Good Samaritan helps Mumbai man reunite with kin

PANCHKULA: Amandeep Singh, a food delivery executive living in a rented accommodation in Sector 11, Panchkula, has set an example in humanity.

Good Samaritan helps Mumbai man reunite with kin

Amandeep (R) with Ravi Kant Jadhav, who went missing from Mumbai in May, at Sector 11, Panchkula, on Tuesday. Photo: NITIN MITTAL

Amit Bathla
Tribune News Service
Panchkula, December 3

Amandeep Singh, a food delivery executive living in a rented accommodation in Sector 11, Panchkula, has set an example in humanity. He helped a homeless man, who had gone missing from Mumbai in May this year and was residing under a shed in Sector 9, by giving him food, clothes and a blanket to sleep for nearly four months till he met his family this afternoon.

“When I saw him for the first time sitting under a shed in Sector 9 in the first week of August, he looked shabby with long dirty hair. Nobody was ready to help him. My conscience didn’t allow me to leave him to his fate. I took him and gave him food and clothes. He had no documents, which could held establish his identity. He didn’t remember his family and the place he came from. It proved to be a huge challenge,” Singh said. “As days passed, he started getting his memory back. I used to search on Facebook using whatever little inputs he gave me about his faimly,” he said.

We approached Deputy Commissioner Mukesh Kumar Ahuja and 

the police for help, but no one paid heed, Singh said, expressing his unhappiness. 

“When I used to trim his nails, many people told me not do to so saying that I could catch an infection, but I didn’t pay heed,” said Singh, who hails from Khanna in Punjab. His attachment to Ravi Kant Jadhav (35) was apparent as he didn’t forget to tie his shoelaces when they were ready to leave his house to take a flight to Mumbai this afternoon.

The story took an interesting turn on the first day of this month when he told his cousin about it. Kulveer Singh, who works with an organisation working for missing children in Ambala district, asked him to contact ASI Rajesh Kumar, working with the crime branch of the Haryana Police. 

ASI Kumar and HC Bhupinder Singh, with the help of their team’s social media connect, found that he belongs to Mumbai. Then his family members were identified.

Ravi Kant Jadhav, who had a grocery store in Mumbai, had left his house in May this year when he was depressed. He went to Haridwar, then came to Chandigarh and later arrived in Panchkula. He wasn’t doing well ever since his father expired in 2006.


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