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Grooms Wanted

Status business, landlord well-educated family of Chiefs of Punjab settled in Tricity seek suitable Jat Sikh clean shaven match for 27.11.85 born beautiful 5-3, daughter, M.Com. from reputed institute. 9872842520 C4-85937

Suitable match for beautiful fair Hindu Khatri homely girl 10+2, 25/5-5, belongs to well settled Jalandhar based business family. Jalandhar & Ludhiana preferred. Early decent marriage. Email:  84275-98188 NA4-70561

Educated, well-settled, Sikh Arora/Khatri family from Canada seeking a professionally qualified match for their daughter, BBA, finance professional, 86 born. Please email pictures and biodata to  C4-76830

Match for Manglik Khatri girl 19 Nov 1983, 1.10 p.m., Ambala, 5'-6", MBA (HR). Father businessman. Preferred non-drinker, non-smoker, veg. boy. 0171-2660128, 089500-64641. Email:  C4-84029

MD/MS/DNB match charming MD girl, 30 years, 5'-5", Working Govt Hospital. Status family.  C4-85639

Well settled suitable professional match Doctor/Engg. for M.D. Medicine, +35/5'-5", beautiful, slim, fair, Sikh Khatri Doctor girl, joined recently regular Govt. job. Family of professionals. Email:;  73556-27037. C4-86099

Suitable qualified match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, 30/5'- 1", B.Sc-MLT, M.Sc. Forensic (UK), working with MNC. Father and mother retd., brother Doctor (UK), sister BAMS married (Australia). Caste no bar. Contact: 98724- 21930, 98724-28679. C4-84123

Beautiful, Ramdasia Gursikh Julaha girl, Feb. 1987, 5'- 4", B.Sc. from PGI, Medal holder, permanent U.T. Employee (Non-transferable), 40,000/- (PM). Elder brothers Engineer. Parents retd., own property tricity. 9876613929.  C4-84155

SM4 Beautiful, slim, B.Pharma Lubana girl, 24/ 5'-5''. Father Officer, Brother settled Australia. Decent marriage. NRI preferred. Contact  C4-84869B

Suitable, qualified, Non-trimmer, Non-drinker, vegetarian, employed Sikh match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, 1982/5'-7", B.Tech, M.E. (M.E. from PEC Chandigarh), employed in MNC. Contact: 9779200393. Email:  C4-84961B

Looking exclusively for a Sikh match, only from the US or Canada a Physician or Surgeon (preferably a Psychiatrist or a Paediatrician), trained or undergoing training in the US or Canada, holding any visa, eager to settle in the US and willing to move to California, for a very pretty and slim girl, dual US/Canada citizen, 5'-3", born in Canada September, 1975, M.A., Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology ), practicing in California's San Francisco and Sacramento areas, operating two offices, annual income around US$200,000.00. She belongs to a highly educated and well connected Sikh Ahluwalia family of professionals. Please forward particulars and current photographs to  C4-85389

Suitable match for beautiful, smart Masters from UK, 5'-3"/Jan 85, Chandigarh Sikh girl, working in London. Looking for Sikh London settled boy. Visiting on Dec. 94172-49991. E-mail:  C4-85787

Beautiful Canadian PR 5'5" 1985 born Jatt Sikh P.G. in Project Management (Canada) B.Tech (India), Interested nice Jatt Sikh families please contact with boy's professional qualifications, biodata and recent pics at  C4-62711

Required clean shaven Jat Sikh PQM for Convent educated BMS, MBA very pretty fair, smart girl, 1987 born, 5'- 5". Please respond with complete biodata and recent photos at  C4-78066

Canadian Jat Sikh parents seek match for their Canadian born daughter 1988/5'-2" attractive, slim, ECE Diploma. Boy should be well-educated, sober and from Jat Sikh family and presently in Canada or USA. Contact:  or 1-604-725-3000. C4-78430B

Looking for a PQ modern Jat Sikh boy, 26-30, 6' or taller, Western born, preferably USA. Student/H1-B Visa candidate can be considered for pretty Jat Sikh girl, born in San Francisco, CA 26, 5'-7", JD (law) degree from prestigious school in USA, Send pics, with details to  C4-79786

Well-educated Jatt Sikh family seeks highly qualified professional match for Vancouver based Canadian citizen daughter 31/5'-4", Convent Educated, Chartered Accountant from Canada, B.Eng. and MBA. Working as Sr. Accountant. Born & brought up in India. Respond with biodata including family details and recent photographs.  001-6044012940. C4-81705B

