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Rampal still in ashram, op to continue till he is nabbed: DGP

Chandigarh, Nov 18 (PTI) As the situation remained tense and volatile at the ashram of 'godman' Rampal in Barwala town, Haryana DGP S N Vashisht today said security personnel were exercising maximum restraint as lives of women and children being used as "human shields" were involved.

Besides, the police had to deal with large number of arms, ammunition and an LPG dump inside the Satlok Ashram, he said, maintaining that the controversial figure was "100 per cent" still in the Ashram.

Vashisht along with Chief Minister's Principal Secretary, Sanjeev Kaushal and Additional Chief Secretary (Home), P K Mahapatra, briefed reporters about the entire operation.

The DGP said over 200 persons, including 100 policemen, followers and mediapersons, had received injuries during the course of the operation, in which firing and hurling of stones, petrol bombs and acid bottles from inside the Ashram had taken place.

A woman was found with serious burn injuries and it remained unclear how she got the injury, the DGP said, adding that no life had been lost in today's operation.

Fresh FIR has been slapped against Rampal as he has been held responsible for this entire operation and firing resulting in injuries to several people and putting innocent lives at stake, he said.

Two other FIRs have also been registered, he said. One in connection with the failed self-immolation attempt by 50 followers by pouring diesel on them, which was foiled by using water cannons.

The other is against Rampal and others for keeping the followers hostage inside the Ashram.

"We are committed to bring out the godman who is 100 per cent still inside the Ashram and comply with the High Court directive," the DGP said.

Vashisht said as the security personnel, including para military forces, launched the operation, they first had to face a hostile group of 50 followers who poured disel on themselves and threatened to commit self-immolation.

"We used water canons. However, this group soon attacked the police with acid bottles, but we exercised restraint and managed to prevail upon them," he said.

He said that Rampal was using a group of 2,000 to 3,000 women and children as "human shields" and they had pitched their camp outside the Ashram complex for past several days, but police managed to disperse them. PTI


















Violent clashes at Rampal's ashram leave over 100 injured 

Barwala (Hisar): Violent clashes broke out at the ashram in Haryana of controversial 'godman' Rampal here with police lobbing teargas shells and resorting to lathicharge to disperse his supporters who allegedly fired back, leaving over 100 persons, including security and media personnel, injured.

Tension mounted as supporters of Rampal refused to heed to repeated announcements by the police over loud speakers to allow them to enter the premises to arrest him.

In the entire operation being carried out by police and paramilitary forces, which State DGP S N Vashisht described as "very tough" since they were dealing with presence of many women and children inside, police lobbed teargas shells and used batons and water cannons to disperse Rampal's supporters who allegedly fired back, pelted stones and hurled "petrol bombs" back at them.

Police said that over 100 persons had been injured that include many followers, media persons and security personnel and some of them had been admitted to various hospitals at Hissar, Barwala, Agroha and Uklana after being injured in the violence.

A JCB machine was set on fire by the miscreants inside the Ashram as authorities attempted to break the third wall of the 50-feet high boundary wall surrounding the huge building.

Towards the evening, the operation was briefly halted as authorities gave some time to the followers to come out and cooperate so that they could carry out the job to execute the court orders to arrest Rampal.

Security personnel were attempting to storm the premises and arrest Rampal, against whom fresh Non-Bailable Warrants were issued by the Punjab and Haryana High Court yesterday.

There were conflicting reports with some stating that Rampal was inside the ashram.

Ashram spokesman Raj Kapoor had said that Rampal was "unwell" and was being treated at an "undisclosed location".

However, DGP S N Vashisht told reporters in Chandigarh that as per their information Rampal "is still inside the Ashram".PTI



















High Court reserves order on Rampal's bail 

CHANDIGARH: A day after issuing a fresh non-bailable warrant (NBW) against 'godman' Rampal, the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Tuesday reserved its judgement on cancellation of his bail in connection with a 2006 murder case.

