The blog sphere
Blogs give an opportunity to connect with those sharing similar interests, besides helping chronicle one’s views
Vibha Sharma
Travel blogs enjoy visitors who are curious to know about the worldIn the present times when we are witnessing the many boons of internet in our lives, blogging is just a way to ensure that one can indeed get a little cyber space, if nothing else. Yes, this has become the fifth sphere of earth beyond the well-known four — geo, litho, hydro and bio.

Travel blogs enjoy visitors who are curious to know about the world

Vanity fare
Over the years, the vanity bag has become a wardrobe essential. It is a part of the trousseau and gives you company as you travel around the world
Nutan Sehgal
Recently when a leading airline of a Gulf country started offering hand-stitched and well-crafted vanity bags to its business class passengers, there was a sudden and unexpected spurt in business. The reason, however, was not difficult to find out.

Anju KumarAn earthen touch
A potter, sculptor, painter and philanthropist, Anju Kumar successfully blends creativity with passion
Swati Rai
Artist and pottery designer Anju Kumar’s love for clay moulding began as a hobby, which later turned into a passion. Without any professional guidance, she has come a long way and has so far held 80 solo exhibitions. “I discover a new learning each day in my day as an artist and consider it a meditative experience.”

Anju Kumar



The blog sphere
Blogs give an opportunity to connect with those sharing similar interests, besides helping chronicle one’s views
Vibha Sharma

In the present times when we are witnessing the many boons of internet in our lives, blogging is just a way to ensure that one can indeed get a little cyber space, if nothing else. Yes, this has become the fifth sphere of earth beyond the well-known four — geo, litho, hydro and bio.

Blogging (which is actually the combination of two words — web and logging) is a method of journaling online. This four-letter word is precise and accurate description of the word. It is a log of writings posted publicly on the World Wide Web. Any blog has almost the similar format as that of a traditional diary and the entries (posts) are arranged in calendar format with the most recent post appearing first. Blogs may contain general observations, experiences, commentary on various issues, wishes and anything that a writer thinks about. Images, audio and videos can be a part of the posts. Blogs are like mini-websites but the best part is that they are free. Besides helping chronicle one’s views in the manner that one likes, it gives immense opportunity to connect with people with similar interests, preferences and likings. It gives one a presence on the net, a presence which enables one to nurture relationships and build a reputation. Based on the areas on which bloggers write, virtual communities are getting formed whether it is of the zealot readers, travel enthusiasts, creative people, food connoisseurs, mommies, computer geeks — you name it and you will find a companion sharing similar interests. So this is another area where boundaries of any sort — from physical, religion, ethnic to cultural — don’t pose any hurdles.

Colours of creativity

Having been bestowed with a unique talent of capturing beauty in the most mundane things of everyday life through her camera, Archana Srinivas is a well-known blogger. Her blog, Rang Décor, is synonymous with colours and creativity. She began blogging in 2007 as she “needed a space exclusively for archiving and sharing interior design ideas from India”. She finds blogging as an outlet for keeping her creative instincts alive. Besides Rang Décor, she has a personal blog, Rang: The colours of life, where she shares her various interests like photography, food, travel, art and everyday musings.


If one is in the mommies’ blogosphere, it is hard to miss one of the most articulate bloggers gracing this arena — the madmomma. She began blogging in 2006 soon after she had her first child. She used to read American mothers’ blogs and had a notion that there couldn’t be too many Indian mothers blogging. She began to blog as a way to record her thoughts. A while back, she was interviewed by blogadda and when she was asked “what does she find the most gratifying aspect of blogging”, she said, “I find the community it builds to be the best part of blogging. I don’t believe in ethnic and religious communities. I believe in communities built on shared interests — they are stronger and are more stable.”

Another mommy blogger artnavy ( says, “My blog is a journal of and for my kids. It serves a ready reckoner when memory fails”. For her, blogging is a passion and a discipline.

Travel bugs
Sankara Subramanian’s blog Be On The Road is his career and passion
Sankara Subramanian’s blog Be On The Road is his career and passion

Sankara Subramanian is the founder of a well-recognised and well-respected travel blog — Be On The Road. He is of the opinion that blogging makes one a mini-celebrity as many people connect with you. “It is a powerful medium, which has given me appreciation in mainstream media, tourism boards, travel companies, and much more. Moreover, through blogging, I have met people with similar interests and today, many of them are my friends”.

