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Grooms Wanted

Non-Manglik fair, beautiful Punjab government employed girl, 5'-3", 27.12.1979, 8:30 pm, Chandigarh. Salary 35000/- per month. Tricity preferred. Email: C4-75708

Match for beautiful, slim, religious Arora girl, 5'-3", 26.9.1991, 9:45 p.m., Ludhiana born, Graduate, MBA (HR), M.O.P. Diploma (3 Years), doing job. Arora/Khatri preferred. 9814779738. C4-75954

Seeking PQ, clean shaven, Arora/Khatri match for our Canadian educated daughter, 86/5'-1", employed with the Government in a managerial role. Please email pictures and biodata to C4-76830

Suitable Teetotaller, Well settled, Manglik match for beautiful Verma Manglik girl, 25.12.1982, 04:50 pm, Nabha, 5', Graduate. Contact after matching kundli. 96462-10894, 80548-49004. C4-77900

Suitable match for Arora beautiful, slim girl, 29.11.1987, 7:10 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-2", MBA, working Chandigarh. Contact: 9876958011. Email: C4-78270

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) girl, M.Sc. Physics, B.Ed., 5'-3", 1988 born, Lecturer Adhoc basis. Father Gazetted officer, Jalandhar based vegetarian family. E-mail: Mobile: 9465834531. C4-75850

Qualified turbaned match for Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) girl, 5'-2", 36, officer in Nationalised bank. No bars. Small well settled educated family. Contact: 9915804823, 0181-6540776. C4-76168

Match for beautiful Ramdasia Sikh girl, M.Sc., M.Ed. Lecturer of Chemistry, Govt. job, 30 Sept. 1984, height 5'-7". Tricity preferred. Landlord rich family Doctor/Professor/Engineer, SDO or Gazetted officer preferred. 99962-66401. C4-76256

Seeking a professional match for Parjapat Sikh girl, 80, 5'-6", slim, Ph.D. from US, working as Scientist with Government in US, Green Card holder. Please contact only if you are from US or willing to settle in US. Caste/religion no bar. India: 91-8283-950161. C4-76266B

Suitable match for Sikh Ramdasia girl, 1988/5'-3", M.Pharmacy, Lecturer. Father Brother in Canada (Chandigarh based). Professional NRI, Non-smoker Tricity preferred. Phone 098721-44583. Email : C4-76372

Sikh Vaishno Prajapat family, looking for Army/Airforce/Civil Services Officer for their daughter. M.Sc. & M.Phil Biotechnology. June 90 born, 5'-4". Equal/upper caste no bar. Respond contact C4-77146

Professionally qualified match for convent educated slim, fair Nai Sikh girl born 87/5'-4", B.Tech. Software Engineer in MNC. Father retired from Govt. service. India/America based family. Send biodata and photographs to Email: C4-77764

Beautiful Canadian PR 5'5" 1985 born Jatt Sikh P.G. in Project Management (Canada) B.Tech (India), Interested nice Jatt Sikh families please contact with boy's professional qualifications, biodata and recent pics at C4-62711

Professional handsome boy in USA for beautiful, fair, December 1983 5'-4", Doctor Jat Sikh girl. Doing Final year of Residency in USA. Please contact with biodata, pictures at : C4-63123

Educated, well settled, Jat Sikh family from US seeking a professional and educated, match for their daughter, MBA, finance professional, 80 born, 5'-4". Please email pictures and bio data to C4-66802B

Seeking suitable match from Jatt Sikh family. The girl is Jatt Sikh, 86 born, holds a degree from a Canadian University, is well-employed at a reputed company in Vancouver in a managerial position. Slim, good looking, hard-working, Canadian citizen, 5'-2". Well-educated family. Reply with full particulars and photos to: C4-66876

Jat Sikh, California based educated family, 1980, 5'-2", fair, beautiful, intelligent, MBA, working for IT Company in USA, divorced after short term marriage, no issues. She immigrated when 18 years old. Parents seeking compatible match from USA or Canada only. C4-68915

