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Brides Wanted

US Citizen, very handsome, sharp & intelligent, fitness conscious Jat Sikh 27 years old, 5’-10”, polished gentleman, managing large business interests in Africa of his affluent and status family, looking for slim, “very beautiful”, intelligent and good English speaking life partner from suitable background. No dowry. Write to:  C4-73063

Khatri Sikh cutsurd, smart, handsome, 28.5.85, 5'-
11", only son, MBA, doing own business in Chandigarh, earning six figures p.m. Reputed family. Require well educated, beautiful, slim, smart girl. 98155-07928  C4-72997

Match for Chaudhary (Bahti) boy, 5'-10", 10.03.1988, 9:45 pm, B.Tech, Manager nationalize Bank. Government employee girl in tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. Mobile: 99142-33883. C4-72901

Match for Hindu Nai (N.P.) handsome boy, B.Tech., Job in
MNC Gurgaon. 1986/5'-9". Preferred well educated beautiful USA, UK, Canadian citizen girl. (Upper caste no bar). Phone 83988-23353. Email :  C4-73512

Manglik Punajbi Kashyap Rajput (Mehra) handsome boy
8.10.1978 Jagadhari 7:40 am, 5'-8" BCA/ MCA II Sales officer in MNC Mohali seeks prosessional working and fair match. Caste no bar. Settled Panchkula. 9888581007, 9888763476. C4-72034

Professionally qualified, Non-manglik, educated girl for
B.Tech. (CSE) working boy, 5'-8", 19.5.87, 9:10 a.m. Chandigarh. Girl should have cleared IELTS General 6 bands each or willing to do and want to settle in Canada. Caste no bar. 76960-02088. C4-72112

Beautiful qualified match for a handsome Punjabi
Brahmin boy (6'-5") born in 1990, born & well-settled in Canada. Looking for a girl from Brahmin family, well educated & down to earth personality. Contact via email:  C4-68649B

Preferably Govt. employee match for Moudgill Brahmin
boy, Dec. 1984, 5'-7", only child, B.A., LL.B. (Hons), practising High Court, Chandigarh, handsome earning. Email:  C4-72453

Professionally qualified, slim, beautiful girl for Saraswat
Punjabi Non-manglik/Manglik fair complexion boy, 19.6.85, 6 pm, Jalandhar, 5'-9", MCA. Software Developer UK. (work permit). Coming in 22 October for short visit. E-mail:  09855556577, 09781328844. C4-72921

Qualified slim, beautiful Non-Manglik match from cultured
reputed family for Haryana Civil services allied direct officer 34+ looks much younger handsome, smart 5'-6" never married, only son from well established teetotaller vegetarian Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin family. Caste no bar. Send BHP.  C4-73228

Professionally qualified match for handsome Army officer
29/5'-11˝". Father retired Class I officer. E-mail:  Ph: 82848-20822. C4-73390

Suitable match for Gaur Brahmin boy 11.01.1982, 05.50
p.m., Naraingarh (Ambala) 5'-9", B.Tech., MNC Pune package 14.5 Lakh.  78386-42790, 0171-2691459, 94661-45665. C4-73594

Required Govt. employee beautiful, tall match for
Veterinary Doctor Saraswat Brahmin (NM), Pb. Govt. job, 10.7.1986, 12.10 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-10". Kundli match must. Tricity preferred. Caste no bar. 98780-30194. C4-73688

Suitable match for never married, non Manglik Sarswat
Pandit 44 yrs/5'-9"/ wheatish/ teetotaler/ well-settled business  Box 1382M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Really beautiful girl required for Gaur Brahmin, 6'-2" tall,
very handsome boy, 7.12.1987, 3:51 a.m., Fatehgarh Sahib, B.Tech. (ECE), teaching in private Engineering University near Chandigarh, having rural/urban property in Haryana and Chandigarh. High status, educated family. Only girl main consideration. No dowry, no demand. 099676-95073. Email:  C4-73734

Only MBBS, BAMS match for vegetarian, teetotaller
Saraswat M.Tech. boy, 26.8.83/5'-11", Own running family Clinic, Agricultural land 25 Acres and urban property. Contact 98555-40277. C4-73788B

