Dr. Ziyath Ansar recommends special care after any dental treatment

Dr. Ziyath Ansar recommends special care after any dental treatment

New generational dental treatments are in vogue. People opt for these medicament techniques to enhance their smiles and fix their teeth. Dr. Ziyath Ansar is a popular choice of patients in Dubai when it comes to smile and dental treatments. Currently, he owns two clinics, one in Deira and the other in Jumeriah. He has treated over 15,000 patients marking his popularity. 

Ziyath has several new-age treatments available at his clinic. Popular one is his Hollywood Smile surgery. It is one of the most done operations till date and people rejoice it too. He consider his patients as an asset and thus makes sure they have an ease in the process. Right from the before care to after care, he guides them through out. He opines that it is very essential to have a precautionary after care in order to make sure the treatment fits in well. In his view, a regular check up has to be a mandate, because it helps in realising about the functionality of the treatment. And immediate action can be taken if anything is falling off. 

Dr. Ansar guides and says, "What's the point of undergoing any treatment if proper attention and care isn't given to it? I suggest my clients any treatment if and only if they are ready to take care of it. Proper diet and consumption of soft food is essential. Resting well and keeping up with the oral hygiene is a must. Brushing twice and day and gargling with Luke warm water. Not biting anything hard and following all the basic rules precisely. I also suggest them to stay happy and feel positive in the entire process. It helps in faster recovery. It is also important to see your dentist regularly."

Dr. Ziyath is people's most wanted dental practitioner in Dubai. His humble nature and friendly approach attracts people. He works with zeal and makes sure his patients are completely satisfied. Ziyath keeps in check with his clients regularly and suggest them best of the treatment according to their needs. His hand is magical! Says his clients. Well, we too are mesmerised of him. Wishing him much luck and success ahead.

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