During the hearing, the amicus curiae pressed for immediate cancellation of Rampal's bail, saying the "credibility of the entire judicial system" would be "at stake" if his bail was not cancelled.

Haryana government represented by state' Additional Advocate General also supported the amicus curiae and demanded cancellation of his bail in wake of his "unacceptable" conduct.

However, Rampal's counsel sought continuation of bail, saying he was granted exemption from personal appearance by the trial court.

A division bench of the court had taken suo motu notice of cancellation of bail on November 10 when the 'godman' did not appear in court despite NBW against him.

Rampal along with 38 other accused was charged with murder and other offences on July 12, 2006 after one person died and several others were injured following a violent clash between his followers and another group. He along along with 38 others was being tried in a sessions court of Rohtak.

Rampal was granted bail by the High court on April 2, 2008.

"After hearing the arguments, the division bench comprising justices M Jeyapaul and Darshan Singh has reserved its judgement (on Rampal's bail cancellation). No time limit or date has been given as yet for pronouncing the judgement," said amicus curiae and senior advocate Anupam Gupta.

The high court had yesterday issued fresh NBW for November 21 against Rampal after he did not appear in a contempt case while slamming the Haryana government for "failing" to produce him before court.

During the course of the over two-hours long hearing on Rampal's bail cancellation, Gupta submitted that there was a "compe

"Rampal and his followers have fortified themselves have created a state within a state, confronting the entire state apparatus and also created his own private army with weapons. He has been surrounded by a human shield comprising women and children and he has openly proclaimed his lack of faith in judiciary and judicial system and his refusal to cooperate or associate with the trial," he said.

"This trial becomes secondary. What is primary important is that if his bail was not cancelled by the high court immediately, not only his trial will be frustrated, (but also) the credibility of the entire judicial system in this region over which the high court presides will be reduced to naught," Gupta submitted. –PTI Back





































Modi, Abbott hold talks, seek enhanced 
economic partnership 

CANBERRA: India and Australia on Tuesday sought early conclusion of negotiations for a comprehensive economic partnership agreement and a closure on the civil nuclear deal as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his counterpart Tony Abbott held talks here.

After the two leaders held talks, India and Australia signed five pacts on social security, transfer of sentenced prisoners, combating narcotics trade, tourism, and Arts and Culture.

"We also agreed on seeking early closure on the civil nuclear agreement, which will give Australia a chance to participate in one of the most secure and safe nuclear energy programme in the world," Modi said in a statement to the media at a joint press conference with Abbott.

Later, while addressing the Parliament, Australian Prime Minister Abbott said, "If all goes well, Australia will export uranium to India under suitable safeguards because cleaner energy is one of the most important contributions that Australia can make to wider world."

Modi, while talking about India-Australia ties, said, "This is a natural partnership, arising from our shared values and interests, and our strategic maritime locations. India and Australia have a great economic synergy." 

"There are huge opportunities for partnership in every area we can think of –- agriculture, agro-processing, resources, energy, finance, infrastructure, education, and science and technology," Modi said.

Abbott, in Parliament, said, "By the end of the next year we will have a Free Trade deal with what is potentially the world's largest market."
Modi emphasised that the economic climate in India has changed.

"I believe it will be a lot easier to convert opportunities into concrete outcomes," Modi said.

Modi also announced that India will organise a 'Make in India' show in Australia in 2015 while Australia would hold a business week in India in January next year.

"Prime Minister Abbott and I discussed what we should do to impart real momentum to our economic partnership.

Reconstituting the CEO Forum is an important step. We have agreed to speed up negotiations on the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. I also asked for easier access for Indian business to the Australian market and quicker investment approvals," Modi said at the joint press conference. India and Australia also agreed on a Framework for Security Cooperation.

"I greatly welcome the New Framework for Security Cooperation. Security and defence are important and growing areas of the new India-Australia partnership -- for advancing regional peace and stability, and combating terrorism and trans-national crimes," Modi said.