Suitable match for handsome Brahmin boy, 1979/6'-2",
double Bachelor, Master in Information Technology, currently working as Information Technology Manager for 7 years, salary six figures, living in California since 1984, girl height min. 5'-5" and in Medical profession preferred. Our Email:  Phone: 20949-99059. NA4-59424

Educated, status Punjabi Arora handsome, 29.09.1984,
2:00 AM, 5'-11", MBA, working MNC Chandigarh. Seeks tall, qualified, working girl. No demand. Mobile: 099144-09008, Email:  C4-71932

SM for Punjabi Hindu Khatri (Kohli) Advocate boy, 6',
23rd March 1985, 12.05 pm, Jalandhar, excellent practice, having own residential property/Gym at Delhi. Ph: 09873167285, 011-22424535. C4-73482

Looking for a Sikh Arora/Khatri girl for our Canadian
Citizen, Ahluwalia Sikh Dentist son, working as a faculty member in Dental college-US and doing his DDS, 5'-11", slim, born Dec, 1985. Tel 16047794646 or email  C4-67856B

PQM for Sikh boy, 27/6'-3", B.Tech and MS from USA.
Currently working in a reputed Pharmaceutical Company in USA on H1B Visa. Boy visiting India in January 2015. Contact:  +9198113-08998. C4-71964B

Match for Jat Sikh Canadian PR and complete Degree in
Lawyer in Canada 5'-10", 27, sister Doctor. Parents in business, Canada/USA studied preferred. Contact 98150-23457. Email:  A4-55137

Suitable match for cleanshaven handsome Jat Sikh boy,
July 1981, 5'-10", very fair, well established reputed Manufacturer Exporters, very respectable family, owning substantial urban, rural properties. No demand. Girl main consideration. Respond with photograph only. E-mail:  C4-63953

Professionally qualified slim, beautiful, tall, convent
educated, match for Canadian PR , handsome, 5'-11", 83 born, Jatt Sikh working as a Software Programmer in Canada . Email recent pics and biodata to  C4-68715B

Well-connected, educated, urbanised, landlord-business
family seeks slim, beautiful match from India/abroad for their very smart, handsome 29/5'-11", non-drinker, US Greencard holder son; M.Tech., doing MBA in prestigious IIM Institute. Family having 100 Acres of land & Urban/Commercial property, Ludhiana/ Chandigarh/Gurgaon. Boy can settle in India/US depending upon mutual considerations. Contact with recent photos only:  C4-70242

Divorced Jat Sikh boy, 34, 5'-7", G.M. /IT (Services) in
Singhapore having 6 yrs daughter. 98728-97595,  C4-70534

Jat Sikh parents seek a suitable match for their Canadian
citizen son 30 years, old 6' tall university graduate with Bechelor's Degree in Commerce major in accountancy, currently pursuing CA designation in Toronto and professionally employed. The girl should be beautifull, tall, slim, fair, family oriented professionally educated, minimum 25 years old. Please send biodata with recent picture to email  C4-71042

Jat Sikh Doctor couple seeking suitable Jat Sikh Doctor
match for their 26 years, 6'-2", handsome, clean-shaven, brilliant Doctor son doing Residency in USA. Girl should be tall, beautiful, preferably doing or applying for Residency in USA. Well connected family having urban and rural property. Apply with complete biodata and recent photographs. 9878643343, 9872643343. E-mail:  C4-71390

Suitable match for handsome Jatt Sikh cleanshave, Mohali
based, only son, 26 yrs. 5'-11", BA doing MBA and preparing for competitions. Father working Senior P.C.S. officer. Well settled respectable family with substantial properties in Punjab, Haryana and HP. Looking for tall, slim, beautiful and well educated Jatt Sikh girl from respectable family. E-mail biodata and recent pictures at:  C4-72355

Canadian PR (Amritsar based) reputed Jat Sikh family
invites alliance for 1984/5'-7", smart, handsome, Computer Engineer employed with Canadian Utilities. Having rural/urban property in Canada and India.Looking for highly qualified girl from a respectable family.Parents are in India. Email  or contact 7087180552, 7508439184. C4-72607

