Saturday, July 21, 2018

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20 Jul 2018

Memoirs of an upright cop

MS Bains20 Jul 2018 | 12:03 AM

THE Governor of Punjab, VP Singh Badnore, recently released Rajendra Shekhar’s autographical account Memories Are Made of This, which follows upon a long line of autobiographical works by police officers such as SK Datta (Top Cop Recalls), Joginder Singh (Without Fear or Favour), KPS Gill (The Punjab Story) and Kiran Bedi (I Dare).

19 Jul 2018

Don’t die like a fool on the road...

Manjeet Singh Trehan19 Jul 2018 | 12:19 AM

WHILE I was a senior resident doctor at the PGI Chandigarh, a world health day was observed on the WHO theme on prevention of accidents.

18 Jul 2018

Pre-eminently outrageous

Harvinder Khetal18 Jul 2018 | 12:39 AM

SO, in its endeavour to reform higher education, the government has awarded six institutes/universities with the badge of ‘Institution of Eminence’. This coveted tag — only five institutes of higher education and the non-existent Jio university have been found worthy of it — comes with a generous package.

17 Jul 2018

Alvida, your writings will inspire always

Chaman Lal17 Jul 2018 | 12:28 AM

ON July 11, at 9.15 pm, Hindi novelist Tejinder Gagan, living in Raipur after retirment as Deputy Director-General, Doordarshan, suffered a cardiac arrest. He was 67. By 11 pm, social media was abuzz with the shocking news. I checked on his Facebook page to confirm it. It was true.

16 Jul 2018

Two calls to remember

Raaja Bhasin16 Jul 2018 | 12:01 AM

IN the years before the mobile phone became an appendage to our bodies and its brand became a benchmark of success or otherwise, I answered a ring on the landline. The gentleman at the other end asked for my father.

14 Jul 2018

A shrink who expanded your world

Rajnish Wattas14 Jul 2018 | 12:23 AM

THE iconic Dr Narendra Nath Wig, founder of PGI’s department of psychiatry, was more a genial guru than a forbidding modern medicine shrink.

13 Jul 2018

The swacchta message at World Cup

Brig IJ Singh (Retd)13 Jul 2018 | 12:22 AM

FIFA World Cup is on. A nation gets eliminated in the pre-quarters. Emotional, the team heads to the dressing room. They quickly pack their baggage, clean up the entire area, put every inventory in place and leave with a note: ‘Thank you, Russia’. The team represented Japan.

12 Jul 2018

Not the orange it was

Latika Sehajpal12 Jul 2018 | 12:30 AM

COLOURS spark and refresh a sagging mind and a sunken spirit. After MBA, colour therapy was my business idea to continue my love affair with colours as well as bring peace to troubled minds.

11 Jul 2018

Going backwards, a step at a time

Raj Rani11 Jul 2018 | 12:38 AM

In his inimitable style, actor-humorist Woody Allen outlines his hopes for the hereafter: In my next life, I want to live my life backwards.

10 Jul 2018

STOP. The end of it

Rishabh Kochhar10 Jul 2018 | 12:04 AM

There were times when communication was still tedious, and people more responsible with it.

09 Jul 2018

Should a minister greet a convict?

Vishavjeet Chaudhary09 Jul 2018 | 12:04 AM

THERE were reports of a union minister greeting a group of men who had been recently convicted by a court. This, on the surface, sends a fundamentally wrong message.

07 Jul 2018

The magic hand at work

Chetana Vaishnavi07 Jul 2018 | 12:15 AM

A renowned eye surgeon showed a video clip of his operative skills to the audience during a conference abroad and everybody applauded.

06 Jul 2018

The glorious world of words

06 Jul 2018 | 12:53 AM

That is the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet,’ wrote Jhumpa Lahiri. With another session about to commence in college, I decided to organise my bookshelves.

05 Jul 2018

Maa ko le aana...

Brig Gurinder Singh (Retd)05 Jul 2018 | 1:06 AM

In the Army, it is not unusual to find real brothers or cousins serving together in the same unit, especially in caste and region-based regiments as parental and sibling claim is given due consideration while assigning battalions.

04 Jul 2018

Reliving IMA days of youth

Col HP Singh (retd)04 Jul 2018 | 12:28 AM

RECENTLY our batch celebrated its silver jubilee of adorning the olive green uniform.