Canada based Jat Sikh Grewal educated family seeks professional Jat Sikh Masters/Bachelor degree holder match (Engineer, Doctor, CGA or Lawyer only) from Canada, USA, UK, Australia or India for their India born, Canadian citizen, convent educated, Canadian university degree holder, fair complexioned daughter born 1977, 5'-3.5". Well versed in both cultures. Permanently employed with Federal Govt. as a Senior Officer. Brief marriage got annulled. Divorcees with children please excuse. Serious inquiries only. Visiting India at the end of October. Respond with complete qualifications, profession, family details with recent pictures to: C4-69799

Professionally qualified Malwai Jat Sikh match for a beautiful Jat Sikh girl, M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed. 20.03.1985/5'-6", working in public school, reputed family, please email bio data and clear photograph to C4-70416B

Well-educated family looking for a suitable match for their daughter born 1984/5'-6", beautiful, slim and smart, second year residency in US. Boy from respectable, educated and well-to-do family, preferably doing Residency/Fellowship in US. Teetotaller, Malwa preferred. Contact with biodata & photographs. Email C4-75538

Mohali based Jat Sikh Saini family seeks PQM for their daughter, MBBS, fair, slim, 1983/5'-5", Canada PR, visiting India end November. Father Retd. Merchant Navy Officer. Mother MA, B.Ed. housewife, elder brother AGM and married. Email:; Mob: 98141-83668. C4-75650

Jat Sikh parents invite matrimonial alliance for their Canadian citizen daughter, 31 yrs old, 5'-3", beautiful, fair, slim, University educated (Degree in Health Studies & Diploma in Pharmacy) and professionally employed. Boy should good-natured, well-educated & preferably residing in Canada/USA. Email: C4-75654

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl 32, 5'-4", US Citizen Edu: Bachelor in Finance/IT, MBA. Only guys currently in US. Send biodata with photo at C4-75944

Medico/completing Residency preferably in USA Jat Sikh handsome, sober boy for US Citizen Doctor girl, doing Residency in America, Nov. 85/5'-4", extremely pretty, fair, sweet natured, raised with rich family values, from educated, good family background. Serious enquiries encouraged to contact with full details and recent photographs. Email: C4-75950

Professionally qualified clean-shaven nonsmoker Jatt Sikh match for convented B.Tech, MBA (from USA), April 85 born, slim, fair, 5'-1", manager in MNC at USA. Parents Govt. employees. Brother Army Doctor. USA settled or H1B preferred. Email at Dowry seekers and Divorcees please avoid. C4-75952

Jat Sikh convent educated, 1984/5'-4", USA Software Engineer, MBA employed multinational New York. Father Army officer. In India till 05 Nov. 09872775788. C4-76066

Jat Sikh US settled Sandhu family seeking professionally qualified US based only Jat Sikh and non-Sandhu match (age 28-30 yrs) for their beautiful, 1986/5'-3" Aeronautical engineeer daughter. Working for renowned company. Only serious inquires kindly contact at 91-98140-34264 or send details to C4-76460

Jatt Sikh Sidhu family seeks professionally qualified clean shaven match for their beautiful, 5'-4", Dec 84 born daughter. She has done MBA and working with a Chandigarh-based software company. Please contact 85580-11675 or C4-76480B

Jatt Sikh 37/5'-4", fair, beautiful, homely, unmarried girl, under Graduate with Computer Diploma. Settled in Chandigarh. Divorcee excuse. Mobile: 82889-90253, 98727-07428. C4-76928

PQM for Jat Sikh girl August 75 born, 5'-4", wheatish, Ph.D., working Assistant Professor in reputed University. Mob: 98887-29108. Email: C4-77020

