Knotty issues
Reviewed by Aditi Garg

Matrimonial Mocktales
by Hetal Adesara.
Om. Pages 205. Rs 195

The obsession with finding the right match drives Indians to marry off their daughters when they are still in their teens. This enthusiastic pursuit is a result of the 'best before date’ that seems to loom large on the matrimonial prospects of every girl. The older she gets, more the pressure on her to get married. The story of Matrimonial Mocktales written by Hetal Adsara revolves around Rhea. Barely out of her pigtails, she got engaged and later went through a broken engagement, followed by a failed marriage to an alcoholic and a string of romantic relationships that all seemed doomed.

This was coupled with her mother's incessant match-making attempts, make Rhea wonder when her search for Mr Right will end. Father's pet, she has always been unable to make her mother understand what she wants from her life. The well written and interesting novel makes you wonder why is marriage all that important in the life of someone who has everything else going smoothly for her. This one makes for an interesting read.