"This morning's visit with Prime Minister Abbott to the Australian War Memorial reminded us of the need to strive together for a better world," he said.

Modi, who is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Australia in 28 years after Rajiv Gandhi in 1986, said "I would like to say that it has been nearly three decades since the last Prime Ministerial visit from India. The fact that we have exchanged visits in two months is a sign of better times to come."

Modi also thanked Australian Prime Minister Abbott, the people and the federal and the state governments of Australia for a wonderful visit so far.

"Prime Minister Abbott and I have spent the last week together – at the East Asia Summit, the G20 and for this bilateral summit. This reflects the broad framework of our relationship, defined by a growing partnership in the cause of a peaceful and prosperous world, and a strong and broad-based bilateral relationship," he said.

Modi also touched upon cultural and sporting ties between the two countries, saying that cricket and hockey are the "natural glue" between the people of the two countries.

"I am pleased with the new Cultural Exchange Programme signed today. India would establish a Cultural Centre in Sydney by February 2015. We plan to hold a Festival of India in Australia in 2015 and tourism weeks in Australia," Modi said of the agreements signed in the cultural and tourism sector.

"The Social Security Agreement is a really positive development. It will help in making our business relations stronger, especially in the Services Sector," he said.

Modi and Abbott had summit talks in Delhi last month during which India and Australia sealed a landmark civil nuclear deal that will facilitate sale of uranium to New Delhi.

The two leaders had earlier directed their respective negotiators to conclude the administrative arrangements pertaining to the civil nuclear pact at an early date that will facilitate uranium trade.

Australia has about 40 per cent of the world's uranium reserves and exports nearly 7,000 tonnes of yellow cake annually. India and Australia had commenced negotiations for the sale of uranium in early 2012.

The two-way trade stands at a relatively modest USD 15 billion a year compared with USD 150 billion for Australia's two-way trade with China. 

During the joint press conference, Abbott said trade relationship with India was "under-developed" and he had a discussion with Modi on how to improve it.

"Trade relationship is underdeveloped and Modi and I have spent quite some time this morning talking about what we need to do to really crank up the trade relationship.

"Trade means jobs, trade means prosperity, we both need more jobs and prosperity," he said.

Abbott informed that a deep economic partnership with India was on cards. He said that Australia was also ready and willing to supply uranium to India for "peaceful purposes".

"Australia has signed Free Trade Agreement with Korea, Japan and China, but we are not resting on our laurels. We want to go further. That's why next priority for Australia is a comprehensive economic partnership with India," he said.

The Australian Prime Minister said the two leaders just did not just discuss trade, but had talks on cooperation on energy and global security issues and how to expand relations in counter-terrorism, intelligence and military cooperation.

"Australian government has runs on the board when it comes to free trade. And I know PM Modi too has runs on the board when it comes to getting India to actually respond to government to making the Indian bureaucracy work for people," Abbott said, praising Modi. -PTI Back














G20 fails to make substantive progress on black money 

WASHINGTON: The G-20 summit in Australia failed to make substantial progress on financial transparency and illicit flows, an eminent international think-tank famous for its pioneering work on black money has claimed.

"The G20 passed up a golden opportunity to begin tackling this global scourge by curbing the abuse of anonymous companies and instituting public country-by-country reporting for multinational corporations," said Raymond president Baker Global Financial Integrity (GFI).

Considered to be a longtime authority on financial crime, Baker had recently co-authored an open letter to G20 leaders on the topic prior to the summit.

"Illicit financial flows — fuelled by anonymous companies and tax haven secrecy — undercut economic growth and tax revenues, drain roughly USD 1 trillion per year from developing and emerging countries and facilitate crime and corruption on a grand scale," Baker said.

G20 summit noticeably lacked in responses to illicit financial flows, one of the largest drags on development worldwide, a statement said.

