Karuna Goswamy


1. Barren-ness; fruitless-ness

5. Egypt 's great river

7. The new face of Islamic militancy


8. Keep quiet; "__'s the word "!

9. South Indian snack

10. There is one in the north and

another in the south

11. General Robert __, great soldier

who fought in the Civil War

12. __ of Wight is off the south coast of England

14. Weight; burden; encumbrance

16. Fairly; in unbiased manner


1. Easily offended; pained

2. An old measure of length

3. America 's famous tax agency (inits.)

4. The day now gone

6. ___ Bernard, great French painter

7. Urge forward; press on

13. Lucy ___, Hollywood actress

15. Sphere; globe