complexion girl, M.Sc. IT (Web-Designer), MBA. Caste no bar. Early decent marriage.  C4-68157

Suitable match for Singhal beautiful unmarried, 1980 born, 5'-1", MA, B.Ed. homely girl. Issueless divorcee also consider. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 9478307572, 8728953777. E-mail:  C4 68679

Professionally qualified suitable match for smart, fair, wheatish Bansal girl, 5'-6", 02.11.1987, 02:04 pm , Faridkot, BA, LL.B (Hons.), LLM, UGC Net qualified, Ph.D, enrolled (PU). Assistant Professor from small well settled educated family. 9872483456,  C4-69011

Handsome qualified match for beautiful Aggarwal girl, 26.3.87, 5'-2", 7.10 PM, Gidderbaha (Pb), B.Com, MBA, Asstt. Manager in Tata Company, Mohali. Contact: 9814001299.  C4-69217

Suitable well settled Gursikh match for fair, beautiful, good natured Sikh Arora girl June 86, 5'-5", B.Tech. (Deemed University). Working Class-I Officer with Punjab Govt. on regular basis. Well-educated family. Preferred Patiala/Chandigarh. Respond with complete biodata along with recent photograph.  Mobile No. 75087-50434. C4-67202

SM4 Kamboj Sikh girl 29/5'-8", MA, B.Ed., doing M.Ed. Email:  090173-02805. A4-52684-OL

Suitable well settled educated match for Kamboj Sikh beautiful girl, 25/ 5'-3", BDS Doctor. Preferred Doctor/Engineer/NRI. Contact: 8427761192. C4-68289 


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