Sankara’s blog is his career, hobby and passion. This is his space where he gives expression to his creative juices and contributes his two cents to the world of online content. He says, Be On The Road is my platform to showcase my interests and my talent. In simple words, it is my brand and it represents me and my style of travel.”

Foodies’ world
Food blogs help share and learn new recipies
Food blogs help share and learn new recipies

For the food blogger Aliena Verghese, blogging began as a way to ward off the boredom of being confined to household chores. She started blogging in order to record the recipes online. “I thought whatever I cook for my family and whatever they like, whatever can be easily accessed should be put into my own space.”

She soon figured out that there were food enthusiasts who keep looking for recipes to try out and who became regular visitors of her blog. For her “the joy of blogging is not in the statistics or in how many comments that I receive, but the joy lies behind in knowing that my recipes are being tried by someone else out there and how it turned out for them, the joy behind getting the dish right... that’s where my happiness lies.”

Aliena is not the one to get complacent, so when she felt that blogging recipes was turning monotonous, she started getting invited to review restaurants, menu launches and product review. She feels that this has added an extra dimension to blogging.

An experience called life

Ranjani blogs about her musings, thoughts, experiences, children and life in general. She is not worried about how many people read it but she feels good writing about something which she strongly feels about. She says, “Blogging for me is also very cathartic, when I write during low and depressing times. It is almost like a monologue with a good friend, who just listens without saying anything. However, since the blog is open to all, I do draw a line with what I want to go public about.”

Home-decor blogs are a guide to decking up your space
Home-decor blogs are a guide to decking up your space

Besides these handful of blogs, there is a huge blogging space where immensely talented people are adding their content online. The blogging trend is fast catching up with the younger generation as well. More and more children are going online to share with the world their opinions on everything — from politics to fashion, books to bones. There are bloggers as young as eight to nine year old who want to share their own findings, experiences and observations. Joanne Mallon has started a Kids Blog Club, a website that acts as a hub and support centre for child bloggers and concerned parents. She has observed that the number of young bloggers is increasing every year.

Besides helping the bloggers have an online identity, it is observed that giving expression to feelings and thoughts has various other advantages too. In one of the studies conducted by the Scientific American, the therapeutic benefits of blogging were discussed. The study says, “Besides serving as a stress-coping mechanism, expressive writing produces many psychological benefits. Research shows that it improves memory and sleep, boosts immune cell activity and reduces viral load in AIDS patients and even speeds up healing after surgery. A study of The Oncologist reports that cancer patients, who engaged in expressive writing just before the treatment felt markedly better, mentally and physically, as compared to the patients who did not. Some hospitals have taken it as a helpful cue in the treatment of their patients and have started hosting patient-authored blogs on their websites. Nancy Morgan, lead author of the Oncologist, says, “Individuals are connecting to one another and witnessing each other’s expressions — the basis of forming a community.”

While sharing one’s feelings, thoughts and opinions is fine, one must always keep in mind that with every word that one puts online, a digital footprint gets created. So one must be aware of the security issues and as such, blogging allows the authors to exercise full control of when to share, how much to share and with whom to share.

Happy blogging.



Vanity fare
Over the years, the vanity bag has become a wardrobe essential. It is a part of the trousseau and gives you company as you travel around the world
Nutan Sehgal

Label with a value

The Chanel Red Caviar leather vanity bag is a beautiful piece for ladies to carry their knick-knacks. Featuring the classic CC logo on the front, its interiors are lined in tan leather and it has a pocket for small accessories as well. You can fill it with your favourite make-up material and carry it anywhere.

Price: Rs 34,500

Recently when a leading airline of a Gulf country started offering hand-stitched and well-crafted vanity bags to its business class passengers, there was a sudden and unexpected spurt in business. The reason, however, was not difficult to find out. As the word got around that these complimentary vanity bags were designed by luxury brands such as Bulgari and Tumi and came with cosmetics from top-of-the-line brands like Dior, Clarins and Dermalogica, a large number of travelling women either upgraded their travel class or made this particular airline their first flying preference. That, in a way, sums up the popularity of a vanity bag.