Looking for IAS/Allied/Class I/well-established, handsome boy from status family for very beautiful, convent educated, highly qualified, tall, fair, slim, Jat Sikh girl, 28/5'-6", working as Asstt. Professor, belonging to Chandigarh-based high status, well-cultured, officers family. Please respond with biodata and photograph. Email: C4-77670

Professionaly qualified Jat-Sikh match for Convent educated Sept. 1984, 5'-5", M.A. Psychology, B.Ed. girl, Psychologist in reputed Hospital. Handsome salary, IELTS cleared. Parents retd. class I officers, one brother in USA, 98727-25025, e-mail: C4-77718

Required clean shaven Jat Sikh PQM for Convent educated BMS, MBA very pretty fair, smart girl, 1987 born, 5'-5". Please respond with complete biodata and recent photos at C4-78066

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Jan. 86/5'-6", MBA girl, Bank employee.; 9888867574. C4-78214B

Educated, landlord officers' family invites proposals for slim, tall, beautiful daughter, 28, 5'-6", MBA, teaching job. 097799-70100. C4-78266

SM4 Jat Sikh New Zealand PR 5'-3", Nov. 1989, parents in Chandigarh preference Tricity, District-Ludhiana, Patiala, Ropar. Preference PR in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, UK. 9872213116. Call: Sunday-any time, other days-after 7 p.m. C4-78306B

Alliance invited for fair, tall, beautiful family oriented convent B.Sc., M.A. (English) B.Ed., girl 1981/5'-6.5", applied U.S. immigration. 97791-49005. C4-78314

Medical Doctor match for beautiful Jat Sikh US Citizen, 27 yrs, 150 cms, 3rd Year Medical student in USA after completing MPH in US. Respond: C4-78340

PQM for 5'-8"/86 born Jat Sikh, MBA, fair, slim, urban girl working with reputed org. Match sought must be above 5'-11", clean-shaven, urban Jat Sikh boy from respected, well-educated family. Contact with horoscope details. 98888-85724, C4-78346

Canadian Jat Sikh parents seek match for their Canadian born daughter 1988/5'-2" attractive, slim, ECE Diploma. Boy should be well-educated, sober and from Jat Sikh family and presently in Canada or USA. Contact:  or 1-604-725-3000. C4-78430B

Suitable qualified, well-settled, Amritdhari Jatt Sikh, 86 born, 5'-5", slim, beautiful, M.Pharmacy, IELTS 7.5. Educated, well settled family. Parents Govt. employee. 98765-73272. C4-78482

Canadian PR 26/5'-6" MA (Pol. Sci.) requires MBBS, BDS, M.Tech., M.Pharmacy, MBA Amritdhari only Canada/America settled. 81464-20669. NA4-62678

Canadian PR Jatt Sikh Dhaliwal Amritdhari 28/5'-5" M.Sc. (Physics) requires MBBS, BDS, M.Tech., M.Pharmacy, Amritdhari only Canada/America settled. 81464-20669. NA4-62680

Well educated Jat Sikh family seeks highly qualified professional match for their Australian citizen daughter Aug. 78 born, 5'-4", fair, beautiful and family oriented, highly educated with double Masters IT & IS, working as Program Services Manager in leading MNC Sydney. Respond with biodata and pics at: Contact 80544-53595. NA4-62591

Well-qualified settled teetotaller match for 81 born Sandhu girl, 5'-6", Post Graduate, Food Supply Inspector, posting Chandigarh. Father Advocate. 84274-55667. NA4-64041

Well-established Jat Sikh Sandhu business family looking for suitable match for their slim, beautiful BDS daughter 26/5'-6", Brother Class-I Officer. Boy only consideration. Email: 81460-33600. NA4-64066

Suitable match for beautiful Saini Sikh vegetarian girl, May 86, 5'-4", B.Com. MBA. 9876501680. E-mail: C4-78240

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Saini girl April 84/ 5'-4", B.Tech. (Textile Tech) PGD in Fashion Designing from reputed Institute. Well- educated family. Upper caste no bar. C4-78332

