Green Fingers: A garden jazzed up with reclaimed wood

City-based doctor couple believes in giving back a little of what they take from nature

Green Fingers: A garden jazzed up with reclaimed wood

Dr Dushant and his wife Dr Richa Thaman say their garden is the place for them to unwind. The garden has lots of non-flowering varieties of plants and the couple has created artistic corners in the garden as well. Dr Dushant has even used garden waste like tree logs, broken or dried vines to create artistic pieces. Vishal Kumar

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Amritsar, October 11

As a neuro-surgeon, Dr Dushant Thaman usually spends his day attending to medical emergencies and performing life-saving surgeries. But he makes sure he spends an hour every morning in his garden, exploring his creativity through the greens.

This is a commitment he never forgoes. “I start my day at 5.30 am and prepare myself for the day ahead. I believe that if you give little to the nature, it reciprocates and pays us back. I have carefully nurtured my garden over few years to create a harmony between nature and art,” he says.

Dr Dushant says the green thumb was passed on to her by her mother who too is also fond of plants. “I modified the broken bits of an old tree into some creative planters and garden décor. I created a piece of art from a portion of that tree by using a mask and dried out vines to create a figure. It gave me some encouragement to explore my creativity by using plants as art,” he shares.

Currently, he has created several corner pieces using garden waste that stand out amid the lush green space. His garden has mostly non flowering variety since he feels flowers are seasonal. “I have malleable variety of bamboo, allamanda , variety of palms, vines, giant monstria, crotons, and native trees,” he informs.

Apart from Dr Dushant, his wife, Dr Richa Thaman too actively takes care of the garden. “We like to unwind in our garden after a hard day at work,” he says.

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