The GFI has long advocated for basic financial transparency measures to hinder common methods of moving illicit money—specifically, public registries of company ownership information, public country-by-country reporting, and global automatic exchange of financial information.

All of these issues have enjoyed a worldwide surge of public momentum in recent years, but the G20's statements this weekend fell short of capitalising on this movement, the statement said.

According to the GFI, the G-20 commitment to automatic exchange of tax information is welcome but incomplete.

"While this is a welcome culmination of the G20's long track record of leadership on automatic exchange, the G20 failed to address the extension of tax information exchange to the other 100+ countries in the world," it said.

"For a couple of years, the G20 has declared that automatic exchange of financial information is 'the new global standard' and now we are proudly seeing that claim come to fruition," said GFI Policy Counsel Joshua Simmons.

"However, it's critical that the new framework for making information exchange a reality is able to accommodate the world's poorest countries, who suffer the effects of tax evasion and money laundering at least as much as and often substantially more than—rich countries," he added. -PTI Back
















Modi presents Man Singh Trophy to Abbott 
at Aus War Memorial 

CANBERRA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday presented the Man Singh Trophy, a prized possession of Sikh regiment battalions, to his Australian counterpart Tony Abbott at the War Memorial here to commemorate his visit.

In his first engagement in the Australian capital, Modi, accompanied by Abbott, arrived at the War Memorial early morning.

Modi arrived here last night on the third leg of his four-city tour of Australia from Sydney on a special Air India plane.

Modi presented the trophy to Abbott and also signed the visitor's book at the memorial.

The trophy originally in silver was presented to the Officers' Mess 14 (King George's own) Sikhs in the year 1919.

The officers of the battalion, who served in the unit during the First World War in Egypt, Gallipoli, Sinai and Mesopotamia from October 1914 to May 1917, had made it in commemoration of the gallant actions of their soldiers during the First World War.

The Trophy is named after Man Singh who was recognised as a great soldier for his qualities of character, professional skill, sheer physical prowess and agility.

Approximately 6 feet and 4 inches tall, Singh was said to be so strong of limbs that he was able to jump over high wire obstacles and broad ditches comfortably.
This was part of trench warfare during the First World War. It is also said that he could lob a grenade up to a distance of 50 yards.

The trophy has some peculiarities like the shoes worn by Singh appear to be on the wrong feet, the satchel on his back is hanging with one strap only, in place of grenades, cans of condensed milk are seen in the trenches and the bolt of the rifle is in the unlocked position.

The trophy was presented to the Sikh Regiment Centre by 1 Sikh (now 4 MECH INF) on completion of 125 years of its glorious service.
All the Sikh regiment battalions also have a replica of this trophy in Bronze, a possession they are proud of. -PTI Back














Salman thanks fans for wishing sister, brother-in-law

HYDERABAD: Salman Khan has expressed his gratitude towards his admirers for congratulating his sister Arpita for her wedding to businessman Ayush Sharma.

Arpita will tie the knot with her longtime partner on Tuesday in Hyderabad.

"Thank you for all the blessings and good wishes. I will tweet some pics from the wedding later. Arpita and Ayush thank and appreciate it," Salman posted on Twitter.

The wedding is expected to be attended by the who's who of Bollywood at the Falaknuma Palace, which is all decked up for the nuptials.

The wedding celebrations had already grabbed media attention when foe-turned-friend Shah Rukh Khan made his appearance at Arpita's mehendi-sangeet ceremony in Mumbai and both the 'Happy New Year' star and Salman posed together hugging and kissing Arpita on the forehead. -PTI Back













One out of every 30 children in US is homeless 

WASHINGTON: One out of every 30 children in the US is homeless, the highest rate in history and one that is due to the nation's high percentage of poverty, together with the lack of affordable housing and the impact of domestic violence.

According to the study, "America's Youngest Outcasts", released Monday by the National Centre on Family Homelessness, close to 2.5 million US children were homeless at sometime during 2013.

