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Open house: What steps should be taken to prevent Nexus Elante Mall like incidents?

Review safety measures, fix accountability to prevent lapses

Open house: What steps should be taken to prevent Nexus Elante Mall like incidents?

Trained supervisory staff should be present to guide visitors, enforce safety rules and promptly respond in case of an emergency. file photo

Replace old rides by new machinery

To prevent such incidents in a city like Jalandhar and at other places, safety measures prevailing should be thoroughly reviewed. Every morning before rides are scheduled for children, dummy rides should be taken on priority basis in order to check if there is any lacuna on account of safety. Lastly, the old rides installed should be replaced by new machinery.

Sanjay Chawla

Case of sheer negligence

The freak accident in which a boy died after falling off a toy train was sad and tragic. How can anybody fall from a toy train when the speed is so slow? It indicates gross negligence on the part of the authorities. The parents also took it very lightly; they should have checked that the seat belts were fastened. All safety measures should be taken when these toy trains are introduced in malls. Gaming zone contractors should be prosecuted and a case must be registered against those who are guilty. There should be a total ban on these kinds of toy trains as nobody takes care or ensures their maintenance. Only those rides should be allowed which are not covered and we can see from outside. Hundred per cent safety must be assured by the technical team, and it must be fully insured as well. No doubt, the police have taken possession of the toy train and started investigations, but merely cooperating with the local authorities and sympathising with the family will not bring the child back. My request to all the parents is to be vigilant during such rides and ensure that the safety belts are in place.

Shashi Kiran

Safety audit of joy rides required

The toy train rides are increasingly becoming a major source of entertainment for children and almost all big modern shopping

malls and the latest entertainment parks are providing this facility to boost their business prospects. But, it has been observed that in recent times, some tragic events resulting in the loss of precious lives have occurred at many places, necessitating serious thought over the safety concerns of such rides. The government should, therefore, consider forming an independent authority for regulating and controlling such entertainment ventures while ensuring strict safety regime on record. Only those units which comply with the rules and regulations should be issued licences, renewable after one year of satisfactory operations. The safety audit of licensed units should be carried out every year by an honest and dedicated official, subsequently ensuring compliance with the violation of norms observed during inspection. Most importantly, only trained staff should be deputed for running the toy trains and other mechanised games. The beneficiaries are required to be briefed about all the safety measures and operational mechanisms before availing such facilities. The basic safety and medical care equipment like first-aid kits should be made available at such sites and the staff must be competent enough to use them during an emergency.

Jagdish Chander

Age-group category for rides needed

The pleasure of rides takes me five decades back when Chandols (jhullas), made of big wooden compartments, were operated manually. The cost of this precious joy was a few pennies. As the years glided by, these low-cost jhullas were replaced by brightly coloured electronic rides seeking big tickets. Often, we hear of accidents occurring in parks, melas and malls, resulting in the loss of precious lives. So the question that arises is how can such situations be avoided? Firstly, there should a specified age bar system for each ride. Some should be only for small children and some for the big ones. The structures and seats should be according to that particular age-group. It should be according to the height and weight of the children of that particular category. Secondly, the authorities concerned should allow the organisers to operate only after a strict inspection by technical experts. The operators should be well trained. Thirdly, parents themselves should carefully check whether there are proper seat belts, grills and gates in the ride before allowing their children to enter these rides. A little awareness and carefulness can save precious lives. Let the joy and bliss of childhood be not hindered.

Anjali Kumar

Form expert team for inspections

‘Safety saves’ is the best concept but sometimes negligence or some other cause may pave the way to a mishappening, leafing to loss of life. Checking of the play rides is very necessary. Precautions must be taken to safeguard the interests of masses and children. Negligence on the part of anyone can result in mishaps or untoward incidents. A specialised team should be nominated by the district administration so that it can conduct an inspection once a month to ensure the safety of children.

Rajat Kumar Mohindru

Ban such rides, offer compensation

The incident in which an 11-year-old child lost his life is a stark reminder that it can happen with anybody. It is all the more tragic because it happened on a toy train, which is supposed to bring joy to children. The government should strictly ban such dangerous rides. How much damage did a small train cause, not only to the child but also to his parents? No child is safe from such dangerous toys. The company making such toys should be given a warning or shut down. Today, this accident happened with one child, tomorrow it can happen with others as well! So, please do not promote these toys as there is nothing more precious than the lives of children. The mall where the tragedy took place should offer some compensation to the parents of the child.

Subhkarman Kaur

Safety must in amusement parks

Amusement parks are for recreation, enjoyment and happiness. No one can imagine that a great tragedy can happen, resulting in death, at places of recreation. Definitely, owners are responsible for such incidents. The owners should be alert to prevent incidents like this. They should check the rides, swings and swimming pools from time to time for safety. Their staff should be alert at all times, especially in a city like Jalandhar, because there are so many parks here. The state government gives guidelines to the owners of amusement parks about the safety of the public. If the parks do not fulfill the safety conditions, their licences should be cancelled because no compromise can be made over loss of lives.

Sucha Singh Sagar

Slew of safety measures needed

In the context of toy trains in malls, it is crucial to implement safety measures to minimise risks and protect visitors. To prevent such accidents in big cities like Jalandhar, several steps must be taken. These may include regular inspection and maintenance of toy trains to ensure they are in good working condition. Loose parts, worn-out tracks and malfunctioning components, if any, should be checked and replaced regularly. Clear signs near the toy train area should indicate safety rules, and visitors should be directed to stay away from the tracks. Installing barriers or low fences around the toy train tracks helps prevent accidental entry, keeping both children and adults at a safe distance. To oversee the toy train area, trained supervisory staff should be present to guide visitors, enforce safety rules, and respond promptly in case of an emergency. An emergency stop button should be accessible to the staff on duty to immediately halt the train whenever necessary. Setting appropriate speed limits for toy trains can help avoid excessive speed that may lead to accidents. Lastly, routine inspection of the tracks, wheels and electrical components is essential, and any issue, if found, should promptly be addressed as safety is the prime responsibility of everyone.

Kulwant Singh Phull

Conduct probe, fix accountability

A young boy losing his life in a joy ride at Elante Mall in Chandigarh on June 22 — as the toy train he was riding overturned — is a grave tragedy. This tragic incident has again raised serious doubts about the poor compliance with safety norms at such places. The parents along with their young kids often go for an outing during holidays and children are often tempted to try adventure sports and take joy rides on mechanically operated swings or have fun on other electronic appliances. Thousands of complaints have been lodged from time to time against the poor quality or lack of adequate care towards upkeep of such appliances. Various accidents have occurred due to the poor maintenance of such appliances. A thorough probe into the whole incident must be conducted to fix accountability for negligence of the supervisory staff and management. Noticeably, mechanically operated toys or devices are often seen at many malls and resorts to attract customers and tourists, but no specific attention is paid while they are in use. This grave episode should be taken with utmost seriousness. The regulatory framework for the strict compliance of the quality and safety standards of the equipment deployed at all such places of fun and merriment should be tightened.

Nirmaljit Singh Chatrat

QUESTION for next week

Recent showers exposed poor drainage system across the city as a few hours of rain flooded the roads. Residents had to face problems while negotiating waterlogged roads. What steps should the MC take to prevent waterlogging?

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