Well educated, beautiful and tall match for very
handsome clean shaven Public School educated. Officer in Punjab Govt. 32 years, 5'-9˝" of status family. Well settled in Chandigarh. Marriage bureau and NRI excuse.  , 97794-35053. C4-72687

Suitable match for handsome, turbaned Jat Sikh boy, 5'-
9", 1986, B.Tech, PR in Canada, earning $ 95 K- one lac PA. 94634-04042. Email: : C4-72705

Proff qualified, tall, beautiful match for 27 yrs, 6 feet, fair,
handsome Jat Sikh Engineer ,working with a reputed IT firm in USA on H 1B visa. BE from US and pursuing masters from a reputed university. Reply with complete biodata and pictures. Email -  C4-72775

Fair, beautiful, PQM for Jat Sikh handsome 28/6' athletic
build Engineer in USA. Parents retired from govt. jobs. Photo first instance. Email:  C4-72827

Professionally qualified unmarried match for Jatsikh,
Senior Engineer, settled WashingtonDC, Masters Engineering (USA), citizen 5'-9"/1976, highly educated status USA/Mohali family. Brief marriage annulled. Simple marriage.  C4-72857

Jat Sikh business family from Mohali seeks qualified,
beautiful girl for their handsome, Engineer son 1988 born, height 6', multiple U/R assets. Biodata with photo preferred. Email:  C4-73070

Looking for suitable match for a handsome Canadian Jat
Sikh boy, 35 years of age, 5'-11". He is currently has his own business and belongs to a well respected known family in Punjab and Canada. Looking for a well-educated and beautiful slim girl and with a good family values. Please email biodata and recent photos to  C4-73410B

Jat Sikh Gill boy Aug. 86/6'-3", Ph.D. Assistant Professor.
Rural/Urban property. Seek well-qualified cultured girl above 5'-6". Mail, biodata & photo  C4-73420

Match for Jatt Sikh Waraich cleanshaven 1986/5'-11˝",
Sen. Engg. in Wipro (Pune) applied PR Canada file number received. Contact 092554-38300, 098130-54165.  C4-73568

Match for Jat Sikh 26/5'-10", BAMS (Doctor) boy, owns
R/U properties & hospital. Sister USA citizen (Doctor). Preferred USA/B.Sc. Nursing 6 Band/BAMS. 84377-52115. NA4-59736

Professionally qualified fair beautiful match for Canadian
citizen 74/5'-8", fair, handsome, divorced boy. Email:  NA4-59804

Jattsikh Gill 25/5'-8", turbaned vegetarian boy, BBA,
MBA, working as Assistant Manager in Bank, having 5 acres agriculture land & urban property, seeks Canadian/American citizen girl. 94642-74734.  NA4-59966

Jatt Sikh US citizen 27, 5'-11", Engineer with Aerospace
company, only child of well-settled family looking for educated, family oriented match, technical/medical education preferred. Interested in match from Canada/US as well. Send biodata, picture.  NA4-60516

PQM4, 86/5'-9"/B.Tech, Saini Boy of edu upper middle
Delhi settled family of KKR. Serving US Comp/doing MS in US on H1B #9818939665  C4-73736

Suitable Sikh match (educated, beautiful, minimum 5'-4")
for US citizen cleanshaven, good looking, 39/5'-10", talented, nature-loving boy (MBBS, Ph.D., MBA) of a well-placed educated family.  A4-52454-OL

Suitable match for US based Sikh Ahluwalia boy, 6'-2",
age 33, well qualified MBA holding a job with reputed company. Seeking a slim, beautiful and well educated Sikh girl. 98784-49962. Email:  / C4-71678

Educated Mair Rajput (Verma) 6', 20.6.79, 12.20 pm,
Delhi, holding Australian citizenship intending to return seeks PQM to settle abroad. E-mail:  09818554667. C4-72483

Professionally qualified, match for Hindu Arora boy,
21.06.1982, 7:10 am, Jalandhar, 5'-9", MCA/MS (USA), working Software Engineer California, 95000$ per annum. Send biodata, photographs. E-mail:  C4-72497