The figure is based on the latest count by the US Department of Education, which includes some 1.3 million homeless students in public schools plus the estimated number of homeless preschoolers.

"Children are homeless tonight in every city, county and state - in every part of our nation," Carmela DeCandia, director of the National Centre on Family Homelessness at the American Institutes for Research (AIR), which prepared the report, said.

While DeCandia acknowledges that the federal government has made certain strides in providing shelter for war veterans and chronically homeless adults, she said that homelessness among children increased by 8 percent between 2012 and 2013.

Many of the youngsters, the report says, must struggle to attend school, lose many of their classes, repeat courses and finally drop out altogether.

"Living in shelters, neighbours' basements, cars, campgrounds, and worse - homeless children are the most invisible and neglected individuals in our society," DeCandia said.

"Without decisive action now," she said, "the federal goal of ending child homelessness by 2020 will soon be out of reach." –IANSBack














Burdwan blast: Myanmar national held in Hyderabad 

HYDERABAD: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested a Myanmar national here in West Bengal's Burdwan blast case.

Kaleed alias Khalid Mohammed, belonging to Rohingiya solidarity organization, was having links with Bangladesh based terrorist groups. The 28-year-old is said to be an expert in explosives.

The NIA said he was arrested here Monday afternoon. Kaleed was allegedly running terror camps in areas bordering Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Two suspected members of Bangaldesh's Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen died in a blast that occurred in a house Oct 2 in Khagragarh area of Burdwan district.

The NIA, which is probing the blast, has arrested few accused in connection with the incident. -IANS Back

















4 Mins, 18 Legislators, Ex-Mins among 175 in fray for phase 2 

JAMMU: Four ministers of the Congress-NC coalition government, 16 former ministers and sitting legislators are among the 175 candidates, who are in the fray for 18 Assembly constituencies going to polls in the second phase on December 2 in Jammu and Kashmir.

"On the last day of withdrawal of the nominations for the second phase of Assembly elections in J&K yesterday, for which polling is scheduled to be held on December 2, 175 candidates are in fray for the 18 constituencies in the five districts of Kupwara, Kulgam, Reasi, Udhampur and Poonch," an official spokesman said.

Among the ministers from the Omar Abdullah government is Ajaz Khan of Congress contesting from Gool Arnas seat followed by Mir Saifullah (NC) from Kupawara Assembly Constituency, Choudhary Mohd Ramzan (NC) from Handwara and Sakina Itoo (NC) from Noorabad seat.

Apart from these, there are 18 sitting MLAs and MLCs and former ministers including Aijaz Jan, Javed Rana (MLC), Kafil Ur Rehman, (all NC), Krishen Chander and Amin Bhat (MLC) (all INC), Gaffar Sofi (MLA & Former Minister) Sartaj Mandi (Dy Speaker), Abdul Haq Khan (both PDP), Balwant Mankotia and Harsh Dev Singh (MLA & Former Minister), Baldev Raj Sharma and Abdul Rahseed (noth Independents), M Y Tarigami (CPIM).

Besides, former ministers -Gulam Mohideen Sofi (PDP),Syed Mushtaq Bukhari (NC), Abdul Gani Malik (MLA) and Jagjiwan Lal (NC) and Jugal Kishore (MLC) of Congress.
From the Karnah Assembly constituency, seven candidates are in the fray including Ashfaq-Ur-Rehman (BJP), Jahangir Khan (Panthers Party), Raja Manzoor Ahamed Khan (PDP), Ali Asgar Khan (INC), Kafil-Ur-Rehman (NC), Aijaz Ahamed Badana (All J&K Kissan Mazdoor Party) and Mohd Saleem Mir (J&KPC).