NRI match for beautiful, slim Jat Sikh girl, 5'-8"/1984, B.Sc. Nursing, working corporate hospital. C4-77658

Matrimonial are invited from reputed and well-qualified families are Jatt Sikh Dhaliwal girl, 26 year, 5'-5", MBA, studying in Business Course in Canada. Brother settled in USA as Physiotherapist. Father Retd. Manager. Parents at present USA. Email: NA4-62727

Jat Sikh parents looking for Doctor/Dentist match for their daughter 27, 5'-6", Canadian PR, intelligent beautiful, all rounder, doing MDS in USA. Respond with photo to email: NA4-62729

Professional qualified vegetarian match for Mair Rajpoot very fair Manglik girl, 1988/5'-8", M.Sc. (Nursing). Cont: 9463611003. C4-76286B

Suitable Post-graduate match for NRI Holland born girl, 27 Dec. 1984, 5'-2", Phyzer Firm B.Sc. Required veg. non-drinker, non-smoker Hindu Khatri, willing to settle at Holland. 07087167248. E-mail: C4-75816

Suitable match for Jaswal Rajput Radha Soami, Wheatish girl, 03.10.1984, 7:35 a.m., Kangra, 5', LL.B., M.A. Human Rights & Duties, both from PU Chandigarh, Legal Editor at Chandigarh. Father retired, mother H.P. State Govt. employee. Vegetarian & Himachali preferred. 098050-52200. C4-76328

Suitable match for Jammu Padwal Rajput girl, 1988 born, 5'-2", Postgraduate (Pub. Admn.), working in Chandigarh Court. Jammu Rajput boy preferred. Mobile: 98157-89276. C4-77450

Alliance invited from handsome non-drinker, non-smoker well placed Himachali Rajput preferably settled at Delhi/NCR/Chandigarh for slim beautiful Himachali Rajput MCA girl 5'-6" 22.10.86/08:20 pm/Kangra, working TCS Delhi 5.4 lacs/annum. 098681-45583, 099586-65610, C4-78046

Match for Himachali based Saraswat Brahmin girl, B.Sc. (Biotech), MBA (HR). 10.06.1987/12:40 p.m./Chandigarh. 5'-1". Working in MNC Noida. Package 5.00 lakh. Family permanently settled in Chandigarh. Contact 94177-75847, 0172-2673580. Email : C4-75616

Professionally qualified match for Brahmin Bhardwaj girl, 5'-5", 26.7.1989, 5:20 p.m. Chanidgarh. M.Tech. (CSE) working as Asstt. Prof. in Engg. College. Tricity preferred. 99156-44331. C4-75624

Suitable match for Vashisht Brahmin beautiful girl, 16.12.1985, 2:19 a.m., Kuthar (H.P.), 5'-2", M.Pharma, working MNC Baddi, Solan (H.P.). Himachali preferred. 88940-64655, 98715-46898. E-mail: C4-75722

Saraswat Brahmin Manglik/Non-manglik, MCA, slim, fair girl, 5'-4", 18.12.1987, 5:45 a.m., Bathinda. 99910-01200, 99969-29989. Kalka (Haryana). C4-75932

Vegetarian teetotaller professional match for beautiful Saraswat Brahmin Management Graduate grafics Media Consultant Panchkula/Delhi girl born 28-03-1981, 9:30 am Ferozepur, height 5'. Father retired Superintending Engineer Panchkula settled small educated family. Caste no bar. 09814079844, C4-77258

Medico match for BDS beautiful Sarswat Brahmin Chandigarh girl, 5'-5", 27 years. Educated family. Mobile 082838-84127. C4-77434

Sarswat Brahmin beautiful Convent 1.6.85, 2.16 pm, Asr., M.Sc./B.Ed. Environment Science, height 5'-2". Asstt. Prof. in Engg. College. 93177-09950. C4-78104