Medico/Non-medico match for tall, handsome, Saini Sikh
Doctor boy, clean-shaven, 5'-11", 30 years. US Permanent Resident, born & brought up in India (Chandigarh). Parents US Citizens. Visiting India in Jan/Feb. Upper caste no bar. Please Email:  C4-72635

Suitable match for tall handsome slim Saini Sikh, U.S.
citizen, 39/6', looks much younger, cleanshaven, divorced, no kids, Chandigarh-educated, Master's Engineering Degree from USA, Program Director in California. Boy in India. Looking for early marriage. Respond with bio-data, recent photographs. RIVERS5.INC@GMAIL.COM . Phone - 84271-73575 C4-73556

US-based, attractive turbaned Saini boy 31/5'-11",
Patent Lawyer in California seeking an equally qualified Sikh girl. Please respond with complete biodata and picture to  or 001-510-799-6807. NA4-60561

Professionally qualified match for Anshik Manglik Khatri
boy, 29/5'-10", MBA, working in reputed MNC as lead. Own house near Panchkula. Girl's merits main consideration. Send details at:  , 9914145957. C4-73588

Lovely and affectionate match for Hindu Arora boy, Non-
Manglik, 09.12.1986/5'-8"/fair complexion, Post-graduate, pkg. 6 lakhs. Own house in Jalandhar, small family. Required Lecturer/Govt. employee/Banking sector, from noble and respectable family. Send biodata with photograph (returnable). E-mail:  Box 1381M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Graduate Dhiman boy, 25/5'-8", rental/business income
2,50,000/- per month, own kothi in Chandigarh. Beautiful girl main consideration. Tricity working match or business family. Caste no bar. Email:  C4-73782

Suitable match for Dhiman turbaned Vaishnoo boy
B.Tech. (ECE) 5'-8˝", 16.3.1987, Lead Engineer MNC Bangalore, 14 LPA. Father Gazetted Officer Sangrur. 96461-17535.  NA4-59689

Suitable match for Sikh clean shaven 1978 born boy 5'-
7", own business, early marriage. Contact: 98143-00582, 99141-08528. C4-73216

Wanted extremely beautiful very fair tall educated
cultured girl for 6' tall, fair, handsome 1979, Khatri Sikh clean shave boy, B.E. (Chemical), LL.B., Businessman. Owns Residence in Chandigarh and Industrial property in Mohali. Only brother citizen California. Boy also having business Visa of USA. Father (Expired) Industrialist. Mother Ph.D. (Law), Retd Class I Officer. Caste/Religion no bar. No demand. id : SH19299094. Email :  , 73556-14448. C4-73634

SM4 Ramdasia Sikh turbaned boy, 5'-5", 1986, govt. bank
employee. Divorced shortly. Preferred unmarried govt. service girl. 089015-89492. C4-71842

Canadian citizen Tonk Kashatriya Sikh boy, 2.9.1985, 5'-
7", Graduate wanted beautiful, slim, tall, B.Sc. Nursing girl. Upper caste no bar. Mobile 98883-41644, 95012-57080. NA4-60510

NM PQM for B.Tech., MBA (MDI Gurgaon), CFA, FRM Gupta
boy, 5'-8", Feb. 84 Patiala born, working at MNC Chandigarh. Currently in Europe on project assignment. Slim, employed girl preferred. Contact:  , 98880-30054. C4-72601

Suitable match for handsome, smart Jindal boy, 84' born,
5'-8", working as Manager in best hotel in Dubai. Upper caste no bar. Early marriage. 8146069882, 9878170882. Email:  C4-72885

Non-Manglik Mittal boy, 5'-10", 6.2.87, 7.35 a.m. Delhi,
Network Consultant, working MNC Gurgaon (7.5 LPA) seeks good looking working girl.  C4-73278

Goel handsome boy 5'-7", 5 Dec., 1984, 1:35 a.m.
(Kolkata), MBA (Finance) working in MNC (Deloitte Tax, Hyderabad) from status Punjabi family. Seeking only educated beautiful girl, absolutely no demand. Send BHP at,  contact: 98140-22796, Ludhiana. NA4-59483


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