Karuna Goswamy


1. Relevant; appropriate

6. What disperses light into a spectrum

9. Song in praise of God

10. A top body of the Congress party (inits.)

11. A large Negroid group living in central and southern Africa

14. Slender appendages in some animals serving as organs of touch etc..


1. Many old documents were written on this material

2. Type of music very popular now

3. The Faqir of ___ , famous Pashtun leader who opposed the British

4. Tree that suffered from a disease world-wide not long ago

5. Persistent; stubborn

7. N.K. __, ‘father of cartooning ’ in India

8. Even telephones are becoming this now

11. Proscribe; prohibit

12. Indian army ’s training ground (inits.)

13. Another name for a web address (inits.)