Amritsar couple sends out green invites for son’s wedding

Amritsar couple sends out green invites for son’s wedding

Novel idea: Harminder Singh (first from right) and his wife Gurjit Kaur (extreme left) with their newly wedded son and daughter-in-law at their residence in Amritsar on Thursday. Sunil kumar

Neha Saini

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, January 23

City couple Harminder Singh and Gurjit Kaur has set an example by sending out their son Amaan’s wedding invites in a novel way recently. In the wedding reception invites, which is scheduled to be held on January 26, the couple handed out potted plants with details of reception ceremony imprinted on them. This unique effort is praiseworthy at a time when the world is struggling to cut down on exploitation of and dependency on natural resources in the face of climate change.

“Taking in view the following lines ‘Pavan guru paani pita mata dharat mahat…’ are written in the holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib, we decided that while celebrating our son’s wedding, we would cut down on wastage and adopt simplicity,” said Harminder Singh. Moreover, the inspiration behind the idea was my wife, Gurjit Kaur, who runs a business of designing and curing hanging gardens, said Harminder.

“We have used ceramic pots made of clay with plants that require less sunlight and produce plenty of oxygen. Also, we have used vermi-compost that requires less quantity of water, therefore one can keep the plants indoors. Moreover, these days most houses have closed spaces,” said Gurjit.

The couple has got details of their son’s wedding reception printed on the pots that they have handed out along with a packet of gur (jaggery). “We did not want to give sweets as they are not good for health and who does not know how these are prepared. So, gur is essentially healthy and a staple sweet for Punjabis,” said Gurjit. The family’s residence on Majitha Road is a plant haven as Gurjit has been creating sustainable garden concepts for years. For this too, the family has prepared potted plants themselves, using vermi compost from their own garden.

Their son Amaan, who recently tied the knot in Nagpur, too shared that he wanted a simple wedding which meant cutting down on one’s wastage, especially on wedding. “I believe that we all need to make small changes in our lifestyle to make big impact towards climate change. I have many friends who support the idea and are ready to cut down on their wastage.”


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