03 Jul 2018

This sum has no answer

Satyawan Malik03 Jul 2018 | 12:38 AM

A FARMER believes in the truth of ‘Kheti, khasam seti’, implying that agriculture seeks diligence and forbearance, besides the kindness of Uparwala.

02 Jul 2018

Alas, the soldier is gone

PS Randhawa02 Jul 2018 | 12:28 AM

I wonder where the soldier has gone whom I saw in my childhood? In the school in my village, in the 1960s and ’70s, our classroom walls adorned huge posters of Subedar Joginder Singh, Major Somnath Sharma, Major Dhan Singh Thapa and other Param Vir Chakra awardees.

30 Jun 2018

No running away from dowry!

Hena Kumar Sukhna30 Jun 2018 | 12:59 AM

TILL now I had considered myself undeniably lucky to be untouched by our nation’s favourite pastime: a big fat wedding.

29 Jun 2018

The good old bulging piggy bank

Shiv Sethi29 Jun 2018 | 12:47 AM

A COIN was once an integral part of the people of my generation. Even now, it revives memories of the jingling sound of a piggy bank. When I was 10, my father got me my first piggy bank made of tin.

28 Jun 2018

Pathakji, more than just a teacher

V Ravi Shankar28 Jun 2018 | 12:22 AM

Those were the days! Teachers used to be loved, respected and feared at the same time.

27 Jun 2018

Quite like a zen master

Sarvjit Singh27 Jun 2018 | 1:07 AM

MY father’s friend and colleague at Malerkotla, Prof HS Gill, MA (psychology), was the only one who could share gleefully his revelation with us, ‘Buffaloes are intelligent creatures.

26 Jun 2018

A mentor not to be forgotten

Lt Gen KJ Singh (retd)26 Jun 2018 | 12:05 AM

ON commissioning in 63 Cavalry, an elite Armoured regiment, I was assigned to the Rajput squadron. Ranks in the Army, despite commissioning, have to be earned again in the regiment and till then, one remains ‘Mr’.

25 Jun 2018

Raazi for rapprochement

Poonam Khaira Sidhu25 Jun 2018 | 12:05 AM

AS I watched the movie Raazi and the intelligence folks moving in and out of the two countries quite seamlessly, I could not help realise the similarities we share with Pakistan and its people, who are no different from us.

23 Jun 2018

Memories of Kanishka & some more...

Sandeep Sinha23 Jun 2018 | 12:06 AM

THE Kanishka plane crash took place on June 23, 1985. This Air India flight that took off from Toronto for Delhi was bombed at an altitude of 31,000 ft over the Irish airspace and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing 329 people on board.

22 Jun 2018

Doyen of Indian botanists no more

Chandrabhaal Tripathi22 Jun 2018 | 12:46 AM

THE doyen of Indian botanists, Dr Holenarasipur Yoganarasimham Mohan Ram (September 24, 1930 - June 18, 2018), passed away just three months before he was to turn 88.

21 Jun 2018

Happy 65th birthday, Shehzadi

Sartaj Chaudhary21 Jun 2018 | 12:39 AM

I don’t think the regime can touch me. The people will just burn the airport down!” spoke Benazir in a soft voice from exile in London soon after Pakistan lifted the Martial Law in 1985.

20 Jun 2018

Stuck in the middle of it all

Col HP Singh (retd)20 Jun 2018 | 12:03 AM

IWAS reading a book while waiting for my flight when a group of men came and sat beside me.

19 Jun 2018

A home called ‘Chandanwari’

Rana Preet Gill19 Jun 2018 | 12:03 AM

I spent most of my childhood in a rented house on a busy street.

18 Jun 2018

Postal tricks save the day

BB Pardhan18 Jun 2018 | 12:33 AM

THERE was a time when post offices and postmen were intimately intertwined with peoples’ lives. As a young lad, I was fond of writing letters to my friends and relatives.

16 Jun 2018

Eid from an atheist’s eye

Sumit Paul16 Jun 2018 | 12:59 AM

ANY festival gives intrinsic joy and Ramzan Eid is no exception.

15 Jun 2018

Passwords & their secret hiding place

Brig Suresh Chander (retd)15 Jun 2018 | 12:09 AM

The wife was her usual aggressive self when she demanded to know if I had changed the wi-fi code.