Suitable match for Doctor girl, Jan. 82/5'-3", doing Fellowship in Oncology in USA from well established family of Doctors. Phone: 97805-22557. C4-81765

Suitable qualified NRI (Preferably Canadian) Jat Sikh match for beautiful cultured 1982 born girl, 5'-2", working as Dental Doctor (DMD) in Canada. Send biodata with photograph:  C4-82667B

Jat Sikh convent educated, 84/5'-4", USA Software Engineer, MBA, employed multinational New York. Father Army officer. 09872775788. C4-83735 

Suitable match for Canadian citizen Jat Sikh (Sahota), 27/5'-6", beautiful, smart girl, schooling CBSE, Canadian university graduate, working as business Analyst in insurance company. Please send photo, biodata. E-mail:  C4-83985

Match for Jat Sikh girl B.Sc., B.Ed., June 1984, 5'-7". Vice Principal in esteemed private school. 94175-11572,  C4-83997

Jat Sikh match for slim, wheatish, sharp featured, 5'- 5", B.Tech., M.B.A., October 86 born Delhi employed girl. 5 LPA (approx.). Panchkula based family. Send biodata with photo:  95309-24154. C4-84189B

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl of Patiala, Feb. 85, 5'-4", B.Tech. (CSE), Software Er. MNC Gurgaon. Father Retired Officer, having U/R property. Brother settled USA. 94636-18219,  C4-84199

Professionally qualified Defence background Media professional required 27/5'-7", Masters in Journalism working in Bombay. Early marriage.  98133-85684. C4-84387

Never married/issueless divorcee upto 35 years, qualified, sober match for professionaly qualified, B.A., B.Ed., working girl, 84 born, 5'-4". Status family. (Court marriage annulled). Contact: 70873- 95250,  C4-84489

Looking for IAS/Allied/Class I/well-established, handsome boy from status family for very beautiful, convent educated, highly qualified, tall, fair, slim, Jat Sikh girl, 28/5'-6", working as Asstt. Professor, belonging to Chandigarh-based high status, well- cultured, officers family. No bar. Please respond with biodata and photograph. Email:  C4-84591

October 1986, 5'-4", convented girl, BCA, Pb University, working MNC Chandigarh. Mohali based. 8283818999.  C4-84601

Professionally qualified US/Canada settled Jat Gursikh match for US citizen 27 years, 5 ft 8 in, slim, beautiful and having B.Sc. degree in Biology girl based in Bay Area, CA. Please send bio-data and recent photo. Email:  C4-84679

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh beautiful USA citizen issueless, divorcee educated girl, 1981/5'- 4". IT qualified preferred. Required boy willing to migrate. Divorcee issueless can also apply. Girl & family presently in India. Contact: 88720-17474. Email:  C4-84863

Match for Jat Sikh beautiful girl June 83/5'-5", MCA Regular Computer Teacher in Govt. School. Well settled family in Mohali. Chandigarh, Mohali, Tricity preferred. Email:;  98555-15644. C4-85081B

Well-settled US Jat Sikh parents invite correspondence from equally qualified gentlemen for their beautiful 31/5'-2", US-MD specialist daughter. Send biodata/ recent photos at:  C4-85366B

Seeking JS professional match for Canadian Jat Sikh girl, 39/5'-6", fair and beautiful. NRI preferred. Please respond with complete bio-data and recent photos. Email:  C4-85387B

Suitable Amritdhari, well educated match for Jat Sikh Amritdhari beautiful USA citizen girl, 26/5'-5", Degree in Medical Administration. Presently parents are in India. Contact: 8427429761. C4-85484

Jat Sikh girl, November 1983, 5'-1", MA, Computer diploma, working as web designer IT company. 9915545527, 9041362764. Tricity preferred.  C4-85575B

Professionally qualified match for Jatt Sikh 1979 Chandigarh born, 5'-5" girl, working as faculty in USA. Email:  C4-85717

Reputed affluent Chandigarh Jat Sikh family seeks a well educated business/professional match from similar status Jat Sikh family for daughter, December 1986, 5'- 7", B.Com Hons. DU, MBA, working in MNC. Respond with biodata & photo at:  C4-86061