In Kupwara Assembly constituency, 12 candidates are in the fray including Sardar Khan (BSP), Saifullah Khan (NCP), Ab Rehman Lone (BJP), Gh Rasool Malik (INC), Mir Saif-ul-llah (JKNC), Mir Mohd Fayaz (JKPDP), Wali Mohd Khan (JKNPP), Adv.
Bashir Ahmad Dar (JKPC), Gh Hassan Sheikh, (Kissan Mazdoor Party) while as Javid Ahmad Wani, Adv. Mohd Amin Peer and Mustaq Ahmad Sheikh are Independent candidates. In Lolab Assembly constituency, nine candidates are in the fray Abdul Haq Khan (PDP), Ab. Rasheed Zargar (BJP), Ghulam Ahmad Malik (JKNPP), Gh. Nabi Shah (BSP), Haji Farooq Ahmad Mir (INC), Qaiser Jamsheed Lone (JKNC), Suriya Bano (RPI), Abdul Rehman Wani (JKPC) and Mohd Sultan Magray (Kisan Mazdoor Party (Ind).

In Handwara Assembly Constituency, 12 candidates are in the fray including Chowdry Mohamad Ramzan (NC), Sajad Ahmad Pir (BSP), Ghulam Mohi-Ui-Din Sofi (PDP), Mohd Abdullah Bhat (NPP), Mohd Yaseen Bhat (INC), Sajad Gani Lone (J&KPC), Gh. Qadir Mircha (All J&K Kissan Mazdoor Party), Ajaz Ahmad Sofi Independent (AIP), Haneefa Begum Independent (JKNPPF), Abdul Rahman Tantry (Independent), Anaytullah Lohar, (Independent) and Hilal Ahmad Tantry (Independent).

In Langate Assembly Constituency, 11 candidates are in fray including Bashir Ahmad Wani (INC), Javid Ahmad Najar (J&KNPP), Mohd Maqbool War (BJP), Gh. Nabi Ganai (Pandithpori) (PDP), Wali Mohd Bhat, (J&K NC), Er. Abdul Rashid Sheikh (J&K Awami Itihad Party), Advocate Mohd Abdullah Mir (J&KPC), Irshad Hussain Ganai (Independent), Haji Mohd Akbar Ganai (Independent), Mohd Ramzan Malla (Independent) and Mudasir Ahmad Tantray (Independent).

In Noorabad Assembly Constituency, 15 candidates are in the fray including Sakina Itoo (NC), Abdur Rehman Magray (BSP), Abdul Majeed Padder (PDP), Mushtaq Ahmad (JKNPP), Mushtaq Ahmed Malik (BJP), Manzoor Ahmad Zargar (INC) while Akther Hussain Shah, Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Bashir Ahmad Bhat, Tawseef Ahmad Dar, Abdul Rashid Bhat, Gulzar Ahmed Mir, Mohd Amin Teli, Mushtaq Ahmad Doie and Mehraj-ud-Din Dar are Independent candidates.

In Kulgam Assembly Constituency, eight candidates are in fray including Peer Nazim-ud-Din (INC), Riyaz Ahmad Shah (BSP), Imran Nabi Dar (NC), Ghulam Hassan Zargar (BJP), Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami (CPI-M), Nazir Ahmad Laway (PDP), Towseef Ahmad Shah (Independent) and Rashida Mir (Independent).

In HumshaliBugh Assembly Constituency, eight candidates are in fray -- Bashir Ahmad Bhat (BSP), Abdul Gaffar Sofi (PDP), Abdul Majeed (NC), Anayatullah Rather (INC), Ghulam Nabi Dar (BJP), Mohammad Ayoub Sheikh (JKNPP), Mohd. Amin Bhat (Samaj Wadi Party) and Abdul Bary Naik (Independent). 

In Devsar Assembly constituency, eight candidates are in fray including Peerzada Gulam Ahmad (NC), Fayaz Ahmad Bhat (BJP), Mohammad Amin Bhat (INC), Mohammad Sartaj Madni (PDP), Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat (BSP), Asif Jeelani (AIFB), while Mudasir Rashid Mir and Nisar Ahmad Hajam are Independent.