Suitable match for graduate beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl, 5'-1", 18.08.1987, 7:50 am, Chandigarh. 98140-74216. Email: C4-78290

Match for beautiful Gaur Brahmin girl 26/5'-2", M.Sc.(Chemistry), M.Ed., employed Army School. Strictly teetotaller and vegetarian need only correspond. E-mail: C4-78490

Professional match from status family for M.S. 1982, 5'-6", cultured, beautiful girl, Punjab Government gazetted officer. 70874-00392, 97800-30316. NA4-62840

Looking for well settled cleanshaven match for Jat girl, Jalandhar, 16.10.85, 5'-5", MA, M.Ed. UGC (NET) PS TET qualified, working as regular Assistant professor in reputed college. Only upper caste apply. Contact: 9872896461. C4-76280

Status match for Punjabi Khatri beautiful girl, 23.10.1991, 2:15 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-4", B.Tech., pursuing MBA Entrance, working Trainee Content Writer. Chandigarh based Medico family. Contact: 98726-72886. C4-76204

Professionally qualified match for Khatri beautiful girl, born 1989, 5'-9", B.Tech, MBA Finance, working in Reputed university. 09780498290. E-mail: C4-77380

Manglik match for beautiful Hindu Khatri Carmalized girl 28/5', M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry, working Ltd. concern. E-mail: C4-78492

Professionally qualified match for Arora non-Manglik beautiful girl, 16.10.88, 10.45 a.m. Chandigarh (5 ft. 3 in.), M.Com., B.Ed., pursuing CS & Ph.D. Working as Asstt. Professor. Contact with biodata and photo. Email: C4-76034

Wanted Sikh boy for Ramgarhia Sikh Ludhiana girl, tall 5'-5", 26, very fair, Dentist from top College, Colonel's daughter. All Sikh castes welcome. IIT/IIM/Defence Officer/Gazetted Officer highly preferred. Cleanshaven/ cutsurd/trimmer from Defence background preferred. Mob: 7544057273. Email: C4-73706

Suitable only cleanshaven match for Ramgarhia (Khatti) girl, 23.3.87,
4 pm, 5'-3", B.Tech, MBA, employed MNC. NRI also welcome. Contact: 9815243476. E-mail: C4-76414

Suitable vegetarian non-drinker match for Govt. employee, Chandigarh Anshik Manglik girl Oct. 86/5'-6", B.Sc. Nursing. Upper caste acceptable. Preferred Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali/nearby. 08283044557. C4-77474

Match for Sikh Khatri beautiful, fair girl 13.5.1984, 5'-5", MCA, SAP, preferably US settled greencard holder, IT Sector employed. Dowry seekers excuse. Contact: 097297-05543. C4-78514

SM4 Dr Harmandeep Singh DoB (14.2.1988) 26 year old Mazahbi Sikh boy, doing (MS Orhto) belong to upper middle class family. Elder brother married & working with IOCL as Sr. Engineer. His father working as DGM (Admn.) in Maha Ratna PSU. Mother is house wife. Interested person may contact at email or Mobile No. 99278- 87115. C4-76120

Match for SC fair, Chandigarh based girl, 25, 5'-6", M.A., Teamlead Chandigarh. Contact: 98151-65147. C4-76386

Suitable match for Ad-dharmi (SC) girl 26.06.1988, 7.30 am, 5'-5", MBA (DE), BA, qualified. Born and brought up in Una, HP. Families from Himachal and Punjab preferred. Contact: 80106-51446, 80106-51547. Email: Box 919F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified NRI (PR/citizen) match for Ravidasia (Ad-dharmi) Dental Doctor (BDS), Manglik girl, 15.12.1987, 5'-5", slim, fair, smart, doing pvt. job, Father Govt. service. Simple educated & settled vegetarian family of Doaba. 9501036494. E-mail: C4-76630