Professionally qualified match for September 84, 5'-5", convent educated, MA Psychology, B.Ed. girl, working as Psychologist with reputed Hospital, getting good perks. IELTs cleared, one brother in USA. Parents Retd. Class One Officers. 98727-25025, Email:  C4-86113

PQM for Dentist (DMD) Jat Sikh 1981 born, 5'-6", on H1B working in Maine USA. Contact 98880-01263. Email:  C4-86243

Canadian parents seek professionally qualified, handsome match for their M.Sc. M.Ed. 79 born, 5'-4" girl. Girl in India. Email:  NA4- 70124

USA-based well-settled Jat-Sikh parents seeking well- educated professionally working/businessman for their US citizen daughter 35/5'-6" (Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology) professionally working in California. E-mail bio-data and Pics. at  NA4-70548

Suitable match for smart Punjabi Saini Doctor girl, (M.D. Obstetrics & Gynaecology), April 86/5'-6", working as Senior Resident in Medical College, Punjab. Only child. Father retired MD Doctor. Simple marriage. No dowry. 95305-87100.  Box 947F Tribune, Chandigarh.

NCR-based SM4 for Saini girl 34/160, looks much younger, very fair, good looking, B.Com (H), own business. Spiritual yet modern. Status family. Caste no bar. 9811822449,  C4-85235B

Suitable match for Jalandhar based beautiful Sikh Saini vegetarian girl, May 86, 5'-4", B.Com, MBA. 9876501680. E-mail:  C4-85503

NRI match for beautiful, slim Jat Sikh girl, 5'- 8"/1984, B.Sc. Nursing, working corporate hospital.  C4-77658

Required clean shaven Sikh IT/Engineer match for US citizen Kshatrya girl, Oct 1985 born, 5'-6", employed in health care industry. Please respond with complete biodata and recent photos at  C4- 80861

US/India based, well educated officer/landlord, Jat Sikh family seeks alliance for their US born, US/India educated, 26/5'-4", MBBS daughter, preparing for USMLE. Prefer a boy doing residency in US or with high USMLE score. Please send particulars with picture to:  C4-84063

Parents are seeking a suitable, highly qualified, professional match for Ghumar (Parjapat) daughter, 29, 5'-1", Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Masters in Engineering Management, professionally employed, divorced no kid, US citizen, US raised, very pretty, intelligent, happy individual. Boy should be clean shaven, handsome and professionally qualified. Upper caste no bar. Please send your recent Photo, bio data & Phone Number to:  C4-84685

Professionally qualified well settled in USA Cleanshaven/Hindu match for beautiful 29 years, 5'-4", Arora Sikh girl. SW Engineer California. Email :  C4-85107

PQM for Canadian PR beautiful slim SC girl, 31/5'-5", pursuing Dentistary in USA. Respond biodata with picture. Caste no bar. Contact: 09478269581. E-mail:  C4-85499

PQM 4 b'ful Gursikh Australian Doctor girl 5'-9", 33, in India for 3 weeks. Seek well-settled health/IT/Engr. Send photo profile  099993- 33518. C4-85785

Australia residing girl, 5'-5", 10.1.1989, Diploma in Community Welfare seeks Australia settled/PR/citizen Jatt baradari boy. 09872037278, 09780038008, 0061416677976. C4-85903

SM4 Chandigarh based Punjabi SC girl ME, BE (CSE) from PEC Chandigarh, Class-A Officer, 08.02.82, 5'-5''. Caste no bar. id: SH82055470. Send BHP.  C4-84855

Match for Nai girl (27) 5'-7", Manglik, Jalandhar, M.Sc. IT, IELTS Teacher. Caste no bar. 73554-49907. NA4-69351

PQ match for a Mair Rajput (Goldsmith) girl Sep 1985/5'-6", fair complexion, Engineer Telecom, New Zealand Citizen brief marriage annulled. New Zealand or Australia preferred.  0064211219452, 98728-18266. A4-56321

Manglik Thakur Rajput girls, 04.12.87, 5'-7", B.Tech. (ECE), MBA and 13.11.91, 5'-3", B.Tech. (Chemical), both Muktsar born, Gotra Chandel/Pawar. 089683-00234, 084378-09808. C4-84959

Rajput (Thakur) girl, 28/5'-3", Anshik Manglik, Diploma in Electronics. Regular Govt. job. Preferred Tricity/Roorkee/Saharanpur/Dehradun. Contact No. 90175- 14722, 96713-23402. C4-85185