Call it a cosmetic case, beauty purse, make-up pouch or a body-hygiene kit, the vanity bag has been used by ladies for centuries to carry their essential toiletries and cosmetics, neatly and stylishly. References can be found from even history when aristocratic women flaunted bespoke bags of leather, linen, silk or velvet, especially handmade for them.

Promise of luxury

The era of the bespoke vanity bags was once again brought back earlier this year when the Orient Express's Paris-Vienna leg was re-launched. In keeping with the spirit of luxury rail travel, the company commissioned French trunk-maker Moynat and Parisian perfume-house Guerlain to re-launch the opulent vanity bag that was so much a part of the travel kit of aristocratic women, who travelled in this uber-luxury train. The result was the Malle De Beauté or a beauty case in the signature Orient Express blue and gold colours. It had an attached eye-watering price tag, ranging between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 30 lakh, depending on the accessories selected by the client. This vanity bag, explained Moynat, is symbolic of an era when journey was as important as the destination.

Today all leading brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, Chanel, Chloe... launch a mind-boggling variety of cosmetic cases on a regular basis, which are an important part of their annual collections. Though the price of these designer bags at times are exorbitant, there is also a huge variety of reasonably priced ones that match up in design and quality with the brand leaders.

On the popularity charts

Bags by popular labels like Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY and Longchamp are priced in the range of Rs 6,000 and Rs 7,000. But if the purpose is only utility, then there are budget bags available in the market that cost as low as a few hundred bucks and are made of cheap material.

So, when did the vanity bag become a part of a woman's wardrobe? Though it is difficult to trace its history, fashion historians say that the vanity bag perhaps came into existence in the eleventh or twelfth century when clothes did not come with pockets. The bag thus came into being because people felt the need to carry their personal belongings and keep them handy at the same time. The first to arrive on the scene were the simple carry bags, which later gave way to more sophisticated and stylish ones, having separate compartments for carrying money and personal necessities.

It was, however, in the Victorian era in England that the vanity bag, as we know it today, came into existence. It was a travel company that introduced it to store cosmetics. As time passed, the beauty case started becoming more travel friendly. In the years that followed, creative designers stuck a mirror on the inside of the lid. More additions came as companies in the beauty business started making cosmetics for various purposes. To lure customers, they sometimes offered a complimentary cosmetic bag to women.

To enhance your beauty

In a bid to showcase how all products could be attractively fitted into the bag, the labels made compartments and inner pockets, which displayed bottles of perfumes, lipsticks, nail polishes and a host of other make-up products.

With multiple partitions, the vanity case — also referred to as the necessaire — not just met the travel demands but also added a touch of class and elegance to the lady who carried it. Cinema further added to the appeal of the bag as photographs of many top heroines were published in magazines showing them carrying a vanity bag whenever they went for shooting. This was of course before the era of vanity vans came into being. Over the years, the vanity bag has evolved into a personal style statement and there is a deluge of these bags in the market.

From the humble functional bags to those made of precious metals and studded with Swarovski and other semi-precious stones by fine jewellery makers to those engraved with the owner's initials, the vanity bag has become a wardrobe essential for a growing number of fashion-conscious women.

Get budget wise

This surprisingly affordable Dolce & Gabbana's Pour Femme ladies burgundy velvet vanity case has the designer duo's name in gold lettering embossed on it. The zip-around bag measures nine inches in length and six inches in depth. Its main compartment has three small sections and one removable tray and mirror.

Rs 2,300

A compact pick

Simple yet elegant, the Italian-made Smythson charcoal-grained leather Panama cosmetic case has a gold-stamped logo at the top and has a cross-grain leather exterior and top-zip closure. It is the perfect addition to your bathroom or travel collection and has the ideal size for slipping into the hand luggage.

Price: Rs 14,500

Make a retro statement

There is always a need for some cosmetic essentials while travelling. Keep your make-up requirements in the Kate Spade Small Annabella vanity case. The polka-dotted bag made of patent leather has a zip-around closure, a back wall-slip pocket and a flat base to provide upright structure.

Rs 8,500 

Stunning in red

Italian luxury brand Prada's square cosmetic red bag is both trendy and functional. Made primarily of nylon, it has the company's triangular logo in silvertone hardware and leather in front of the bag. Measuring seven inches in width, it four inches in height and can be used as a clutch.