In Gulabgarh Assembly constituency, seven candidates are in fray including Bashir-Ud-Din (JKNPP), Pardeep Singh (BJP), Jawahar Singh (BSP), Shafiq-Ur-Rehman (PDP), Abdul Gani Malik (NC), Mumtaz Ahmed (INC) and Shaber Ahmed (IND).

In Reasi Assembly Constituency, 14 candidates are in the fray including, Ajay Nanda (BJP), Om Parkash (CPI-M), Balwan Singh (JKNPP), Jagjiwan Lal (JKNC), Jugal Kishore (Congress), Karan Singh (BSP) and Anil Kumar, Baldev Raj Sharma, Bansi Lal, Rano Devi, Saraf Singh, Karnail Singh, Kuldeep Singh & Meenakshi Sharma -all Independent candidates.

In Gool Arnas Assembly Constituency, 10 candidates are in the fray including Ajaz Ahmed Khan (Congress), Imtiyaz Ahmed Shan (PDP), Shiban (BSP), Shakeel Ahmed (JKNPP), Shamshad Bano (NC), Kuldeep Raj Dubey (BJP) and Arjun Singh, Romail Singh, Abdul Rehman & Gulzar Ahmed Wani as Independent.

In Udhampur Assembly Constituency, 10 candidates are in fray including Ashok Kumar Gupta (INC), Balwant Singh Mankotia (J&KNPP), Pawan Khajuria (BJP), Ranjit Singh (BSP), Sukhdev Sharma (J&K PDP), Sunil Verma (J&K NC), Dharam Paul (Hindustan Janta Party), while Anil Khajuria, Pawan Kumar Gupta and Soma are Independent candidates.

In Chenani (SC) Assembly Constituency, 7 candidates are in the fray including Dhani Ram Atri (JKNPP), Dina Nath (BJP), Sansar Chand (J&K NC), Krishan Chander (INC), Mohinder Kumar (BSP), Hans Raj (PDP) and Pushpa Devi (SP).
In Ramnagar Assembly Constituency, 6 candidates are in the fray including Raj Kapoor (J&K NC), Ranbir Singh Pathania (BJP), Prof. Sukham Chand (BSP), Vinod Kumar Sharma (INC), Harsh Dev Singh (J&KNPP) and Sanju Kumar (Independent).

In Surankote Assembly Constituency, 10 candidates are in the fray including, Ch. Mohd Akram (INC), Mohd Taj Khan (BJP), Naseer-Ul-Islam Ahmed (BSP), Ashfaq Rana (JKNPP), Iqbal Hussain Shah (PDP), Mushtaq Ahmed Shah (JKNC), Javid Ahmed (All India forward block), Ayaz Ahmed Mughal, Mohammad Shah and Mohd Sadiq Qureshi (all Independents).

In Mendhar Assembly Constituency, 11 candidates are in the fray including Javed Ahmed Rana (J&K NC), Zulfqar Hussain Khan (BJP), Mohd Shafeeq Khan (BSP), Mohd Tariq Khan (J&KNPP), Mohd Mahroof Khan (J&KPDP), Murtaza Ahmed Khan (INC), Mushtaq Ahmed (Pir Panjal Awami Party), Abdul Majeed Chowan, Mohd Sharief Khan, Nisar Ahmed Khan and Nisar Hussain Shah (all Independents).

In Haveli Assembly Constituency, 10 candidates are in the fray including, Ashfaq Ahmed (BSP), Ajaz Ahmed Jan (NC), Ch Bashir Ahmed Naz (INC), Pardeep Sharma (BJP), Shah Mohd Tantray (PDP), Mohd Rashid (JKNPP), Mohd Younis (J&K Pir Panjal Awami Party), Javid Iqbal Reshi, Chaudhary Abdul Ghani and Mohd Kabir Qureshi (all Independents). -PTIBack




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