Wanted suitable match for beautiful 26 yrs., 5'-6", Hindu Computer Engg. girl, HCL job. Well to do family. Mob: 92566-09718, 0183-2571290. Email:  C4-80704 

SM for convented soft, smart, fair MBA SB girl, 5'-4', 29.02.1988, 10:15 am, Karnal. Parents doctor, own multi specialist nursing home, kothi, others modern amenities caste no bar.Khatri arora welcome. Only industrialists or high business class family. Mobile: 98960-08747. Email:  C4-80839

SM4 beautiful, very fair and non-Manglik/pure- vegetarian Saraswat Brahmin girl, JRF-Ph.D, Associate Professor in a Private University near Chandigarh, 23.10.80/5'-4". Parents Doctor, looking for only pure- vegetarian/teetotaller, preferably from Ambala, Patiala, Tricity. Upper caste welcome. Contact:  94160-20674. C4-82429

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin girl from reputed family 1989 born, 5'-4", B.Com., Law, persuing C.S. Kundli must. Contact: 099888-35871,  C4-83939

MD/MDS/MBBS match for beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl, 28/5'-4", doing MDS, only child. Father retd. bank officer, mother Pb. Govt. teacher. Contact: 8558895522. E-mail:  C4-85807

Vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, M.Ed., B.Sc., B.Ed. (Non-medical), appearing M.Sc. (Math) final semester, convent educated, running own coaching academy, 28.12.84, 6.30 pm, 5'-3", born near Jalandhar. Send biodata. 09815186875. E-mail:  Box 949F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for well qualified beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl, 5'-1", 18.08.1987, 7:50 am, Chandigarh. 98140-74216. Email:  C4-85979

MCA Gaur girl, 27.5.87, 5.00 p.m., Delhi, 5'-1", job at Noida. 75081-85488.  C4-86161

Suitable match for tall, smart, Saraswat Bramin professionally qualified girl B.Tech (CSE), 11 Oct. 1989, 07:56 p.m. Nangal (Punjab), 5'-6", working Infosys. Contact: 094174-08308, 098722-21320. Email:  NA4-69816

Suitable/teetotaler match for Hindu Uppal girl, M.Sc, fair, 5'-3", 26.12.1988/9:00 am/Jalandhar. Contact: 98142-45071. C4-83851

SM4 Punjabi Khatri girl, Dec. 85 born, 5'-4", slim, beautiful, MCA, working as a Govt. teacher. Required good looking, settled boy. Upper caste no bar. Send biodata with photo. E-mail:  8968260480. C4-84233

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Punjabi Khatri, fair, beautiful, NM girl, 8.11.1987, 10:36 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-2", B.Tech (CSE), MBA Distance Education (almost complete), working MNC Delhi. Vegetarian family, settled in Panchkula.  98723-40688 C4-85151

PQM MDS, MD, Officer, business match for Khatri girl MDS convent educated Sep. 1982, 5'-3". Business family. Email:  C4-85401

Professionally qualified match for brautiful, slim, Khatri manglik, M.Sc. girl, 5'-2", 02.07.1986, 9:45 pm, Chandigarh, Working in Delhi Govt. deptt. 98146-66189. Email:  C4-85495

PQM for Arora beautiful, slim, Arora girl 5'-4", 11.10.1989, 7:05 am, Amritsar, BBA. Preferred businessman around Chandigarh/Panchkula. 98151-27436.  NA4-69345

MDS, MD, MS SM4 Sikh Ramgarhia smart wheatish Dec. 87 born girl, doing MDS (Final) Prosthodontic (May 2015), parents doctors in private sector, status family. Contact: +91-9855472323. Caste no bar. Email:  C4-76094

Seeking professionally qualified Gursikh, Non-trimmer, Non-drinker, well settled match for M.A., M.Phil Ramgarhia Gursikh girl, 87/5'-4".  C4-85149

Ramgarhia Sikh girl, Born Sep. 88, height 5'-3", B.Ed., M.Phil, Diploma in Translator. Parents Govt. job in Chandigarh. 95920-94944, 94648-94994,  C4-85384

Match for SC (Ad-dharmi) beautiful girl, 27/5'-1", PNB clerical. Father Gazetted officer, Brother in Canada. Jalandhar preferred. 9988513930. C4-83729

Suitable match for vegetarian Ramdasia 5'-3", 30 August 1986, 4 a.m. Chandigarh born, M.Com., M.Ed. girl. Private school teacher. Tricity/Doaba preferred. 98728-02634,  C4-84195