14 Jun 2018

Real men, not of straw

Surinderjit Singh Sandhu14 Jun 2018 | 12:13 AM

The Himachal Pradesh High Court’s order on fair distribution of water to all, not just the VIPs, reminded me of some fearless officers who enforced law in complete fairness and merit.

13 Jun 2018

Chhoti, chhoti batein…

PPS Gill13 Jun 2018 | 12:24 AM

Not being on the ‘head-down’ circuit (people constantly texting or viewing videos on multiple applications, ever running their fingers horizontally or vertically), leaves me with ample time to reflect on our daily life: the way it evolves, and how chhoti, chhoti batein that affect us are ignored with impunity.

12 Jun 2018

How can a teacher ever be poor?

Raj Kumar12 Jun 2018 | 12:24 AM

The other day a spanking new luxury car screeched to a stop in front of my humble abode.

11 Jun 2018

The Mall as we knew it

Raaja Bhasin11 Jun 2018 | 12:35 AM

OUR very own ‘10 Downing Street’ has shut down. The glasses by the sink have been removed. The half bottle of whisky has vanished. Owned by a friend, this was shop No. 10 on the Mall, Shimla.

09 Jun 2018

The Gurdaspur travelogue

Sarvjit Singh09 Jun 2018 | 12:50 AM

The driver leaning over the steering wheel like a seahorse with pupils dilated, the car sped into Gurdaspur at dusk carrying me and a Senior Town Planner (STP), a compact, agile man of 56, mischief in his eyes.

08 Jun 2018

Words that mean nothing

Rachna Rana08 Jun 2018 | 12:04 AM

Is technology transforming us into emotionless message-forwarding humanoids? We are mindlessly hitting ‘like’ and sending messages in bulk on social networking sites, but do we mean them?

07 Jun 2018

Who is the bumpkin now!

LR Sharma07 Jun 2018 | 12:15 AM

On the very first day of my posting in a government department, I got introduced to Mr Varma, the only senior colleague in my branch.

06 Jun 2018

Worlds apart, but degree of sameness

Bhartendu Sood06 Jun 2018 | 12:23 AM

IN our country, incidents of unruly behaviour and crime, each surpassing the other in heinousness, occur with such frequency that despite the many laws, there is no visible in crime rate and we end up making even more stringent laws.

05 Jun 2018

An odd twosome defies caste line

Brig Gurinder Singh (retd)05 Jun 2018 | 12:07 AM

I WAS in my teens and still too young to figure out how they intrigued me.

04 Jun 2018

Little girls and litter louts

Sanjeev Suri04 Jun 2018 | 12:41 AM

As I entered the noisy classroom adjoining the staffroom to quieten the students, they got ready to vacate the room as their environment science teacher was on leave.

02 Jun 2018

Sound of water is sound of music

Mary Parmar02 Jun 2018 | 12:10 AM

Water shortage and water rationing is not new to the people of Shimla. While out for my morning walk, I hear the sound of empty buckets and people making a beeline for natural sources, where also the water is just a trickle and drying up fast.

01 Jun 2018

Saving men from jaws of death

Col HP Singh (retd)01 Jun 2018 | 12:17 AM

He was leading a patrol of six men on the icy moraine of the Siachen glacier, which has the dubious distinction of being the highest battlefield in the world.

31 May 2018

Left at the post, alone

Shiv Sethi31 May 2018 | 12:58 AM

DEAR friends, like the young and bubbly youth, I too was the darling of all of you.

30 May 2018

Accounting for every single penny

Satish K Sharma30 May 2018 | 12:18 AM

In 1982, I joined a branch of Allahabad Bank at Jabalpur as a probationary office at a princely salary of Rs 1,400.

29 May 2018

Jobless, but this job best

Rupali Wadhwa29 May 2018 | 12:38 AM

Reading provokes thoughts and ideas, which some times are potent enough to change the course of your life and give it a positive spin.

28 May 2018

Confessions of a dishonest shopowner

Vishal Kumar28 May 2018 | 12:04 AM

I am a dishonest man. When I refer to my dishonesty, it is not some Indian politician’s devious design to woo voters. I indulge in dishonesty, but with a difference.

26 May 2018

Moving labels, that’s all we are

Sumit Paul26 May 2018 | 12:36 AM

One would think that caste-based prejudices are rampant only in India.