Price: Rs 15,000

Bagful of style

Leading British fashion designer Paul Smith's eponymous brand has launched a series of vanity and cosmetics bags in 2014. This leather make-up bag features his signature stripe pattern and gold-toned hardware. The handy bag is around six inches wide and four inches in depth and is ideal for short-distance travel.

Price: Rs 17,000

Floral inspiration

This pretty and petite nylon floral cosmetic pouch Marc By Marc Jacobs is crafted from travel-friendly lightweight nylon. The bright-coloured bag with flower patterns is cut in a top-zip design and finished with a signature lacquered logo plaque. The interiors are fully lined to carry your essentials securely.

Price: Rs 6,700

Stamp of signature

This small and elegant cosmetic case from Gucci is crafted from original GG fabric. It has a dark-brown leather trim and the web is in Gucci's signature colours of orange, green and red. It features ruthenium hardware (from the platinum family) and has a zipped top and inside pocket.

Price: Rs 14,000

Nature’s basket

Spanish brand Ecoalf is known for constructing vanity cases by using eco-friendly recycled material. This vibrant print cosmetic pouch is one of these. Crafted entirely from discarded-plastic water bottles, it is an example of how trash can be turned into a quality cosmetic bag to store your treasures.

Price: Rs 5,900

For safety’s sake

The elegant DKNY vanity cosmetic set comprises three zip-secured cases in ascending sizes. Inside the largest case, there is a fixed mirror and a zip-sealed compartment for keeping your valuables safe. The set has been crafted from fabric with sequin detailing and the DKNY logo print is repeated on all three cases.

Price: Rs 6,000

Bright and colourful

Carry your essentials in style with these three stylish multi-coloured cosmetic bags from Italian luxury house Furla Babylon. Featuring top zip closure, these three bags in different sizes will accommodate all your essential cosmetics and even take in some extra pieces for an emergency.

Price: Rs 9,500

Beautifully printed

The textured and coated small fawn-printed cosmetic case from Italian luxury fashion-house Givenchy has a minimalist design. It is made of canvas, has pale golden hardware and a graphics printed at the front. The compact bag has a zip-around closure with nylon lining in the inside and is ideal for travelling.

Price: Rs 22,500

To suit your needs

If you are very particular about matching the style of your vanity bag with what you wear, then take a look at the stunning Chloe Python vanity case. The Italian-made case takes care of all your beauty and travelling needs. It opens up inside to a mirror and has expandable side pocket detailing. It also includes a dust bag.

Price: Rs 60,000

Have money, will spend

Counted among the most-expensive cosmetic cases in the world, the Moynat and Guerlain's exclusive Malle De Beauté or beauty case is in the Orient Express luxury train's signature blue and gold hardware. Earlier the exclusive case for aristocracy, it can now can be bought by anyone who has moolah to burn.

Between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 30 lakh depending on customisation

Say it with flowers

This Tory Burch hanging make-up case has a lovely floral pattern. The large slouch case with a logo plaque at the front is around 12 inches in width and 7.5 inches in height. Made of PVC, it has double handles and a zip closure. It has two interior zip compartments for valuables.

Rs 11,050


Portable dressing tables

The train case: Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, when the train was the only mode of transportation for long distance travelling, women carried a special make-up bag called the train case that had all the cosmetic essentials including toiletries and personal hygiene products as the bag was meant to be a travelling companion. It had a mirror on the inside of the cover and was always carried by hand so that it could be used instantly to freshen up.

Wedding vanity bag: A bridal make-up bag is far more elaborate than a normal vanity bag. In fact, it is a portable dressing table. Besides the usual cosmetics it stores, it is also used to keep stuff of personal hygiene, including things like the nail cutter, filer, application brushes and sponges. And keeping the occasion in mind, cosmetics usually have the stamp of the world's top brands.

Cosmetic organisers: Unlike vanity bags, these are not portable but are make-up workstations at home. These are attractive make-up storage containers and can sometimes fit inside a deep drawer and have a variety of sections for both beauty tubes and substantial perfume bottles. Besides being stylish, these effectively hold everything from hairsprays to bottles of nail polish. These also have storage space for larger grooming products like lotions and shampoos.



An earthen touch
A potter, sculptor, painter and philanthropist, Anju Kumar successfully blends creativity with passion
Swati Rai

Artist and pottery designer Anju Kumar’s love for clay moulding began as a hobby, which later turned into a passion. Without any professional guidance, she has come a long way and has so far held 80 solo exhibitions.

