Food talk
Salsa, Indian style
Pushpesh Pant

Pushpesh PantWe all know what bharta is. Most commonly, it's prepared with roasted round brinjals ideally chargrilled. In Eastern UP and Bihar chokha (or bharta) is made with aloo and, at times, tomatoes and tori are added as a variation. The technique used is concasse. Salsa is more intriguing. Falling in the twilight zone between salad and sauce, it belongs to the Spanish-Mexican repertoire and we in India are beginning to love recently. Who has said that East and West can never meet? When bharta meets salsa a refreshing dish is created healthy andflavourful. It is easy to prepare, can be substituted for a subzi or used as a filling for a wrap. We tried hard to name it better but finally settled for salsanuma.


Heat mustard oil in a non-stick pan, when it reaches smoking point lower the flame, add bay leaf and crushed garlic. Add the brinjal slices and cook till soft. Sprinkle powdered masala and salt. Stir lightly. Put in onions and tomatoes. Finally add the capsicum. Grease a glass baking tray with olive oil. Place the salsanuma bharta on it. Sprinkle lemon juice and dried herbs after crushing. Garnish with coriander leaves and chopped green chillies. Enjoy as firangi bharta or a side dish with a continental main course.