Alliance for beautiful Ad-dharmi Ramdasia girl, M.Sc., B.Ed. teacher Convent school, born May 1981, 5'-3", Jalandhar based. 9878131243. E-mail:  C4-84220 

Ramdasia girl, 5'-3"/29. M.Sc. Nursing. Working Nursing College (Ambala) as Lecturer, 4 lacs p.a. Kharar based. Well settled educated family. 96467-88434.  C4-84337

Suitable match for Sikh Ravidasia girl (D/O Defence officer), 5'-5", Sept. 1984, educated from Central School, B.A., B.Ed., Diploma in Computer, employed Teacher in CBSE School. 89682-79838, 098695-03462.  C4-84513

Match for Ad-dharmi innocent issueless divorcee after few days, 5'-3", 32 years, done BA, B.Sc. Fashion Design, presently working as Teacher. Send biodata, photo. 98726-21038. Mail:  C4- 84731

SM4 Ramdasia Sikh girl feb. 1986/5'-4"/MBBS-PCMS-1 Medical Officer. MBBS or MD preferred. Contact- 7589285554,  C4-85241B

Match for Ravidasia Sikh issueless divorcee girl, November 1982, 5'-3", Post-graduate (PGDCA), Pvt job. Chandigarh/around preferred. 8146677930, 8591080580. C4-85427B

Compatible match preferably in US for Sikh Ahluwalia beuatiful Doctor girl 29/5'-3", doing Residency in USA. Father Chief Engineer (Retd). Upper caste no bar. 098889-65630,  C4-84671

PQM for fair, slim, beautiful, punjabi Kashyap Rajput convent educated, B.Tech, MBA, NET qualified, Assistant Professor girl, 5'-3", 23rd August 1983, 10:30 pm, Kalka. Father Bank Officer, mother khatri. Early marriage. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 94163-77844. Email:  C4-84415

Sikh Tonk-Kashtriya girl, 29/5'-2", B.Tech CSE, M.Tech IT, Pvt. Lecturer, seeks non-drinker Govt. job/NRI. 95010-18391 (Amritsar).  NA4-69166

Medico, Govt. servant, Engineer, settled match for mutually divorced issueless, beautiful, MBBS PG Gynecology Doctor, 1975, 5'-2", Punjabi girl from vegetarian Bhagat S/C Bhardwaj settled family. No bar. E-mail:  07355985486. C4-84323

Match for issueless slim, beautiful, Hindu Khatri girl, 78 born, 5'-4", Govt. job. Preferred around Chandigarh. 9872092814.  C4-86003

Government Teacher, Garg Girl, fair, beautiful from a reputed family, 5'-4", 1984 born. MCA, M.Phil, issueless divorcee. Seek educated match. Bathinda preferred. Provide photo with complete details at :  C4-83675B

Match for beautiful Goyal girl, M.Tech., 5'-3", 22.3.1988, 1:00 a.m. Rampuraphul. Lecturer in Engg. College. Father Class-I officer (retd.). Tricity preferred. 098142-42798,  C4- 85333B

Well qualified, well settled professional/businessman match for slim, beautiful Singla girl, 5'-3", 19 Dec.1986, 7:15 a.m., Ambala Cantt., Consultant in Mumbai, handsome package. E-mail:  098140-13471. C4-85757

Professionally qualified match for Arora Sikh girl, 29/5'-6", MBA (HR), only vegetarian NT/ND. 98724-92284.  C4-85809 


Hot sale one kanal duplex newly constructed Sector 21, Panchkula. Owner
living abroad. Sale at reasonable price. Genuine purchaser. (Col. Ahluwalia). 98765- 58145. A4-65271-OL

Chandigarh, Sector 23-D: Freehold 8 marla Ground Floor, newly constructed, 70% coverage, American Style kitchen, baths with Jacuzzi. 3 Bedrooms, all Sagwan, Brass, facing East, 1.85 Crore (Negotiable). Contact: Annu Saini, 3301/23-D. Ph: 8146541111, 9872517007. C4- 83677

Hot deal kothi 14 marla facing park very good location Sector 34. Dealer excuse. 99883-59988. NA4-70424

Agtec Exports Pvt Ltd. Chanalon Kurali PB. We need an able candidate having experience managing daily activity of the factory. Having knowledge of Tally Software is preferred, Computer Knowledge is must. Send resume to  C4-84655B


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