Karuna Goswamy


4. Prowl or pry in a sneaking way

6. Blow this off is to expose to public view

8. Lizard known for changing its colour

11. Deranged condition of mind or body

16. Sir Thomas __, English ambassador

at the court of Jahangir

17. Trace of dishonour or discredit


1. India 's centre of atomic research (inits)

2. Kerala 's great festival

3. Payment or fee exacted by the state

5. Baked delicacy

7. Bird that is a symbol of peace

9. Rahul is this to the Gandhi name

10. Before, prior to, in poetic terms

12. Drunkard

13. Pull apart in pieces by force

14. India 's ancient law giver

15. Fellini 's filmic masterpiece