“I discover a new learning each day in my day as an artist and consider it a meditative experience.”

Associated with charities such as the Blind School, where she holds her exhibitions, she feels, “It is each one’s duty to give back something to the society. This is my way of doing it. Also, the Blind School and I share a precious relationship as I had my first solo exhibition there!”

Though she began by moulding clay into pots and vases, soon she started using wood, terracotta and metals to make sculptures and paintings. Her fascination lies with creating textures like wood, leather, matte, metal. She has dabbled in abstract art and graphic designs. She even does three-dimensional paintings on a wood base with flowers sculpted in ceramic and painted with acrylic colours.

Anju Kumar’s vibrant artworks transcend the boundaries of the canvas, urns, sculptures and many more that depict a lifestyle of freewill and imaginative bliss and allows the spirit to venture in the realm of joy, peace and inner stillness. She passionately spends long hours in her design studio in Gurgaon, exerting her individuality by revising traditional shapes, sizes and designs into modern-day design ethos while retaining the tradition always of manufacturing. Talking about balancing family life and her passion for art, she says, “One should have the intention and discipline as an artist, and then everything falls into place. I am blessed with a supportive family as artists don’t really stick to a 9 to 5 schedule and need that emotional space!”

Besides, decorating homes for the who’s who of Delhi, Anju has worked and designed for hotel chains like Jaypee, Radisson, Oberoi, Ibis, Fortune, besides OVL, Petronet, ONGC, the Jindal University, the Saagar school, etc.

Looking forward to her pottery exhibition for fall’14, “Luminous Earth’ that will be a textural treat and will give the feeling of living in Zen. “My exhibition captures the essence of minimalism and the poetic fluidity of straight-lined forms and ethereal shapes. I have worked around experimental forms and silhouettes bringing in nature’s myriad elements. Gold filigree on mud is my accent this year. The colour palette moves from beiges, gold to blazing crimsons and botanic greens and browns.”

Her work focuses on sculptures, which leave an indelible impression on one’s memory with their incredibly detailed cuts and folds. Capturing experimentalism, her label Anmol creates art that is sculptural, architectural and functional. Call it live art or an artistic genre of living. Breathtaking vases, urns with detailed filigree and jaalis look stunning as floor lamps. A series of Buddhas in various moods take her works to a realm where art and inspiration blur the boundaries of art. Anju also showcases in her present collection a series of tables, sculpted garden settees, pillars, mandirs, Tulsichauras, Ganeshas, etc. She also interprets the traditional crafts of urlis or floaters in various hues shades and design.The collection showcases her individuality as a studio potter where traditional shapes and designs get a modern perspective that defy the vagaries of what’s in, what’s out.



bling it on


It is a great birthday gift for a geeky teenager. The 16GB Star Wars Yoda Space Alien pen drive is an immediate mood lifter and can be an instant conversation starter. And it matches its looks with its performance. The USB 2.0 compatible pen drive is extremely lightweight and can be taken to class or to office or simply used as a storage device at home. Its capacity ensures that a lot can be packed in it, including music and movies. So go ahead and make your work station playful with this Yoda pen drive.

Price: Rs 900


It was a popular form of watchmaking in the 1950s. The Nixie tube contained neon gas, an anode and a variety of cathodes with wires shaped like digits. By applying a high-voltage current to the cathodes, the numerals displaying time in hours, minutes and seconds started glowing a haunting orange. However, with the launch of the LED technology, the Nixie tube died a natural death. Or so the world thought. Six decades later, it has made a dramatic comeback as a vintage heirloom. The A1 Nixie Clock by American Innovative is a limited edition timepiece that is as historic as it is mesmerising. It contains six display tubes housed in a base that is handmade with cherry wood and a stainless steel finish. The once revolutionary clock has re-emerged as a tantalising decoration piece.

Price: Rs 36,000


Cups do matter when it comes to coffee. And to offer guests an espresso in an attractive cup makes all the difference between an ordinary and a great experience. Italian coffee roasting company Illy has launched a cup collection under its Illy SustainArt Initiative that aims at promoting creative artists in coffee-growing countries. The collection has contributions from artists from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Honduras. It is available in espresso cup and saucer and cappuccino cup and saucer with each piece individually signed by the artists. The idea here is to enjoy your coffee with a sip of charity.