Match for tall, slim, IT professional Ad-dharmi girl, 7 LPA, employed IT Park Chandigarh, 29 yrs/5'-7", well educated Punjabi Mohali settled family. Email: C4-77010

PQM for Ravidasia Sikh girl 83/5'-2", M.Com., UGC NET, M.Sc. (IT). Working as Assistant Professor. Email your biodata and snap @ Contact: 94658-95552. C4-77028

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh beautiful girl, 28/5'-1",, doing M.Tech, 2 years experience as Lecturer in college. Father retired gazetted officer. Mother Pb. govt. service. Employed preferred. Contact: 80544-58523, C4-78400

Ahluwalia Sikh match for beautiful, convent educated, BCA, MBA, 26/5'-2". 9876692620. C4-78522

Manglik Khatri Walia M.Sc. Computer 8.8.81, 4.48 p.m. Chandigarh, 5'-3", doing job in Govt. School, Chandigarh (Contract). Upper Caste no bar. 94179-36540. C4-75990

Professionally qualified, status match for issueless Rajput, 1984/5',
M.Sc., working Chandigarh, handsome salary. Father Bank Officer. 97799-02880, C4-77446

Well-settled, educated (not born before 1979) match from status family for 1984 born, 5'-4", fair, beautiful, M.Tech., issueless divorcee (Short marriage). Punjabi Khatri girl. E-mail:  C4-77706

Sikh Khatri issueless legally divorcee, Aug. 85/5'-2", Chandigarh, B.Tech., working Infosys Chandigarh. 97819-99960. NA4-62098

Suitable match for Gursikh 24 yr. 5'-3", MBA girl, working with reputed company Delhi. NCR or Chandigarh Tricity match preferred. Contact: 09810078313. C4-75936

Suitable match required for beautiful Arora Sikh girl B.Tech., 1988/5'-2", working in Melbourne (Australia) on skilled visa professionally qualified, living in Melbourne preferred. 098722-01123. C4-77806

Goyal, MBBS girl, 21.09.89 at 5:32 p.m., 5'-1", beautiful, fair, slim, working in Delhi. MD/MS preferred. Email id: Mobile: 94161-67207. C4-76278

Well established businessman/good serviceman from status family for
Singla beautiful girl, 08.02.1989, 10:15 a.m., Bhucho Mandi, 5', M.Tech., Asstt. Professor in SLIET, Longowal. Email: 9217591365 (Before 10 a.m. OR After 5 p.m.). C4-76524

Match for beautiful Garg girl, 33/5'-1", BAMS, Resident Doctor at Chandigarh, salary 3 LPA. Tricity, Doctor/Engineer preferred. 9780118366. C4-76998

Employed businessman Industrialist match for Bansal M.Pharma 16.8.1989, 5'-5", 5.00 am, Sangrur, fair, slim, beautiful, educated family. Father Businessman at Ambala. Preferred employed MBA, B.Tech., Banking, Kundli must. 094162-47196. C4-78086



356 square yards (80 feet by 40 feet) residential plot, Patiala General Harbaksh Enclave, opp. Punjabi Univ., PUDA NOC obtained. Immediate registry. Immediate sale. Going cheap. Genuine buyers only. Contact: 90419-30243, 97802-37667, 01762-651151. C4-78408B


Shop cum Flat No.153 (20'x80'), New Anaj Mandi (Jalandhar byepass), Ludhiana, facing G.T.Road. Multipurpose use, reasonable offer invited. G.S. Sidhu 97799-93442. C4-75710B

Fro sale, lease 231 sq. meter plot with Architectural plan approved for constructing 3 storey 115 each floor , two independent bedrooms total 400 sqm. plus 100 car parking basement on roadhead between Sankatmochan and zoo below Shimla New ISBT. Contact: 098160-88855. Email: C4-78524


Mystique eventz - Home event Manager Contact for any kind of event - marriage, kids party, birthday party. 7087271927, 9888579809. C4-75996


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