Price: Rs 7,200 for cappuccino cup & saucer and Rs 5,400 for espresso cup & saucer 

A good shot

What do you gift a tennis player who has all the sporting gear? A bluetooth-enabled Sony Smart Sensor which analyses a player’s tennis shot and displays the detailed data on a smart phone or tablet screen. Compatible with most top racket brands like Wilson, Prince, and Yonex, the sensor that gets attached at the end of the grip and offers real-time shot visualisations via an app. The data analysed includes the position, spin and speed of a shot. The built-in memory can save about 12,000 shots worth of data helping a player take his or her game to the next level.

Price: Rs 12,000

Road scorcher

It’s a dream come true for any motorbike connoisseur. The magical design of the 2015 Harley-Davidson’s Freewheeler Trike will leave all hot rod fans breathless. The Twin Cam 103 engine, linked brakes, air adjustable suspensions, and electric reverse system with handlebar-mounted controls makes the Trike match its looks with its power. Designed to be used for both leisurely city rides as also adrenaline-pumping adventures, the Trike is quite the machine for the road hog. For those bikers who find two-wheeled machines too restricting and four-wheeled ones too close to an open car experience. This three-wheeled road scorcher is the perfect choice.

Price: Rs 15 lakh


Men’s fashion is gradually evolving beyond its traditional confines. But stylish clothes are not where it all ends. The modern man wants to spruce up his image with fine accessories and leading brands are busy offering him an array of choices. The tourbillon cufflinks by Swiss watch company TF Est.1968 are an example. Made of 18-karat gold and adorned with precious stones, the cufflinks are personalised with unique serial numbers. By blending a watch with a male accessory, the company intends to elevated style to a whole new level.

Price: Rs 7.14 lakh


You will go for this safe if you are a bling lover or a millionaire. Suggestively called the Millionaire Safe, it is designed by Portuguese luxury furniture company Boca do Lobo and is a limited edition piece covered in gold. The safe is built out of mahogany and covered in polished brass before being dipped into gold. The interior drawers can all be locked with a separate key and the black fabric that lines its walls gives it a final touch of luxurious elegance. With an unconventional and very sculptural design, the safe has plenty of drawers and lockers to keep all your valuables away from thieves. But there’s a problem here. More than the valuables, the safe may need a safety cover. For more than your money and jewellery, the thieves might be interested in the safe itself!

Price: Rs 19.62 lakh


Sixty years after Italian sports car company Ferrari formally set up shop in America, it has unveiled a stunning new F 60 to mark its Diamond Anniversary. The 6.3-litre car with 730 horsepower engine is designed in the retro tradition of pure roadsters of the fifties. But when it comes to performance it is no laggard and can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds. The car which has the Prancing Horse on the wheel arches is limited to a production run of just 10 units. And, if you were planning to buy it, the bad news is that all 10 cars were sold out the time they were announced!

Price: Rs 15 crore

Glittering jeans

What happens when the world’s foremost fashion brand collaborates with a luxury crystal maker? The result is a sparkling pair of jeans whose beauty and price tag will take the breath away. Italian atelier Dolce & Gabbana has launched a pair of Swarovski-crystal encrusted jeans. The light-washed boyfriend jeans feature a five-pocket construction with all-over embellishment and include patent leather rosebuds, which recently made them the cynosure of all eyes at the Milan Fashion Show that determines the couture trends of the year to come. The standout jeans seemed right out of a Hollywood movie, and can perhaps be afforded only by the stars.

Rs 7.5 lakh

This bunking is fun

If you have the adventurous streak in you, then this bed would be hard to pass by. The Cam-O-Bunk by American furniture company Disc-O-Bed is ideal for those who like to go camping but hate to sleep on the hard ground at night. The contraption can also be used as a fun bunk bed by for people with young children providing hours of bedtime fun. The Cam-O-Bunk is fully collapsible, requires no tools or bolts for assembly and its robust, anti-rust, steel frame adjusts to uneven ground. It can be neatly packed into a zippered canvas carry bag for easy storage and transportation. It has a three-foot-wide sleeping deck ensuring enough space and a great night’s sleep.

Price: Rs 25,400